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Chapter One: Beginning's

The morning was warm, the air, crisp and clean and had the tinge of the cold that was soon to come in the following months. Jack Morgenstern stood perched in an oak tree overlooking the silent valley that sat just outside of the borders of the Academy. Sunlight was poking through the branches and would of blinded anyone except for him. Jack wore a facial mask that aided his already impressive sight through specialized zoom optics specifically tuned to the vision requirements of each of his eyes, which allowed him to see objects in crystal clear vision from a staggering 6 miles away. This being particularly helpful as his weapon of choice was an ancient relic passed down through his family to him from the days of was a heavy 3 ½ foot long greatsword that collapsed and exteded into a sleek long barrelled sniper rifle. Jack was not new to long range weaponry however nor was he particularly new to close range combat either, though long range tactics were his specialty. It now being slung over his back, he decided it would be best to return to the academy before people started asking questions, not like they would notice anyways.

Jack was an owl faunis, the newest in his family's line of them and unlike his family members who showed off their unique features proudly, Jack was embarrassed as the only place his features were unique were on his face. He had gone most of his life prior to his last couple days, in complete silence, his family understood it and left him alone on the topic. He had members of his family that were like him and wouldn't stop talking. That being said, it wasn't all too surprising that when he got here he immediately went and sought a place to think before he was to be put into a team for the rest of his time here, where he would have to interact with them on missions and casually. Often times he would forget what his voice even sounded like, which didn't bother him as silence was often just as loud as talking. As he continued his walk from the forest to the academy he noticed ships docking, letting out new students to be admitted into the prestigious school, among them he saw one who stood out from the rest, a mid height girl in a red cloak and wielding a massive red scythe. Captivated by how such a small girl could wield such a massive weapon he began to head her direction when a blond girl of about his height ran over and tackled her. Instantly dismissing the girl to remain unknown he continued onward to the growing mass of people in the square outside of the school. Looking over the growing mass of students he decided it best to, for the time being, avoid as much contact with people as he could. With an effortless jump he half floated half flew to a ledge 30 feet above to get a better view of things and because he hated crowds above all else.

Neon Thorne was a pretty casual guy, calm, collected, unabashed, and was pretty well rounded all in all. He sat on a bench to the right of the entrance to the academy as he waited for the announcements to begin. He was anxious, being able to be in a four person team and being able to do everything that he would do in his time at the school here with them made him excited. His father had told him stories of his time there, of the glorious battles he had with his team and of the monsters that he had defeated both in single combat and with the help of his friends. He hoped that the coming days would go by fast so he could skip to training already. He wore armor similar to that of a templar, plate metal covered the outside of a battle robe that served as a dampener for any attacks he would receive. In addition to his medieval-esk armor he had a family heirloom made to suit the modern world. It was a cross that when slid sideways from the middle a massive silver blade extended from the center of it, in addition to that, the cross itself broke into 2 parts and became a pair of light and deadly submachine guns. The last part pleased him greatly as the family relic by itself was rather drab before his father, not days before he set off to the academy, had it modified to assist in his time at the prestigious school. Dozing off he noticed an odd character, in a floor length black and red coat seemingly glide in between people as he walked, watched as he stopped, turned and with no effort at all glided to the ledge 30 feet above him to gain a better look at the amassing crowd. He couldn't believe what he saw, getting up, Still in disbelief, he walked over to the ledge and called out to the stranger to ask his name and above anything how he was able to glide so gracefully whilst carrying a siege weapon on his back.

Jack was perched and was quite comfortable with his position, overlooking the amassing crowd, he stood up and was, for the most part, unnoticed by most people, walking casually through the tall spires that made up the entrance to the school. He was almost to the last spire when he noticed someone trying to address him. Turning to the left and looking out over the large space that was the docking area for the ships, he noticed what seemed like a boy at his height walking in his direction. At first he dismissed the notion, then realized he was being talked to after he heard the stranger address him as "that person on the ledge up there". Deciding finally after many seconds that while ignoring the curious fellow would be ideal, it would not be to the best intentions as he might end up getting paired with the overly curious oncomer. So Jack did what he did earlier that day, stepped off the ledge and floated down, to land gracefully in front of the interesting stranger trying to address him. Neon watched in amazement as the odd character simply glided right down to him with no effort at all. Noticing immediately that he wore a black face mask he began to regret calling the masked man to his attention.

