Welcome to the sequel to "One Pill Makes You Stronger." If you haven't read the story, I suggest you read it. My original vision of the story was that I started it at the end of season 3. Andrew was still a good guy and there was no kidnapping. I love the characters of Harrison and especially James , so at the end of the last story they were resurrected. This is Olivia's journey from ordinary citizen and Washington fixer to First Lady and expectant mother . If you are expecting any of the VPs you have previously seen, forget it. In this story, the Vice President is Cyrus Beane with his husband as Second Man. Chief of Staff is the newly engaged Abby Whelan. Huck has a relationship with his son but he is in love with Quinn. Other characters will make appearances that have previously left the story. Poppa Pope is gone for good, but there is a threat and they want to take down the Grant administration.

The next day….

Olivia yawned and rolled over in the huge bed. She tried to get up , but there were a pair of large masculine hands that were keeping her captive. The sheets on the bed were covering up his muscular body and abs. She couldn't believe that large of a snore came from that man,but that was the sound that she couldn't sleep without now. She took a look at the platinum and diamond band on her hand and then spied the platinum band on his hand. Somehow it didn't seem real, but it was . Olivia was married to the President of the United States.

Her jostling was enough to wake Fitz. She needed to get up anyway. Baby Grant was leaving his /her morning calling card. If she didn't make it to the bathroom , then the housekeeping staff would have a mess to clean up. It was quite an experience to be given a handbook for living somewhere. It reminded her of when she had orientation for boarding school and Princeton. The big difference was that this was 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She was living in the people's residence now. All of the former pictures of Mellie and Fitz had been removed. She had her own staff and her own agenda. Harrison and Steven had taken over the OPA. Huck had earned a place as head of the First Lady's detail. Abby had sported a new ring around the White House as her and David had announced their engagement. She had planned a fast transition as she prepared to take over Cyrus's job as Fitz's Chief of Staff. Cyrus was adjusting to life with a husband again, they were enjoying a second honeymoon every night as Cyrus cuddled with James.

A groan was heard from the covers as the sheets were moved from his naked body. Olivia moved her legs and was glad that the NAVY t shirt covered her body. She couldn't very well walk down the hall to the bathroom naked in the White House residence. As Fitz stirred, Olivia popped up and ran to the bathroom. She tried to remember orientation. She had her own bathroom that had already been stocked with her favorite products. Now where was was it? Damnit , she needed to go. She popped into the first door with a sink and then went.

"Good morning Mrs Grant." The housekeeper smiled as she pushed her cleaning cart.

"Betty? Right?" Olivia asked. "I am sorry, I am still learning all your names."

"I know its all so overwhelming. At least , you are making an effort to learn about the staff. The former first lady didn't do that. Only the nannies and important employees. No one like us." Betty said.

"You are all important. " Olivia smiled. "Now which way back to the President's room?"

"This way." Betty turned Olivia around and pointed her in the direction of the right hallway.

Slowly opening the door, Olivia poked her head in and was greeted by a familiar voice.

"I thought my wife had already heard my snoring and left me." Fitz grinned. He leaned over and put a kiss on Olivia's lips. "Good morning Mrs. Grant." He smiled and said into her mouth. She reciprocated and said "Good morning , Mr President." His lips enveloped her mouth as they slowly had their tongues melted together.

"Well as much as I would like to do this all day, we have plans. So I think it is time for us to get some breakfast." Fitz put his arm around her and they walked to the dining room.

When Olivia sat down, she had a server pour her a tall glass of orange juice and a cup of green tea. The server than walked over to Fitz and poured a cup of black coffee. Another server brought out a plate of bacon, sausage , ham and eggs. Fruit was also set out along with bagels and pancakes. Next came a basket of muffins and scones. If they wanted something else, all they had to do was ask.

"it's like eating in a restaurant." Olivia commented.

"You 'll get used to it. I guess being governor and the way I was raised , I was used to it." Fitz said. "But as I said, you deserve to be treated like a queen. If you want anything, I don't care what time of the day or night it is, let the staff know and they will get it for you. I wanted In and Out from home and it was shipped here. If you remember some great Chicago style pizza place from the Trail, they will get it for you."

She looked down and there were a stack of newspapers and magazines sat in front of her. And it wasn't just news magazines but In Style, Essence, Ebony, Glamour, Vogue, as well. Add to that Pregnancy, Baby, and other pregnancy magazines and books.

"I can't get over this. All of my favorite magazines and some I didn't even think of reading. It's like everything I even think of wanting I get. It's like magic or something." Olivia was amazed.

