Emma pushes away from the kitchen table. She's already processed her parents news and worked through confusion to disappointment to now, action and anger. Life on her own has taught her that disappointment isn't worth the energy. It's better to act. She ignores Hook's outstretched hand because she is not ready to hear from him. And as far as her mother trying to stop her at the door, that's not going to happen either.

She has nothing to say to her mother. There is nothing to say. What they did was wrong on so many levels: wrong to swap an innocent's future for their offspring's future; and wrong to deal in secrets. As though you could parlay evil for good or turmoil for tranquility. She smiles internally at herself, parlay is a pirate term. He does make her smile. But then she immediately regroups and focuses. She can compartmentalize her thoughts and she is resolute.

She wants to keep moving. After she sees that August is going to be okay she is certain of her decision. She asks Regina if Henry can stay with her for a while. Regina is delighted to have Henry for any length of time. She asks Henry if he would be agreeable to staying with Regina because things are changing and Regina's home, his home, his bedroom, is a good place for him these days. Henry is so wise he doesn't even question her but accepts her hug and kiss on the head.

She goes back to the loft and throws a duffle bag on her bed. Jeans, sweaters, underwear, sleepwear, boots, a jacket, toiletries. Her mother comes in with baby Neal and starts with, "Emma" but she cuts her off. "I'll be back for the rest of my stuff when I know where I'm staying." She kisses her brother and runs for the door with her duffle over her shoulder. She realizes she is literally running from her mother and what had been her home and it's kind of ironic. It was time to find her place, hadn't she and Hook been talking about that?

Maybe she's running because she figures David is right behind Mary Margaret and she doesn't want him to stop her. For some reason she is more upset with her mother. Not that they aren't both responsible but she has a gut feel, like the decision to sacrifice Maleficient's daughter was more her mother's call than her father's. Maybe she's just more disappointed in her mother who didn't have enough faith in herself as a parent. Daughters often are at odds more with their mothers. Or is it a Queen and a Princess thing? Because she's no princess. It doesn't matter. She's moving.

Running isn't new to her and they can think what they want about it. The whole issue now of 'my parents are fallible and Snow White and Prince Charming are deceptive and I have to deal with the consequences' is forced into a box in her mind. She's focused on moving, and other people, August, the Author, Gold and the remaining Matrons of Misery, Maleficient and Cruella.

She goes up to the counter of the Storybrooke Inn and waits for Granny. Granny is surprised to see her. It's now pretty late and the place is quiet.

"I need a room for a while, I don't know how long."

"Sure, Emma, do you have a preference for floor or window view?"

"No, thanks, whatever you have."

"Swan, I didn't expect to see you here." Hook and Ruby are just coming downstairs from the rooms to enter the lobby. Hook is carrying a black leather bag and his pirate coat. He joins Emma at the counter while Ruby goes behind and drops some coin from her hand to a drawer below the cash register.

Granny turns to Hook, "We'll miss you Captain." Hooks replies, "Aye, thank you, but I'm not giving up the room. Your lovely warm cleansing bath is a feature of this realm I am unable to forsake. So I will be here frequently. And of course you will see me in the diner." He turns to Emma with a warm smile.

She is sure she is gaping at him and endeavors to find some poise without him noticing her discomfit. He can perceive her moods and she thinks sometimes, her thoughts, without hesitation. So she doesn't give him a chance, "What are you doing Killian? Leaving town?"

Now that was awkward, she thinks to herself. The words came out of her mouth more nervously than she intended as though she really was afraid that he would leave town. She just meant it lightheartedly. Looking up at him, she knows he is aware of her general agitation.

Now she fully looks at him and sees his warm smile is content and peaceful and with a little bit of anticipation. She wonders to herself what she missed. Or is he just happy to see her?

Hook tells her, "I am returning to the Jolly Roger, now that my ship has been retrieved from the other realm. I wish to see that it has been cared for, if it has been cared for at all by its pernicious provisional owner. What are your plans here Emma?"

Emma replies, "I am moving into Granny's until I find a place of my own."

"This is about your parents more than your own place, isn't it?"

"Look, Hook, I don't want to go into it with you."

Hook turns to Granny and Ruby who are attempting to be discreet while leaning on the counter to listen, and asks, "Ladies, would it be possible to place a takeaway order of your cheeseburger platter, for two?" Ruby just smirks while Granny says, "We'll be right back with that Captain."

Once they are alone Hook embraces Emma. "Talk to me, Darling. Have you left your parents abode? Have you spoken to them?" She relaxes into his warmth and wills herself to be at peace. She is with Killian who is clearly elated to have his ship back.

Guilt enters her mind for a moment. How did she miss this news? How is she so selfish when this man is so giving and so generous of heart? But that's not her thing, to let guilt take hold and compel inertia. This is an opportunity. This is Killian, who she truly deeply cares for. Who she truly deeply wants to be with. Killian, who she truly deeply loves if only she could open herself up to the possibility of love.

She pauses a moment, takes a breath and then looks up at him, still in his arms and says, "Let's take the food back to the ship. I don't need to stay here when I want to stay with you. Do you have room for one more Captain?'

His smile is as bright as the sun and his eyes as blue as the ocean. "Emma, I have room for you wherever and whenever you require, my heart and my hope are solely for you."

"I don't need your flowery words Killian, I am going home with you. I am not going to think about today or tomorrow, I am going to welcome your ship back to Storybrooke with you."

Their embrace is closer, their kisses more passionate. "I love you, Emma. Whatever you desire shall be yours if I have the power to give it to you."

"I know. And just so you know, we are way past the first date and my rule of no pillaging and plundering on the first date, so yeah, let's take our food and go home Killian."

Ruby can't resist a "Have fun kids." With a wink as they walk arm in arm out the door.