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They talked and apparently Regina's suspicions were right. Lily was hers. They shared stories about their life and their feelings on what was happening and where they are going now.

Lily found she had a reason to be a little twisted and had little to do with what the Charmings had done to her. These two women sitting in front of her were insane. They were dark and weird (but in a good way), they have done so much crazy shit and not just on the sexual part like she heard on the ride here. They were called once upon a time 'evil' but to Lily her mothers were only in a bad place at the time and made bad decisions. Yeah she lost what would have been an amazing childhood but at least she has them now. And she loves both despise how insane they are.

Lily was great, the talk was great. She never thought she would see her little dragon girl again but thanks Regina and the blondie one she was proven wrong.

It was late and Lily wanted to go to bed so Regina showed her a bit of the house and led her to a room down the hall from their bedroom where she said Lily could sleep. Clever woman knew she was in deep shit. Good.

Once they were alone Maleficent didn't say a word she only smirked and walked to the master room with Regina in her tail. What a nice little puppy her queen is and how excited she was to give her the proper punishment.

As Regina passed the threshold the dragon turned around and closed the door with her lover's back. She kissed her with passion Regina never got from no one else. The queen let a moan come out of her mouth showing how mouth she was completely at the mercy of the blond when Maleficent descended her neck all the way to her low cleavage giving little bites and wet kisses effectively making her weak.

"Mal." The woman's voice was already trembling and it was driving the dragon insane. She kissed Regina again this time pushing her towards her body instead the door so she could pull the zipper from the dress down and be able to feel the whole extension of smooth skin. When that piece of clothe hit the ground soon hit the rest leaving with a view of a beautifully naked and in need Regina Mills. "Tell me what you want Regina."

As Maleficent looked at her with penetrating eyes clouded by desire her body felt like was on fire. "I want you."

"Do you really? So why did you leave?" She knew this was coming but knowing it and being prepared was two very distinct things. She could not speak and safe herself from eminent torture. She could only hope the woman would have pity on her.

"I was… I just."

"We both know there is no excuse for it, don't we?" It was the way she said it that had Regina going into a state of despair. A voice echoing in her ears like the sweetest honey. Hot breath hitting the sensitive flesh of her earlobe sending chills down her spine. "Please" was all could say as her vindictive woman led her to the bed.

"It's going to take a whole lot more than this to make me forgive you." As she placed the woman in the center of bed Maleficent used her magic to restrain Regina's arms and magicked away her own clothing. Those plump lips she loved parted in surprise and a moan was heard when the brunette acknowledged the perfect and now naked body in front of her.

"Shit Mal. Don't do this. You know I had to go. Please."

Comical and lovely were the thoughts running through the dragon's head. "You can sure talk, can't you? Let us see what else I can get you to do with your lovely mouth." Maleficent held a mischievous glint in her eyes; one that the not so Evil Queen anymore knew all too well and when the blonde got on the bed on all fours and kept climbing all the way to her face Regina was more than pleased to do what had been silently ordered of her. She licked, sucked and ravished with as much passion as she could that delicious dripping sex.

"Yes, just like that." The woman's moans and words were driving the queen even crazier by the second and leaving her so caught up in the moment she didn't even noticed the magic surrounding her and making her feel exactly what Maleficent was felling. But with the next swipe of her tongue she definitely did it. There was fire spreading from her pussy to her whole body and every time the blonde would move her hips around her face harder she could even feel her legs quivering. She could tell how close the dragon was to that pure bliss from what her own body was experiencing but as she felt in her mouth the never ending tightening of walls coming from the woman straddling her face she worked harder to provide a climax to both of them.

They came down from their high together and Maleficent got off of her and lay in bed pulling Regina to rest her head in her chest. She started to stroke the woman's hair in a show of her love and care. They stayed like that for a while with a welcoming silence but after a while the dragon broke the peace. "You do know that you are not out of your punishment right? This was only a reward for bringing our daughter back."

The queen didn't move. Yes, she has suspected as much but had really hoped the fact she saw allowed to climax meant she was forgiven. That thought is completely off the table now. Fuck, she was so screwed and only tonight that meant in a good way.

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