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Chapter 12

Elena was starting to rethink her initial assessment of Elijah's witch. She had every male, regardless of species, drooling tonight. The 'earthy virginal goddess' routine worked for her. She looked beautiful, and smelled even better. The power in that tiny witches blood was intoxicating, and she must have been fully aware of it because she walked with a level of confidence Elena had never seen. Even Katherine held onto her man a little tighter when the witch entered the room. So when Damon dropped her off at their cottage around the back of the plantation like she was some cheap date he was trying to get rid of, she was highly irritated. Damon had never treated her this way before. She was always the center of his world. Which is why she trusted him so much. Even though she now felt a pang of jealousy towards Elijah's little brown witch, she wouldn't let it show. She kissed him goodbye, and headed to bed choosing to believe Damon's story about needing to return to the party because he was on duty tonight. Elijah needed him and Stefan just in case anything went wrong when the witch gained her powers.

Damon was a missionary man through and through. It didn't matter who he was fucking. He wanted her withering beneath him, and he wanted to see her face as he brought her to her peak. But when he returned to the party just in time to see Bonnie slowly grinding her perfect heart shaped ass against Klaus' crouch, he knew he'd be taking her from behind tonight. That ass was begging him for some attention. He quickly made his way to her just as the clock struck midnight.

She was expecting fireworks, but all she got was a slight buzzing feeling just beneath her skin. Instead of the feeling of receiving something huge, all she got was a mild warmth of something being awakened. Bonnie was disappointed. She didn't know what to expect at the strike of midnight, but this wasn't it.

"How do you feel?"

She heard Klaus whisper in her ear just as Damon approached.

"Fine." She answered back.

Klaus picked up on the disappointment in her tone.

" You may not feel any different, but you definitely smell different."

Bonnie made a face, so Klaus clarified.

"Stronger. You smell more powerful."

Bonnie glanced across the room as Elijah was raising his glass receiving a toast from men wearing suits almost as expensive as his. He smirked just before turning towards them and raising his glass again. Apparently everyone could smell her newly acquired power. And they were toasting Elijah as if he were the one that just inherited a shit-load of magic.

"Time for you to leave Love. Your intoxicating fragrance has the sharks circling" Klaus said.

Bonnie nodded. She was more than ready to go. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing at attention because of the way some of the younger vampires were staring at her.

"Allow me." Damon offered his arm.

"I'm allowing her." Klaus said sternly as he placed Bonnie's hand on Damon's arm.

"She deserves this." He continued. "But I have no control over Elijah, or his reaction when he finds out."

Bonnie felt the need to explain. Nothing passes Klaus' attention. Of course he picked up on her and Damon's sexual tension. "Klaus…" she started, but Klaus cut her off.

"You owe me nothing darling." He kissed her atop her head before whispering in her ear. "You deserve this."

Bonnie smiled brightly. "In another life... "

"Stop teasing!" Klaus laughed at their ongoing inside joke.

Damon took her hand, and lead the witch back up to her quarters stoically. Internally he was giddy, but his face betrayed nothing. He'd waited too long, and he wasn't about to fuck it up now.

"Spell the room!" He demanded as they reached the door to Bonnie's suite.

Bonnie did as she was told before turning to face Damon. Their eyes met when Damon turned from locking the door, and suddenly Bonnie became nervous. No one has ever looked at her like this before… not even Elijah.

Elijah watched on bitterly as Klaus handed his witch over to Damon. He was aware of the chemistry between the two, and he was not happy about Damon being the one guarding her for the rest of the evening. Just as he made to go after them, he felt feminine arms wrap around his waist.

"All of your networking has paid off." Katherine whispered against his ear. "I hear you are a shoo-in for Sultan."

Elijah raised a brow at this revelation. He'd have to handle Damon Salvatore tomorrow. Right now he needed to keep his wits and continue charming the room. He smiled down at his beautiful wife, and kissed her palms.

"Shall we?" He offered his arms, and took his wife to the dance floor. Across the room Klaus was shaking his head. His brother was an imbecile at times.

"Don't get shy now Witch!" Damon teased as he made his way to the bright tangerine sofa. He eyed her hungrily as Bonnie unnecessarily fixed her hair.

"Come'here!" Damon said in a tone she never heard from him before. His spine tingling timbre left no room for denying him.

Bonnie boldly stepped between his outstretched legs.

"Take your clothes off!" Damon challenged with a quick raise of his left brow.

Bonnie was feeling virginal. The only man she's ever been naked in front of was Elijah, and even that was three years ago. She slowly turned her back to him. Then raised her tiny hands to lower the invisible zipper down her posterior.

Damon nearly bit his tongue off when the parted gown revealed no undergarments. The enchantress shyly glanced over her shoulder at him with her bottom lip caught between her teeth. Damon growled and jumped to his feet. He was tired of Elijah's witch teasing him.

Bonnie had no idea what she was doing to him. The beast inside Damon was screaming to be released.

Bonnie moaned loudly when Damon began sucking on the sensitive skin just behind her earlobe. Her shoulders gave way as she exhaled, and the flimsy dress material fell from her top half. Damon took advantage by sliding his hands around her waist and up to cover her perky breast. His coarse fingers tweaked her cocoa nipples deliciously. Bonnie's head fell back onto Damon's shoulder as his left hand traveled south to slide her dress from her hips. That same hand nudged her lady lips apart so it could get acquainted with the precious pearl nestled at the pinnacle of her pelvis. He slipped his middle finger into her tight opening as his thumb continued to tickle her bundle of nerves.

Bonnie gasped breathlessly at the abrupt intrusion. Her hand shot up to his hair, and tugged unmercifully.