A couple seconds passed as the suddenness of the realization made him pause for thought, finally mustering up the question he asked "How did you jump to that ledge with seemingly no effort?" Neon stood and waited patiently for the stranger to respond only to be greeted with silence. Jack, now face to face with the curious one stood and gave him the attention he wanted and remained silent as he always was, when he was asked how he leapt to the spires above.

Neon began to feel nervous, here in front of him was a semi shady character with a mask who had not said a single word in response to his question. The tension being too much he began to turn around when he felt a strong hand on his shoulder spin him back to face the masked man. In a brief but very suiting fashion he heard just a single word escape the mans mouth, "Jack".

"Jack" Neon said, looking into the eyes of the mask, Jack's head tilted to the right a bit as Neon laughed. "Well Jack its a pleasure to meet you, my name is Neon", Jack looked at neon and nodded in approval, he was incredibly surprised he was even this close to another person, let alone getting to know his name, behind his mask Jack smiled.

So, Neon said, "how is it that you were able to jump so easily to that ledge up there? Are there springs in your boots?" Jack looked at him in confusion as he, on the spot, not 3 feet away from him, jumped a good 25 feet straight into the air and glided right back down with no more effort than it was to breathe. The look of sheer astonishment on Neons face amused him greatly, Neon continued to stare when they both heard the sound of electricity and saw a faint bluish glow emitting from the docks.

CJ CJ came walking up the steps to the institution that was the academy. He was not in the best of moods either, and as such had small bolts of electricity emitting off of him as was part of his semblance. On his back he had two razor sharp titanium blades crossed over each other in an X pattern, ready to be taken out in a moments notice. In front of him he saw a long pathway that led to the entrance of the towering school. In addition to this he noticed dozens of students of all grades, genders and ages lining the sides of the walkway that eventually led to what he was able to discern was an amassing crowd. He was tall for his age, and in addition to his abnormal height he was also incredibly muscular in his arms and torso, this being paired with his black leather jacket and white undershirt gave him a war torn look that was uniquely him. In addition to this he also wore an eye patch over one eye, adding to his already hardened demeanor. He decided it best to head on over to the crowd and as he did he started noticing glances in his direction from those around him, frankly, he didn't care what they thought both of him and his appearance. About three fourths of the way to the crowd he noticed two figures that stood out of the crowd somewhat, talking. One in medieval armor covering a heavy cloak, also taking note of his cross like weapon at his hip. The other however was the one that caught his eye, from his distance he noticed something peculiar, He wore a black mechanical mask that form fitted to cover his face perfectly, had long straight blonde hair and wore a long black leather trench coat similar to his own. What really caught his attention though, was the weapon he carried on his back, a weapon he carried with what seemed to be incredible ease.

As CJ continued walking towards the pair his curiosity grew and he felt his previous anger and frustration lessen along with the small bolts of electricity emitting off him into the ground. Once he was within a few yards of the two he was nearing he noticed that one of them had his back to him and was talking to the masked man he was so curious about. As he neared he noticed features that he didn't before, such as the fact that the one whose back was to him was rather thin and was wearing a heavy cloak covered in heavy steel plate. Coming to the pair finally he caught the blue haired one asking if the masked man had springs in his boots and before he could comprehend the question saw as the blond one jumped a good 25 feet into the air with what seemed like no effort on his part. CJ stood in astonishment, and in a gruff voice said "That is something you do not see everyday". Neon turned and in silent astonishment nodded, finally after a small pause, Neon regained his composure and exchanged names with CJ. Finally after becoming acquainted they both turned to the masked man who had since retreated to his perch in the spires above. C.J looked at neon and asked him what the masked man's name was. Neon responded lightly with the name of Jack, and started to walk over once again to the spires to call him down.

