"Ali…are you asleep?"

Alison's eyes shot open. They were only pretending to be closed, anyway.

Here we go.

It wasn't a question of if, it was a question of when. Alison knew that. She had been anticipating it all night, but that didn't mean she wasn't terrified.

Of course I'm not asleep. We're both so obviously awake. We've been pretending not to notice each other's existence for at least an hour. How could I sleep with you here. Looking like that. Oh God. Alison thought.

She stared ahead of her into the darkness, considering her choices. This situation had the potential to make her life so much more complicated. Let alone Emily's life. And Emily didn't deserve to have her life complicated any more than she already had. She could stay quiet, and pretend to be asleep, or she could reach out, and take what she wanted.

Alison loved control, and it wasn't lost on her that she didn't fair well without it. One part of her knew that if she turned around, and allowed this to happen, then she would be at her most vulnerable. Emily would have the control. It wasn't that she didn't want her to per se…it was just that Alison wasn't used to it being this way around. She wasn't used to Emily having one up on her, and the proud part of her knew that for the first time, she was the more scared of the two.

Emily has done this before. I haven't. She's got to lead this. Please, Em. Make the first move.

Alison knew she would. Emily always had. But this time, Alison needed her to.

I'm scared.

Shut up!

Well…we weren't sleeping anyway.

Alison turned over then, looking at Emily as she rolled onto her back, and then turned to face her. She saw Emily's surprised gaze as she shifted her weight to her side and heard Emily take a nervous breath.

She looks terrified, too. Is she scared of what might happen? Or scared of me?

Emily was looking right at her, waiting. Alison realised they were shoulder to shoulder, much closer than they had been before. They faced each other on their sides, now. Alison laid her head down on the pillow as Emily shifted and mirrored her movement. She caught a brief flicker of relief pass over Emily's features as they settled into their new positions. Alison made a point of moving closer, still. She made sure her head was half touching Emily's pillow, beyond where the personal space barrier would have been.

I'm on your side of the bed. I've gone half way. Please take this sign. Take me the rest of the way. I need you to lead.

Emily looked at Alison, and Ali looked back. Neither girl spoke a word. Alison knew that things were about to spiral out of control. The look Emily was giving her was so intense that she could feel it making her skin warm. Her whole body felt like it was lighting up like a furnace. The butterflies threatened to burst from her as her heart faltered with anticipation. She didn't think she could look at her for one more second and not kiss her. It was like looking into the soul of an Angel.

Please. Do it, please. She willed in her mind. Please Emily. Please.

She could see Emily's breathing pick up pace. She was gearing up for something. Waiting for her moment. Alison had seen this expression a million times as she had watched Emily stare at the pool water before jumping in. She always stood, bent over, eyes watching the water like a cat about to pounce.

Do it Emily.

A final moment of trepidation passed the brunettes face before she seemed to give in to the unspoken instruction.

Emily's eyes drifted to Ali's lips briefly, and then back to her eyes.

Come on. Do it.

The blonde saw the bravery settle over Emily, the calmness before the dive, and knew what it meant.

She was about to jump in.

Alison smiled to herself ever so slightly in the darkness.

This is it. This is it. This is it oh my God.

And then, just as Ali hoped she would…as she knew she would, Emily leaned over, and kissed her. Alison didn't lean back into the kiss, she just let it happen. Part of her was too scared to move, and part of her was so full of relief that she couldn't move.

It was the faintest whisper of a kiss. Emily's soft lips brushed lightly against hers as Alison lay there, petrified. But the second it had happened, the fear seemed to dissipate. It was normal. And it felt normal for Alison. There wasn't anything wrong about it. She had thought the fear of this moment would consume her, but she hadn't realised quite how good it would be. She didn't realise how much she had wanted it until it was happening.

Emily was gentle, yet fierce at the same time. The same determination that started the kiss continued once it was over. She was taking what she wanted and Alison admired her for that. She would never have had the courage to continue if Emily wasn't her anchor. Emily moved her arm so that it was free from the comforter, and pulled back to look into Alisons eyes. The pause lasted only a microsecond before Emily leaned back in, and pressed her lips to Alisons again.

