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Key: * means recollection of the past aka lines from the prequel of this story, "To be a father"

– means division between past and present

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Chap 35: "Finding a family"



Five years later...

*Green eyes peered at the grand sky above to watch clouds begin to part as dawn drew near, with color erupting over the skyline. Though now a well known demon lord, human thoughts still crossed his mind now and then, innocent ones like the notion that the sunrise was amazing.

The thought fled his mind as recollection of his reign rampaged the area.

Suddenly he felt a presence, and adjusted his gaze. Four feet ahead, making its way through tall grass was a child. She appeared to be approximately two years old with hair as dark as that of Eclipse.

He was too stunned at first to react. There was no person or demon anywhere nearby but for he, Eclipse, and this baby, so he felt certain the parents had left her or perished.

With simple warn shoes and torn umber dress, the dirty child tripped, and began to cry.

Walking several steps gruffly Raenef lifted her and looked into green eyes that seemed a reflection of his own. The girl tearfully peered at him, cries ceasing.

"My name is Raenef, the demon lord of this realm" he greeted, feeling shame set ablaze inside himself for the very reason he just explained.

The child smiled, waving a tiny malnourished hand then attempted to pronounce "Waynef", and he justified the path of his thoughts...*

Raenef now looked upon his grayed seventy year old daughter. At her bedside he watched over her for two days, and there was no sign of improvement.

His partner rested a hand on his shoulder "Raenef?"

*"Set up a bed for this child in my chambers".

It was as he thought, "Lord Raenef you can't honestly be considering taking this child as your own!" Eclipse shouted despite his respect for his ruler.

"I have already considered it" he said, and Eclipse calmed, but then "She is now my daughter, and you will treat her as such"...

Eclipse did feel a certain uplifting of his temperament after seeing his young lord filled with a new light. He appeared more alive than he had for a long while. After his young bride Leeche died so suddenly due to a human illness two years prior, he held a ghost-like presence not of himself.

Raenef looked at him now with a brightness returned to his eyes from days long passed.*

Raenef grasped his hand, "How much time...?" He couldn't finish the sentence. Eclipse wouldn't answer.

Nathaniel set a pillow on his lap, moving her to lay there. The demons heard the sound of whispered prayers. With tears steadily falling upon her face, "My Luna".


The little princess smiled and did a sort of dance in his lap. He made sure she didn't fall. "It shall be written that Luna is daughter of Raenef the fifth, a princess".


He smiled at his daughter's grin, "That's you".

Watching his lord and the named princess Eclipse considered- This must be what Meruhesae meant when she told me to ready myself for an astounding change...*

"Has she eaten?" Eclipse asked though he knew the answer, for he only left the room for a short time.

Blonde locks moved only slightly as he shook his head. "Where is Solaria?"

"I asked Dromen to keep her with Aman and Alba. I don't want her to see her mother this way" the High Priest answered.

"Nathaniel." Grey eyes looked to red, "I will bring her... Go."

The sixty seven year old man understood, for Eclipse witnessed countless deaths in his centuries of life, and as much as none wished to admit, Luna was about to be one of them.

"Luna, my light" he whispered, stroking her pale face.

"Nathaniel" she responded before eyes opened fully.

Running trembling fingers through silver hair he smiled at she who remained the most beautiful being his gaze ever fell upon.

"I love you my husband. We have shared a joyful time." She kissed his lips.

Slowly parting, "None could make my days as wondrous as you my beloved."

Grasping Raenef's hand she whispered "After all this little girl has been through, you are the best being to watch over her. I foresee many positive experiences in her future".

"Thank you madam", hers was surely the best gift anyone delivered this day.

Meruhesae visited one week before, yet spoke of no premonitions. She only helped with the garden, and cooked a foreign meal. She did not linger on speaking of any matter, or to any one person or demon. Presently she appeared downstairs to watch over Aman and Alba.

Eclipse came into the room with Solaria and Dromen. Seeing her mother's state shook her to the core, the forty eight year old wept against her husband's chest "Dromey".

"Come dear" Nathaniel reached out. Dromen quietly kissed her cheek and passed her to his uncle.

"Aunty Luna..." Closing his eye the young lord shook with sadness and rage. How cruel "fate" or Rased or whatever order there was in this world!

"Mommy" Solaria came to the bed, and squeezed her father's hand.

"Sweetheart" Luna whispered. "Do not ever let anyone tell you that you are 'only human' princess... your blood may be so, but your heritage... our heritage..."

"Mommy" she lay on the bed with her parents, holding Luna close. "I love you so very much mommy."

"Do not ever let anyone tell you that you are 'only human' princess Luna. You are stronger and more intelligent than demons a dozen times your age" Eclipse whispered as he lay the sweet child in her crib.

Luna couldn't comprehend many of his words, but did take in his message. Kissing his cheek before he completely let go she whispered "Dada Ikipse".

Raenef pulled Eclipse to him as they both silently wept. They knew this day would eventually arrive.

Slowly they noticed the beginning of her expiration. Over and over they checked to make certain it was not caused by a spell, curse, poison- something they could remove or prevent... but no, this was natural finalization of human life.

Although she surely realized it also, Luna continued on with daily activities, and the life she loved until fate overtook her just two days past. In Castle Raenef routine ceased while the rest of the world continued on as usual.


"We're here Moonbeam."

She smiled at the comforting nickname, and reached out to them. Solaria and Nathaniel moved off the bed.

"I love you."

You are the greatest parents...

"We love you sweetheart" Raenef held her hand.

Eclipse moved gray locks from her face saying quietly "Our little girl".

"Sit me up... please", her voice was barely a whisper. Her parents did so, and she embraced them both, laying her head against Raenef's shoulder.

"My daddies... my family... I am so happy..."

"As are we sweet Moonbeam" Raenef replied, voice cracking.

He and Eclipse held their departed daughter closer.

Finding this child, being fathers, bound them beyond reasoning. Their family of three grew to something greater than any but a seer could have predicated.

For hundreds of years onward Demon Lord Raenef the Fifth and highly powerful demon Eclipse grew with each new generation of their family, in memory of their only child.




The End




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*Petherós = Greek for father-in-law

*Gamprós = Greek for son-in-law

*Pappous, or Pappouli (more sweet way) = Greek for grandpa

*Yiayia = Greek for grandmother

*Anipsiós = Greek for nephew

*Anipsiá = Greek for niece

*Megáli anipsiá = Greek for great niece

*Engoni = Greek for grand daughter

*Kouniáda = Greek for sister-in-law *Kouniádos = Greek for brother-in-law *Theíos = Greek for uncle *Theia = Greek for aunt *Xáderfos = Greek for cousin *Khu man = Lao for betrothed *Phanlanya = Lao for wife *Sami-khong = Lao for husband *Luksav = Lao for daughter *Luksai = Lao for son *Aem = Lao for mom *Pho = Lao for dad

*Nongsav = Lao for sister

*Ai = Lao for brother

*Māṁ = Hindi for mom

*Pitā = Hindi for dad