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Chapter 1

Bonnie Bennett lived in a world ruled by supernaturals, and vampires were at the top of the food chain. Her kind, witches, usually made a very good living lending their magic to vampires. Bonnie's problem however, was that she was only 17. Witches didn't inherit their familial magic until their 21st birthday. Her mother and grandmother died several years ago at the hands of a rogue warlock, thus leaving Bonnie to her disconsolate human father. He made a meager living as a farmer, selling and trading goods at the tri-weekly farmer's market in town square. They lived off of what was earned for the week, needless to say, they were poor. It was Bonnie's job to set up the booth every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Her father was sitting down awaiting their first customer as Bonnie busied herself polishing the display of apples. She heard a man clear his throat and her father quickly jumped to his feet.

"Mr. Mikealson, how may I help you?" She heard her father say nervously.

The Mikealson's were the Original Vampires, filthy rich, and equally ruthless. Bonnie turned around, and came face to face with the eldest Mikealson. Elijah was beautiful, tall, dark hair, dark eyes, and alabaster skin. He commanded attention, kept his facial expression aloof, and spoke scholarly. He was angelic, but Bonnie knew better. Anything Mikaelson was monstrous.

"Can I trouble you for a pomegranate? I haven't had one since I was a child."

"Sure, sure it's on the house. Bonnie, get Mr. Mikealson our best pomegranate."

Bonnie put the pomegranate in a small bag, and handed it to Elijah. Her eyes met his, and she noticed a quick twitch in his left eye. It happened so fast, she thought she imagined it. Elijah was notorious for his emotionless face, but inwardly he was smitten. This girl was beautiful, and he knew she was a witch because he could smell it on her. Her hand grazed his when she handed the small bag over, and Elijah felt a tiny jolt in his nether region. He had to have her. No woman had ever made him feel this way before.

"Who is your daughter's employer? I would like to steal her away. I'm sure I could offer a better compensation package."

His innuendo wasn't missed by Bonnie's father. "Mr. Mikealson, Bonnie is only 17. She is still just a witchling."

He hoped disclosing her age would deter the original. It didn't. Elijah was surprised this beautiful woman was so young, but he still wanted her.

"I want her as my courtesan then. She'll want for nothing, and will be protected by my family. Name your price."

Bonnie's father was shocked, and slightly offended. Though he knew he didn't really have a choice. Whatever the originals wanted, they got. He was no fool, and he saw this offer as his opportunity to get rich.


"What?" Bonnie shouted. "You'd sell your only child like I'm some common whore?" She was pissed.

Elijah was amused, though his face didn't show it. The girl had fire in her eyes, and it made him want her even more.

"Done" He said slapping his hand down on the table. We'll leave now, and you will have your payment by morning."

Less than an hour later, Bonnie and Elijah were sitting in the back of a Bentley that was pulling thru the massive gates of the largest Estate she had ever seen. The car came to a stop, and Elijah made his way around it to offer her his hand. She took it, and he led her thru the entryway to an extremely large living room were other members of the Mikealson family were seated.

"Jess… Jess." Elijah called out.

A busty blonde woman wearing a tiny maid's outfit approached.

"Jess, this is Bonnie. She will be staying with us indefinitely. See to it that she gets proper finery."

Jess bowed. "Yes sir. I'll get her a room ready in the service corridors."

"Oh, Bonnie will be staying in my room. Get her settled there."

Jess' eyes got real wide, and the original sister Rebekah choked on her drink. The two brothers, Klaus and Kol smirked to each other. The room however, was quite. Elijah was the family patriarch, so no one ever questioned him. Though that didn't stop his siblings from thinking he'd lost his mind. Vampire's having a courtesan was not a completely archaic practice, but having a witch as one was unheard of. And having a young black witch would definitely cause heads to turn. Vampires and witches were very unlikely bedfellows. Not to mention Bonnie was nothing like the woman Elijah usually consorted with. Tall, slim, blonde hair, blue eyes, and sophisticated is what Elijah fancied. Bonnie was far from that. She stood only 5'3", was curvy, dark hair, green eyes, and caramel skin. She was young, and unsophisticated. Albeit very beautiful, any fool could see that.

Bonnie stood robotically while all eyes landed on her.

"Sir?" Jess questioned because she couldn't believe what just came out of Elijah mouth.

"I said get Bonnie settled in my room."

Jess bowed again, and whisked Bonnie up a grand staircase, down several halls, and into a room that was larger than her entire house. Almost everything in the room was white, or baby blue. Bonnie was afraid to touch anything because it all looked so expensive. When her father sold her to Elijah, she had no idea what her role as a courtesan would be or what was expected of her. Now looking around the room that she was to share with Elijah, it was blatantly clear.

"Mam your shower is ready." Jess announced. "I'll have clothes waiting for you when you get out."

Bonnie rolled her eyes. She had already showered that morning, but apparently that wasn't good enough. And what was wrong with what she was wearing? It wasn't brand name or high end, but it was clean. Jess sensed her apprehension, and quickly explained.

"Elijah is very meticulous. He expects perfection. If you are to be by his side, you have to be… celestial."

Bonnie nodded, and jumped in the shower. When she was finished Jess handed her a beautiful turquoise pinstriped silk pant suit. She also gave her turquoise lace panties, and a matching bra.

"Where's the shirt."

Jess chuckled. "An outfit like that is to be worn without a blouse."

Bonnie frowned. She's not used to showing any skin, and an exposed bra is out of the question. Although after putting it on, the look was surprisingly sophisticated and non-surprisingly sexy.

"Where did this come from?" Bonnie had to ask.

"We have access to all sorts of things" was Jess' cryptic answer.

Before Bonnie could slip the red bottom shoes on her feet, Elijah was lingering in the doorway. He cleared his throat, and Jess quickly left the room. He walked in the room, closed the door behind him, and locked his gaze on Bonnie. The way he looked at her could only be described as lustful. Bonnie instinctively backed up several paces. Elijah was standing in front of her before she blinked. It took her breath away. He grazed her cheek with his cool hand, and heat rose throughout her body. His stare was so intense; she gulped wondering what he was going to do next. Bonnie Bennett was never one to hold her tongue, and this moment was no different.

"Are you going to rape me?" she asked.

Elijah left eye twitched subtly again, and before she knew it her back was on the mattress with him hovering over her. She locked her worried eyes on his before he spoke.

"Rape would consist of me taking something that doesn't belong to me." He stroked her cheek softly. "You, little witchling, belong to me. I will do with you what I please. Bonnie inhaled sharply when she felt his erection press against her thigh. He rubbed his thumb across her bare tummy, and wetness pooled shamelessly between her legs. "But don't worry about that now. I'll wait until you are comfortable with me."

Elijah rose to his feet, smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles in his suit, and offered her his hand.

"Come now witchling. It's time for lunch."

Bonnie grabbed his hand, and followed him out of the room.

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