The Monster of Iwa

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Chapter 2

(With Naruto and Kasumi)

After their departure we can now find the new family forming out of thin air into an opening in a forest. Looking around Naruto and Kasumi first noticed that there was a small cave right behind where they were standing.

"Kaa-chan where are we exactly I thought we were going to be going somewhere to train in our 'dormant power' like you said earlier." Naruto questioned his mother still looking around at the place they arrived.

"We are going to my child we just need to go into this cave to train." Kami responded to her son who looked at her confused.

"How are we all going to fit in their let alone train in that tiny cave?" Kasumi also questioned looking towards her mother who just smiled mysteriously.

"Can you tell us kaa-san?" they directed towards their other mother standing on the sidelines watching everyone interact. All the female Shinigami did was smile and walk past her children while motioning them to follow her with a simple hand just as Kami walked next to her.

They then started walking through the cave you could easily tell how old it was by simple observation. It contained multiple stalactites with water dripping of them while hanging off the ceiling looking like they would impale you. The atmosphere inside the cave was a little creepy and quiet with only the sound of their feet hitting the floor. It didn't help that I was hot and humid inside the cave.

When they arrived at the end of the tunnel they saw that it was a dead end Naruto and Kasumi then looked at their mothers confused. Seeing their confusion Kami then simple waved her hand at the wall and it started cracking before completely falling apart showing it had a bright light behind it. They then walked forward while holding their hands in front of their eyes before getting used to the light and removing them.

What they saw amazed them it was a simple valley that was full of lush wild life. They could also see that it contained a massive waterfall that was sparkling from the lights shine. Naruto and Kasumi ran over to the water and looked down and could see their reflections perfectly in the crystal clear water. As they were doing they noticed the different assortment of animals that it contained ranging from foxes, turtles, rabbits, exotic birds along with other unique animals. After they were done admiring everything their mother called them over to talk.

"This place will be out training ground for a long time so you should get used to it, but I think that you to will be just fine." The Shinigami stated as the twins nodded in agreement.

"Now this place is unique and versatile in multiple ways we can change the weather, time of day, as well as the mold of the landscape anywhere we choose. Another thing is that the time difference is not the same in here as it is outside. The equivalent of a year in here is half a year outside due to us being in this pocket dimension we made many years ago. This also causes you to age at half the rate than a normal person while in here. So we could be in here for ten years training but will only age five years" Kami told the children who only nodded trying to understand what they were just told.

"Kaa-chan can you tell us what this dormant power is that we are going to be on now?" Asked Naruto.

"Ya what is it and what does it do?" inputted Kasumi who also was wondering. In turn Kami and the Shinigami gained semi-serious expressions.

"Ok, but before we tell you did you feel anything earlier today when Kushina tried to hit you again?" The Shinigami asked the two children who gained thoughtful expressions thinking on what happened earlier that day. After a couple of minutes of thinking the twins turned back to the mother's thinking they had the answer to their question, but were still unsure at the same time.

"Well for one my eye's felt really uncomfortable and I really just wanted to rub them to make the feeling go away. Then I felt a stinging sensation in my lower back that felt like needles were trying to come out of my skin. Other than that when our former mother struck me I didn't feel any pain." Naruto answered to his mother's they then looked towards Kasumi for her answer.

"Well mine was the same way my eyes felt uncomfortable. Then I felt a burning feeling on the upper part of my back. Then when Naruto was hit by Kushina I got really mad and felt the both sensations increase." Kasumi responded and the two women then nodded their heads happy they got the answers they wanted.

"Yes you two are correct that is exactly what we are talking about and the reason we came to this certain place. In this place we can train you in your abilities and not worry about anyone interfering. Now the only problem is making the abilities and we are going to have to force it out and it is going to be the worst feelings you will ever felt. Do you two still want to continue with this?" Kami asked her children a little worried. Naruto and Kasumi looked at each other after a while they gained a fire in their eyes. They then walked over to their mothers and nodded confidently looking at them straight in the eyes.

"Ok we will now begin the process, please sit down and we will proceed." The Shinigami spoke and the children immediately sat down next to each other. The two goddesses put their hands on both of the kid's heads and started injecting them with their own powers making their skin glow with power.

Naruto and Kasumi then started to scream out in pain that felt like their whole body was being ripped apart from the inside out. Their body's then began to get covered by a black aura that surrounded them darkening them out until they were no longer visible. The ground slowly stared to crack making a spider web pattern around them as they made their own personal craters. After about 10 minutes of this the black aura vanished leaving the two children in craters both two feet deep passed out from the pain they just received.

"Well now since that part is out of the way, we just have to wait for them to wake up." Kami sighed to her sister who nodded keeping quiet. They then formed a king sized a bed from the matter around them slowly putting Naruto and Kasumi onto said bed.

