The Monsters of Iwa

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Chapter 7

"Don't let them get away!"

Hearing this a woman carrying a child then started sprinting faster than she already had been. Her lungs were burning, and the ash that permeated the air didn't help in the slightest.

She kept running for who know how long before she slipped inside an ally to gain her breath. Her whole body was aching from the nonstop running she has been doing.

"Kaa-chan, i'm scared." The little girl whimpered and cried into her mother's shirt.

"It's going to be fine Yumi-chan, just keep looking at me and stay quiet. Mommy will take care of you." Haruhi told her child. In reality she was freaking out just as much as her daughter, but had to stay strong for her.

"I think they went this way!" A man's voice yelled.

Her breath caught in her throat, she hid more into the shadows in the alley in order to blend in. She saw the men all run pass the place she and her child were hiding.

When the men all finished passing Haruhi finally let out a breath she had been holding.

She couldn't understand how everything could have gone from happy to bad in such a short time. She and her family had saved enough money in order to go on a small vacation and it had been going so well.

They had gone to a nice, calm village in order to go to the festival that was occurring at the time. For two days she had been having fun, but that is where everything changed.

She and her husband had woken up in the middle of the night to the sounds of screaming and a burning village. They grabbed their child Yumi and started running away from the bandits that were killing everyone in sight.

Her husband Tamaki had distracted a group of bandits that had started chasing them a while ago, and she hasn't seen her husband since.

She slowly and carefully stuck head around the corner of the alleyway to see if anyone was coming. After she checked the area was clear, Haruhi then started running with her daughter in her arms once again.

After running for a couple of minutes, Haruhi then ran into another group of men coming down the street. With nowhere else to go she quickly hid behind a nearby dumpster and held her daughter tightly. She could see the blood that was on the swords and spears they were carrying around. There were easily around ten men coming down the street.

She quietly kept watching the men as they got closer, her breathing getting shallower by the second. If things were bad enough the guys that were chasing her earlier came back around the corner to meet up with the other men.

Her heart was beating like a jackhammer from having nowhere to go.

"Hey! Did you guys find that woman and child? Damn guy got away from us." One of the men said.

"Were still looking for her, come on, she's got to be around here somewhere."

Haruhi felt a weight come off her heart when she heard that her husband was still alive. The group of bandits then started walking away from where she and Yumi were hiding. She started creeping away from the men ever so slowly with as much caution as possible into an adjacent alley.

Just as she was about to make it away from the bandits she didn't see the trash can that was around the corner. She hit it and in her blood froze watching as the metal container started falling towards the floor.


"What was that?" One of the men said turning towards the sound. Haruhi then ran into the alley as fast as she could and her heart froze when she saw that it was a dead end.

"I think it came from over here."

She could hear the men slowly coming closer towards her spot and she started shaking. Her daughter must have felt something was wrong as well because she too started shaking. Slowly tears started cascading down her face. This is the end she thought to herself, Haruhi could only hold her daughter closer to her, waiting for her death to come.

"Hey, did anyone else see that?" One of the bandits asked. Haruhi then looked over to where the man was pointing, but she didn't know what he was looking at. The way that all the men were facing at now were towards a pitch black alley, adjacent from the one she was hiding in. He looked scared and she didn't know why.

"What the hell are you talking about? There is nothing over there dumbass." One of the men responded.

"No I swear I thought I saw and heard something from in there. It was huge and staring at all of us." He replied. All of the men just looked at him in return with an irritated expression.

"Dude there is nothing in that alley; you're just scared of the dark." Another person said. All of them just started laughing at the man.

"I'm serious! There was something in there!" He yelled at them, this only caused the men in there to laugh even more.

"Look i'll go check it just for you so you don't piss yourself." The man said. He then started walking towards the alley, and every step he took there was mockingly.

As Haruhi watched the bandit slowly walk towards the alley she couldn't help get a sense of foreboding in the stomach. "Kaa-chan, what's happening?" Yumi asked her mother.

"I don't know baby, just keep your eyes closed, I won't let anything hurt you." Haruhi whispered to her child. The bandit continued to get closer to the dark alley and she gripped her daughter tighter into her arms.

The guy walked completely into the dark alley until she could no longer see him. "Is there anything in there?" One of the men yelled inside the darkness while snickering to himself.

"He was just being a bitch there is nothing in- AAAHHHHHH!" The man in the alley yelled a blood curdling scream. Haruhi could only shake in fear when she heard the scream that sent a chill down her spine. The rest of the men started to back up from the alley in fear from the yell they heard as well.

One of the bandits took a couple of steps forward and squinted his eyes, as if he was going to be able to see into the pitch black alley way. "Oi, Renki! Are you ok in there?" He yelled timidly into the alley.

He started backing up when he could see something coming out of the darkness and lifted his bloody sword at it. He then started lowering the sword when he saw that it was just Renki coming out of the alley.

"Haha that was a good one! You really got us all with that one...hey man are you alright?" The man asked in concern. Haruhi then started to look closer at the man called Renki who was coming out of the alley to see what was wrong.

