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Grisia Sun

That thing was here.

Surely this was not happening to me? It must be a nightmare! Or perhaps I'm hallucinating for thinking too much?

Lets try again.

I closed my eyes.

One second... Two second... Three!

My eyes snapped open.

To my dismay, that thing was still here.

I looked at the culprit; the person responsible for bringing it over and placing it on my desk. I should get rid of it as soon as possible! Burn it! Throw it out of the window! Pass it to anyone and ask them to settle the problem! Or just shove it back to him!

"I'm sorry..." he started to apologize.

If you're sorry, would that means you're willing to take responsibilities?


He quickly justified his action. Hidden behind his reasons I could barely see a flash of amusement in his eyes, as if he's enjoying my misery. I must see it wrong. He was not Earth.

Of course I know it was not his fault. So then...

What should I do?

Well, I guess it was a little confusing. So let me explain from the beginning.

The search team for Storm mentioned yesterday?

That was not going to happen.

Not anytime soon.

Because the Pope told us we were only allowed to do so after we finish up the accumulated paperwork inside Storm's room, and ensuring the incoming paperwork will be completed smoothly, even without him around.

Storm's disappearance had destroyed all the routines in the Holy Temple. There were no gossiping knights in the hallway, no church hermits looking at the female clerics through the window (they should thank me for promising Teacher that I would go on an adventure), and of course, currently I didn't have any of Ice's blueberry pie with me. He must have been busy.

Don't tell me yesterday was the last treat from Ice?

Adair, help me!

"Finish your own paperwork or I'll deduct your salary."

Always, he always does that! I swear, that shameless old man really loves to take my salary as his hostage. I want to believe it was just a joke, but no, he repeated his threat in a note attached to the paperwork that Leaf 'kindly' sent to me.

Everyone was busy correcting their own - which means I couldn't ask for helps from anyone else - and on top of that we still need to search for him?

Storm, you bastard!

Sitting on the chair and correcting a huge pile of paperwork on my desk, I believe it really was a miracle for Storm not to collapse through all these years, he really had high endurance.

See, Judgment? Miracles do exist!

Correcting paperwork and having breakfast. (I know it's already noon, but breakfast is breakfast, it doesn't matter when I have it.) Continue correcting paperwork and taking lunch. (Please don't bother asking me when I had my lunch either.) Returning to correcting them and unfortunately, the pile of uncorrected one was still higher compared to the corrected one...


You don't believe me?


The Sun Knight would rather die than correcting a bunch of paperwork?

He has Leaf or Blaze or Cloud or Roland or Adair to ask for help?

Well, sorry to say this but I really am correcting my paperwork. It's not like I didn't want to do it before, just that there were more pressing matters that need my attention. Though I was reluctant, I had to entrust my work to Storm. No, I'm not bullying him! I was forced to do so! I even correcting my teacher's paperwork before, no questions asked.

After all, do you know what's going to happen if the teacher of mine suddenly decides to return and discover the Holy Temple was in a mess? He's going to kill me a thousand times over!

No! I'm not going to let it happen. I won't let the Holy Temple's operation comes to a halt after all my hard work! The new king had been crowned and things were going to get better. And though it's a pity that I failed to bring Elijah back to the Holy Temple, at least I have Roland by my side now.

Becoming the Hell Knight only for Storm to disappear just weeks later, Roland's luck sure sucks, huh?

Anyway, if worst comes to worst, I'm going to commit suicide (in an elegant way) and entrust Judgment with my corpse so as to prevent the chance of Resurrection when the time comes.

And that's why, to prevent such a future, if correcting paperwork was the only solution, then I'm going to do it!

But this was too much! It will take forever to finish them! And I've yet to apply my facial mask...

Suddenly a knock was heard and my door opened, revealing the triple black knight. He stared at me... scrutinized me ups and down, for a minute. His attention was directed towards the paperwork arranged neatly on my desk, divided into two, finished and unfinished work.

"Don't say anything." I warned, gritted my teeth in anger.

He didn't interfere when the Pope threatened me with my salary. He was there, watching.

Just watching.

And here I thought you're my best friend!

He obliged, and placed a hand to my forehead and the other to his. I quickly swatted off his hand.

"I'm not sick."

Who does he think I am? I've never been sick ever since I became the Sun Knight. Fainting because of blood loss was a different matter altogether!

Still not saying anything, he casually sat on my bed while I continue with my work... a little distracted. The feeling of being stared at was really uncomfortable.

Argh... This is so frustrating!

I can't do my job like this!

"Fine. I'm sorry, I was wrong. Just talk, okay? It's getting creepy."

"Five minutes." he spoke out.


"For you to ask me to be quiet, and change your mind afterwards."

He counted?

"You tell me if anyone can stay calm being stared at by a man in silence!" I protested.

Surprisingly he nodded his head.

"Excluding you." I added another condition.

Giving a faint smile, he replied, "There is one."

"Who?" I asked, a little curious.


Tch! I should have known!

In a serious note he said, "I've asked Storm's vice-captain, and he confessed that he didn't notice anything off. Personally, I don't really think you were the reason. He can always lash out at you as he always do. I'm afraid it was something else."