"I wonder what they will think of their new appearances hehe." The Shinigami said while giggling into her hand. Next to her side Kami simply shook her head, changed the time of day till it was nighttime and made a bed for herself with her sister following soon after and let sleep take them.

(In Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto slowly woke up opening his eyes and looking around an unfamiliar place. It looked like a sewer one of which looked dirty with stains on the walls and water covering the floor. He looked up and saw pipes here one of them seemed to be flowing with a pitch black liquid while the other took a dark red color and both of the pipes were dripping their respective colors.

He started walking in this unfamiliar territory just following the pipes. After a couple of minutes of walking he arrived at an opening of a huge opening in the wall. Throwing caution aside he shrugged and walked through the door and their he saw a middle aged man. The man had a light complexion with blood red hair that went down to his shoulders and eyes that were just as red as his hair, but the pupils were slitted. They looked at each other Naruto with a look of question, and the man with an observing look.

"Who are you and where are we exactly?" Naruto questioned the man who stared a little longer.

"Hmm interesting you don't seem scared I wonder if I can change that." The man told himself, but Naruto heard him loud and clear. Naruto gained a confused look and then before his very eyes that widened the man changed. There was a huge cloud of smoke and when it cleared their stood a beast that was meant to be feared it was a humongous fox with nine tails swishing behind it.

"You're not afraid to be in front of the presence of me?" Questioned the Kyuubi who was genuinely surprised that the child before him was not trembling in fear.

"If I can meet Kami and the Shinigami then I'm sure that I can stand meeting the Kyuubi no Yoko." Spoke Naruto with honesty that made the fox howl with laughter.

"Hahaha I like you Kit! You are nothing like your bastard of a mother!" The Kyuubi once again spoke who suddenly noticed the dark expression the child took when he said her name.

"Please I would not like to be reminded that she is my mother I have a new family that I love dearly now." Spoke Naruto in a tone that left no room for arguments.

"Now that we got who you are out of the way, can you now explain to me where we are please and how you got here exactly?" Spoke Naruto towards the fox who nodded.

"We are in your body or more specific you mind. As for the reason I am here the night that I attacked Konoha a man of the Uchiha clan with a spiral mask put me under a genjustu with those cursed eyes they hold. He ripped me put of your former mother and controlled me making me attack Konoha against my free will." Spoke the massive fox that had a massive amount of anger in his eyes.

"He was then defeated by the Yondaime Hokage and before my chakra was sealed into your younger siblings and my soul back into my previous container. I detached part of my soul and chakra from myself and left to find a suitable place to live and behold I found the offspring of the Yondaime's wife and I fused with you. Thus making me be able to speak with you as I am now." Explained the Fox who then gained an understanding nod from Naruto.

"I see this makes a lot of sense now. Why Minato and Kushina left us and trained Naruko and Natsumi. It still doesn't make right what they made us go through no child should have to endure the pain we did." Naruto spoke to the fox.

"They will never be able to use my chakra properly" added the fox gaining a confused look from Naruto.

"Without the soul to go with the chakra they will simply go out of control whenever they use it. But your and exception due to you holding both a part of my soul and chakra you can use it safely. Though you will only be able to go up to three tails at most." The Kyuubi explained to a Naruto who nodded slightly giddy.

"So say if I was able to take the rest of the chakra from Kushina and my younger sisters without killing them then I would be able to use your chakra at full blast?" Questioned Naruto looking at the fox with stars in his eyes. The fox only dumbly nodded with a sweat drop as his behavior.

"How are you going to be able obtain the rest of me when it is a rule that if the jinchuuriki gets their bijuu they die?" The fox once again asked confused how the child will pull off such an act.

"Are you kidding I have two parents that are gods it can't be hard to come up with something."Spoke Naruto in an obvious tone while the fox face palmed himself for forgetting such a huge detail.

"Of course *sigh* how could I forget such a simple thing, anyways kit we can continue this conversation later it is time for you to wake up." The Kyuubi said to Naruto who nodded.

"Do you have a name I'm pretty sure someone as cool as you must have a name?" asked Naruto to the fox who nodded in confirmation.

"It's Kurama that was the name I was bestowed when I was created long ago." The Now named Kurama told a Naruto who smiled and faded completely leaving his mindscape back into reality leaving Kurama to himself as he laid down and fell asleep.

(The Next Morning)

Naruto groaned awake his whole body hurt and was sore from yesterday. He looked down and smiled as he saw Kasumi sleeping cuddling up next to him with drool coming out from the side of her mouth. He then started run his fingers through her white and black hair… wait black and white. He then looked down again her confirm what he saw and she did indeed have white and black hair, gone was her blond and red hair.