Renki looked as if he had seen death itself as he was walking out. There was blood coming out of his mouth and his eyes were wide as if he saw death itself.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, Renki fell down and to her horror saw things sticking out of his back. They reminded her of crystals that were colored a beautiful purple and crimson mixture. "What the fuck are those?" The bandit asked, looking at things sticking out of his friends back.

"Screw those! What the fuck is that!?" One of the men yelled in fear. Haruhi could only feel as if her heart dropped into her stomach when she saw what was coming out of the alley.

It a single blood red looking eye staring directly at everyone in front of it. It slowly started coming out of the darkness and what it looked like was going to be engraved into her mind for the rest of her life.

It was a large, white monstrous creature that had large spikes protruding from its back, the same ones that were sticking out of the dead bandits back. Along with this it also had four large blades that were moving independently, just like extra appendages. It had large bird-like feet, and its head had four horns with that single black and red eye in the center.

The monster then started to open its mouth and she could see the razor-sharp teeth that lined throughout its bloody mouth, as if it was killing people before it even got there.

"Fuck this!" One of the bandits yelled before he started running away from the beast. The rest of the men followed his example, dropped their weapons before running away as well.

The monster she was staring at seemed like it was overjoyed that everyone was running away from it and formed a demented smile on its face. "Hahaha," The monster screeched in a demonic voice, going after the men that were trying to escape.

It went towards the nearest group of men and with its blade like appendages, sliced them in half cleanly, painting the road with their blood and other body parts. The crystals on its back then grew larger in matter of seconds, crystals then shot from its back into other men. There body's soon dropped to the floor with the rest of the dead bodies.

A group of men huddling in a corner next to where she was hiding could only shake in fear, knowing that they couldn't do anything. Haruhi then thought she saw the wall behind the men move, after staring a little harder she saw it wasn't the wall moving, but something on the wall was instead.

She saw the bandit in the back of the group had not noticed this thing behind it. When the man got close enough to the thing on the wall she could only watch as a humanoid thing came off the wall. It was the exact shade of color that the wall behind it, as if it was waiting there in camouflage the whole time.

The thing that she was staring at then started to change color until it was completely black in color. It was definitely a person, but what baffled her was that its whole body seemed to be completely covered in some form of living armor. Then when the bandit got close to the thing it seemed to start sprout something from its lower back.

'Are those centipedes?' Haruhi asked to herself. From the back of what she could only guess was another monster, were four tentacles that resemble centipedes. The appendages that grabbed the bandit nearest him and started to encircle it like a snake would.

"What the hell is this? Help me!" The bandit yelled in fear of the thing holding him. His yelling was no long able to be heard when the appendages completely covered his body. With a sickening twist, the appendages all seemed to tighten causing the man inside to die in a small bloody shower.

The now dead bandit was then dropped to the floor when the tentacles released him into a bloody mess. The monster then looked at the other men who were backing away from it in fear. Its body then started to shake as if it was laughing, it soon did started laughing, and when it did it sounded just as demonic as the other monster.

"Hahaha," The monster seemed to be laughing at the death it caused. When it finally calmed down and looked towards the other men that had started to run away from it. Seeing this it launched out its four, centipede like tentacles towards the men.

They all hit their mark on their targets, and ended up spearing a bandit on each of the four tentacles. She could see the horror on the men's faces as they looked at the object protruding from their stomachs. The monster then started to seem laughing again to itself, but it actually talked this time.

"People dying...hehehe, people crying...HAHA! It's all so goddamn hysterical!" It yelled into the air and threw the bandits that were on its appendages off. It then started going after the last of the bandits.

The appendages on the monsters back seemed to have a mind of their own as they killed everyone. She saw one bandit that tried to attack monster get batted away like a fly, when his body hit the wall, Haruhi could hear the sickening snap of his spine before he dropped to the floor dead.

She could only watch as the rest of the men started dying in the blink of an eye. Bodies being pulled in half by the tentacles, being beaten against the floor until they were a bloody mess. Haruhi wanted to throw up as she saw all the grotesque ways the men were dying, and the stench was starting to make her eyes water.

"Leave me alone!" She heard the cry of a bandit. She looked towards the sound and saw that he was the last one. "Hahaha, wasn't that funny?" The monster asked the man, walking towards the man that was crawling away from it.

When the monster got close enough to the man, it picked him up with one of its tentacles around his waist and brought him into the air. "I don't want to die! Let me go!" The bandit yelled towards the other being.

In response it only seemed to laugh to itself and ignore the man in front of him. The bandit continued to yell at the monster until another tentacle wrapped around his head. She could hear his muffled yells of fear for a couple of second before the appendage tightened around his head, causing the head to explode, getting blood all over the monster.

The dead man was then dropped onto the floor, no longer being any entertainment for the beast. It was now completely quiet, except for the sound of things burning. She also no longer heard the other men that were being chased by the monster from earlier.

Haruhi then looked down at her daughter and saw that Yumi had covered her ears in order to block out the sound of everything. When she looked back up towards the monster it seemed to smell the air, as if trying to search for something. She heard footsteps coming towards her direction and saw that the white monster that reminded her of a bird was coming around the corner.