Ali felt her body heat magnify. This second kiss was harder, more desperate and Alison felt it between her legs now, too. It came in waves, making her skin tingle in a delicious way. The need and the passion was rising, and she was powerless to stop it. Emily had lifted her hand and pressed it to the side of Alisons face, stroking her hair ever so slightly as she continued the kiss. She'd never done that, before. It had always been Alison deciding when to pull away. The blonde had never seen her be so strong willed. She really wanted this, and she was showing it for sure. Emily didn't know it, of course, but in that one moment of boldness she eliminated any chance that Alison would stop her.

I want you. I want you so much. And I need you to know it. I might not be able to say it, but I can show you. Alison thought as she freed her arm from the comforter and moved it to Emily's back.

She pulled her towards her as they kissed again and for the first time, she was the one leading. She heard Emily moan slightly. It was only quiet and she barely heard it through the fog of her own thoughts, but it awakened a part of her that had lay quietly inside until that moment. That moan. God how I missed her sounds. Her moaning is the sexiest thing on earth. She remembered the noises Emily had made when she had watched her through the window with her former lover, and her jealousy soared ten fold. She wanted to hear Emily make those sounds again, and this time…only for her.

I need to hear you again. And again. And again.

Alison leaned forward then, and she didn't even think Emily had noticed until she felt her hands softly caress her back and shoulders under the comforter. She mirrored the movement and clutched Emily desperately as both girls sat up slightly. There were barely any breaths between kisses, just frantic lips moving in the moonlight. Somewhere far in the distance the storm raged on but neither girl noticed.

Ali couldn't fathom the feeling inside her body at that moment. It was familiar, yet foreign. A building heat that rose with every second they kissed. She wanted more. As Emily's delicate fingers found her face again, lightly stroking her neck and hair, she finally became brave enough to take full control.

Alison leaned over, pushing Emily down onto her side of the bed. She deepened their kisses, letting her tongue slip into Emily's mouth for the first time that night, and heard Emily gasp as she clutched the back of Alisons head, pulling her forward. Ali's hand moved across Emily's bare arm and under the covers. She felt the brunette's athletic body move upward, her hips rising as she moaned softly. The sound went straight to Alisons core and she shuddered with a newfound desire.

Ali didn't know how long she kissed Emily for. All she knew was that she couldn't get enough of the feeling of finally having her in the way she had always wanted. She had barely come up for breath long enough to appreciate the brunettes slender form underneath her, but she couldn't get enough of her lips. The taste of her was like an addiction. For the longest time they hadn't looked at one another. They had just got lost in the sound of each other's low gasps and gentle moans.

Alison pulled back finally for air. She listened to the sound of Emily's laboured breathing mixed in with her own, and felt a surge of desire sweep through her. More.

Alison moved her mouth immediately to Emily's neck. She kissed her there softly, eliciting the most delicious noise from the brunettes mouth. It was a surprised, low moan and Ali dragged her lips across her skin, using her tongue to give open mouthed caresses, wanting more of the sound. She was not disappointed. Emily writhed underneath her, her hand making a tight fist on the bedsheet.

Emily's eyes fluttered closed and her head tilted back slightly as Alisons kisses became more sensual against her throat. The blonde dragged her tongue slowly from the base of the brunettes neck upwards towards her jaw before peppering light kisses all the way back to her lips, and kissed her once again chastely. She pulled back to finally look at her. They were both completely breathless, panting as they regained clarity.

Ali looked down at Emily's perfect beauty as she lay there with her eyes closed. She was breathing heavily with a look of total and complete serenity on her face. Alison was fully leaning over her, her arm holding her up. Emily's eyes slowly opened and looked at Ali with caution. She looked nervous, and as if she was only just realising the gravity of the situation. She opened her mouth, as if she was about to speak.

Before Emily could say anything, Ali pressed her finger onto the brunettes lips lightly.

Don't. Not yet. Don't talk us out of this.

"Shh." Ali whispered quietly. Emily looked up at her quizzically, but she didn't say a word. She looked conflicted for a moment, and Alison shook her head.

Please don't.

Ali removed her finger from her lips and pushed a lock of hair away from Emily's face, tucking it behind her ear. Emily shivered slightly, her breathing settling down. Alison slowly trailed her finger across Emily's face, cupping her jaw and leaned down to gently kiss her again.

I want this. Just know that, please.

