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It was the night of Bella bonding. All the girls had their fair share of alcohol, some more than others, and no one could be really surprised when a game of Truth or Dare came up. Even less of a surprise was the fact that Fat Amy volunteered to be mixing the shots, claiming to be the best bartender in Tasmania. With opposable thumbs, that is. Everyone had already had their few shots in, when the girls decided to spice it up.

"So, DJ," CR turned to Beca. "Truth or dare?"

"I'm not one for sharing, I guess. Dare." Beca shrugged but regretted it the second it left her lips upon seeing the devious grin on the other girl's face.

"I dare you to dance for us," CR smirked.

Beca frowned. "What kind of a dare is that? You've all seen my coordinated moves before."

"That's not all, Shortcake. I dare you to pull a Stacie," she nudged Beca slightly and motioned to said Bella, who was touching herself in places that were highly inappropriate to be shown in public.

"Oh," Beca said.

"And you'll need a Stacie's seal of approval. Either that or you down your cup." Chloe added, fairly amused by the scene, and hopeful that Beca would carry out the dare rather than drink.

Beca sat there for a full minute before she downed the cup she was holding, and excused herself to go to the bathroom, grabbing her laptop on her way there. She could faintly hear the mocking chicken-like noises the others were making.

"Just you wait, aca-bitches," Beca smirked and started getting ready for her number. It was all or nothing. If she were to embarrass herself in front of the girls, she better make it count.

"You'll be picking up your jaws once I'm done," she said deviously as she accentuated her eyes with thin lines of her usual eye-liner, backing it up with a smoky tone to give her dark blue eyes that seductive look, and bright red lipstick. She couldn't do much about her clothes, but at least it will make it a bit easier for her. After all, they'd been drinking Fat Amy's cocktails for way too long a time and she was beginning to really feel it.

"Now, on to the song choice," she muttered to herself, scrolling through her iTunes library.

"It's on, pitches!" Beca smirked, putting the laptop as close to the door as she could as she upped the volume to max. Taking a deep breath, Beca left the safety of the bathroom the second she played the chosen song, grabbing the black hat conveniently hanging on the coat rack she'd walked by on her way to the bathroom.

"Shouldn't someone go see if Beca's still alive in there? She's been hiding for the past 15 minutes and she is way past being sober," Chloe said when she looked around the room and registered the fact that not all Bellas were present.

"Shorty might be as big as one, but she ain't no baby, Ginger," Fat Amy snorted. Chloe frowned and was about to retort that they all knew about the brunette's alcohol intolerance, when they all heard quite the loud tones of a guitar riff coming from the bathroom.

"See? She's still alive," Fat Amy waved it off and turned to the other Bellas, ready to throw another ridiculously embarrassing dare into the ring.

I wear my nine-inch heels when we go to bed

I paint the color of my lips blood red

I get so animal like never before

So you press play and I hit record

The girls turned around to the sound of the raspy rock voice of Lzzy Hale and their jaws dropped at the sight of the resident DJ Badass Extraordinaire. She was leaning against the wall with one foot propped against it, her right hand tousling her chocolate brown tresses, head slightly tilted in the other direction looking at the Bellas with a seductive smirk, quietly singing along to help boost her confidence a bit.

'Cause we're dysfunctional physical

Always slamming doors

Before the first run of the pre-chorus was over, Beca pushed herself off the wall and walked over to a speechless Stacie in just a few slow purposeful strides. Giving one quick look to her blonde captain with a smirk and a wink, as Beca mouthed the words "You're a bitch, throwing fits, Always waging wars" before she turned her attention back to the tall sex-on-legs Bella and closed Stacie's mouth with her index finger, winking seductively at her as she did so.

Me and you,

Sad but true

We're not us anymore

But there's still one thing we're good for

Beca had to stiffle a laugh that was threatening to escape her as she'd slapped the other brunette's hands away. Oh, she certainly didn't need any help pulling a Stacie.

I'll give you one last night

So make it twisted

Give you one last shot, go on and hit it

Give you one last time to make me miss it

Baby, love me apocalyptic

Come on!

With the opening of the chorus, Beca took a step back and let one hand roam along the curves of her body while the other grabbed the hat, breaking eye-contact with her judge at once as she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. Her lips curled into that ever-so present sexy Beca-Mitchell-smirk as she fully turned away from Stacie and really started to get into the song, performing for the Bellas the way she'd intended to in the first place. Her hips moving back and forth, swaying to the rhythm of the song, hypnotizing quite a number of the girls present in the room with her. Slowing the moves of her lower body, Beca snaked her hands down to her waist and pulled the button on her jeans open, teasingly slowly sliding down the zipper, never going further than that, though.

Give me a red hand print right across my ass

I'm leaving scratches up and down your back

Throw me against the wall, bite me on my neck

Like end of the world, break-up sex

Biting her lip, Beca smacked her left butt-cheek with the first line of the second verse. She was getting into it and if she'd end up getting hella embarrassed, at least she'll have enjoyed herself with the good music almost flowing through her veins. With the hat still firm on her head, she slowly slid down her jeans and tossed them somewhere to the side earning herself catcalls and wolf-whistles from CR and Fat Amy; the only two Bellas still eloquent enough and in their 'right minds' to comment on Beca's performance. Her fingers sunk under her tight-fitting t-shirt and teasingly slowly pulled the hem up, caressing her more than generous features as her hands passed her breasts. One hand had grabbed her hat and tossed it to Stacie, who was content with touching her own body if she wasn't allowed to touch Beca's, and the other one pulled the top over her head and off to the corner of the room. Now, Beca stood in front of the Bellas in her underwear, which she unexpectedly matched to the occasion; skimpy and sexy. She seductively swayed to the rhythm and let her hands wander again, her breath labored and her lower lip caught between her teeth. She could now see why Stacie seemed to enjoy it so much.

I'll give you one last night
So make it twisted
Give you one last shot,
Go on and hit it
Give you one last time
To make me miss it
Baby, love me apocalyptic
Come on

As the song was slowly nearing its glorious end, Beca turned around to the last repetition of the chorus and her hands traveled up her sides to cup her bra-clad breasts, sensually swaying her hips from side to side. Head tilted to the side, the small brunette looked at Stacie who put the hat on her head to free her hands that were now quite full. Beca smirked and undone the hook of her bra that was more than conveniently put in the front, shimmying it down her arms and hooking her fingers of one hand in the strap as it was just about to fall to the floor.

Baby, love me apocalyptic
Come on
Baby, love me apocalyptic

Twirling the garment in the air before she draped the other arm to cover what was left of her modesty, Beca turned around and to the last notes of the song she threw the bra into Stacie's lap, wearing nothing but underwear that was barely covering anything and a victorious smirk.

"Oy, Shorty! That was almost as hot as my mermaid dancing at the Olympics. I got myself some gold, but the crocs attacked judges before they could call it, so they called the thing off,' Fat Amy nodded, sharing another of her unbelievable stories. Then she looked around and saw the rest of the Bellas speechless and flushed.

"Damn, this Bella's got some serious moves!" Ashley whistled into the tense room.

"Cap'n, I think we should vote for this to be our choreo next year!" CR nodded, eyes wide and breathing heavy.

"I approve," Stacie purred, her voice husky as she eyed the practically naked girl in front of her. "I so approve."

"I should get my gaydar checked," Fat Amy said and shook her head.

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