Well, here we are. I could go on and on about how crazy it is that I started this fic a little over 4 years ago, can't even discribe all the things that happened since the day I decided to write this.

I actually finished this chapter over a month ago, but posting it has been suprisily hard. Simbology is a funny thing, and finishing this kinda means a lot.

In my head we have a happy Regina, like she desers to be. The one that comes with terms with herself, far away from the slipery road they put her in after mid season 2 and all the way through the finaly.

Mathematics has always been his least favorite subject in school. It's not that he doesn't like it, it's just that he was never really good at it. His grades were fine, but only because his mom would sit down next to him by the end of the day and walk him through all those boring equations.

Homework hour used to be a sacred time in the Mills household, and he loved it. The kind of love that would even make all of it bearable.

He remembers feeling there were only the two of them in the world and nothing else mattered. Just him, his mom, his notebook and a bunch of numbers that were no fun at all. It pains him till today how come he could ever forget about all of that and diminish their bond.

Regina would give him her whole attention even if she had a bad day. Which he could always tell by the way her hair would be a little more out of place, like she had spent hours running her hands over it. The really, really bad days? She would sit even closer to him, whispering words of encouragement and only pointing out quietly if he missed a step or got his calculations wrong.

After he found that storybook and started to push her away, his notes were affected as well. They didn't drop completely from one day to the other, he wasn't that much stupid. But after the curse broke and the constant encouragement and structure he had at home were gone, his grades in general were actually something he had to worry about unless he was planning on failing it. Spoiler alert: he wasn't.

So, yeah, it's safe to say that numbers were never his best friends, and that it took him a bit more time than most of his classmates to finish the tasks. But surprising enough - or not - counting days he never had trouble with.

It has been almost 2 years since the curse was broken, 21 months from that horrible day at the park, just 3 sunsets after that when he found out she was gone for the first time, about 639 days from when he finally admitted that he missed and loved her, 427 moons he watched shine in the black sky after she came back for Ruby's birthday and he basically (and unintentionally) ran her out of town again.

Those numbers keep on running through his head all the time, and they feel like rocks being thrown in his heart. And by rocks, he means the big ones, the kind you can't even lift on your own. So yeah...

The good news is, he has a few more numbers in his mind.

Like how 122 days ago he was running away from a whole different mother, a whole different house, in a whole different city after finding out about Neal. Just that same number of sunsets since the one he truly ever called mommy had found him lost, and even more broken, at a bus stop somewhere in New York. Finally, and perhaps the most treasured of all the numbers, are the 4 months since he knew for sure that the queen still loved him and was willing to have him back into her life.

His life changed so much in these last years, that's something no one can deny. He went from little prince, to little shit head (don't tell his mom he said that), even got into a bad phase of depressed-angry kid/teenager. Right now? He finally feels like Regina's son, and that title is the one he's proud of and loves the most.

It took some adjustment after that surprising day in New York. From him, Regina, Regina's friends (yep… she has that now, and he's so fucking happy for her), Emma and ok... even for the UnCharmings. But in his opinion, they managed it marvelously.

He now has a home, the one he shares with his real mom and maybe, even possibly, with his stepmom (operation PutTheRingOnIt it's going way slower than he had planned. By the way, seeing his mom scared of doing something is kinda funny).

But back on track… There's a total of 3 houses. He's counting his other room, the one at Emma's apartment in NY, and the mansion back in Storybrooke.

He sure misses Granny and Ruby. Yeah, they talk on the phone, but it ain't the same as seeing them almost every morning at breakfast. They got a trip scheduled to New York coming soon, so it's good.

The Neal situation barely lasted a week; surprise, surprise, the guy is still a jerk and a quitter. Plus, Henry already feels like he has all the parent combo he wants in his life.

Snow and David are still a sore subject, for both his mom's. The pair call once a month, asking when they (Emma and him, of course) are planning on coming back home, so things can go back to normal. The savior's answer is always the same: "Kid's home already, here's where he belongs. And since I can't live far from him anymore, so am I".

Needless to say, the charmings never finishes those calls with a happy face. One morning, when he was telling Regina about the last call from them, he heard her mutter something like "if you wanted her close, maybe you should have thought that shipping her to Maine in a tree was a stupid idea." The laugh that bubbled from his chest after that comment surprised even him, the shy and tentative smile his mom gave him made it all even better.

But honestly, it felt good to hear that, it was honest and somewhat protective of Emma. It felt like such a queen/mom thing to say and he loved every bit of it.