Her tongue found Emily's and she started the slow dance of their mouths once again. This time, she poured all the hope she had into it, wishing that Emily would understand that she did want to continue. She just didn't know how to say it.

I'll show you. She thought. Emily's hand rested against her back, and Alison moved her own to meet it. At first, Emily looked as though she thought she was stopping her, but a look of understanding passed over her features once the blonde slowly guided Emily's hand to the hem of her shirt, and under.

Touch me.

She saw Emily swallow and her lips parted slightly. She took a staggered breath as her eyes glanced down to where her hand now was. Alison could hear her nervous breathing as she dragged Emily's hand slowly up the inside of her shirt, across her ribs and settled it on top of her bare breast. She held her hand there firmly, and stared Emily dead in the eyes. Emily held her breath in anticipation as Alisons nipple hardened under her touch. The atmosphere felt fully charged with need. Emily's expression was that of wonder and her low quiet moan at the feel of Ali's breast under her hand wasn't unnoticed by the blonde. They both let out a shaky, breathless gasp at what was happening. Neither girl could help themselves.

There was only a seconds pause between them before Emily leaned in and crashed their lips together once more with a low groan.

The kisses turned frantic then, and Emily lifted her body up to an almost seated position. Without breaking the kiss Alison reached down and pulled her own shirt over her head, only stopping when it reached her neck to pull it free, leaving her topless in front of Emily.

No turning back now.

This must have startled Emily, because she stopped dead in her movements. She exhaled heavily as her eyes raked over Alisons naked form. Her body leaned back almost of its own accord again as Alison sat up in front of her, and Emily moved her arms behind her to hold her weight as she gazed up in wonder. She had seen her topless before, Ali knew that, but this time was different.

Alison felt vulnerable, but brave at the same time. And there was no way she was stopping now. Part of her wanted this for herself, and part of her wanted to give this to Emily.

One perfect night.

Emily seemed lost for words, though. She was looking at Alison with such an incredulous expression that Alison was reminded of how many times she had almost given this moment to her. And how many times she had taken it away.

I was so unfair to her. She's probably waiting for me to push her away. To laugh, and tell her I was only teasing. How many times have I flirted, and teased, and wound up this moment until it was so tight it could burst. How many times have I rejected her?

"I want this. I promise." Alison whispered quietly. She smiled gently and cocked her head to the side. She wanted her to know she wasn't going anywhere, but she worried that it would never be enough. I meant what I said. You have no idea how much I regret hurting you.

Emily never said a word. She continued to look petrified, so Alison did the only thing she knew would calm her down. She leaned over slowly and pressed her lips back to Emily's. The brunette sighed, and closed her eyes. I wish I knew what you were thinking. I wish I knew what you felt. Alison thought as she poured every ounce of love in her body into the kiss. Please calm down. I'm not going anywhere.

The brunette opened her eyes, and Alison saw a moment of determination pass her features. She looked up at the blondes naked form again and her eyes darkened. She didn't know if Emily had a brief spur of confidence, or if she was just too turned on to stop, but without breaking Alisons gaze she reached down to her own shirt then and pulled it over her head in one swift move. Emily leaned back on the bed, topless with her long dark hair splayed about in waves around her shoulders, and Alison thought she might die from the beauty of it.

Wow. Incredible.

It was Alison who moved first. She reached out a shaky hand and placed her palm against the base of Emily's neck, gently pushing her down so she was lying back on the bed. She was mesmerised, her eyes never leaving the brunettes seductive form. She looked so sexy to Alison that it physically hurt her heart.

My God. Is this what I was missing? I am such an idiot.

Alison shifted forward and dragged her fingertips across Emily's collarbone as she had done so many years before. It was the lightest of touches but she could see how it was affecting Emily. The brunettes chest rose and fell slowly with every passing second and her eyes firmly closed at the sensual touch. Ali made sure she moved slowly, exploring every inch with cautious fingertips. A look of absolute pleasure came across Emily's face. Alison was hypnotised by the sight of her bare breasts in the dim light of the room. Emily's nipples hardened under her touch, and she liked that fact a lot.


She took her fingertip and still ever so slowly explored downwards, between both breasts, her curiosity getting the better of her. She had never touched Emily like this before, and she felt the wetness between her own legs amplify.