Before he could do this he felt a strong hand on his shoulder turn him around and before he could respond was face to face with CJ. Slightly surprised at the suddenness of the action he opened his mouth to speak but was silenced immediately as he asked Neon in a hushed tone "you saw that weapon on his back right? That was a lost relic, An ancient sword from the early wars of man, weighing many hundreds of pounds and he carries it as if it were nothing". The last part of the sentence was spoken with a tinge of curious excitement. Neon had to admit, it was incredibly impressive and seemingly impossible for Jack to be floating around everywhere while carrying a multi hundred pound sword, it simply defied the natural laws of physics it seemed. Still deep in thought he looked up at Jack who was still in the same spot, but had his head turned towards the entrance of the docks, seemingly focusing on something quite intently. Jack, no longer paying attention to Neon and CJ, had retreated back to his perch for obvious reasons and was merely gazing over the people exiting the ships at the docks when something caught his attention. A gleam of golden metal and a flash of jet black hair, zooming in with his mask he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on.

Rachel Lightwood was the epitome of beauty, at a staggering six foot three inches tall, she was strikingly beautiful, with long jet black hair, deep ocean blue eyes and a curvaceous figure that put many females her age to shame. That being said, she seemed out of place entirely at the entrance to the academy, where stunning beauty had to be matched with deadly precision and grace. As she got off the airship and stepping onto the white stone of the long pathway that lead to the entrance to the prestigious school she noticed that a crowd had started to form off in the distance, and as such decided it best to find out what all the commotion was about. Rachel wore a combat corset that, incidentally, made her already massive chest size seem all the larger, underneath that she wore a skin tight chainmail and skin tight jeans that just barely covered her large hips. On her back were a pair of massive golden shotguns that combined to form a miniature artillery cannon. As she continued walking to the amassing crowd she felt a little out of place; she was not an outgoing person in the slightest and was actually rather timid and was still questioning why she had gotten off the ship in the first place. Stopping for a moment, she gazed up at the tower in front of her and with a heavy sigh asked herself why she agreed to come. After all, her parents knew she was not a fighter, and naturally, she wasn't, she adored nature and above else, the faunis race, who, in her opinion, were more connected to nature than anything else in the world. With another sigh she decided to continue onward, if not begrudgingly.

Jack was absolutely stunned, stunned into a paralysis that prevented him from moving even, he just knelt there, observing the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his short life. Snapping out of the momentary lack of movement, he decided to make a choice, a choice that unbenounced to him would change his life forever. Standing up finally he decided to go and meet this girl, he had to, he suddenly forgot that he was a faunis, or that his silence was all that protected him and took a leap of faith. Neon, who along with CJ, had been watching Jack as he literally jumped off the ledge and flew/glided 15 feet in front of him to the ground and watched as he landed on his feet with effortless grace and started walking down the pathway to the docks. Turning to CJ, he nodded and followed suit with his new found friend trailing behind him. Jack was debating what he was gonna do as he continued walking down the pathway leading to this girl, She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. He had to meet her and, if anything, be himself and talk for once, speak his mind and try above all else to at least become friends with this girl.

As Rachel was walking, her breasts bouncing up and down ever so faintly, she noticed movement on one of the ledges that made up the small amphitheater that led to the entrance to the school. Watched as this figure glided through the air seemingly impossibly and land not 30 feet in front of her with no more grace as it was to breathe. Slowing her pace she stopped suddenly as she was able to get a better look at the character who was approaching her. Walking towards her was a man in a dark black and red floor length trench coat, he was wearing a hood and had long blond hair that fell well past his chin and finally, saw his face, a black armored mask. As Jack was walking towards her he noticed suddenly that she stopped, as if she was trying to get a better look at who he was at the distance he was from her. Coming up to her, he noticed things that he was not able to notice before at the extreme distance he was at. Such as her beautiful deep blue eyes, or her magnificent and curvaceous figure, and the pair of menacing shotguns she wore on her back. For this moment, nothing moved, nothing breathed, it was this captivating moment in which he realized that he had to be with her. Had to be around this beautiful, stunning, and captivating woman. Coming back from the inside of his head he realized that he had been standing in front of her for what seemed like an eternity, and in that moment, knew, that to truly be himself, he had to lower his shield.