"I told you, you didn't have to want for anything. " Fitz reminded her. "They want us to do important things ."

"Like picking out china, restoring paintings, and going to luncheons." Olivia snidely commented.

Fitz looked over at her. "Don't you think for a minute I am going to think of you as ornamental. You are an intelligent woman who helped me draft my first State of the Union address and agenda. You were a vital part of both campaigns and I respect your opinion. As far as I am concerned, you will be helping with my new agenda just as much as my VP and Chief of Staff. But I will say this, we will probably be going to Camp David again. Being in the outdoors seemed to help our creative juices. " Fitz got up from the other chair and started to nibble at her neck.

"You are incorrigible." Olivia laughed as he made growling noises.

"Ew, " Karen said as he made her way to the table. "I didn't need to see that before breakfast."

"Ok dad, we need to set a good example for our daughter." Olivia said as she pulled away from Fitz.

"Good morning Kare bear." Fitz said. " I am almost through packing for Uncle Cyrus and Uncle James'" she announced.

Fitz knew his plan was going to work. The last two times they went to the Ranch in Santa Barbara it was for funerals. He wanted Olivia to see her new California home. At least , he would have a little bit of freedom there. He could take Olivia snorkeling or get in the car and drive. Maybe even fly his private plane or take the boat out. It would be too cold for Vermont, this would give them a break before the 20th.

"Pack up your brother too. Give Marie a little break." Fitz said.

"Does she know yet?' asked Karen.

"Nope" he smiled. "It's daddy's surprise."

Olivia had gotten up and went to the bathroom again. Now she was coming back. " I found it this time on the first try. The bathroom is done in neutral tones. Predominantly white." Olivia was pleasantly surprised.

"I had them remodel the First Lady's powder room. It was a surprise." Fitz kissed her on the cheek.

"I love it." She squealed. "Thank you honey." She gave him a large peck on the lips.

"I hope you are packed for our honeymoon." He smiled.

"How can I pack if I don't know where you are taking me? Unless you took care of it as always." Olivia said slyly. In the past whether it was Camp David or any other trip, Fitz was the one who took care of packing and toiletries. He would manage to get everything and make it perfect.

"Don't I always?" he said confidently. "I want you to get dressed. Get ready because the limo will be here to take us to Andrews. They are refueling there and will be flying out of AFB. I didn't feel like getting on Marine One today. "

"Still not going to tell me." She tried to get a hint. "Ok, I am going to take a shower and then shove this body into my too tight clothes. "

Olivia made her way to the bathroom and took off her robe. If she would have gotten in the shower with Fitz, they would have never gotten out. She just decided to wash her body and put a turban on her head to keep her hair dry. When they got to their destination, she would wash it there. Going to the closet, she pulled out a DVF dress and then pulled on her panties and fastened the bra. She had to settle for Victoria Secret since she could no longer fit in the La Perla. Her belly had begun to grow as she entered the fourth month. She ran her fingers over the bump as she looked down at her growing stomach. She debated whether she should where pumps or flats. She didn't want the pinching of the Christian LaBoutins , so she slipped into the flats. Grabbing her Prada bag, she hurried out to meet her husband.

"Ready to go?" Fitz was anxious to get to Air Force One. He had his own plans for that as well. Olivia was going to be initiated into the special Mile High Club. This wouldn't happen until they were airborne. Olivia slipped into the limo with Fitz 's hand on her back. At the same time, the President's detail and First Lady's jumped into the SUV behind the limo. A motorcade blocked traffic as the limo made its way to Andrews.

"Is this really necessary?" Olivia asked her husband.

"I want the whole world to know I am happily married and going on my honeymoon." Fitz said as he turned to her. The limo pulled up and then the Marine guard saluted the President and First Lady. Olivia was amazed at all the pomp and circumstance that was required now that she was the First Lady. Fitz returned salutes as they walked through the line of soldiers and sailors. Finally they reached the stairs of Air Force One. Olivia was led up the stairs as the paparazzi snapped photos.

"Sir, welcome aboard and you too , Madam First Lady. We have prepared our course for your destination sir. " the pilot said as he saluted Fitz.

"One of these times, I want to hop in the cockpit and fly it myself. " Fitz laughed.

"That would be good Sir.' The pilot said.

Olivia had been on Air Force One before, but not like this. If she wasn't mistaken, there was hardly any staff on the jet. It was just her and him. The SSA agents had placed themselves away from the couple. She settled into her seat and Fitz held her hand as Air Force One headed into the sky. Now he could honestly relax and prepare for a passion filled flight to California.