for Tiger Paladin :)

*years later*

akane smiled as she pounced. She laughed at the little shriek that was volumed.

"Akane! That's no fair, you can't pounce on me while I freaking cleaned my sword!" A older, white haired boy who's hair was tied into a loose bun and wore a white and blue patterned kimono. His Gold eyes flashed angrily at the younger girl.

"Oh come on, Ōkami. I'm not trying to kill you or anything." Akane laughed, flipping her silk white hair to the side.

"Doesn't matter! You can't just sneak up on me like that! I'm a wolf yokai! I could have killed you!" Ōkami frowned, lifting the fallen girl into his arms.

"Awww is the lone wolf finally feeling some love for his wife?" Akane asked kissing the wolf yokai's nose. "You know I have always love you, even if we were betrothed." Akane giggled.

"Ōkami?" Akane inquired. "Yes?" Ōkami rose a brow. "You love me,correct?" Ōkami nodded. "And you'll love me even if there was something wrong?"

"Of course." Ōkami nodded, yet slowly this time. "Well...remember when I pounced on you?" Ōkami nodded. "Well...I was gonna tell you think I'm."

"What woman?" Ōkami asked thonking his head against her's softly. "I think..I'm pregnant." Ōkami froze. "What?"

"I said I think I'm pregnant." Akane smiled, sheepishly. "HOW?!" Ōkami asked, poking his wife's sides. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HOW? WE HAD SEX!" Akane poked back, harder on the cheek. Ōkami growled. "I know that!"

"Than stop asking stupid questions!" Akane bested ōkami against his head.

Meanwhile, four adults snickered well...minus one, at the sight of the young couple bickering.

"Sesshōmaru, how'd you end up with these two as a couple?" Inuyasha snickered behind his sleeve.

"It was a deal between the clans. He's from a ōkami yōkai clan. We made a deal based solely on the survival of the cabins bloodline but it seems like akane and ōkami hit the jackpot." Rin giggled.

"His name is Ōkami?" Kagome asked, smiling. "Yep, ironic isn't it?" Rin giggled more as she watched akane slap ōkami's head around.

"I did not think it was an ideal suggestion regarding marriage but to keep the canine yōkai bloodline flowing is a must." Seshōmaru shook his head.

"Even so..they'll be a good husband and wife together...they will live a good long life."