A night of endless dreaming. An 07 Ghost fanfiction.

By: Leann Cowan

Chapter 3

A/N Italicized and bolded words are part of Teito's dreams, and words that are only in italics are what they are thinking.

"Isn't it obvious… I'm going to have to use my power as one of the 07 ghosts' that guards this church, so that I can find out who is doing this to him." Frau answered as he closed his eyes and put one hand on the young man's chest while he put his head on the young man's head so that he could see what Teito saw, and what he saw was alarming to say the least. For some unknown reason, Frau was in his dream, Teito thought. He could barely see him because his vision was going black around the edges.

"Frau…please…help…me," the young man said, reaching out his hand and then it slowly fell back to his side as he passed out.

Frau heard Teito's plea for help. That made him angry. He had never once heard the young man ask for help let, alone plead for it. He next brought his attention to the man that was holding his cute, and sometimes annoying lover. He had never seen this man face to face, but he had heard about him from Teito. This hade to be Ayanami, the man that was responsible for everything that had happened to Teito. Ayanami was ruthless, Frau had heard about how ruthless he was from Teito. But hearing about it and seeing it were two different things. Frau grabbed his preferred weapon the scythe and ran at Ayanami.

Ayanami wasn't surprised at all when Frau ran at him, all he did was drop Teito on the ground and kicked him hard in the side. This kick was harder than any of the ones that he had previously received from the others. Frau could see that just by looking at Teito that he was seriously injured. Frau wanted to hurt the other man as badly as he had hurt his one and only, but there wasn't any time for that he needed to get Teito to the infirmary as quickly as possible, before it's too late.