I have to apologize for not updating. But as the media is caught up in "Shonda mania." , suddenly I am inspired to write tonight after watching "Happy Birthday Mr President." Those of you that follow this story , I am bringing the First Couple back to Washington as Fitz prepares for his second inauguration and Olivia starts being First Lady. Hope this fills your scandal thirst until the 24th.

"And this is your office." Rachel said as she ushered Olivia into the East Wing office. Traditionally the First Lady 's office is located in the East Wing. Olivia put her hand to her stomach as she walked into the door. She had great faith in Rachel because she carried on her job after Mellie left. Rachel would definitely keep all of her appointments straight. California was very restful but it was time to return to the real world of Washington.

"I think it needs some work." Olivia echoed as she scanned the interior. The room still had the ghost of Mellie Grant in it. She knew the woman's taste and this floral gawdiness was definitely not hers. "Please make sure to get ahold of the White House decorator ASAP." Olivia also remembered that the nursery would need to be worked on as well. "Call Oprah and see if she can recommend someone . " Rachel made a note of it in her folder.

"You have a fitting with Ralph Lauren for inaugural clothes. This would include your suit for the ceremony and some maternity outfits. The people from Burberry are due for the dress coat for the swearing in. Christian Laboutin will be sending over some shoes for you to look at. Alexander McQueen is sending over someone to show you sketches for the Kennedy Center Honors gown. Valentino is sending some sketches for one of your inaugural gowns, as well as Michael Kors, and Zac Posen."

"Is this all I do,pick out clothes? I thought I had events to attend and issues to stand for?" Olivia was puzzled.

"No ma'am, but since you are such a stylish woman, the press office wishes to take advantage of it. They know how photogenic you and the President are and frankly you wear clothes better than your predecessor. Designers have been ringing the phone off the hook to get a chance to design for you. "

"I guess it would be kind of fun." giggled Olivia.

"I will have them come in this afternoon. " Rachel stated. "There are some people to see you, maam. Friends they say."

"Send them in." she smiled. In the next few moments, Harrison and Quinn walked into the door. Both of them were quite impressed with their bosses new office. Harrison whistled as he looked around the room and pushed his hands back into his pockets. "Pretty snazzy, boss." He smiled.

"I am getting used to it . it's going to take some time. But with some of my own touches, I think it will be just fine." Olivia walked over and gave her gladiators hugs. "I am so glad to see you guys. Abby is hard at work as Fitz's Chief of Staff and Huck is at training for my detail. " Olivia sighed.

"But you will be doing important stuff . You know changing the world." Quinn piped up.

"More like changing my clothes. They want me to meet with designers and pick out shoes." She whined.

Harrison put his arm around her shoulder. "Don't you know why?" Olivia shook her head. "It's because we got style, Liv. They know we have style and they want to show the whole world how beautiful we are." Harrison grinded his teeth and smiled his smile. "We are beautiful."

"I guess. It's just that I have given up OPA basically and now I thought I would get to do some really important things. Fitz promised me I would not be an ornamental First Lady. He said we could work together to change the world. I guess he was just humoring me." Olivia said sadly.

At that point, Olivia heard a familiar voice. "Did I hear my name?" She turned around and saw Fitz coming through the door. "I just thought I would visit my wife on her first day ." Fitz walked over and placed his hand on her belly. He then leaned down and began to talk to her stomach. "Hey there little one. Daddy just thought he would come down and say hi to you and have lunch with Mommy."

The sight of the leader of the free world talking to his unborn child brought tears to her eyes. He had so much love to give and she wondered how much of life did Mellie deny him. She succeeded in keeping him away from all of his children's births and Mellie's pregnancies. That is why Olivia wanted to be close to him so he could experience the miracle of birth of his own child. He then straightened up and planted a kiss on Olivia's lips.

"So are you busy with your duties?" Fitz asked innocently.

"Yes, they have a slew of designers coming in this afternoon." Olivia admitted.

He could tell that Olivia was not happy with her job. Fitz was actually afraid of this. Mellie seemed to fit in perfectly with lunches, teas, and dedications. Olivia was brilliant and used to thinking on her feet. It was her intelligence and gut that saved many clients. He was included . There would come a time when they would brainstorm like during the first term before she resigned. He had already planned a trip to Camp David to work on the State of Union address. No , he would use Olivia because he could totally trust her. The jury was still out on Cyrus.

