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"She won't last long." Takao's eyes widened a large lump on his throat started to form.

"Y-You're lying...right? Please tell me you're joking. Haha..." Takao's voice shook as he said it.

"I'm sorry."

"I-Its not a good joke, doctor..." At the last word Takao's voice cracked and let out a sob.

"I'm so sorry. We can't do anything about it anymore, the cancer cells had already reached his heart. Please excuse me." The doctor bowed and left.

Takao collapsed on the floor as his legs gave away. Tears blurred his vision and soon those tears flowed freely.

"Shin-chan..." He sobbed.

"Ta..kao?" A voice called and was soon follwed by a harsh coughing.

"Shin-chan!" Takao quickly rushed to her side and quickly poured her a glass of water from the bedside table.

A girl with long green hair drank the glass' contents. Once the glass was emptied she placed it down on the table again and looked at the other teen sheepishly.

"W-What... are you... doing here..?" She asked, her voice barely a whisper.

"Visiting you!" Takao replied with fake enthusiasm.

"I... see..."

"Takao... you know... I don't have much... time left..." The greenette said.

Takao's eyes widened and hugged her.

"D-Don't say that! You will pull through..!" His hug tightened while stopping the tears that's threatening to fall.

"Shin-chan! I've brought you your lucky it-..." His voice died down as soon as he entered her hospital room. Inside her room was a doctor with lots of nurses, the doctor shouting orders.

"Out of the way!" A nurse pushed him away as she entered the room sliding the door close in the process. However, before the door was closed he saw Midorima reaching out whispering his name.


It has almost been a year since Midorima Shinnako, his girlfriedn died. Almost one agonizing year. Lots of things changed since she left. Takao quit the basketball team, he started to skip classes, started to consume alcohol and got involved into lots of fights. He was no longer the same old Takao.

Takao walked to his classrom, Class 2-B. He entered the classroom and sat down, not long after the bell rang signalling for classes to start. His classmates started setteling themselves and soon the teacher came in and started to write something on the board. Takao put his head down trying to sleep.

"Everyone, today we have a new transferee. Please come in." The door of the classroom slid open. The new transferee walked in and stoppedon the center.

"I'm Kurosaki Shinnako. Nice to meet you." Takao's eyes widened when he heard the overly familiar voice. He quickly rose his head and can't believe what he saw.

"Shin-chan..!" He whispered.

Infront of the class is a girl with long green hair that reaches her stomach, green eyes with glasses.


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