The humanoid monster did a quick glance and the bird thing and simply went back to sniffing. Its appendages then started to retract inside of its back, as if it knew the bigger monster wouldn't hurt it. Soon the bigger monster started smelling the air alongside the smaller one and continued to look around the area.

She continued to look at the monsters search for a couple of minutes until the both suddenly stopped. She was confused at why they stopped, until the two slowly started looking at where she was hiding. Haruhi could only stand as stiff as a board as the single eye of the bigger monster stared intently towards her location.

In front of her eyes, Haruhi watched as the two monsters started to change once again. The armor around the smaller one started to go back into its skin and she could see two of the same black and red eyes the single eyed monster possessed. The large white one started to shrink; getting smaller and smaller the longer she stared at it.

When the two monsters stopped transforming, in front of Haruhi, much to her shock, stood two children staring right at her, both a boy and a girl the same age. They're hair were both snow white and had masks that were similar to one another. Even with those masks on, Haruhi could still see those dark red eyes staring at her through the slits.

Haruhi didn't know why, but she got out from behind where she was and stood in clear view of the two kids, twins if she was guessing. The two twins continued to stare at her for a couple second before they both tilted their heads in confusion, like they were expecting her to run away.

"Who are they Kaa-chan?" Yumi asked her mother, looking at the two people who were in front of her. Yumi had taken her hands off of her ears when she could no longer hear anything happening, and her mother was staring at the two people.

"They are the ones that made all the bad people go away Yumi-chan," Haruhi responded, looking down at her daughter. When she looked back up, the two kids seemed to be gathering some of the bandit bodies on the floor.

When the two stopped collecting the bodies, they brought out a scroll and made all the bodies disappear into it. When they stood up and their heads both turned a certain way, as if they were hearing something.

It was a couple seconds later until Haruhi started hearing someone getting closer and closer. "Haruhi! Yumi!" Someone's voice was yelling her name. Haruhi's heart then did a flip when she noticed that it was her husband calling her from around down the street.

She looked towards the two kids who looked like they were about to leave before he got here. "Excuse me," Haruhi called out to the two twins. They took their eyes off down the street and redirected their attention to her. "I wanted to say thank you, for keeping me and my baby safe." She said to them.

They looked at her in and both nodded their head towards her, "Thank you masked people!" Her daughter yelled at the two. Through the slits of the mask she could barely see their red and black eyes change into a softer azure and violet color.

"Haruhi!" Her husband continued to call out her name, searching for her. She took one last look at the pair before she ran down the street where her husband was waiting for her. "Tamaki!" Haruhi yelled out to her husband.

When she reached him both her and her daughter was brought into a fierce hug by the man. His clothes were torn at various spots and had small cuts on his body. "Are you two ok? You're not hurt are you?" He asked them.

As her husband was gushing over their daughter Haruhi turned to look at the spot where the twins were before, only to see an empty street. She was brought out of her musing when her husband looked at her worriedly.

"I'm fine Tamaki, but I think that we should leave the village, there are things that I would like to forget about tonight." She told him. He nodded in return also wanting to leave the village.

Haruhi took a quick glance back at where the two kids used to be and smiled. 'Thank you for protecting my baby and I,' Haruhi said to herself. If she would have looked a little bit harder she could have seen the two twins watching from the shadows of a building.

"I believe that it is time for us to return home Kasumi-chan, there is nothing more we can do here." The boy told his sister.

"Out of a whole entire village that three person family was the only ones to survive. I know that you would like for peace to happen Onii-chan, but the world doesn't look like it wants it." Kasumi told her brother.

"You can never know Kasumi, only time can tell if man is able to have peace with one another. Everyone's viewpoint can change on things, and mine might change in opinion over time." Naruto told her sister who nodded in response. With that said the two twins started heading home.

(At Konohagakure)

It had been a month since the confrontation Minato and Kushina had with Jiraiya. They had tried on numerous occasions to send messages to Jiraiya hoping that he would respond back, but he never did return the letters. He was more than likely still angry at them for what they did to Naruto and Kasumi, and they couldn't blame him.

When the two parents had returned home that day both Naruko and Narumi could tell that the something was wrong with their parents, and if they were to guess the issue it would involve their older brother and sister. They had known that their godfather Jiraiya had come into town to talk to their parents, but the conversation didn't seem to have gone well.

Her dad had come home with a bruise on his cheek and their mom seemed to have done nothing but crying the whole day. So one again they took care of themselves for about a week before both Minato and Kushina seemed to somewhat calm down from the talk with their godfather.

We can now find the Namikaze family all standing in the person training ground they had behind their estate. Narumi and Naruko were excited about today; they were going to start trying to learning how to control the Kyuubi's chakra.

"Now I know both of you are excited, but you really have to be careful. The Kyuubi's chakra is extremely potent and can easily affect you two with the amount of hate and bloodlust it contains." Kushina told her children.

"We know Kaa-chan; you have been telling us this for the past week." Naruko complained to her mother.

"And I will continue to keep telling the two of you so stop complaining," She scolded her daughter.

Naruko only groaned and nodded at the same time, she didn't feel like going against her mother's wrath.

