It had been 100yrs give or take. One hundred years since she took the name of her favourite human, one century of being Ms. Frizzle. She was at the TARDISes gardens at the moment walking through looking for a ship. Her instructors had told her that her ship would choose her but to be sure to check out all of the ships and in the end it was really her choice. She stopped beside a yellow tube.

"Can you tell me about this one Lord Gardener?"

"That one's a bit stubborn, refuses to be any colour but yellow"

"What about shape shifting?"

"All of the ships in the garden are fully functional some of them have quirks and personalities but that will just make the bond stronger" Ms. Frizzle felt a warm tingle at the back of her mind.

"This one" she said firmly

"Are you sure we have dozens more?"

"My favourite colour is yellow"

"I suppose a congratulations is in order"

"Thank you"

Ms. Frizzle entered her TARDIS for the first time running her hand over the console buttons she activated the telepathic bonding circuits.

"Hello Beautiful" the TARDIS hummed confused.

"Sorry, I mean Handsome. I thought all active TARDISes were female" the console blinked

"The gardeners thought you were too stubborn for pollination?-They didn't like you in yellow. Well I like yellow it's my favourite colour." The TARDIS purred with happiness.

"Would you like a name?-I know most timelords just refer to their TARDISes as TARDIS but I find that boring it's like if I were to call my self Timelord." The TARDIS purred louder.

"How do you feel about BUS? Short for Big Unusual Ship?" BUS blinked his lights agreeing.

"BUS it is."