I've touched her before, here and there. But never like this. I've never felt something so erotic in all my life. She's like a beautiful painting. Am I doing this right? I hope so.

I wonder if she's feeling what I'm feeling between my legs?

I wonder what it will feel like when she touches me, there?

I wonder if she's ever touched herself there.

God, no don't think about Emily touching herself right now. It's too much.

Shut up!

Alison watched as Emily took a sharp intake of breath when the blondes fingers made their way to the underside of her right breast. Ali smiled to herself. My Emily. She sensually explored the area, knowing she was being a tease but not quite getting enough of the look on the brunettes face. Somewhere in the back of Alisons mind she registered that this was the first time she had touched another girl this way.

It feels totally normal. Why was I so stupid about it for so long?

When she placed the palm of her hand over Emily's breast fully, she finally heard the brunette let out a breathy moan at the sensation. She had been holding her breath, after all. She lightly touched her nipple and around it, making it harder still. Ali let her hand trail round the underside of her breast and downwards, towards her navel. She teased a path round her bellybutton and further down still to the waistband of her shorts, where she stopped, and pulled her hand back. At this loss of touch, Emily opened her eyes. She sat up, and locked eyes with Alison, a look of absolute desire on her face.

Alisons lack of experience jolted her mind, then. She didn't really know what to do next. She knew what she wanted to do, but she would need Emily to show her this next part.

Ali cocked her head to the side and gave Emily her most devilish seductive smirk. She threw in a raised eyebrow too. On the outside, she looked sultry and kittenish.

Over to you. Come and get me.

But inside, however, she trembled with fear.

Emily took only one seconds pause before she grabbed hold of Alisons hand and pulled her down on top of her. Her desperate fingers found purchase on Alisons bare back and she kissed her with such force that Alison didn't have a moment to be surprised. They both groaned at the intensity of the moment, their breasts touching as Emily pulled Alisons body down against her own. The feeling was delicious, and Alison let out a muffled whimper against Emily's lips. Her hair fell in a curtain around their faces and she felt the brunettes hands tangle in it as she sought purchase on the side of her face. Ali didn't know it, but the look she had given Emily not a moment before had awakened the side of her that only a lover would ever get to see.

And now I get to see who you really are. The hidden bravery under all that shyness. It's amazing. I am so lucky to finally see this side of you.

Their touches grew more intimate as the kisses became more heated. Alison felt her body give way to a brand new sensory overload. Her legs wound up on either side of Emily's lower half, and she vaguely recalled the brunette grasping her leg and pulling it over. At least, she thought she had. She was far too encompassed in what they were doing to pay much attention. The slow rocking of her body against Emily's as they kissed harder and more desperately had created a new feeling. One she had never had before. Pleasure. She'd had sex before, once. But it was nothing like this.

That didn't even compare. This feels good. This is what it's supposed to feel like. When it's the right person. They hadn't even really got that far yet, and the pleasure was already building to an unbearable level.

Emily seemed to be registering the intensity too. Her soft hands were lightly skimming up and down Alison's bare back in a move that made Ali shudder. Alison could feel her fingers gripping tighter as the kissing became faster and more passionate, still. Their tongues tasted each other as Emily's hands began to wander farther south. They ended up partially underneath the waistband at the back of Alisons pyjama shorts.

Emily rolled them over, and using her knee as leverage she ended up lying on top. They broke apart to catch their breath. Emily flicked her hair so it lay over only one shoulder now, and in a mirror of their earlier tryst, she lent down and began kissing Alisons neck. It felt surreal to the blonde and she couldn't help but let out a whimper at the feel of this new girl who was now exploring her body. She had never seen Emily in such a sexual way before, and the dampness between her legs was making her uncomfortable. Emily didn't stop there, though. She kissed her way down across Ali's clavicle and down her chest at an excruciatingly slow pace, making Ali's heart beat ten times faster than it ever had before. She felt goosebumps cover her skin as she struggled to suppress a moan.

Emily kissed across her bare breast and Ali lost all focus when she felt her lick a wet trail across one of her nipples before blowing on it softly after. Alison shivered with pleasure. The move was teasing, and erotic and so not Emily.