"Now, your mother will be teaching you how to draw the chakra out. I will just be observing on the sidelines to make sure nothing happens." Minato told the two. While he believed that nothing would go wrong it was always good to be safe.

"Now, I want the both of you to sit down on the floor in a meditative position," Kushina instructed her daughter. The twins then did as instructed and got into the uncomfortable position. They looked at their mother who then sat in front of them, waiting for the next step.

"Now close your eyes visualize and feel the chakra that is flowing throughout your bodies. Once you do this I want you to start focusing more on the seal on your stomach." She told them. The twins did as they were told and imagined the chakra. After a bit, Naruko and Narumi focused on the seal and pushed chakra into it. This caused the seal containing the bijuu to become visible to everyone.

"Now since the Kyuubi's chakra is another living thing, you two are going to have to slowly integrate it into your own chakra. It is going to be wild because of the amount hate the beast is going to inject into your system to stop you from using its chakra." Kushina told her children.

Narumi and Naruko nodded and once again focused on their stomachs. They immediately tensed as they felt the chakra that was like a raging river behind the seal. They both slowly drew it out of the seal and integrated the monsters power into their systems.

Narumi could only gasp as she felt the power start to flow throughout her body. She could feel her once blue chakra start to be tainted red chakra flowing from the seal. Then she felt it, the hate and fear started to hit her and her body started to shake from the feeling.

She felt helpless as she felt the horrible feeling continued to continue. If she could feel right, Naruko wasn't doing any better because she was shaking just as much. The twins then looked at her mother who was smiling at them in order to calm them down.

"It's ok, I know that it's scary, but it will be just fine. Both Tou-san and I will be right here to help." Kushina comforted her children by holding their hands. It clearly helped them immensely because soon the shaking stopped for the both of them.

They felt the chakra start to calm down, although they could still feel the emotions, but not as much as before. Kushina and Minato could only smile in triumph when they saw that both of their daughters were calming down.

The twins then started to bring out even more of the chakra and started gain even more power from the feeling. Kushina and Minato continued to watch carefully as they saw both of their daughters eyes change from their original color into the Kyuubi's slitted red eyes.

Naruko and Narumi felt their eyes change and by the expression on their parents face, they noticed the change as well. Another pull on the chakra and they looked down as a small layer of red started to form at the top of their skin. After a couple of more seconds a red cloak was completely covering the two twins, giving them strength every second it was on them.

"I'm so proud for the both of you! It took me longer to learn how to bring out the cloak, I wish I could hug the both of you, but would get burnt if I tried." Kushina said gushing over her children, a wide smile adorning her face.

Narumi and Naruko slightly blushed at the attention they were receiving, but you couldn't tell with it being covered with the chakra. They both looked over to Minato and saw, much like their mom, was smiling in pride at them.

Naruko then started to get her feelings up with the praise she was getting. With her and Narumi both learning how to use the Kyuubi's chakra so early, the both of them will surely find their missing elder siblings. Narumi was also in the same mindset as her sister, wanting to find her brother and sister, making their family whole again.

"And why do you think that they would want to come back?" A demonic voice startled the two out of their thoughts.

Out of nowhere the two of them felt a pain worse than anything they thought possible. They both crumbled to the floor when the pain wouldn't allow them to stand up any longer.

"Naruko! Natsumi! What's wrong!?" Kushina screamed to her two children who were writhing on the floor in pain. Naruko and Narumi looked like they both wanted to scream, but it seemed that it hurt too much to do so. Kushina started to breathe erratically when she couldn't do anything with her babies hurting.

Kushina then looked towards her husband who was in a much shock as she was. "Minato! Help them!" Kushina yelled to her husband who didn't move. Minato had tried moving when his wife called him, but his body was in shock at what he was seeing, rendering him useless. 'Move Dammit!' He yelled to himself, but his body wouldn't comply and he could only watch his children in pain.

As Naruko and Narumi were lying on the floor, they then also started to feel the emotions from earlier. The fear, bloodlust, and anger coming at them like a raging river. "If they never loved you before, they aren't going to love you ever!" The voice continued to yell at them.

"You're lying; Nii-san and Nee-san will come back!' Narumi somehow yelled in response with the pain still coursing through her veins. In response the pain seemed to only get worse with her response. Naruko wasn't faring any better than her sister at the moment, her vision was blurry from the pain, watching her parents and hoping they would make it stop.

"Look at your parents; they aren't even trying to help you. Maybe they don't care about you, just like your elder siblings." The voice told continued to talk to them. The twins on the floor could only watch as their father stood there motionless, not even trying to help them. Their vision started to turn red in rage as they looked at their father, making no effort to help them once.

There body's started to move on their own and the chakra surrounding them started to get thicker. Soon a single tail started to form at their tailbone, and the whisker marks on their cheeks started to deepen. Naruko and Narumi then looked towards their mother simultaneously and the memory of her smacking their brother and sister appeared.

"You made Onii-san and Onee-san leave!" Narumi yelled at her mother in rage shocking her. Kushina then got even more panicked when she saw that her two daughters were getting on all fours, their legs tensed as if getting ready to pounce on their prey.