"They just want you to ease into things. This place can take its toll on someone. Once you get used to the routine around here. That is when you can make your mark." Fitz assured her. "Now I think it is time for you and your friends to take a break. Get some nourishment. And spend some time with your husband. "

"This is Mellie's office. It is filled with her taste, as gawdy as it is. " Olivia said.

"And now it's yours. I only had her furniture moved in so it wouldn't be empty. That should tell you that things are different. I need you and that's why you are here."Fitz explained. "Now put everything out of your mind. Just relax and join me for a nice healthy lunch." Fitz patted her stomach as well.

"I should eat." Olivia smiled.

lierFitz nodded. "You should eat." He looked around and saw the gladiators had come to visit. "Guys , you are invited to join us for lunch. I insist."

Rachel came into the office. "Mr President, this is a surprise."

Olivia braced herself on the desk. "Rachel, tell the kitchen to set up for lunch. We will be expecting two extra as well as Ms. Whelan and the President. "

"Very good , madam." Rachel said as she left the office.

"What about Huck?" Quinn asked.

"And one more . Could you set up in the Residence?" Olivia turned off the Tiffany light on the desk and then headed for the elevator with her gladiators. Huck left his post so he could be replaced by another SSA agent.

The gladiators joined Olivia and Fitz in the elevator. It was the first time that her people would get a glance of the private world of the First Family. They couldn't help but notice that Fitz rested his hand on her growing stomach. Abby had also took the time for this lunch break. She had been to the Residence when Mellie was still living there. Her hands bulged with folders bearing the Presidential seal that she wanted to give to Fitz. When the elevator opened, the group came to the private dining room. Even though it was an informal lunch. Crystal goblets and bone china were set on the table. Water goblets were filled and on the ridge of each glass rested a lemon. Each plate had a cobb salad that was large enough to fill a plate. Two plates also had club sandwiches as well. Olivia and her husband sat in those places.

"So fancy." Exclaimed Quinn.

"This is a snack, Huck and I are growing boys." Harrison commented.

The server agreed and she headed for the kitchen for two more club sandwiches. She then brought them to the table and set them in front of the two men. "If anything else is needed. Just let me know, Madam First Lady."

Olivia took her silk napkin and put it in her lap. She then took a sip of water and dug into the salad. Everyone followed her example and then they traded stories about the many fun cases they had in the past.

"I don't know I think the worst had to be Sue's book of sex. " Quinn laughed.

"I don't want to discuss that one." Abby popped up.

"There was always Pastor Drake. Talk about a wild case." Harrison added. "But then again when I had to make a house call to Paul Mosley, talk about a freak."

"Weird is good." Huck mumbled.

"We have had some unusual cases. But we have also helped a lot of people too." Olivia added.

"Have I ever made it up on the board?" Fitz asked curiously.

"A few" Abby added. "There were actually some times when I would come into the office and she would be staring at the wall of televisions. She would have a glass of wine and then she would just look at you on the tube. Especially when you guys weren't talking."

"I can remember heading to the G8 one year and we had ended things. I couldn't get her out of my mind and I would actually doodle the name Olivia on my notes. " Fitz smiled. "I told you we were the endgame."

The lunch was pleasant but everyone had jobs to return to and Olivia had sketches to look over. She returned to piles of notebooks on her desk and people in her waiting room. She hated to admit it, but it was fun to look at clothes that were being designed for her. Magazines had made appointments with her to be shot in the clothes. Everyone wanted her to look her best .

It was five o clock and Olivia looked through her book. There was no more appointments. Apparently her assistant had been advised by the President to let her have a light schedule. She walked into the Oval but was surprised to find Fitz gone. Papers laid on his desk, but he was not there.

"There was a situation, hostages." Abby said as she grabbed the folders. "He and Cyrus had to go to the Sit Room to be briefed on the action. It happened very fast."

At this point, James knocked on the doorframe. "I guess we are Presidential widows tonight. Hey, Ella is still with the nanny. Want to grab dinner?"

"I can't think of anything I would like better. Join me in the Residence. I can show you the sketches for my inaugural wardrobe." Olivia had known James before, but she hadn't really spent a lot of time with him. Since they would be sharing the title of two most influential wives in America, she thought it was time she got to know Cyrus's better half. They would be spending a lot of time together.

"There are a lot of things I have always been curious about the great Olivia Pope. Now I will get my chance. " James cooed.

"My life's an open book. Fire away." Olivia smiled.

"Tell me , is the President really that good in bed?"

She said nothing. But James had no idea.