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Having seen no route out of the large room The Batter decided to wait and see if someone was going to come see what was going on. Having heard a scream from near the window he having quickly walked to the window to investigate. Sticking his head out The Batter saw what looked like a child just hanging a few feet above his head by a spear jutting out of the top of the building. The kids long clothes that kept him hanging slowly started to tear. " What the hell?" as soon as Batter said that aloud the kids clothes gave out and Batter involuntarily threw his arm out catching the kid and pulled him in. Looking out the window he saw kids sitting stationary on a broom staring at him in aw. Hearing a fearful yell, broke both Batter and the children's attention, making them look to a frazzled looking older women. Pulling his head in, Batter let the kid in his arm go.

Not having gotten over the shock of falling to his almost death and then being caught by a pure white colored man with four eyes instead of the normal two, Neville was not having a good day.

The odd man let him go and he fell on his face. Neville propped himself up to look at the guy. He looked terrifying until Neville saw his pink outfit. Neville tried to hold in his laughter but failed which caused the man to give him his full attention. "What?" the man snapped and gave a glare that was worse then Snape's. Neville having never been known for being brave, started to turn red and and his eyes start to tear up.

The batter saw the kid start to cry in what looked like to be fear, startling him into remembering his own son, Hugo. The kid looked like a older version. Having came to that thought, all the memories of the times he had to kill, kill his own son. The batters own eyes began to to water with the sudden emotions. Falling to his knees, feeling the onslaught of all the images of Hugo dead having to die for him to just continue to turn the game off. He just wanted the memories to stop but they just keep repeating in his head. Batter didn't care if anyone saw him right now, he was mourning.

Neville had no idea what was going on. The man in front of him didn't look scary anymore. He kind of knew what was happening. His Gram cried kind of like that, but the odd man seemed to be worse. Neville felt really bad for the man feeling like he was the cause of the mans break down. Being still young and naive, Neville did the only thing that came to mind. Neville stood up off of the floor and walked over slowly to the man on the floor and hugged him.

To say all the teachers were freaking out would be a understatement. A strange creature appeared during a class and said creature now had a student. No one had a idea what it was or if the student was okay or not.

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