Kushina saw the hate in her daughter's eyes as they both gazed at her, causing her to freeze because they held the same anger when she hit both Naruto and Kasumi. Her body wouldn't move as her children both jumped at her and could only drop to the floor, causing Naruko and Natsumi to go flying over her from missing their target.

"Minato!" Kushina once again yelled again crawling backwards on the floor away from the twins who were approaching her slowly. Minato finally broke out of his trance when he saw his daughter's attack his wife. He quickly pulled out one of his signature kunai from his pocket and threw it at his daughters.

"Hiraishin," Minato said when the kunai got in front of his daughters and teleported. Just as the two twins were about to attack their mother again, Minato appeared and quickly gathered chakra on his hands and slammed it onto his daughter's stomachs.

"Seal!" He yelled, twisting the seal on Naruko and Narumi's stomach's and making marking start appearing all over their bodies.

"Ahhhhhhh," The twins yelled at the same time in pain, the chakra surrounding their bodies immediately started to retract into their skin and into the seal on their stomach.

The extreme emotions that the two were feeling earlier started to disappear when the chakra went away. Their bodies then started to fall to the floor and the last thing the twins saw before passing out was a demonic black and red eye staring at them with hate.

When Minato saw that his daughters were unconscious, he then ran to his wife who was on the ground staring at Naruko and Narumi. He quickly rushed over to Kushina and pulled her into a hug and she immediately returned it with all her strength.

As Kushina and Minato sat there on the floor, they could only wonder what went wrong. None of this should have happened and couldn't figure out how everything escalated so quickly.

"What happened to my babies Minato? None of this should have happened!" Kushina sobbed into her husband's chest.

Minato in return could only shake his head in wonder not knowing the answer to her question.

"I don't know Kushina, but we will figure out what happened and make sure it doesn't ever happen again. We already lost two children, and we don't need to lose our last two. So let's get them to a hospital and make sure that they are alright." Minato told his wife who nodded in response.

He let go of his wife and went to where his two children were unconscious on the floor. He picked up the two and carried them both of them with an arm each, and went over to his wife. Kushina could only cry as she rubbed her baby's faces before grabbing onto her husband.

With his wife holding on Minato then teleported his whole family to the hospital in order to take care of them. He and his wife were going to have to search what went wrong, in order for it to never happen again to Naruko and Narumi in the future. They were not going to lose their last two remaining children.

(At Iwagakure)

'So they finally tried it? And as expected they couldn't control it.' Naruto thought to himself. He picked his head up off the desk that he was on and looked around. They were in the middle of class and the teacher was doing his job of teaching the class.

"My chakra is a dangerous thing to mess with, even if i'm not actively controlling it. Without the soul that you possess, the Namikaze's will never control it." Kurama told him in his mind. He had seen brief glimpses of what was happening with the help of Kurama.

He was surprised with how the chakra influenced Naruko and Narumi's emotions. Since the chakra was the most effective towards things such as fear, anger and bloodlust. It was those certain emotions that it targeted, bringing the twins to get out of control.

The chakra sensed the fear of Narumi never being able to find Naruto and Kasumi. It then angered the twins when it reminded them of how Kushina had hit them, making the twins attack their mother in a moment of bloodlust.

Naruto had to give Kurama's chakra some recognition on making the scene extremely hectic for them. Even if the chakra didn't have a soul, it continued to cause problem for the family that Naruto and his sister loathed. Although he got pissed off when he saw parts of Naruko and Narumi's memories.

The family that didn't care for him or his sister actually wanted them to come back. Well that's going to suck for them; Naruto and Kasumi were not going to love a family that never had the time of day for them. They didn't really love them, they were only self-pitying themselves because they finally had the nerve to leave with their new mother's.

Kasumi who was taking a nap next to him must have felt his annoyance because she looked at him in worry. "Are you ok Onii-chan?" She asked him.

Naruto simply smiled at her in response and started to rub her back in response. "Something happened back at Konoha just recently, we can talk about it later," Naruto told her. She stared at him for a second before nodding and yawning in response, she placed her head back down on the desk and went back to sleep with Naruto still rubbing her back.

Over the month that they had been attending, Kasumi and he had yet to learn anything new, but that's to be expected. The only real thing that they had really started learning was the history of the village they were now living in.

He looked to his left, seeing Yugito and Samui taking notes as the teacher spoke. He was pretty sure that they knew a good amount of this material, but they still wrote it down anyway. When he looked to his left he could only chuckle in amusement, Kurotsuchi and Karui looked like they were going to die of boredom.

The two girls must have heard them laugh in amusement at them and both threw an annoyed glare at him. He just simply smiled, causing the two of them to grumble and watch the teacher. Naruto then looked for Omoi and saw that he was simply sleeping in the back of the classroom.

He simply sighed in annoyance at his friend; his laziness reminded him of the Nara Clan's members. He returned his gaze back to the teacher who was writing something on the board. Getting bored doing that, Naruto turned his gaze towards the clock that was hanging on the wall, he just sighed in relief that there were only thirty minutes of class left.