She opened her eyes to look down at the brunette. She had to check it was really her doing these things to her body. She never would have guessed Emily to be so bold and obviously experienced. They locked eyes in a lustful gaze, and as they did Emily raised her eyebrow in the exact way Alison had done to her just moments before. She followed it with a seductive smirk, and bent down to kiss her nipple again, rolling her tongue around it as Ali moaned in surprise. She threw her head back into the pillows and tangled her fingers in Emily's hair. She was only too happy to let her continue.


Shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets, after all. Alison thought with admiration. If only I'd known then how true that was. I've met my match.

Emily continued her path down Alisons chest, kissing lower and lower at an excruciatingly slow pace. Her hand had found the inside of Alisons thigh, and was creeping upward and inward as Ali tried and failed to catch her breath. It felt amazing. Emily was so gentle but at the same time so firm and sexual. Her nails were lightly scraping the skin, a mixture of pleasure and pain.

God, where did she learn that. Probably from me. Ali realised as she remembered the way she used to touch the brunette with just enough pressure to make her shudder.

Emily's hand rose higher on her thigh, reaching the hem of her pyjama shorts and daring to touch just a little bit further up.

Oh, shit. Wait. Alison remembered the scar on her leg. No. Don't. She panicked then and grabbed Emily's hand as her fingers brushed over it.

Emily looked up in surprise at the change in atmosphere. She was about to say something, but before Emily could enquire about it, Ali shook her head.

Don't. She pleaded with her eyes. Not now. Don't ask. I'll give you something else to focus on.

She moved Emily's hand away from her leg and cautiously dragged it over her shorts towards her centre. Emily found herself focusing less on the scar and more on where Alison was guiding their loosely entwined fingers, which Alison hoped she would. The blonde had to be careful not to let the sensation get the best of her as she felt Emily's hand rest against her between her legs. Ohh. We're not in Kansas, anymore. This is brand new territory.

Alison watched with deep arousal as Emily's gaze settled on their hands. She slowly drew her own back, leaving Emily's hand there alone.

"Take them off." She whispered in a sultry tone.

Emily gave her a look as if to ask if she was sure, and Alison spoke again. "Please."

Emily didn't need to be asked this twice. Which Alison was grateful for. She gave Ali a final soft kiss just above the waistband and hooked her fingers into the sides. With Alison's help, she drew them down her slender legs, and Alison kicked them away from the bed, leaving her completely naked.

Neither girl could move. Alison, through pure nervousness and Emily through sheer admiration. She was absolutely speechless as her eyes raked over the blondes body. It was the first time she had ever seen her completely naked before and Alison knew how much she had wanted this moment. She smiled up at Emily, but Emily was too busy looking still.

Jeez. Eyes are up here, Em. Ali laughed to herself. She wished she knew what the brunette was thinking. But she daren't ask her. I hope I'm not a disappointment to you. I hope you still want me, after. A brief moment of worry passed through her mind. I hope that now you've seen me, you won't get bored. You always want what you can't have, after all.

Emily did not look bored at all.

Alison gave her a few more seconds to get over her surprise, and thankfully after taking a deep breath, Emily started to discard her own shorts. She was somewhat clumsy about it as she pulled them down and over her legs whilst still trying to stay on the bed. She had a hard job without falling and Alison chuckled to herself. Then, without looking her in the eyes, Emily lay down next to Alison and smiled shyly. Ali noticed that Emily's hands were shaking.

You have nothing to be shy about. Ali thought as she struggled not to stare. It was her turn to be speechless now. She is just the most beautiful person I have ever seen in my entire life.

Ali had a moment of fear, then. She had waited for this moment for what felt like an eternity, and had only dared to dream about it really ever happening for real. But, now that it was, she felt totally out of control. They were about to change everything, forever. She knew that. And she wanted it almost as much as she was terrified of it.

Ali reached down to the discarded comforter at the end of the bed, and pulled it over their naked forms, she snuggled down into the bed next to Emily and pulled the cover up so it was across them both to their chins. There was a moment then for both girls to calm their nerves a little. They lay on their sides facing each other and looked at each other for the longest time, neither girl spoke and neither girl moved.

Your eyes. It's a days work just to look into them.

A quiet stillness settled over the room then. The sounds of the storm had quietened down, and a calmness came over Alisons mind. She was naked, in bed with the girl she loved, and nothing in the world could feel more right.

Ali reached over, under the covers and took hold of Emily's hand. She kept her eyes locked with the brunette as she moved Emily's hand to her hip.

