This is my view at how season 2 should have gone down.

So in my fic Regina got her magic back right when the curse broke so she defended herself. Maleficent is still alive. Regina never locked Belle up and Rumple only cares about power and Bae. Everybody can cross the town line and don't lose their memories.

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He was sitting alone on a park bench.

Henry. Her "you are not my mother" Henry. Her little prince.

The curse has been broken for almost three months now and he has not spoken a word with her ever since. On that day awful day, Miss Swan barged into her house and packed his clothes and everything of his that she thought was worth it or usable. The woman didn't even give her an explanation, she just walked in like she owned the word and took all she could reach.

How dare she do that, acting as if she knew what was best for Henry. Like she was the one who raised and took care of him from the beginning. Regina was his mother. No, not was. She is his mother, no matter what those idiots babble around behind her back.

She gave him everything he ever wanted and needed and prides herself for the fact that she tried her very best to never act as her own mother had. Gods just the thought of the things she was put through as a child is enough to make her sick to the stomach. Yes, she may have been a bit overprotective of him but it was for love. It was because a life without him used to be something she just could not picture anymore.

But that was before. Before that stupid Savior decided to ruin it all just because she could. The mayor was fine, more than fine to be honest, in her little town, with her little life and her more than enough family. Ok, maybe she didn't say good morning to those peasants every day or put on a smile for them and acted like she didn't have a care in the world. But she was no longer evil. Her bloodlust has been dormant for 28 years. She didn't even want to hurt anymore, to the kind of woman who does despicable acts out or anger and revenge. Or so Regina thought.

When she got home one day and couldn't find Henry she panicked and though all of the worst things possible. But unfortunately even with her wild imagination the worse, unfortunately, could not compare to the reality. To come across with that hero wannabe was pure madness. Don't get her wrong. Yes, she has always been comfortable with a little crazy and has even played with it before so many many times. But seeing that woman claiming to be her son's birth mother brought her to another level. A level of pure insanity.

So she fought and tried to push Swan away. Away from her, from her son, from her town, from her safety net. Just away. But it was never enough. All of her actions only led to her son hate her more and cling to that woman. How could he? Emma Swan gave him up. The Savior didn't even care if he turned out homeless or abused. And even so, Regina was never enough. Cora's words in her head making it more difficult to breathe.

You are not enough. Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not ladylike enough. You are not worth anything. You weak and pathetic girl.

But she was done. Every day for the past months that Regina came across Henry he was always with some member of the Non-Charming Clan. Though not this time, today he was alone on that bench and she was going to talk with him. Finally, she would be able to breathe once more.

"Henry" He looked at her then. God, he has grown so much in so little time away from her. It was amazing how just the fact he needed a new hair cut was painful to see.

He barely looked at her, gave her some kind of a side eye head shake as if the mere existence of her was not worth his time. He said her name then. Not mom or mommy, but her name. Regina, just like that, a breathy whisper so emotionless it made her take two steps back from the pain of it.

Creating a barrier from herself and the attack she was clearly under the queen crossed her arms around her middle and steadied herself. She was already here, no reason to let this chance go to waste. "I miss you, Henry. You don't talk to me anymore, I am standing right here and you won't even look at me. Please, just..." Her voice shook by the end and she was so angry with herself for being so weak. For letting herself feel so much when she just knows how she could never be happy.

The boy's shoulders rose with the deep breath he took and finally his eyes met hers. He looked at her for a full minute they just stud there lost in each other. But it wasn't the same, his eyes didn't shine like they once did. No, today they only reflected resentment and anger. "There. Are you happy now? Was that enough to get you to leave me be? Because I don't want your presence any longer."

"You can't mean that. I am your mother and I love you!"

"No, you don't. You are just the Evil Queen, not my mother. Emma is my mother and is she who I love. I have never even loved you." He said all that with just one breath and she could tell even he was surprised by the words that came out of his mouth. But as quickly as the words weight on him he carried on with the assault on her soul. "I've always known who you were. I just pretended o care for you so you wouldn't kill me before I could bring the Savior to break your curse. In fact, I hate you. So stop saying that you miss me or that you love me because I don't care!"

His chest was heaving, his little fists closed tight by his sides and had that been any other time she would feel that tiny spark of recognition. The warmth every time she realized he had picked up on one her traits. Though not right now because she knows it's not over. Can see it in his eyes he is not done and soon enough he look at her directly in the eye and shatters the list of hope she ever had of getting him back.

"I don't want to see you never again. So if you pass me by, do me a favor and pretend I am not even there. Is what I do to you anyway." After that, he just stormed out leaving a very damaged Regina behind. She was stunned, to say the least, but she would not continue to play the clown for those at the park. So she turned around and went to her house. And only once she got there she would let herself breakdown.

She had lost it all, not that she has much, to begin with. Everyfuckingthing she ever had was taken. Why was that, she wondered too many times to count. Was Cora really that much right? Is she really so insignificant no one could love her? Maybe she should have believed her mother sooner, accepted she would never be happy. Maybe she would have given up by now, would have been hurt a lot less during all this time. Maybe.

Fuck she's tired. Dragging herself through the house and up to her bedroom she felt the full weight of her pain. Alone in the silence of this house, she allows her broken walls to crumble and she goes down with it. She never wanted this, she wished so many times for someone to take her life away, make this never-ending suffering to stop. Though no one ever came to her rescue.

In her haze, she realizes she's shaking. Tremors strong enough to make the bed tremble along with her. She just wants it to end once and for all, has been starving herself for days. Eating barely enough, with a small ache in her chest hoping to get by one just one more day. Believing it would be the day Henry would walk through her front door. But now… Well, she knew he wouldn't.

His choice was made, it's clear to her. Honestly, she gets his decision, she really does. It's not his fault that she's unlovable and for that, the queen shall set him free of her. Come tomorrow morning she is going to Boston, get her papers in order and pass her parental rights to Emma Swan.

After that, she really didn't know.