While he could have simply made a shadow clone go to class for him, his mother's would get mad at him. He could only close his eyes and think about the talk he and Kurama had after the conversation with his mother's.

It certainly had surprised him at that the Kurama was created from the Sage of the Six Path's mother. After getting a little insight from Kurama about his father he too had found out that he strived for peace as well. He clearly didn't succeed if the world was still fighting each other.

Naruto was shaken out of his thought when he heard the class bell going off, signaling the end of the school day. He just smiled in relief at having another day out of the way. He woke up his sister and everyone started to head out of the academy at the same time as usual.

"Man that was another boring day wasn't it?" Omoi said to everyone on the way out. Karui just got a tick mark on her forehead before she hit him on the head, causing him to hold the lump on his head in pain.

"You weren't even awake most of the time for it stupid!" She yelled at him. Everyone just laughed in amusement at the two, although Samui threw a stern glance at Omoi.

"She's right Omoi; you don't have the right to complain. You should be paying attention and taking notes as the Fujikawa-sensei talks. That goes for you two as well Kurotsuchi and Karui; you two are just as bad as Omoi." Samui started scolding the three of them.

Naruto and Kasumi chuckled at their friends antics and got a glare in return by the two girls. "Well they don't do anything Samui! How come they aren't getting in trouble?" They whined to their strict friend, who with a quick icy glare she was famous for, shut the two of them up.

"You two seem to forget that Naruto and Kasumi already know everything and don't need to know this." Yugito said to the two of them. The two continued to stare at the two twins in annoyance, the twins in response just whistled with a golden halo above their heads. The two girls just huffed in defeat.

Yugito and Samui saw the smirk that the two twins held on their faces as they soaked in their victory. "You two aren't off the hook either, even if you know this stuff you should be paying attention. Don't make me tell your mother's you were sleeping in class, even if you didn't get caught." Yugito told the two of them who paled in response.

Their friends knew how much Nerine and Nanase scared the two of them and often teased the two about it. Immediately the two of them both clasped onto Samui's and Yugito's legs, crying crocodile tears.

"Please don't tell them Samui-chan/Yugito-chan; we don't want to have to feel Kaa-san and Kaa-chan's wrath!" They both wept into their friends legs.

"Fine, but let go of our legs! Were in public and everyone is looking at us!" Yugito yelled at the two of them with a blush on her face. Samui wasn't doing any better with Naruto attached to her leg and everyone looking at them in amusement. The twins immediately let go of them and were back to their cheerful attitude.

As everyone was starting to walk out of the academy Naruto and Kasumi then picked up new scent in the air that hasn't been there for the past month. The group of friends all stopped when they saw the twins start acting weird.

"Hey are you two ok?" Karui asked the two of them as they continued to look around to pinpoint the smell. They soon found it after a couple of seconds and looked towards a man that was standing near the academy gates.

"That man over there smells like Kurotsuchi-chan," Kasumi told her friends. Everyone looked to where she was pointing. The next thing they knew was Kurotsuchi running towards the man with a big smile on her face.

"Tou-san!" She yelled two the man who in return smiled at her. She stopped in front of the man and she hugged him. The man got down onto one knee and hugged her back. He seemed to be talking to her as she buried her face into his chest.

They watched as the two hugged each other for a little more before Kurotsuchi let go of him and grabbed his hand. She then proceeded to drag her dad over to Naruto and the gang.

"Tou-san look! These are all of my friends I told you about," Kurotsuchi told her father. The man just hummed in response and looked over them with a critical eye, as if checking they were a threat to his daughter.

He continued to look at them for a little before nodding to himself saying they were fine. "Hello, my name is Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi's father." He told all of them with a slight smile on his face.

Kitsuchi is a very tall and brawny man. He has dark eyes and short dark-grey-colored hair as well as a beard and a bulbous nose. He wears the standard Iwagakure shinobi uniform with a left sleeve and a right lapel. He also wears the forehead protector of the Alliance in a bandanna style and bandages around his right arm.

"Hello Kitsuchi-san my name is Naruto. It's nice to finally meet you, Kuro-chan likes to talk about you every once in a while." Naruto introduced himself. Kitsuchi raised his eyebrow when he heard the nickname he gave his daughter.

He looked over to his daughter and got a chuckle when she looked away from Naruto with a flushed face. Everyone else then introduced themselves one by one to the man and started to head home.

"Well Kurotsuchi, you seemed to have made quite a few friends while I was gone haven't you?" Kitsuchi asked his daughter who nodded in response. The rest of the day the group of friends got acquainted with the man which he seemed perfectly fine with.

It was getting around dinner time when Kasumi's stomach rumbled and she rubbed it. Everyone had a small laugh, but Kasumi didn't seem all that happy. She turned towards her brother who noticed her expression and stopped to look at her.

"Onii-chan, i'm hungry," She told him. After she said that everyone else's stomach started to rumble as well.

"It seems that we're all hungry, why don't I take you all to dinner?" Kitsuchi told them who everyone agreed immediately. Kasumi continued to look at her brother as everyone started to walk towards a restaurant.

