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"Okay, girls," Aubrey called out after yet another daring challenge for Beca, who'd seemed to be everyone's target for the night after her overly confident statement of being able to turn on absolutely anyone. Really, she practically brought it upon herself. Thinking back to that moment, Beca must have known she had it coming, for the girls were not only highly competitive but also mischievous little ac-bitches, so a statement like that was inevitably going to stir something. "I think it's time to dive into your sleeping bags and call it a night." Aubrey's voice was lower than usual and she was flushed, breathing quite heavily. Beca's last dare more than just sobered her up, that one's for sure.

Aubrey and Chloe had initially decided to sleep in the living room with the rest of the girls, but as bothered as Aubrey was at the moment, it wouldn't take much and she'd spontaneously combust. Ignoring the other Bellas' knowing smirks, she'd excused herself and as soon as the door to her room was closed and locked, her hands slid under her clothes quickly inducing a throaty moan quickly followed by many others.

Chloe wordlessly watched her best friend slip into her room and jealousy flared in her, knowing that Aubrey got worked up watching her DJ! Touching her! For the sake of all aca-Gods! She had to do something about it and she had to do it now! Muttering something about having to discuss something with the brunette co-captain, Chloe grabbed Beca's hand and dragged her towards her own room, ignoring the huffs and grunts of the girls they'd left all alone in the room.

"So, what did you want to t-uh-," Beca asked completely blind to what was going through the other girl's head before she was interrupted.

Not being wont to taking the incentive when it came to her feelings for Beca, Chloe was still surprised by the sudden change in herself as she decided to finally cross the already blurred lines of their friendship. Seeing this particular side of her DJ Pocket Rocket awakened something in Chloe. Something she never knew she had harbored. Something so primal. One moment, they were standing at the entrance to her room in complete silence, and in the other she slammed Beca unceremoniously into the door, effectively closing it behind them. Chloe took that one step to close the distance between the two of them, claiming Beca's lips in a lust-filled possessive kiss. A good few seconds later, the brunette's mind caught up to what was happening.

Detaching their lips, Beca pulled away slightly, but only so that their bodies were apart yet still in reach, the heat that was rolling off of the two in waves, though, she'd apparently deemed to be a necessity.

"What-" Beca mumbled, still dizzy and breathless from the kiss, staring not so subtly at Chloe's lips; swollen and red as if taunting her to claim them once more. "What was that?"

"Tonight I had to watch you do all kinds of things to the other Bellas, but not a single one to me. Never to me. And I'm done sharing."

As soon as the words had left the redhead's lips, Beca's eyes shot from Chloe's plump lips to her breathtakingly blue eyes. She was surprised to see something she could swear has never been there before. Or... was it? So much pain. And lust. And... love? It seemed almost too good to be true. A cruel joke, maybe. But Chloe would never... she was not like that. The internal battle Beca fought with her own mind showing in the way her eyes glazed over.

Chloe could always read her like a book and this time was no different. A loving smile and a nod. That was all it took. The smaller brunette hesitated merely a second before she locked their lips with intensity equal to the first one, only this time it was clear to both that Chloe was taking no prisoners. Passionate touches, bodies flushed against each other, hands hastily ridding the other of clothes; it took but one alcohol induced evening to get them there.

"Oh God, please tell me you want this, too, because I'm way beyond the point of no return. I don't think I can stop now that I've tasted your lips," Chloe panted as her hands roamed the soft skin of Beca's exposed body.

"I've ached to touch you ever since that shower singing sesh," Beca admitted, her voice husky, laced with raw need. "I won't stop now that I can finally do something about it."

"What are you waiting for, then?" Chloe whispered softly against Beca's lips, taunting them with a feather-like touch.

"Uh-uh," Beca shook her head slowly as she pulled back slightly only to be met with the hard and cold wooden surface of the door behind her, hands sliding upwards over Chloe's sides to her full breasts, ghosting over her hardening nipples. "I want to hear you say it," Beca purred into Chloe's ear as she pressed her flushed body against the redhead's.

Finding her new-found confidence exceptionally arousing, Chloe moaned and pushed confidently into the teasing hands, looking into the brunette's eyes. Her unwavering glance spoke volumes and it took no more than two measly seconds before it broke the other woman's resolve.

"Fuck," Beca exhaled shakily and claimed Chloe's lips hungrily, pushing her towards the bed. Neither wanted to rush this, it being their first time together and thus cherished by both, but the need to touch the other was driving both Bellas crazy. All of a sudden, just touching was not enough anymore. The caresses suddenly grew more daring when Chloe's mouth left Beca's lips gasping for breath, and moved across her jaw to her neck, tasting the pale skin with her tongue, ravishing the flesh with open-mouthed kisses. Beca's head automatically tilted to the side and one of her hands flew into the red mane, entangling her fingers in the fiery red tresses, whilst gripping the sheets in pleasure with the other.

Chloe was certainly enjoying taking her time with Beca, but the throbbing was slowly becoming too much and she knew the brunette could have hardly felt any different if the needy moans and heavy panting were any indication. As soon as Chloe's lips encircled one of Beca's nipples, her hand slipped down the writhing body she was worshiping to Beca's nether lips, running a finger over the dripping wetness.

If the sharp intake of breath was anything to go by, Beca was just as ready to take their relationship to the next level as she was.

"Breathe, Becs," Chloe said teasingly as her lips detached from the brunette's plump breast so as to give her time to inhale only to take her by surprise with two of her fingers slipping effortlessly into her.

"God, you've never been more beautiful than you are now. Writhing under me, breathless, speechless from the pleasure I'm giving you," Chloe whispered to her, her voice laced with arousal. "I'm gonna enjoy making you scream."

As soon as the redhead's lips found her clit, Beca's eyes rolled into her head and her back arched in bliss. It felt like Chloe was everywhere at once and Beca couldn't do much more than moan. Very loudly at that. Teeth softly grazing her clit and a third finger slipping in to accompany the other two was all it took to bring Beca to her peak. As the blissful wave of the climax hit her, she let out a high-pitched cry and her eyes shut tight in a not so silent satisfaction.

Chloe kissed her way back up to claim Beca's lips once more, reveling in the sight of the small brunette in her post-coital state grinding into her still pumping fingers to ride out her orgasm, her glistening body basking in the moonlight.

Finally being able to catch a breath, Beca rested her forehead in the crook of Chloe's neck, their chests heaving after the blissfully exhausting workout they had partaken in, bodies entangled and glistening with sweat.

"Oy, pitches! Those two are going at it like a pair of dingoes in heat. I don't think they're gonna be joining us anytime soon."

Beca blushed and pulled away slightly, intending to ease up a bit on the intimacy part, her previous confidence gone in an instant. Chloe's hand quickly encircled around Beca's wrist, effectively stopping the brunette and forcing her to look at her.

"Don't let them get into your head, Becs," Chloe said. "Besides, I'm not done with you yet." She winked and Beca's breath hitched in her throat and heat rushed to her nether regions.

"I think it's your turn now," Beca smirked and moved her leg upwards in a bold move that grazed Chloe's clit, eliciting a low guttural moan and a gasp from her. That particular reaction sent delicious jolts into every fiber of the brunette's body, being immediately rendered her favorite song.

Rest assured, it didn't take much and Chloe's diddle jam 'Titanium' has been joined by oh so many Halestorm tracks. And other sounds.

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