Rachel, now standing in front of this masked man, was curious and had some questions, first off as to why he was simply standing there, not making a word or a sound and not moving for that matter, second as to why she wasn't making any effort to introduce herself, she dismissed it as merely being shy and with all the courage she could muster spoke with a voice that sounded like a chorus of angels. With a small smile she said to the masked man in front of her,

" Hi, my name is Rachel, I am new to the academy, What's your name?" Jack stood in astonishment at the sound of her voice, not only was she beautiful but she had a voice that could melt hearts. Finally coming back to reality he decided it best to answer her question, and with all the courage he could muster stammered "Jack.. Jack is my name".

Rachel still waiting for a response finally heard a muffled sound come from his mask, smiling inwardly she laughed and in an airy tone said "I can't understand what you are saying with that mask covering your face."

The moment of truth was upon him, and with a sigh decided to finally remove the one thing protecting him from the world and his humiliation, so Jack, with painful slowness, reached up to his face and undid the fastenings that held the mask in place and with a sigh let the mask fall into his open palm.

Finally looking up he said with a voice that sounded like flowing water, "Hi, my name is Jack Morgenstern." Rachel had seen many guys in her lifetime, most of them trying to hit on her for her looks, but never before had she seen a man with a pair of eyes more beautiful than the ones she was staring into right now. Jack's eyes were a light silvery amber that glinted in the sunlight like polished gold. So captivated was she in his eyes that she failed to see the small brown facial feathers protruding from his cheeks and lower jaw. Taking her eyes off of his she finally saw his feathers and with a stunning understanding, realized that he was an Owl faunis. She noticed the sharp angle of his jaw and how his long flowing blond hair matched his eyes point for point. He was perhaps the most beautifully handsome and attractive man she had ever laid her eyes on.

Suddenly embarrassed for staring too long she looked down only to hear his voice again say, "I think you are very beautiful and am very glad to meet you Rachel." She looked up suddenly to see him with a smile that sent pleasant shivers down her spine. She was feeling something, something she had never felt before and she liked it.

Smiling she asked an odd question, "Jack, can I touch your feathers?" This threw him off entirely, completely making him self conscious once again and was about to say no when he realized he had made it this far with someone he knew absolutely nothing about, had made a gamble that seemed to be paying off, so, after much internal debate he finally gave in and whispered "Sure, just be careful, they are really, really sensitive".

CJ leaned into Neon and whispered. "Figures we can barely get 5 words out of the guy but one wink from a pretty girl and suddenly he's like an open book."

"Dude as if, would you not talk to a girl like that?" Neon countered in a hushed tone.

"Guilty as charged." CJ said as he slapped himself in the forehead. "Damn puns I swear this happens every time I meet someone knew." Neon looked at him confused. "Charged, my semblance is electricity."

"That wasn't funny."

"Most puns aren't meant to be funny. If anything they are more often than not the opposite."

"Since we're on the subject of Semblances what are you good at?" Neon asked.

"Mostly close range combat with a spark of insanity."

"Please tell me that was on purpose." Neon braced for the worst.

"Don't worry it was." CJ shot him a lopsided insane grin.

"Are you crazy?"

"Depends. Who's asking?"

"This is the part where I back away slowly and call the guys in the white coats to come and get you." Neon starts to walk away when CJ counters with,

"Been there, done that." This comment stopped Neon in his tracks. He turns to CJ with a very afraid look on his face.

"What is wrong with you?"

"You mean besides getting struck by lightning?" this effectively shut Neon up for a little bit and so CJ turned back to the other two no chatting animatedly.

Rachel bent forward to get a better look at his feathers and in doing so, in their closeness, he caught a whiff of something he had not smelled before in years. Since he was a little boy growing up in the forested mountains to the far east. She smelled of crushed pine needles and of the earth and all things belonging to nature, and for a brief second he was taken back to a time where he hopped from tree to tree in a frenzied sprint, all the while laughing, concealing nothing, everything free. Lost in a trance he opened his eyes only to realize how close his face was to rachels. She was still examining his feathers with what seemed like extreme concentration and after a couple seconds she looked up, still hovering inches from his face, locking eyes once again.