Stupid Lesus. You really don't care that your best friend gets beaten up by his fellow knight?

I sighed. "I've done my part of consolidating believers, preventing Son of the God of War from marrying the princess to prevent future trouble, and it's not like our new king is going to raise taxes as he pleases either. The Cathedral of Shadow God was too far to be a threat to us. I guess for us to not have a problem is a problem in itself?"

"Sighing will reduce your life span for three seconds, Grisia."

"That only applies to you!"

"It's weird." he started again.

"What?" I asked off-handedly, still focus on correcting the paperwork.

"For you to correct paperwork instead of me. Isn't it always the other way round?"

Yeah, which means you should take my place and wear the facial mask!

Hey, wait a minute...

Turning around to face my best friend who's not supposed to be my best friend, I smiled and kindly offered, "How about you apply the mask?"

It must be hilarious to see the serious Lesus Judgment applying the -

"No, thanks." he rejected flatly, cutting my thoughts along the way.

"Come on, it's for your own good!"

I glanced at his waist; right, no sword. He won't be able to commit suicide even if he wants to. Half pink and half green facial mask. What would that look on him?

"No, Grisia. I'm not interested."

"Fine, you're no fun."

"I know."

You're not suppose to agree with me!

"Why did you come here, Lesus?"

"So I'm not allowed to visit you, Knight-Captain Sun?" he replied, mirth hiding in his tone.

"You yourself know what I meant!" I snapped, feeling more and more frustrated.

"I just want to ask you about Storm. No one has any idea why he left.. or where did he went to... I just can't think of anything. It feels kind of... unreal."

Yeah, it was hard to believe that Storm out of all people was missing.

Where else would he go besides being cooped up inside his room, correcting paperwork like always?

"Still, you never cease to surprise me."

There was amusement in his voice, and I hate that! Let see what he's going to say.

"I've never thought there will be a day where you're diligently correcting your own paperwork."

That's because the Pope is holding a hostage, damn it!

All my words of retaliation disappears the moment I saw his face.


He showed a pained expression for an instant before regained his solemn demeanor, immediately replied to my call with a raised eyebrow.

"No, it's nothing."

This stubborn fellow wouldn't tell me his problem even if I asked, which means a little investigation will be required. Perhaps Cloud could help.

He frowned, but didn't probe any further.

"Have you packed for tomorrow?"

To have the topic changed all of a sudden, I'm at loss and asked, "Tomorrow? What happens?"

We haven't even decided on where to search for Storm yet. And since when did searching for Storm require me to pack my things? Just how far could he go in these two days?

"Don't tell me you've forgotten?" Still frowning, my question was met with another question of his.

"And that thing is?"

Not to brag or anything, but if I could still remember the odds at the selection that happened thirteen years ago, how could I forget things happening to me recently?

"Knight-Captain Sun, you and Knight-Captain Leaf are required to go to the Kingdom of Moon Orchid. You were asked to be the groomsman, remember?"


"Lesus, will you..."


"I didn't say anything yet!"

"Either way, the answer is still 'no'."



The door was opened and closed again in response to my unspoken wish, and I was alone in my room.

It may be hard to believe, but Lesus can be cruel sometimes. Too cruel.

So what should I do now?

Correcting paperwork or packing things.

Can I just skip on doing both?

Oh, why didn't I use one of the three demands Lesus owed me, you ask?

Tsk, tsk. Don't be naive. Do you know how hard it was for me to finally gain those? I have to be extra careful on when to use them, you know.

Just when I decide to prioritize the paperwork (yes, you heard me right, I want to correct them) another knock was heard again.

"In the name of the God of Light, may Sun ask which brother decides to discuss His benevolence with Sun?"

I didn't receive any answer for my question. Now that was new.

What? Given up already?

"I'm sorry, I don't understand."

Never in my whole life have I heard such an honest response. Often they'll try to make an assumption or ask me for clarification, but not a single person had bluntly told me that no, he has no idea what nonsense I'm blabbering about, not that I can fault any of them. Even I have no idea what I'm talking about sometimes. Only one person would sincerely speak what was on his mind. Only him.

I opened up the door and gestured him in.

"You really speak in a different manner compared to before."

"Because that is what's required from a Sun Knight." I said absent-mindedly.

"As I thought, you're a good Sun Knight, Grisia."

He was sincere but I didn't feel praised at all. Being with him was comforting, yet painful at times, since I still feel like I'm stealing the position from him, since I still wonder how things would differ, if he was the one chosen.

If this is a story of Roland Sun and Grisia, would he be happier?

Regardless, at least he wouldn't have died.

"I really should learn more about you guys." he continued. I can vaguely see his smile beneath his mask.

"You'll learn about us eventually. Don't worry about that!"

"Will I?"

His voice was soft, barely audible, which only added guilt in my heart.

Was it my fault for never trying to look for you?

Sorry, Roland.

In front of him, I smiled brightly and replied, "Of course!"

"So, why did you come here?" I asked, feeling a little suspicious.

"It's about Storm. Can I do anything to help?"


p/s : What's on your mind, Lesus? Was it that hard to believe that your best friend is obediently correcting his paperwork?

A/N : On an unrelated note, a line from their conversation will (probably) be further discussed later.