Chapter 18

A/N Italicized and bolded words are part of Teito's dream, and words that are only in italicized are what they are thinking.

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"Hi, Hakuren. Can you tell me how long it's been since I have been sitting here?" Frau said when he saw who it was.

"It's been almost a week," was Hakuren's response.

"Hakuren I need you to go and get Lab, right now," Frau suddenly said.

"Why?" was Hakuren's confused reply.

"I don't have the time to answer you right now, I JUST NEED YOU TO GO AND GET LAB NOW!" was Frau's answer.

"I'm on it," he said as he ran out of the room.

"Teito, come on open your eye's for me,you can do it, i know that you do it, come on," Frau coaxed the teen encouragingly as he gently patted the boys face to get him to wake up.

It was working because he felt the teen move slightly in response to frau patting the teens face. Slowly he saw emerald eyes open and look up at him a small smile on the teens face, as he focused on who he was looking at.

When hakuren left the room he started to run. He had never seen that look on the blond's face before, not in all the time that he had been at the church not once. He literally ran into Labrador who was also running, but in the direction of the bedroom that he had just come from.

"Are you alright?" Labrador asked hakuren as he helped the younger man up.

"Yeah I'm fine," Hakuren said.

"That's good, pardon me but i have to get going," Labrador said, and started running again in the direction of Teito's bedroom, Hakuren following right behind him.

Frau was so relieved to see that the brat had opened his eye's that he hugged him gently repeatedly thanking the chief of heaven that the person that he cared and loved most in his entire life was awake and hugging him back.

"I sent Hakuren to go and get Lab, once they come back Lab can look at you to make sure that you are alright Teito," Frau said as he healed the teen close and gave him a kiss on his lips and after that went back to holding the teen close.

"Labrador had made it to the door before hakuren did, and waited for a minute before he opened the door so that frau could do what he needed to do with out being bothered, but the door was still open a crack so that the two could see what was going on inside."Labrador knocked on the door twice so that Frau knew that it was him.

"Come in," Frau said.

Labrador ran over to Teito who was still being held by Frau.

"Teito can you tell me how you are feeling right know?" Labrador asked.

"I guess that I'm alright at the moment Labrador"…. there was a strangled sound that came from the teen as he doubled over unable to stay sitting up.

"Frau I need you to put him on the ground so that he can cough without making a mess on the bed, just hold him up, I'm going to git his medicine" Labrador said, hakuren you stay with them, alright Lab, I was going to do that anyway, was his response.

Frau put Teito on the ground in an upright position, then sat down next to the teen, he began to gently pat the boy's back to help him get whatever it was that was in his throat out of it, this is going to be both painful and messy, there was no mistake about it.

"Hakuren come and sit on his other side, I was wondering of you could pound on his back for me, if I do it there would be more damage that I made then there is without me doing it," Frau explained.

"Yes I will," Hakuren said as he crouched next to his friend and gave him two hard wackes on the back.

That helped Teito to cough out whatever it was that was in his throat on to the floor.

Frau was right it was painful and messy, he knew because he heard the teen moan after he ejected it from his thorough and then collapsed onto Frau's lap, he also new that it was messy, because there was blood everywhere leading from the object that had been in the teens throat, there was also blood all over the teens face.

"Hay Lab since you are over there can you get me a wet washcloth so that I can clean Teito's face, so that he's more comfortable then he is now," asked.

In response a wet washcloth flew through the air and hit him in the face; "Thanks," Frau said as he propped the teen up against the bed and started to clean his face as he gently hummed a nameless tune.

All that Teito felt after he had the fit was a sore throat and something being wiped along his face, it was cold, which felt good on his burning skin, then he heard someone humming a tune that he thought he new but he couldn't place it for some reason it sounded familiar, but he didn't know why that was.

He slowly opened his eyes and just like the last time he found a pair of azure blue eyes looking at him. there was concern and worry in them, and he didn't think that they were supposed to show their true feelings so easily to people.

"Hay Lab he's conscious but looks exhausted as well," Frau said.

"Don't let him fall asleep again what ever you do, he must not fall asleep, do you hear me frau don't let him go back to sleep!." Labrador commanded frau. so that the blond bishop would know how important it was not to let Teito fall asleep.

"Hey there Teito," Frau said in his special voice that was for Teito and Teito alone, "i need you to stay looking at me no matter what you feel or hear, all that you need to do is to look at me and only at me okay," Frau said.

"Okay," it was harsh raspy and sounded painful to the blond's ears. but the fact that Teito had chosen him to be the person he spoke to it meant so much to him. Especially in the brunets current condition, which was really bad.

It started with a low-grade fever but had steadily got worse, at least he didn't have to go and get Labrador. The petite bishop had decided to stay in the room just in case anything else happened to the teen that he needed to help frau with, this was why he had stayed. the low-grade fever had turned into a life threatening one. So when he heard frau say that Teito had gained consciousness he had to keep Teito awake at all costs.

"How do you feel Teito, Frau asked, you don't need to speak just nod or shake to answer my questions unless you can't answer it with a nod or shake of your head, okay?" Frau asked.

"Teito nodded"

"Are you warm?" Frau asked.

"A shake"

"Are you cold"

"A node"

"How cold are you, on a scale of 1 to 10. one being vary and ten being not so much, I'm sorry but your going to have to answer my question out loud," Frau said.

"4," it was one word, one that made Frau look over at someone else.

"You know what this means don't you?" Labrador asked.

"Yes I do, I'll go and get the blankets," Frau said. some blankets had been folded by the fireplace getting warm so that they could be used for just this reason.

"Okay I've got them," Frau said as he walked back over to the bed and placed them on a chair.

"I'm ready whenever you are Frau said. we'll do it on three, Labrador said. okay 1...2...3… when they reached 3 Labrador pulled the blankets off of Teito, they were quickly replaced by the ones that frau had taken from by the fireplace, they were so hot that they made Teito moan in pleasure, because he was finally warm."

The sound that the teen had mad worried both of the bishops that were looking down at him.

"What?" Teito managed before wincing in pain, "Can I have something to drink?" Teito asked and then winced again.

"Of course," Frau said, I'll just go and get something for you, he turned to leave, but was surprised when he was halted by a small hot hand that was clinging on to his, it was a surprisingly tight grip, it basically told the two men that were there that he wasn't going to be separated from the blond.

"I'll go and get it you just stay here and make sure he doesn't fall asleep," Labrador said with a smile.

"Think you Lab," Frau said with a sigh as he sat down on the floor so that he was almost at eye level with the teen. He placed a kiss on the teens forehead, and smiled as the teen gave a small smile of his own.

Teito still hadn't let go of the blond's hand, he was afraid that if he did then he would be left without anyone to protect him from things that he had no hope in protecting himself from.

Labrador walked back into the room with a cup of medicine that he had put together for Teito, it would help with his sore throat and it would also help with his fever. Labrador walked to the other side of the bead and sat in the chair. as frau went to help him sit up he was surprised that he didn't cough, there was no blood none at all, it was a relief for Teito, he sat up Frau's arm was still around his shoulders to give him support as Labrador pushed the cup against the teens lips and Teito was happy to notice that the liquid was soothing and made him feel uncomfortably hot under all of the blankets that were put on him so that his fever would break, and it had done just that.

Teito began to wriggle his way out from under the blankets to get away from the heat that made him way to hot for his comfort.

"That was fast, I didn't think that it would work so fast," Frau said, I'll have to think Castor for the idea.

"I think that he said that his mother did that once when he was really sick," Labrador said.