"Come on Kasumi-chan if you're hungry let's go get some food." Naruto told his sister who looked annoyed. She looked behind her brother and saw that everyone else was waiting for them.

"Onii-chan, I said i'm hungry," Kasumi said once again, but with more emphasis on the word. Naruto was confused for a second before his eyes lit up in in realization. Kasumi didn't want to have regular food; she wanted the food they both had to eat.

"Are you guys coming?" Kurotsuchi called out to them. Naruto looked over his shoulder and saw everyone looking at him and Kasumi with a questioning look. He looked at his sister one more time and saw that they needed to eat their other food.

"Sorry guys! Kasumi and I got to go do something right now; we will see you guys later tonight!" Naruto called out to them. Everyone just sighed in disappointment that the two of them had to go do something. Kitsuchi noticed this and could only raise an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Does this happen often?" He asked the remaining children. They only looked at him in response and nodded in agreement.

"Ya, they say that they both have to do something, but they never tell us what. They will always get a little tense about it, so we just stopped trying to ask them." Yugito told him.

"We have tried to follow them before, but every time that we try they always disappear before we can catch them. Whatever it is they don't want us to find out." Kurotsuchi said.

Kitsuchi could only nod and slightly narrow his eyes as he watched Naruto and Kasumi walk away. He kept his chakra locked onto the two of them for a bit, and when they rounded the corner, both Naruto and Kasumi's chakra signatures vanished. He had a shocked expression on his face.

"Kurotsuchi does Naruto and Kasumi know how to use chakra?" Kitsuchi asked his daughter who nodded her head.

"Ya, I thought I told you already?" Kurotsuchi asked her dad.

"Must have missed it. Now come on, let's go get dinner." Kitsuchi told everyone. Even as heard the kids talk to him, his mind always wandering to what Naruto and Kasumi were doing that they didn't want anyone else to know.

(Later that night)

Yugito could only whimper in pain as she felt another blew strike against her skin. Once again she was getting beaten by a group of drunken people. It was always like this ever since she had been sealed with the Nibi.

Everyone resented her, believing that she was the bijuu itself and ostracized her because of it. Her blue slitted eyes had tears dropping from them, after a couple of minutes the pain stopped.

The people seemed to have finished venting their anger on her because there footsteps were getting fainter every second. She crawled over the nearest wall in the alleyway she was in and closed her eyes.

Not much longer later, Yugito could hear and smell someone else coming down the alley. As he got closer the amount of liquor coming from him was starting to hurt her nose. She knew that this was another person that was going to hurt her; she tried to get up, but ended up falling back onto the ground in pain.

She looked down at her ankle and saw that it was swelled up and didn't look good at all. She turned around when she heard the footsteps right next to her. She was rewarded with a kick to the stomach that made her slam into the wall.

"You took my brother away," A man's voice said to her. She slowly lifted her head and saw that it was a man that was holding a kunai. "Kitten you need to get away now!" Yugito heard Matatabi yell in her head.

She once again tried to run away, and once again was kicked by the man in the wall. Yugito could only watch as the man got closer to her with the Kunai getting closer to her.

"I'm going to kill you, just like you killed my brother you demon." The man said to her.

"Go away! I didn't do anything!" Yugito yelled at him in fear. He only seemed to enjoy her begging in fear as he raised the knife to kill her.

"Stop!" Yugito yelled at the man. She closed her eyes and brought her hands in front of her to protect herself.

She waited for the pain to come, but it never did. She felt something wet and warm start to flow down her arms. She opened her eyes slightly to see that it was blood running down her arms. Yugito looked up, and to her horror, saw that it wasn't her blood.

The man that was going to kill her was looking wide eyed at her as he held his throat. Blood was slowly gushing out from in between his fingers as he looked at her. Yugito looked at her hands and saw that her nails had grown extremely long and became as sharp as a knife.

There was blood coating her nails and she quickly put two and two together. The man fell still clutching the blood coming from his throat as he continued to stare at Yugito.

Yugito was in shock as she stared at the man she murdered die right in front of him. She couldn't move her body due to being in shock, even when the blood puddle started to from around the man she remained as stiff as a statue, staring at the person that she just killed.

Soon the man's grip started to loosen around his neck as it flopped uselessly next to him. Yugito watched as his once life filled eyes became void of anything. She continued to look at the body in front of her until she moves a little bit later.

Much like any person her age would when they saw a dead body.


Yugito woke up and jumped up from her bed, her breathing was labored as she remembered that night. The night she killed the drunk, causing her to leave the village.

"Are you alright Kitten?" Matatabi asked her in worry. Yugito could only place her face in her hands as she calmed her breathing

"It was that night again Matatabi," Yugito whispered to the neko in her head.

"That wasn't your fault Kitten, if you didn't kill that man he would have killed you." Matatabi told her.

"I know, but that doesn't mean it still doesn't bother me." She said to her companion. She heard Matatabi sigh at her and she couldn't blame her. She has had this dream before and had the same talk with her before.

Yugito was tired, but she knew that even if she tried to go back to sleep she wouldn't be able to sleep. She then got out of bed, grabbed her slippers and headed to the roof. She was as quiet as she could be because everyone was sleeping.