"You'll pay for that." Damon whispered in her ear as he quickly turned her body until she was awkwardly bent over the sofa. Bonnie made an attempt to right herself but the loud smack to her derriere caused her to still. Just as her brain registered the fact that he spanked her, another swat came down on the meaty part of her ass.

"This is my night." Damon growled. "My rules… keep those devil hands on the back of that sofa, or I'll spank this pretty little ass of yours raw."

Bonnie instantly got wetter. She didn't know Damon had it in him. No amount of fantasizing compared to the real thing. When she first came upstairs with Damon, she was nervous about her first time being with a man after Elijah attacked her. But Damon's kinky aggressive side had her leaking like a water faucet. She shuddered pleasantly at the thought of what else he had planned for her. She knew this was a one off thing. No way Elijah would let Damon near her again after this night. Hell he might even kill them both. They each knew their actions had consequences, but neither cared. This night was theirs. Damon wasn't holding back, and Bonnie was loving every second of it.

Damon gripped her upper thigh in is large hand, and lifted her foot onto the sofa. She instinctively arched her back as he dove in to taste her.

"I've been dying to taste this pussy since the moment I laid eyes on you." Damon admitted huskily.

Bonnie quivered uncontrollably as Damon ate her from behind. He massaged the globes of her ass while grunting his pleasure. She tasted even better than he imagined. The sweet taste of her nectar combined with her powerful essence was almost too overwhelming. She was the best thing his tongue ever touched. He could literally feel the magic humming beneath her skin as her body temperature continued to rise.

"Beg!" He demanded when he noticed her nearing her peak. All his movements stopped. She couldn't believe he actually wanted her to beg.

Bonnie shook her head, unable to speak. Her senses were in overdrive, and her body was crying for release. But she was Bonnie Fucking Bennett… no way was she going to beg for an orgasm that was rightfully hers. She reached down and began rubbing her own clit forgetting his earlier command to keep her hands planted firmly on the back of the sofa. Four fiery smacks came raining down on her sensitive cheeks, and Bonnie cried out.

"Beg!" Damon repeated, This time more aggressively.

Bonnie whimpered, but still shook her head.

"I don't beg." She managed to grit out.

Damon swatted her ass twice more before promising… "You will tonight Witch."

Without warning he plunged his entire length into her. Bonnie screamed out in ecstasy. She hadn't even noticed him freeing his erection from the confines of his black slacks.

Damon stilled for a moment trying to compose himself. He wasn't prepared for how good she'd feel.

"Fuck." He groaned while setting a torturously slow deep pace. Her entire body slacked forward unable to take such deep strokes. That, plus the sting of his initial penetration was too much.

"Don't run now Witchy." Damon teased.

"You've been teasing me for years. This pussy is mine tonight, and you'll take every inch of this dick."

Bonnie moaned embarrassingly loud. Damon's dirty words melted her inside. Her core was throbbing with need. She could feel her orgasm building, but Damon's pace was too slow. She was nearly in tears trying to chase the release Damon was denying her.

He bit down softly on her shoulder blade several times causing the skin there to turn purple.

"Please." She whispered desperately, hating the fact that he managed to reduce her to begging.

Damon picked up his pace a little.

"Louder." He demanded just before reaching around to stroke her slippery bundle of nerves.

Bonnie nearly lost her mind. "Please… Damon." She grunted. "Oh God please."

Damon obliged by spreading her cheeks, and pummeling her pussy mercilessly. She shattered in mere seconds, gasping loudly. Damon followed seconds later.

"Fuck." They both let out at the same time.

Damon was the first to move. He picked Bonnie up then proceeded to carry her to her bed. He undressed himself quickly before retreating to the bathroom. He returned carrying a warm washcloth to clean her with. The two briefly napped together before continuing to enjoy one another.

Damon softly kissed her on her lips before exiting her apartment suite just before dawn.

The following morning Elijah was reading the newspaper alone at the breakfast table when Bonnie sauntered in. She slowly fixed a small plate of fruit from the never ending buffet set up in the corner of the room.

"Ms. Bennett." Elijah addressed without bothering to take his eyes off of his paper.

"Elijah." Bonnie replied dryly before taking her seat.

As she passed him, Elijah caught a whiff of her and raised a brow. He folded his paper neatly, and set it aside sniffing the air again. Her gait was stiff, and she was trying way too desperately to keep him from noticing. But she was his, so he always noticed everything about her even the smallest detail… like that purple passion mark just behind her ear that she tried to cover with makeup. Elijah would have laughed at her ill-attempt if he weren't so pissed. He rubbed the non existing scruff on his chin before chuckling darkly.

Bonnie was wearing sunglasses that covered way too much of her face, and a bright white tank style maxi dress that passed her ankles, but exposed her bare feet. She turned slightly to set her plate in the table before pulling out her chair, and Elijah noticed the small purple passion marks on her shoulder blade that she failed to cover when she dressed this morning. Clearly she didn't realize they were there. Bonnie subtly winced when she sat, but Elijah caught it. He growled angrily before pouncing on her. The back of her chair hit the floor, and Elijah hovered over her growling menacingly.

"No amount of soap and water can wash his vile stench from inside of you!"

Bonnie was scared shitless. She was having flashbacks of Elijah's last attack on her. She was breathing rapidly and her fist were balled, but she refused to show fear on her face.

"Elijah!" They both heard from the entryway, but neither turned to acknowledge Katherine's presence.

"Careful Elijah." Bonnie boldly teased. "We wouldn't want wifey finding out about our dirty little secret would we?"

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