"Touch me." Ali whispered huskily.

Only a second passed before Emily closed the space between them. She rolled so she was half on top of the blonde, who lay back against the bed. She brought their lips together in a bruising kiss which was followed by a low groan of pleasure from Alison.

Emily's fingers moved higher on Alisons thigh, lingering an inch away from where she wanted them to be. Ali clutched at Emily's bare back, dragging her nails down just hard enough to elicit a sensual moan from Emily. The brunette pulled back from the kiss, panting. She moved her fingers tentatively between Alisons legs, and pushed her fingers down lightly on her clit. She began to move in slow circles, her eyes fixed to Alisons as she listened for the blondes response.

Oh my god. Fuck. Alison let out a desperate moan of pleasure. It was one thing kissing, but this was something else entirely. This was amazing.

"God. Don't stop." She breathed as her eyes fluttered closed. Emily seemed spurred on by this instruction and continued the slow dance of her fingers between Alisons legs. She moved in delicate circles over and over again, still at an excruciatingly slow pace. Ali could feel her frustration building up along with the pleasure which had grown into a pulsing desperate ache. It was incredible. She could barely breathe having Emily this close, but she clutched her tighter to her body all the same.

Emily seemed to be experimenting with pressure, seeing what would make Alison cry out…what would make her moan, and what would cause her to gasp in surprise. Alison couldn't keep up, she had never dreamed Emily would be this skilled at this. She played her body like an instrument. One which was being wound tighter and tighter with every moment.

Emily moved her mouth to Alisons neck, kissing softly up and down as her fingers moved faster against Alisons clit. The blonde whimpered at the change of tempo and at the feel of Emily's tongue against her skin. She felt Emily slip a finger inside her just as she blew over the part of her neck she had just been kissing, gaining a cry of pleasure from Alison as she felt the beginning of her orgasm start to stir. Yes. Yes. Keep going, please.

This was the moment Emily chose to stop what she was doing with her fingers. Alison's eyes flew open. She sighed in frustration. Emily kissed her, and they locked eyes once more.

Don't stop. Why are we stopping. Alison wondered. But as Emily shifted down the bed, and began kissing her way down her chest, she realised.


Emily licked and kissed her way to Alison's hipbone, and dragged her tongue across it from one side to the other. Alison couldn't breathe. Couldn't think. She couldn't even open her eyes.

Emily moved lower then, and kissed Alison's inner thigh, parting her legs with her arms to get better access. She seductively sucked the skin there, earning a low excited moan from Ali, who's focus was wavering. She felt her whole body start to tingle with anticipation as she realised what was about to happen. She threw her head back further into the pillow and sighed. Emily's mouth never lingered in one spot for too long. She peppered light kisses all the way up the inside of the blondes thigh, before hesitating and glancing up at Alison with a sultry look on her face.

Alison couldn't take it anymore. The anticipation was killing her. She remembered long ago in Emily's room when she had caught her reading an old Cosmo magazine article called "how to go down on a woman." Emily had protested of course that the magazine had fallen open on that page, and Alison had teased her about it relentlessly. The irony was that now, she wished she'd been the one to read it herself.

Could've used some pointers right about now. She thought. Emily has had much more practice at this than I have. God Emily please just do it.

Emily swiped her tongue through the folds between Alisons legs and at this, Ali inhaled sharply.

"Oh my God." Alison moaned, her mouth parting in pleasurable surprise. Emily found her clit with her tongue and sucked it softly into her mouth, as gently as she had with her fingers. Alison gasped and her breathing picked up pace as she felt her orgasm stirring once more. She's only just put her mouth on me and I can't hold on already. I don't think I can last much longer. She's been a far better tease than I ever was. She thought as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Emily's nails scraped lightly against the sides of Alison's thighs and the blonde had a hard time keeping her legs still. Emily wrapped her arm underneath her leg to hold her in place as she buried her head further, using her tongue in broad strokes now, all the way down to Alison's entrance. Ali thought she might scream with the pleasure of it all, but found she was unable to find her voice as her breath caught in her throat. The brunette did this again and again and Ali felt herself beginning to come undone. She wanted to make it last longer, but she had waited so long for this feeling that it threatened to overtake her unbearably fast. Her hand grabbed at the pillow behind her head for stability as she felt her hips rise to meet Emily's tongue. She could feel her entire body tensing up as the intensity rose in her body.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh my god.