She blushed a deep red and stood up once again saying, "I have not seen facial feathers as youthful as yours are. How do you keep them looking so good?" The look on her face was priceless as she was very clearly confused at the prospect of self preservation. Jack smiled, teeth fully showing and for the first time in a long time he felt happy, not blissfully happy mind you, but happy in the sense that around her he felt the freedom of his childhood once more.

There was an awkward pause when Rachel finally asked, "Why do you keep your face hidden so often? You are really quite handsome" Rachel said that last part as she glanced downward in an attempt to hide her very obvious smile and the faint blushing of her cheeks.

Jack, still riding the wave of giddiness he was feeling from meeting someone that seemed to be taking to him so well, half smiled and said, "I am an owl faunis, and while my sight is incredible as is, I use this mask to enhance my vision further so I can see targets from miles away. Holding up the mask with his hand he smiled, "It doesn't hurt either that the mask itself also covers my feathers completely. Walking towards her, he quickly asked if he could walk her to the crowd that was forming, she smiled and gladly accepted the company. As Jack turned around he noticed two figures off in the distance standing around seemingly in conversation.

CJ was simply in awe of how fast Rachel and Jack had hooked up or at least that was his impression of the events that had just transpired. Then a thought occurred to him as he turned to Neon, a smirk on his face.

"So how long do you think it will be until we start expecting those two to you know wink, wink nudge, nudge tsk tsk..." CJ whistled.

"Really dude?" Neon raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow again. "You're thinking it too." Neon grabbed his chin and muttered.

"He's not wrong." CJ simply laughed when, a kid with a mace walked up and tried to shove past the two only to bounce off who gave the kid a stern look.

"Hey there is plenty of walkway around us." CJ growled out.

"Out of my way." the kid spat out. "Unless you want a taste of this mace in full swing." CJ raised an eyebrow and lifted the kid into the air by the hem of his armor.

"Listen kid I don't know who you think you are but if you think you scare me then you're dead wrong." He suddenly pulled back his fist and punched the kid in the face, enjoying the feeling and the satisfying crunch of bone breaking. He marched over and grabbed the kid again.

"You really don't scare me kid, let me tell you a little about myself when I was 10 my father sent me, my little brother and two cousins into a forest full of Grimm armed with nothing more than our weapon of choice and our wits and these were the last words he said to us. 'This forest is full of Grimm you have to survive for 3 days. Good luck.' then he drove off and three days later my brother and one of my cousins was dead and my present from that experience was this." CJ takes off his shirt revealing a gigantic 'X' shaped scar that stretched from shoulder to lower torso on both sides. Neon's eyes widened, Rachel covered her mouth in shock, even Jack raised an eyebrow ever so slightly, in a sense of slight astonishment.

Jack watched from the background as a thought occurred to him, he quickly realized that he had taken off his mask, and in slight embarrassment, quickly strapped it back on his face. This movement didn't go unnoticed however by both CJ and Neon, growing up in the house he did CJ quickly disregarded the action, however, Neon, trying to be the bridge of friendship, was slightly put off by this display. In an almost forced effort to try and form some kind of bond Neon walked over to Jack and put his hand on Jack's shoulder and smiled at the now masked Faunis. Although in close proximity, Neon had yet to notice, as he was rather distracted by watching CJ beat someone for no real reason.

"Come on dude, we're all gonna be spending the next few years here so lighten up." Neon said cheerfully.

"Well I've had a hard past so I hope you understand that I would be a bit awkward in new social situations."

Neon looked at CJ with a scowl . "Well I guess that make sense especially when someone's first impression was beating a stranger half to death just because he bumped into you." CJ of course heard this and turned.

"What? He deserved it," Neon facepalmed, Jack simply looked at him like he was crazy and Rachel, now slightly frightened of the now, psychotic, borderline homicidal swordsman edged closer to jack and slung her arm through his in an attempt to protect herself from the now insane character in front of her .

"Well let's go, these classes aren't going to find themselves." Neon said to cut the tension in the air. CJ turned on his heel and walked forward, the crowd now giving him a wide berth, Neon simply followed wondering what deity he pissed off to meet such an odd group of people. Jack and Rachel following closely in tandem behind.