Out of shock from seeing the new color of Kasumi's hair he jumped off the bed into the lake that was right next to the bed. Due to the plash he made when he fell into it he got Kasumi wet as well startling her and waking her up rudely and regretted moving so fast as her body hurt much like Naruto's. She was about to yell at Naruto if not for his new appearance that startled her. Much like Kasumi's his hair turned snow white and places like his bang covering his left eye that was once red was now black.

The next thing was his eyes they had changed the irises were now blood red and the sclera was pitch black. Naruto looked back at his sister that he got soaked with water and got a better look at her. Her hair also turned snow white and the bang covering her right eye was black. Her eyes were the exact same as his.

"L-l-look at y-y-yourself." They both said at the same time while stuttering and pointing at each other. They then both looked into the water shocked by their new appearances and yelled.

Out of thin air their mothers appeared with worried faces until they saw their children looking at themselves in the water and gained an understanding look. They then walked up to the two frozen children and touched their shoulder startling them bringing them back into reality.

"It's ok these changes were expected to happen sorry we forgot to tell you now calm down." Kami spoke to the children who nodded shakily and relaxed albeit slowly. After a couple of minutes they then sat down in the grass.

"Now that everyone is back to normal time to explain now their inner powers don't you think so sis?" The Shinigami asked her sister who nodded.

"Yes I believe so now listen the both of you because this might take a bit." Kami told getting nods from her kids before speaking again.

"Long ago their used to be a civilization of people called ghouls. These people were very unique this was both good and bad. The ghouls were people that only could eat a certain something which we will feed you after the story. I won't tell you what it is or else you won't eat it." Told Kami to the children who nodded wondering what the food contained.

"These people were easily superior to people they were four to seven times stronger than the standard person, have an extremely high healing rate. Another thing is their body was more resilient making things difficult to penetrate their skin, such as knives when directed at them would break on contact. Another thing they had a better sense of smell than the Inuzuka clan in Konoha. They had a unique weapon that came from their bodies called a kagune. " Told Kami taking a breath and continuing.

"Due to this and their unique food supplies they needed to survive they then started to go on killing sprees and committing massacres towards their own kind and the human population to gain power. Over time we had to intervene and kill them all erase them from history making sure no one ever new of them again. But we did keep one family alive out of the hundreds we did erase from existence. It was a man and his wife who tried to avoid violence at all costs." Kami said getting another breather having her sister take over.

"These two people were the nicest people that you could ever meet and they had a child, we allowed this child to live as long as he didn't start killing like his ancestors. Over time he grew up and met a woman of the Uzumaki clan he soon married her and joined her clan. His child he had with the Uzumaki did not have the abilities he did and over time we thought it had gone away, but here we are with you two and you possess the abilities of your ancestors." The Shinigami spoke to the children who nodded. Just then Naruto and Kasumi's stomachs rumbled causing themselves to rub their head in embarrassment.

*sigh* "I guess now is the time for you guys to find out what your ancestors ate." Kami spoke and disappeared in a flash. Coming back a few minutes later with food in her hand she placed it in front of the kids who looked in disgust at it. All it was is meat that wasn't even cooked it was still raw and had blood covering it. Then they caught the scent of the meat and it smelt like the best thing in the world, and with ravenous eyes they devoured the food in a flash. When they were done they had blood covering their mouths with some of it dripping off of their chins onto the floor.

"Kaa-chan what was that can I have more?" Naruto asked.

"Ya kaa-chan I want a lot more as well please." Kasumi added in with her brother. Kami just sighed but nodded none the less. After a few more servings of the bloody mess they were finally stuffed.

"Now you two you need to keep a clear mind on what I have to tell you. It will disturb you, but that is fine. Are you ready to know what you guys just digested?" The Shinigami spoke in a serious tone towards the children who nodded cautiously already having a bad feeling.

"You two just finished eating raw human flesh. It was the only food that ghouls could eat or else they would get sick and slowly die if they didn't eat and it was an extremely painful process." The Shinigami spoke slowly and carefully watching the twin's expressions diligently. Naruto and Kasumi's hair then shadowed their eyes and you could see tears coming from their eyes. They both instantly regretted eating the flesh and felt gross for eating it down like hungry animals. They immediately tried vomiting it out, but soon realized that their bodies wouldn't let them. They stopped and sat next to each other and it was dead quite in the surrounding area.

"Does this mean that we are monsters?" Asked Naruto while his voice cracked in sadness.

"Why didn't you tell us what we were going to eat before we digested it what person would love children who eat human flesh?" Kasumi asked her own question not doing so well in the emotional department much like her brother.

The goddesses then walked up to the two children and gave them a group hug while the kids cried into their shoulders. After the tears stopped they then looked at their mothers expecting to see disgust and hate in their eyes, but instead they saw all the love in their eyes just like the first day they met them.