Emily used the tip of her tongue to flick against Ali's clit at an impossibly fast pace. She had alarming skill, and Ali knew it could only have been learned through practice. Thank god for Cosmo. I'll have to write them a thank you letter.

Then, just as Alison was about to come undone fully, Emily began sucking her clit lightly but firmly. Emily moaned against her and the vibrations and the sound went straight through Ali. It was just too much.

"I'm…I'm gonna…" she breathed. She tried to give her warning, but it was so overwhelming she couldn't speak. She couldn't even think about anything but the pleasure.

Alisons orgasm crashed into her at light speed. Her hand almost ripped the pillow as she made a tight fist, fighting against the pleasurable inferno that was ripping through her body. Ali made a noise that was half a scream, and half a broken moan as wave after wave of intense ecstasy passed through her. Her body went rigid as her thighs clamped around Emily's head, and her hips rose off the bed while she let out broken and breathless moans. It felt endless, as though it would last forever. Alison wished that it would.

Wow. So that's what it's supposed to feel like. That's what I was missing all this time.

Emily started to slow down as the feeling within Alison subsided. She made sure to draw out every last moan she could get from her by gently kissing her sensitive clit. Ali jumped at the sensation, gasping as another jolt passed through her core. Emily made sure she took her time, and when she knew Alison couldn't take any more, she raised her head to look at her. Alison noticed that Emily was smiling.

She looks like the cat that got the cream. Bravo, Em. That was amazing.

Ali took a few moments to catch her breath. Her legs felt numb. She didn't think she'd be able to move them for quite a while, they felt like jelly. Her entire body was tingling still and she felt a calm wave of relaxation pass through her. Wow. Just wow. It had been a total and complete lack of control, and Alison was so glad that Emily had been the one she'd given it to. She can take control of me any damn way she wants to. That was just the most perfectly controlled chaos.

Emily had shifted her position without Alison noticing. She now lay to the side of her, with her elbow on the bed spread, her hand supporting her head. She looked down at Alison as she regained her breath, and she hadn't stopped smiling. She seemed quite content to wait patiently for Ali to recover and Alison couldn't help but find her happy expression endearing. She didn't think she's ever seen Emily look so pleased.

Once she had calmed her nerves, and her breathing down to a reasonable rate, Alison reached over, and kissed Emily chastely on the lips. Thank you.

Emily sighed into the kiss, and Alison heard Emily chuckle happily to herself. Ali could tell she was still having a hard time wiping the smile off her face.

Oh, it's your turn now. I'll give you something to be even happier about. Ali thought. She just couldn't get enough of Emily's giddy behaviour.

I might not have a clue what I'm doing. But I love a challenge.

Slowly, Alison pushed Emily down onto the bed as she deepened the kiss. She slipped her tongue into the brunettes mouth and induced a hollow sounding moan from Emily. Ali trailed her hand across the brunettes neck, feeling her swallow hard as she moved it down, towards her breast. She spent minimal time there, just enough to make her nipples harden, before she grazed her fingers down around the underside, where she knew the feeling would be most sensitive. She heard a partial exhale from Emily as her breathing turned shallower. She moved her hand downwards, towards Emily's navel where she felt her stomach jolt. Emily shivered.

Watching Emily was like a drug to Alison. She had teased her so many times over the years that she knew Emily had probably wanted this moment more than anything at one time in her life. She had felt Emily's desire for her pour out of her every time she touched her and she had become enthralled by it. It was like heroin to her. She had actively sought out ways to turn her on, and to see her squirm. She had been unable to stop herself from doing it, most of the time. Over and over again she had brought her to the brink of pleasure, and then taken it away. This time, she wouldn't. And for the first time, because she had never had the bravery to act on it before, she didn't know what to do next. Her hand paused as her fingertips reached Emily's hip bone.

I don't know what I'm doing. What if she's waited all this time, and I'm just a disappointment. What if I can't give her what she gave me.

"Em…I…I don't…" Alison stuttered nervously. "I haven't ever… "I don't know how to…"

I don't know how to do this. I've never done this before.