The sound of the alarm is what wakes her up today. She may love her new job and be filled with affection for her students and those beautiful horses, but she is still human after all. When friday morning hits you, all you can think about is letting the mattress swallow you whole and not do anything other than breathe.

Just her luck to be the kind of queen that's only fashionably late, not the kind that doesn't show up at all. She stretches her body awake, gets on her back, takes a big breath and opens her eyes. Even after all this time, sometimes she is surprised to see a different kind of selling, almost 29 years of waking up in the same room would do that to a person. The smile that graces her face now, the one that leaves your cheeks hurting for being so wide open is also something she hasn't gotten used to either, but it's nice. So fucking and ridiculously nice, somedays she even indulges a little and calls it perfect.

Can you blame her? With her track record it is better not to flaunt extreme happiness all around. Just in case, you know.

Looking around and not seeing Becca dead to the word, sleeping like a rock by her side is actually a bit odd. Regina has always been the early riser between the two of them, and the queen has taken much advantage of that since figuring that out. Let's put it this way, waking up the one you love with a caress on the face, little kisses and warm embraces were never something she thought she would have. So she always takes extra time in bed and breathes it all in.

Also, just in case.

You truly never know if this time around you'll be allowed to be happy for more than a minute.

Her shrink tells her it's hard, and definitely takes time to break a lifetime of despair and the feeling of loneliness. Though she is getting better - she's really a lot better, Cora's voice is still there, living in the further back parts of her brain. It's small, but it's there to haunt her every now and then.

Resoluted to go about with her day, the queen gets up and pads her way into the kitchen, she does have a little prince to feed. Maybe not so little, he's definitely growing too much. At this rate, the day when he'll be taller than her is right around the corner.

Now that's certainly more terrifying than fighting 5 ogres at the same time. Trust her, she would know what that's like.

Although most teenagers are a nightmare to get up in the morning, much like her, Henry has always been set to rise with the sun. Genetics be damned, that boy it's all hers in so many ways and mannerisms.

The sight that greets her when she reaches the kitchen is something she was not expecting. That's the kind of stuff she dreamed for too long, but never thought would be possible for her. Now the sight it's forever burned and stored in a place so dear in her memories.

Her son is bending over the counter, one hundred percent focused on the task at hand, which is to use frosting to write something on a cake. Not just any cake, a purple and glittery cake.

It actually takes her some time to figure out why they would be going all out for a breakfast cake. But she does get it after a minute of silently watching them, the purple and glittery cake is probably just for her. Because damn, it's her birthday today.

Considering most of her life this date hasn't been high on the list of priorities of the one's around her, definitely not the kind worthy of too much fuss and celebration, she often forgets it as well.

With eyes blurred with tears almost breaking free, she looks at the other side of the kitchen to find Rebecca organizing a tray with fruits and juice; that scene makes her heart feel as if it is ready to burst and pop out of her chest. From the looks of it both of them have been awake for a while to get all of it done before she wakes up, at least that's the time frame she thinks they were aiming for.

What takes this even more precious is knowing that getting her girlfriend to wake up before 6h30am is a miracle in it's on making. Although the girlfriend thing is quite ridiculous at this stage, Rebecca moved in two months ago and that term is too juvenile for her liking. She's about a curse more than 28 years past that stage.

Hopefully, that title will change to wife after she puts her big girl pants on and drops de M bomb on Becca. Conquering cities is easy, using the ring stashed away on her end of the wardrobe, not so much.

But again, she's just hopeful, and that's so scary.

"I must admit dears, this one took me by surprise". Priceless was the only way to describe the way their heads snapped towards her voice in an instant. Don't even get her started on how big their eyes have gotten with the shock of it.

Big mistake on her part, she should have recorded this, that's for sure. Especially the radiant smile she got from Becca, the type that makes her vibrate with joy.

"Uh, mom..." A whine combined with a pout and hunched shoulders were the next reaction she got from Henry. Exactly like the one he used to give her when he was 5, it was a common occurrence after she would tell him it was time for a bath followed by bedtime.

Yes, the "little prince" tag was right back in the game with this.

A rich laughter poured out of her while she made her way towards him first. "I see cake and juice, I can only hope it's for me."

She got a hug that lasted 45 seconds - silly, but she counted it - and dropped a kiss to his head. Afterwards came a kiss from the woman she was sure was the love of her life. Honestly, Regina never needed expensive gifts, she only ever wanted this.


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