Welcome to Mewlips Country - 04 - Micawber Marooned

by Polydicta

Marooned on a primitive planet, Micawber reflects upon the passing years and a hope for rescue. Inspired by The Ruum by Arthur Porges. Modified to stand on its own, it was originally written as part of a Doctor Who (3rd Doctor) fanfiction which never really got off the ground.


While this file contains (semi-)original works (Copyright by myself), I cannot guarantee the originality of all of the plot elements - having read so much over the years, some of it is bound to come bubbling out again.



Welcome to Mewlips Country - 04 - Micawber Marooned


Micawber was a specialist, specifically, Micawber was a biologist with a specialisation in marine, fluviatile and lacustrine biota.

Micawber was also marooned on this planet, having been deployed a little over two thousand of the planet's ridiculously short years ago. Hundreds of Micawber's bretheren had been deployed across the planet to study rivers, lakes and oceans alike. There were also land specialists but they were a bit of a mystery.

It had been during the thirty seventh year on the planet that the research ship had left suddenly and without warning, only leaving the message that they would be back to collect the researchers and their data.

When the ship hadn't returned in a reasonable amount of time, Micawber was forced to forage for food in order to survive, at the same time being forced to travel downstream from the designated research point in order to find sufficient sustenance. Micawber had taken one of the bipedal creatures that were occasionally seen in the area around the river, but he lost it again because it was so fast.

When another was in Micawber's sights, he was horrified to discover that the creatures were sentient.

Many long, peaceful years were spent studying the lake that the river discharged into, an incredibly deep lake filled with non-sentient fish that were good to eat. The bipeds were avoided as much as possible, especially when Micawber came to the surface in order to expose the cranial homing antenna in the vague hope that the ship had returned.

It was on one f these forays into the air that Micawber was seen, and an image recorded by one of the bipeds. Micawber idly noted that they were becoming quite advanced technologically now.

On subsequent occasions, Micawber became aware that the bipeds were aware of a presence in the lake and that they were both curious and making much of what could only be tourism to the lake. For some reason they had given Micawber a name.

Micawber, as a Genetically Engineered Life Form had never had a name, merely a type designation - MICAWBER.

Micawber liked the name, even though it was quite an odd sound. Nee'See.

Maybe Micawber would appear for the tourists with their cameras tomorrow.