Emily seemed to understand the problem, and moved her own hand so it covered Alison's. She kissed her once on the lips, and without breaking it, she moved Alison's fingers between her legs.

Thank you.

She pushed two of Ali's fingers against her clit and copied the action she had done to the blonde earlier. She moved Ali's fingers in slow, delicate circles. At the touch, Emily pulled back from the kiss, and gave a barely audible moan.

Oh god her noises. Alison again remembered when she had listened to Emily make those sounds for someone else, and felt a surge of bravery then. She was nothing if not competitive, and she wanted those moans to be for her. The thought gave her the confidence she needed to continue without Emily's help, and she applied harder pressure, listening for any sign she was doing the right thing.

The brunette removed her hand from Ali's at this, and grasped the bedspread beneath her. Ali took that as a sign she was doing something right, and continued, determined now to prove to herself that she could do this properly. She would give this to Emily. Or I'll die trying.

Alison switched up the movement of her fingers, pushing harder and mixing between slow, sensual circles and harder more deliberate pushes against the sensitive bundle of nerves. Each time she slowed down Emily's breathing got shallower, and she would make the most delicious whimper of a groan.

So she likes it slower. She always did like a tease. Ali noted.

Ali moved her fingers down then, towards Emily's entrance, and as she pushed two fingers inside her, she lent down and kissed her lips, swallowing a desperate moan. God, that sound.

As her fingers moved cautiously in and out Emily's hips started to move up of their own accord, meeting every thrust. Alison continued this pace for several excruciating minutes. She watched as Emily grew more and more frantic. More and more desperate. She could feel the brunettes wetness around her fingers and she was encapsulated by her noises of pleasure. She curled her fingers a little, making sure the palm of her hand was hitting Emily's clit with every thrust and smiled when she felt Emily's legs start to shake. The hand that wasn't gripping the bedsheet flew to Alison's hand inside her, covering it. At first Ali thought she was doing something wrong, but Emily pushed her hand upwards a little, and Ali understood. She's showing me what she likes. Emily kept her hand over Alison's and they moved together then, as one. Emily's moans of pleasure had turned up a notch to a higher pitch of urgency, and Alison realised she was close.

Alison looked at the expression on Emily's face. It was one of absolute total pleasure. Her hair was splayed out underneath her and her caramel skin had a light sheen of sweat and the image was burned into Alison's memory forever. She never wanted to forget it.

"God, you're beautiful." Ali whispered, and at that, Emily came hard against her fingers with one final desperate cry. Ali actually felt Emily's body shudder from the inside as the orgasm rocked through her body. Her whole form seemed to tighten, and tense up as her lips parted in a silent scream. She couldn't even breathe through the intensity of it and Alison was captivated by the sight of her. It looked like pure, undiluted ecstasy and It truly was the best thing she had ever seen in her life. She slowly removed her fingers from the brunette, hearing one final sigh of pleasure.

Emily collapsed against the bed with a heavy exhale, her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling with every breath. She was completely spent. Her hands flew up to her head, pushing her hair back and she kept them there, her eyes closed and her she sounded as if she had just run a marathon.


Alison reached for the duvet cover which had yet again been kicked to the end of the bed and pulled it over them both. Emily hadn't opened her eyes yet, she was still recovering from what Alison hoped was a good experience.

Well…it sure sounded like it. She thought, smiling to herself. I did that. Wow. Next time I'll be braver. But I'm still learning. Now I know what you like…next time you won't know what hit you. I'm a fast learner.

She huddled in close next to Emily. Neither of them spoke, both were too tired. Alison lay her head next to Emily on the pillow and heard one final satisfied sigh as her breathing returned to normal. Ali was exhausted then, and she assumed Emily was too.

Ali lightly stroked her back and shoulder as Emily hummed in contentment. She traced words and phrases across her skin, her fingertips tracing the back of her neck with a loving caress. In some ways, this felt just as intimate as having sex. But then, nothing could ever beat that feeling. The two girls lay in their loving embrace as Emily's breathing became calm, and steady.

Suddenly, Alison realised that since asking her if she was awake, Emily hadn't spoken a single word. Not once. She hadn't said a single thing.

Maybe she was too afraid. Maybe she thought I would stop her. She thought sadly. She never wanted Emily to worry about her feelings again, ever.

"I love you." She whispered. But Emily was asleep.


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