A/N –I also decided to continue the story after the merge, because looking back at my plans, I really did want this story to have 26 chapters, no matter if it's Team Amazon or not.

Ah. Greece's Pieces. Another famous episode and another episode where a lot of things went down behind the curtains. Courtney and Gwen. Gwen and Courtney. Gwourtney.

Before Challenge POVs will be by Heather, Courtney and Sierra (yeah, we haven't had a Sierra in a while, have we?) After Challenge will be all the members because I think they have all had a unique thing to say about the 'situation'. Well, enjoy! I'm sorry for the lack of updates though!

Chapter 12 – Greece's Pieces

Before Challenge

Courtney's POV

"It's so awesome that Duncan returned! Isn't it? He's so cool! I was talking to him, and I can't believe he played for a band! Duncan in a band? Can you believe it?" I tell Gwen, smiling. I look around the cabin and sigh. Since Duncan's return last night there has been an odd feeling through the teams. I haven't seen much of Heather, Cody or Sierra – but then again it's not like I want to. I'd rather just see Duncan.

"Yeah, I mean, no, uh, I really can't believe that he was uh, um, in a band," Gwen starts, scratching her arm nervously. There's something about the way she talks – like she's nervous about something, hiding something – but I don't push it. It's not like I want to fight with her right now anyway.

"Well, with Duncan here, this show will sure get interesting!" I comment excitedly as I call over the butler to get my breakfast.

"Yeah," I hear Gwen faintly mutter, "things will sure get interesting."

Heather's POV

I glance over at Gwen and Courtney as they eat their breakfast together. This is so horrible, I think to myself, this situation. This is going to end in flames. By the end of this challenge, we won't have a proper, formed team.

"I don't like this," Cody says. "This seems horrible. We should tell Courtney."

"We have to hide it," I reply, looking over at Cody, "this is our only chance. We can't tell them this soon, maybe they won't notice for a few days."

"That's a high hope," Cody points out. "Courtney's way too quick, and Gwen is bound to admit it at some stage out of guilt."

"Well, what's your plan?" I snap back at him angrily. Cody looks scared for a moment before I sigh. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay. I know that this must be pretty hard for you – making this team and then knowing you'll see it fall to pieces. And especially when Alejandro's on the other team," Cody tells me. I raise my eyebrow at him. I'd nearly forgotten completely about Alejandro through the trouble with my own team.

Keep your head in the game, Heather. Head in the game.

Sierra's POV

Relationship problems. Courtney, Duncan, Gwen. If I'm right, Gwuncan is currently a pairing. How I freaking wish I had my mobile phone now, because I really need to do an update.

Cody's been spending all his time with Heather, which kind of leaves me out of the whole team. I'm not sure if he's trying to make me jealous or something, because whatever it is, it is really not working.

Heather's either having a heart attack or a fit. Alejandro came in yesterday and tried to talk to her, but she pushed him out. You know what that's called? L.O.V.E.

She's also panicking about the 'team' and she's been talking to Cody about all this team-building junk.

I think everyone but Courtney is aware of what happened between Gwuncan.

Which is kinda ironic.

After Challenge

Courtney's POV







Gwen's POV

You know that moment when you start to develop a nice friendship with someone and you go and backstab them horribly by kissing their boyfriend who just returned to a horrible reality show hosted by a sadistic host on a beat-up aeroplane filled with a bunch of teens that literally have no lives and want a million dollars?

No, you don't. Well, I do now. If it wasn't for Cody, I'd be long gone. He's sweet and all, but he's probably angry with me too. Poor kid thought he had a chance when Trent was gone…

Heather's not overly happy either – she's pretty mad at the whole series of events. Sierra seems blinded by the actual effect this will have on the team, and just keeps asking for an interview with me and Duncan and making up stupid names like Gwuncan.

Why couldn't I have told Courtney in the morning? I'm such a coward.

If it wasn't for Tyler, for any of that stupid team, maybe we could have lied to her for just a bit more, just until the show was over.

I don't know what to feel.

I want to be with Duncan, but I don't. I feel like I've let my whole team down without even intending to. I want to apologise to Courtney, but I also kind of don't want to. I don't know if I feel bad or if I feel good.

The taste of this victory is bittersweet. Just like the feeling I had after I kissed him.

Sierra's POV

I want to scream 'YES!' at the top of my voice for everyone to hear, but I also want to yell 'NO!' because I have to change the status of my Duncney blog and rewrite my entire Gwuncan blog, which will take a lot of work, but it's a great deal of publicity for my blog.

This is great. And bad, at the same time. Heather's been talking about 'teamwork' and all that weird team stuff. Cody's been trying to avoid Courtney, which totally is fine by me because that means he's less chance of escaping me. Gwen's crying – I've took a photo of it so I can post and update the 'Gwen Crying' section on my blog.

The other teams are going on about how this will make Team Amazon split up. Really?

In all honesty, I think this is what will make Team Amazon known.

Cody's POV

"Thanks," Gwen mutters, looking down, not bothering to meet my eyes. "I mean, for, you know. Helping me out back there."

"No problem," I say breezily, acting as if it is no big deal.

But it is a big deal. I saved Gwen from getting eliminated. "I could protect you from Courtney, if you'd like," I add.

"I'd like that, but I know I can't do it. I need to talk to Courtney at some stage. I just can't keep avoiding this," Gwen admits, scratching the back of her head.

I feel bad for her, I really do. But there's also this large part of me telling myself that she brought this on to herself. She kissed Duncan, and she had the option not to. As much as I feel bad for Gwen, I equally feel bad for Courtney. She saw her relationship be torn about in one challenge.

But I do feel worse for Heather.

Heather's POV


I was just trying to make a team so I could win this season. But then Courtney and Gwen had to get involved. Could they have not kept this for a season I wasn't competing in? Could they have not kept this for a season where Alejandro was not competing in?

Sierra isn't even partially bothered by this. She's just insanely texting on her fake pizza box 'computer' like some sort of maniac. Cody seems a bit bothered, but it's more than obvious he's glowing with pride over the whole 'I saved Gwen from getting eliminated, I'm her hero' thing.

I'd love to say 'this situation could not get any worse' but I know if I say that the situation will get dramatically worse. Or, Chris will make it worse.

This season is worth way more than a million dollars.