"HEATHER! OPEN THE DOOR; OTHER PEOPLE WANT IN THE CONFESSIONAL!" Courtney screams angrily, pounding on the confessional door. She was getting sick of Heather always having the confessional to herself, and Courtney knew very well she just blabbered on and on about that Alejandro.

"We're a team, remember? Teammates are supposed to be nice to each other," Heather grins, thrusting open the door of the small, compact bathroom that also doubled as a confessional. She walks calmly over to the large first class cabin, her eyes filled with pride at beating Alejandro in the first challenge.

"You weren't too nice to your teammates on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action," Sierra comes off with matter-of-a-factually. "I can't actually believe I'm here! I really can't. Chris is the BEST! He let me be with Codykins."

"Yeah, well…now I am. And so you've to be nice to me," Heather claims. "And I want to wipe that smirk off Alejandro's face."

"Oh, yeah. It's not like you're in love with him or anything like that," Gwen teases as she collapses on to the cushioned seats of the first class cabin. Heather's face immediately flares up, much to Courtney's amusement.

"Why am I the only male in the team?" Cody complains. "Sierra, can you let go? I can barely breathe…"

"It ain't too bad," Heather replies in an instant, making sure that she isn't made a fool of again, "you're quite like a girl, if you think about it. You act like one." She was hoping for a laugh, but Courtney was in the confessional, Sierra looked angry and Gwen only snickers a bit. She sighs, dives into the chair and sits motionless, sulking.

"At least you don't have pony hair, Cody," Gwen laughs, looking at Cody. His eyes instantly fill up at the thought of Gwen actually paying attention to him.

"Thanks, G-Gwen," he replies, shakily.

"This'll be one long trip," Courtney mutters, coming out of the confessional.

"I wish I was on the boy's team, and I wish our team name wasn't derived from the Amazons, the dominant female warriors in Greek mythology, and our team logo wasn't the female gender symbol with a pink background," Cody groans.

"I wish I was in a good team," Heather retorts angrily.

"I wish I was in a team with just me and Cody…" Sierra comments, looking up as if she's dreaming.

"I wish I wasn't here at all. Stupid Chris McLean," Gwen finishes.

A/N –This was just really a tester to see how it turned out, and I rather like it. This first part is based on the Walk Like An Egyptian episode for World Tour, and each chapter will represent an episode. All chapters will probably be pretty short. The next chapter will be from someone's point of view, preferably Heather's.