"We wouldn't be good parents if we just hated you. Just remember this you two we will always love you no matter what." The Shinigami said hugging the kids closer and everyone relaxed when she said this. After a few more minutes everyone was on their feet feeling a lot better than earlier.

"Now in the past ghouls could only eat human flesh to stay healthy and live. With us around though in the initial transformation process yesterday we changed it so that you can eat regular human food it just won't be good as human flesh." Kami told the children who nodded at her still a little creeped out by the whole cannibalism thing.

"Now I believe it's time for us to release your kagune's don't you think?" Kami spoke while the two children gained determined expressions.

"Ok now to release your kagune's you have to concentrate on your back's until you feel the stinging sensation again, and since you already have your eyes activated we don't have to worry about those." The Shinigami informed them. Naruto and Kasumi then got into meditative positions and started trying to get the feeling again. After a while they felt the sensations again and had to bit their lips to not whimper from the stinging sensation

After a couple of minutes the twin's kagune's burst from their backs and through their clothes ripping them. They goddesses were surprised because both of them had unique kagune's both different from each other.

Kasumi's Kagune was wings that sprouted from her inner shoulder blades. That wasn't what surprised the goddesses what surprised them was instead of having two wings or less like most ghouls had in the past. She instead had four wings that were vermilion in color where they sprouted from her back and they turned started turning purple at the tip of said wings.

Naruto had two kagune's in different spots his first one was below his shoulder blades and its appearance formed into a lance that had was attached to a gun-sword handle with a spiked pommel. It was constantly changing shape going in between the lance and forming into a shield that had three parts jutting out of it on each side it was all black and shined gold at certain places (if you want a better visual view just look Ixa from Tokyo ghoul defensive mode). His second kagune was coming from his lower back around his waist where he sprouted eight tentacle like appendages the color was a mix of dark red and black.

"That hurt more than I thought it would it still stings slightly." Naruto stated with a wince while his lance stayed in his right hand and eight tentacles swishing behind him.

"Ya but at least the pain is going away slowly we should be able to get used to it over time." Kasumi put in her own opinion while moving the muscles in her back so she could see and touch her wings.

"Yes the hard part is over it's just the initial release of your kagune's that hurt after that you will barely even feel it." Stated the Shinigami to the twins who nodded thankfully at what she said.

"Now we changed a few things with your blood that will make your life as ghouls easier to maintain." Stated Kami to the twins who were now listening her done observing the extra weapons they gained.

"There is another stage to your kagune's that is called a kakuja. A kakuja is the better form of a kagune due to it mutating and enhancing your abilities tremendously. In the past in order to obtain a kakuja you ghouls would have to cannibalize on other ghouls in order for their bodies to morph. We changed it so that you can eat regular human flesh and still be able to unlock this ability." The Shinigami told to the kids who looked horrified at the thought of eating each other for power, but then got relieved that they can eat regular people to obtain it.

"Next is that we made your physicals better you are now ten times stronger than the standard person. Your skin is also more durable being able to break a sword in half if it touches you and it can protect from shinobi jutsu's until mid-B rank. Now another thing that we gave you is the ability to see people's chakra when you have your ghoul eyes activated. Now the deal with your hair is since we interfered with the initial release process the colors changed and became a mix of both of ours. Then finally you are no longer related to the Yondaime Hokages family with your DNA changed." Kami told the children who now understood shaking their heads up and down happily with smiles being told they were truly free of their previous family.

"Now then let's put turn your eyes off along with your kagune's for now. Just relax and they should go away naturally." The Shinigami told the children who followed her instructions and like she said the extra retreated back into their bodies and their eyes went back to their azure and violet combo.

"Now then do you guys have any questions before we start your training?" The Shinigami asked

"Umm earlier today when I woke up I found out I have some of the Kyuubi in my body." Naruto told bluntly causing everyone to sweat drop. After going through the entire explanation of how Kurama was in his body the goddesses gained thoughtful expressions.

"I'm sure we can find a way to remove the rest of the Kyuubi from the Namikaze safely just might take a little thinking. With him in you Naruto you will have to train harder than before and hopefully he will be of use in your training as well." Kami told while everyone agreed.

"Now then *crack* are you guys ready for your torture/training *crack*? It's going to be a long couple of years for you guys you better start running or else this is going to hurt more than it has too." The Shinigami spoke in a sing song voice with a sadistic smile on her face while cracking her fingers. Naruto and Kasumi instantly started running when she said this and took off with their mothers flying behind shooting the different elements at them.

Yup it was going to be hell for Naruto and Kasumi they knew this from the beginning, but they knew that they were going to become stronger through this so it was all worth it. So far now they will withstand their mothers trying to injure them while having sadistic smiles on their faces.

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