Hi there, and welcome to my first crossover in...actually, I think this is my first serious crossover attempt. Complete, mostly-clear canon of Digimon Frontier versus incomplete, anything-but-clear canon of Kingdom Hearts. This should be fun :)

This fic is for the Digimon Non-Flash Bingo (prompt: If you leave now, you'll lose everything), The Mega Prompts Challenge (the quote used at the start of the story), The Story Starter Challenge (the first line of the story), The Crossover Challenge, and, most of all, this is my b-day fic to reminiscent afterthought! :D Also, a shout-out to Higuchimon for helping with the planning of this fic!

This was originally going to be a oneshot, but it was just getting too long, so it made more sense to make this a multichap. It'll be about 4 to 6 chapters, depending on how things go and how I decide to split up the chapters.

For reference, this fic was posted on April 30th 2015, so if Kingdom Hearts TealBlue/NightMareSquad/SquaredForever or (gasp) Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out and contradicts this story in the future, just consider it AU. As of now, certain plot elements/theories are based off of what is current as of April 30th and earlier. Regardless if this is an issue or not, I hope you enjoy this fic!

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Pure Darkness

"I've learned that people will forget what you say, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

Prologue: Nigrescence

You can compare him to anything but a phoenix. Phoenixes went out in one bright ball of fire, a grandiose death show lighting the way to their next life. They knew when that death was coming too, as they laced their self-sacrificial nests with fragrant twigs and herbs. It must be nice to be a phoenix, to get all that attention for a death that wasn't even a real death.

Kouichi was oblivious as he stepped outside his house that day. The dark-haired and dark-eyed boy didn't know that if he left now, he would lose everything.

His death had no warning or glory. One moment he was running, frantically chasing after a brother he had never spoken to, a twin he had already lost sight of. For another moment he was flying, as he was sent airborne above the long set of stairs. Then he plummeted, consumed by darkness as his head struck the unforgiving tile floor.

Now, he continued to fall in an endless blackness. Was that all death was? Just eternal falling? Perhaps that wouldn't be so bad.

A pinprick of light flashed above, and another plunged into the darkness headfirst. He was an older teenager with strange clothing and brown hair that was almost black. His blue eyes looked dazed.

"What?…Where?…The castle…The princess…" the unknown adolescent murmured, before noticing Kouichi below him. "Who are…?"

But Kouichi never got the chance to answer, for he was seized by cold tendrils of darkness from below. He shrieked in surprise and terror as it wrenched him down. He reached out his arm desperately to the one above.

The other's eyes suddenly snapped into focus and alarm, as a thin metal weapon abruptly formed in his hand. A sword…no, it looked more like a club, but that wasn't right either. He dove down and chopped at the expanding shadows clutching Kouichi.

"Hang on!" he shouted, as he blocked a blow from the smoky strands using his sword-club. "I'll get you out of here!"

The whole situation was so surreal. Here Kouichi was, stranded in darkness, being swallowed by a darkness within the darkness. Then here was someone who looked like he belonged in another time period, another world even, straining to free him with a sword-club thing. It boggled Kouichi so much that he didn't know what to say.

But his savior was losing ground (darkness?), as the mass of wisps dragged Kouichi farther down. Or maybe the other boy was being pulled up, as the light above seemed to grow stronger. When swings of his club-sword missed, he began throwing it, the bizarre weapon returning to him like a boomerang each time. Sometimes he cast fire or lightning instead. All of it only temporarily slowed the threads of blackness. His expression grew more angry and anxious the further the gap grew.

Why are you so desperate to save me? thought Kouichi. You don't even know me. This darkness could swallow you too! He strained to reach further, despite his growing hopelessness. This can't be…

"No!" the dark-haired boy shouted, as even his flung weapon and magic failed to strike. He outstretched his arm, summoning vaporous filaments of darkness himself. They extended with shocking quickness and wrapped around Kouichi's own arm. Kouichi was surprised by its heat as much as its sudden appearance.

Kouichi's body jerked to a stop as the older boy tried to pull him up, his expression now determined and cold. Kouichi thought he could feel the lower tangle slipping off him. But then the older boy's eyes went from icy to frightful, as he became aware of the darkness he was using. The tendrils abruptly unraveled, and Kouichi was wrenched into the blackness below.

He saw the other boy reach out again, truly scared now, even as he was pulled into the light and Kouichi into the deepest darkness.

So this is my fate after all…thought Kouichi, the last of the lingering warmth on his outstretched arm soon fading in the nigrescence. I'm sorry…You tried…Whoever you are…


So that sets up Kouichi's and Terra's first encounter, and it won't be the last :P. This chapter was a bit short, but, well, it was a prologue. Following chapters will be more like 3000-6000 depending.

On Terra being in the darkness: for Terra, this takes place when Maleficent manipulates Terra's darkness to "possess" him, so here Terra's heart and/or soul is briefly displaced and plunged into the Dark Realm, where the encounter with Kouichi happens. Terra returns to the Light Realm, and to his body/consciousness, soon after. Because this happened so quickly and when Terra was in an entranced state, Terra doesn't really remember it later.

So what do you guys think so far? Like? Don't like? Interesting? Boring? Just let me know :)