Authors note. Hello :) I am fairly new to writing fanfiction, but I hope you like this story. This will be completely emison and will be a series of moments throughout their lives together. The following chapters will cover first meetings, the kissing rock, the infamous love scene in miss me x100… all those pesky "fade to black" moments. There will also be moments we haven't heard about yet, and how I think they could have happened. This story will be M rated please be warned. There will be sexual content.

The first spark

Love has an uncanny ability to sneak up on you and punch you in the stomach. Hard.

Sometimes, you only have to see something once; have one second, to fall so unimaginably hard in love with someone, that if all the stars in all the universe were to fit inside your heart, it still wouldn't burn as bright as the fire you have for them.

All it took for Emily Fields to fall in love with Alison DiLaurentis was a smile.

Emily had been sitting in class, chewing on a pen nervously as she prepared to share her book report with her English class. Her friend Spencer Hastings was currently giving a glowing review of the book Stone Cold. It was her turn to go up next; and she couldn't have been less prepared. Following Spencer was already bad enough, the girl was like a walking encyclopaedia…literally. She had meant to read the book at the weekend; but her father had arrived home from the army unexpectedly to see her and her mother as a surprise, and had whisked them away on an impromptu trip to Cape May. Too much cotton candy, rides, and "family time" had resulted in Emily only half skim-reading the book in the car on the way home.

Emily had begged Spencer on their walk to school together to drag her report out as much as possible and Spencer had – after much scolding about how homework equals good grades – agreed to take as much time as she could to read out her paper. The good thing about having a friend like Spencer was: she might scold you for being lazy, but she would never let you down. Spencer had already "dropped" her notes twice now and had spent an agonisingly long time sorting them back into order, much to the irritation of Mrs. Matthews who was looking increasingly bored with the "I'm sorry I lost my place" comments that Spencer was making. It was getting very obvious that she would have to wrap up her report soon before their irritated English teacher just skipped straight to the next person. Which was Emily.

There were only ten minutes to go until the end of class and Emily wasn't sure Spencer could hold out much longer. The brunette continued to chew her pen anxiously until she heard a small but audible crack and realised she was practically in danger of splitting the cartridge and getting the ink in her mouth if she chewed it any harder. Well, at least then she would have an excuse not to read out her paper; she wouldn't be able to speak. She dropped the pen onto her notepad in frustration, and watched as it rolled off her desk and onto the floor. She sighed in frustration and reached down to pick it up from where it was resting against the leg of the desk to the right of her. Just as her hand was about to grab it, another hand got in the way first, snatching it up.

Emily's heart back flipped in a way she had never felt before in her entire life. Holding her pen in their perfectly manicured hand was the most beautiful girl Emily had ever seen. How on earth had she not noticed this person before? She had no idea if the girl was new to the school or if she simply hadn't seen her around before but she figured it was the former as she would have certainly noticed somebody who was as beautiful as this walking around. A pair of bright blue eyes sparkled at her. The girl had a heart shaped face, and her hair was a golden tone of sun kissed perfection, flowing down past her shoulders in effortless waves. The gorgeous blonde pushed a lock of it casually behind her ear as she held the pen out to Emily from across the aisle; holding her chair slightly as she leaned across the gap to pass it to the brunette. Emily was awe struck. She literally felt like someone had bolted her entire body to the chair. It took her a couple of seconds to realise she was just sitting there staring absently at the girl who probably now thought she was completely stupid. Emily cleared her throat and quietly stammered "I…um…thanks" as she reached over and took the pen from the blonde. Their fingertips brushed ever so slightly and her breath caught in her throat as she felt something she had never felt before stir in the pit of her stomach. She quickly shifted back into her seat, her cheeks now flushed with red.

"No problem sweetie" the blonde chuckled, a mischievous glint in her eye as she smiled sweetly at the brunette. Emily smiled back and the blonde then turned her eyes back to the front of the class.

Spencer kept to her word, she dragged the report out for the entire last quarter of the class; even though the book report was now the furthest thing from Emily's mind. An asteroid could have hit outside and Emily wouldn't have noticed. She was pretending to take notes, her hair covering her face; but her eyes kept creeping over to look at the blonde out of the corner of her eye. Her pulse raced as she tried to focus on the class, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't focus on anything else other than this enigma sitting next to her. This was the strangest sensation that Emily had ever felt. She didn't know what these feelings were at the time of course, she was too young; but in that moment, when she first locked eyes with Alison, she felt her soul for the very first time, flaring like the sun inside her body.

In the years after, when Alison was dead, and the fire had raged through her body in grief, burning away all the cracked pieces of her broken heart; it was that smile which still haunted her dreams.

Authors Note

I hope you liked this first chapter. It was short and sweet but you know Alison, she always starts out sweet ;) if you liked it (or you didn't) then please do review and let me know your thoughts I could really use the feedback as I'm quite new to all this. I am writing the next series of "moments" as we speak so if anyone is actually interested in reading more I would really like to know as I'm quite excited to share my version of emisons journey with you all :) thank you for reading.