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The ride back to Storybroke

"Why must this car make so much noise?" A very annoyed queen asked in the backseat.

"Well he is old so…" Lily said and you could tell she was also not love struck by the death trap. Regina's kid all the way some would say.

"Can't you people stop complaining? It's not my fault you are drinking yourself to oblivion Regina.

"Oh like this would do the trigger. The only time I really blacked out was that day me and Mal went to this orgy party in a far land called something with a D that lasted for three days. We drank so much while trying out this new drug they had plus all the sex. By my twenty second climax I blacked out pretty bad. Mal said I was out for almost a day, can you believe that? Those were the days."

"Shit, ok I get that you're drunk and lost your filter but if you are really my 'father' I don't wanna know this shit." Lily was red with embarrassment, she had her own wild days but nothing compared to this and the fact her both mothers done it was overwhelming.

Emma on the other hand was just listening to this. In one day she found out more about Regina than in those 3 years she known her. Apparently the hot queen knew she liked her, was bi, have a girlfriend who is a dragon (a very jealous one at that), is into orgies and drugs and whatever else. Who would have though right? Though looking back to the moments spent with the Evil Queen she definitely saw it. That woman screamed sex; she was the pure concept of lust and prohibited desires. Is that why she picked apples? Nah, maybe it's just a coincidence right is not like she is religious or anything. At least I don't think so, but then again I apparently don't know her at all. But Regina had to hide all of that now probably because of Henry, what kid wants to be the son of the biggest MIF in town? Not that it really made much difference in the end. Haaaa fucking fuck! What have this woman done to me?

"Oh please Lily, don't play the prude that is Miss Swan's job."

"For the love of the lord woman stop saying things about me." The sheriff was going of her head by now. Must Regina remind her every second of her actions? She never had a thing for women before the dark queen arrived so yeah, she was confused for a while and after that she was afraid of the consequences of her feelings and then the curse and Robin. How was she supposed to know she had a chance?

"Stop denying them then Emma. Life is too short and cruel for that. I could fuck you still and Mal watch or the other way around or we could all have our fun. Just the three of us, don't get me wrong Lily but I'm not that sick and weird to ask you to join." Emma was dumb struck by this and Lily well… "Are we there yet? Is she always like this? She mentions one more sexual thing and I jump Emma. I fucking jump."

"You and me both, Lill."

"I gonna do a little sleeping now. Gotta gain back my energies for latter so shut up both of you." She was out a minute after.

"Thank God!"

"So Emma you had a thing for me?" God kill me now was all Emma could think of answering. Lily got that was not a conversation the blond Savior was going to get into and she dropped the subject. The rest of the ride was filled with small talks about their life with a still sleeping Mayor.

"Regina wake up we are here." She was sore. No sore was an understatement, if she had slept on rocks she probably would have woken better.

"Fuck this monstrosity broke me. But come on, Mal is more than anxious to meet you." Regina started to walk graciously towards her home.

"Wait wasn't you supposed to be hung over by now? That little sleep mustn't have done the deal. And I am not going in, this is between you guys."

"You could say I have a good filter, because you don't want to know the real reason. Thanks Emma, give Henry a kiss please." Spoke a sincere queen and Lily followed her saying right after. "Yeah Emma, thank you for dragging me here I really needed it."

"Shit you two really look alike. See ya." The blond then got in her car and drove away with her thoughts.

"Are you ready to face the dragon? Because I'm not." The last was said with a small laugh. Regina then looked straight into the other brunette's eyes and told her: "But for real now, she loves you. Not having you was never in her plans. She is a great woman full of love to give and you just have to let yourself feel it and trust me that kind f love is everything."

A smile and a hand timidly reaching hers was all the queen got as an answer. And that is how Maleficent saw the pair for the first time after feeling like she has been waiting on that house forever, hand in hand and smiling. Yeah, Regina was in deep shit and by the end of the night she would show her just how much. But for now meting her child after so long separated and telling her woman the truth (even though it seemed she already knew) was the only thoughts crossing her mind.