After Naruto and Kasumi had gone to do whatever they do, she and everyone else had dinner. It was nice and she got to interact with Kurotsuchi's dad more. After dinner they all went home, but Kurotsuchi went with her dad to his house.

It seemed that Kurotsuchi and Kitsuchi had another house. The girl only stayed with Onoki when her dad went on missions, but when her dad left she would go back to living with the old man.

After a little bit of walking she finally got to the roof of the house. She opened the door and was immediately hit with fresh air. She looked around and saw that someone else was on the roof along with her. She walked over to them and saw that it was Naruto.

"Hey, what are you doing out here? It's pretty late." Naruto asked her when she got close enough to hear him.

"I could ask you the same thing." Yugito asked in a playful tone. Naruto just smiled at her and looked up at the star filled sky. She sat next to him and they sat in silence for a while before he talked to her again.

"What's the matter? And don't say it's nothing, I know that something is bothering you." He told her in a worried tone. She could only sigh as he continued to look at her in question.

"I had a bad dream; it was that night where I killed that drunk person that attacked me." She told him, turning her head she saw he looked at her in worry.

"That isn't your fault Yugito-chan." He tried telling her. She just shook her head in the negative.

"It was my fault! I was the one who killed him and I always remember the look of horror on his face as he died." She cried. As the tears fell from her eyes, Yugito felt him bring her into a hug. She just cried a little harder into his chest as he continued to hold her, even as his shirt started to get wet.

They stayed in that position for a little while longer as Yugito cried. She soon stopped and wiped her eyes and she slightly laughed.

"Sorry, I got your shirt all wet because of me crying." She told him, tears still coming from her eyes. She felt him lightly grab her face and turn it towards him. He brought his hands up and started to clean up all of the extra tears that continued to come out.

"Pretty girls should cry like yourself Yugito; if you didn't protect yourself then you would have died. You have nothing to blame yourself got it?" Naruto told her. She just lightly smiled as she heard him comfort him. Yugito nodded her head before laying it back onto his shoulder.

"Naruto?" Yugito asked him softly. He then turned his head slightly towards her in acknowledgment to continue.

"How do you get rid of them? The memories I mean of the people you killed?" Yugito asked him. Naruto could only sigh and place his head on top of hers.

"You never really do forget the people I kill. If I think hard enough I can start seeing the faces of everyone that I have killed. The best thing I can tell you is to not think about it. It was in the past and certain things just needed to be lost with time." He told her.

Yugito continued to listen to him as he talked and nodded at his answer. They sat there for a while before Yugito started wondering why he was up on the roof in the first place.

"Why were you up here on the roof?" She asked him. He just shrugged his shoulders with a small smile on his face.

"Everyone once in a while I like to simply look at the moon, I was up here today because it was a full moon." He told her. Yugito then looked at the moon and did see that it was in fact a full moon. She felt him staring at her for a bit until he slightly started laughing at her.


"You kind of looked like a cat as you stared at the moon and it was cute." He told her which led to him being hit in the arm. He just laughed a little bit more which caused her to get slightly flustered. He soon stopped much to her relief, but he was staring at her eyes which caused her to blush.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Yugito asked him and he smiled in return.

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your eyes are?" He asked her. Yugito's blushed deepened when she heard him say that.

"No, I have never really liked my eyes. It has always been a mark for me as a Jinchuuriki." She told him honestly.

"Well in my opinion, anyone who thinks your eyes aren't great is stupid." Naruto said. The next thing he felt was his cheek being kissed by Yugito. He blushed as he felt Yugito laugh at him. Yugito's stomach had gotten some butterflies in her stomach when she heard him compliment her. The next thing she knew was her kissing his cheek, her heart beating fast in her chest.

"Thank you, you're the first person that has said my eyes were beautiful." She told him. She placed her head on his shoulder and the sleep was starting to catch up to her. Her eyes were starting to droop and her body started to mold with Naruto's.

Right before she fell asleep, Yugito's heart skipped a beat when she felt Naruto kiss her head.

"You're welcome Yugito-chan, and goodnight." He told her. Yugito soon fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Naruto continued to watch Yugito for a little bit as she slept on his shoulder. Much like the other girls, the fluttering feeling in his heart started to return and it felt weird. After he gave up once again on trying to figure out the feeling, Naruto picked up Yugito in a bridal carry.

The blonde girl seemed to enjoy it because she sighed in relaxation from the heat coming from his body. He slowly carried Yugito to her room quietly through the house. When he reached her room he carefully opened the door and walked over to the bed.

He placed her down and was about to leave when her hand grabbed his. "Stay please," Yugito asked him, her eyes barely staying open as she looked at him.

Naruto just smiled and nodded before getting into the bed. When he was fully laying down to her Yugito placed her head on his chest. She quickly fell back asleep with the heat that Naruto's body was producing.

Naruto could have sworn he heard her start slightly purring, but he couldn't tell. His eyes started to grow heavy much like Yugito's earlier. He simply pulled the girl closer to him, placed his head on top of hears and slept the night away.

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