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Thieves of Night

Chapter I

I'm waiting. I'm waiting for them to come. I'm waiting. Waiting for them to touch me, to caress me. Waiting for them to kiss me, to possess me. Waiting for them to love me. Or make love with me.

I don't ever know what they feel for me. I don't ever know what I feel for them. After all... I don't ever know who they are, neither I know their faces...

I think I want them to love me. I think that I fall in love with them. Not just lust, love. And I want them to love me, I'm sure of it. I want them to love me. And I think they love me. Or do they only like me ? Nothing more ? After all, they're already the two of them. Perhaps they only like me. Or worse, perhaps they just want a little fun. With no feelings.

But I know that's impossible. There is something. Even if it's just in the little presents they let for me. The flowers. Sakura branches and red roses. And, sometimes, a snowdrop. There is something in the way they kiss me. Sweet, tender kiss after... After they took me. Before leaving me alone.

I'm just afraid. I want love. Real love. What will I do if I learn that they only like me ? I don't know. And it's scare me. I'm not sure about them. About their real feelings. How could I be sure about their feelings as I never even heard the sound of their voices ? Never. Never. They never speak.

How strange, isn't it ? I love them. But I know nothing about them. I love them. Even if I know nothing about them.

Always the same. Like a dance. And never when I'm prepare to it. Those hands which grab me, this scarf on my eyes. A black one. Those arms encircling my waist. They undress me, caressing, kissing each part of my body. And tie me up. They tie me up so I can do nothing as they touch me. So they totally control me. So I'm in their power.

It's a strange feeling, to be in their power. Fear... But not so much, now. Now, I'm use to it. Now, I know they will never arm me. They always do their best to not hurt me. Even in the throws of passion... Now, I know that there is always only the two of them. Nobody else. I know there will never be anybody else. That was something which frightened me, at first. Not only to ignore who they were, who I was with, who did IT to me. But to ignore... Well... I don't even know how to explain it... It seems I am theirs. And theirs only. They're... Possessives.

It's funny, when we think about it. They took me. They... stole my virginity. My heart, too. I had no choice. That was... The first times, it was a rape, even if I enjoyed it. Even if they did their best to make me enjoy it. I was afraid. So afraid... It's strange to speak about it like I do. To say I like it. To say I love them. To say I'm even waiting for them... But there is something about them...

And it's funny. I don't now WHO they are. With them, it's like if I was blind. But I can recognize them every time they come. Every time they touch me. They've... THEIR way to touch me. Both of them...

One of them is very gentle. And if I can say it, a real hentai... Well, both of them are but... Differently. He is very carnal. I think he love to touch, to caress, to kiss. Like if he had a need to touch. To have contacts with the others. He's a teaser, too. Sometimes, it's almost unbearable... I dunno why, but I always imagine him smiling. I think he is the kind of guy who loves life. He is a calm, nonchalant person. Or so it seems. And I know that he love to look at me. Sometimes, he stop to kiss me and just... Looks at me, tenderly caressing my cheeks... I like to imagine him with gentle eyes in those moments. The way he touch me is so gentle... Like if I was something... Precious. It's a strange feeling... Which warms me. And every time he looks at me with those eyes, I'm blushing. I can't help to blush. But it feels good. So good...

The other... The other is a mystery. He is very possessive. The most possessive between the two of them. Every time he touches me, it's like he tries to say that I'm HIS. Every time he takes me, it's like he proclaims that I'm HIS. He seems... Jealous. I'm sure he wants ME, and no other. And I think that in his every day life, he's not very talkative. It seems me that he is one who prefer to act, not to speak. To say nothing... To act like if he was mute is something natural for him. Of course, I'm sure he is not. When I speak, he listen to me. And I can hear his moans when he is in me. His moans as he penetrates me, as he moves inside of me... His cries as he empties himself in me... As he climax, as a warm seed fills me... As he marks me again and again and again... But he is a mystery. One who never speak and who never let the others know what he thinks.

The two of them love to make me beg for release, teasing me again and again, caressing me, exciting me without letting me come. Or not before I beg them to... But even in it, they're different. For the first one, my smiling lover, it's more like a game. For the other... He is the one who prefer to make me ask for release. The one who prefer to make me beg them. Like if he wants me to realize that I'm HIS. It's obvious. He never... He never agree to... Do it until I said I'm theirs. He don't want me to say 'I want to be fuck, I want release', he wants me to say that I want THEM to fuck me, that I want THEM to touch me, that I want THEM, and THEM only. He wants me to say that I'm theirs, not only to know it, but to formulate it again and again and again. Every night. I think he's the one who let the notes with the flowers, or at least the ones which say 'Who do you belong to ? ', 'You're OURS' or you know WHO you belong to'. He's so possessive... He's possessive to his fingertips.

But don't mistaken. He is the most possessive between the two of them... But that doesn't mean that the other is not possessive. Both of them are. It's only that with him, it's so... Obvious. Like if he was saying 'you're mine, you're mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine'... Like if he was repeating it again and again and again, like a mantra, like if he didn't want me to forget it, like if he wanted the whole world to know it. The other is more... Subtle. If he was with someone else, someone he's interested in, too... He would tease him... Or her... Exactly like he does with me. I think the difference between me and... Everybody else, is more in the way he looks at me, in the way he caress me, in his tenderness. He can make love with other people. But not like he does with me. Or with... My mysterious man. And this one... I don't think he is the kind of man who can make love with persons he is not REALLY interested in. He will never bother to even notice they exist... But with the ones he chose, with me and his companion... It's different. He can be... He IS a real hentai with the ones he chose. And only with them.

I don't know what they look like. I never see their faces, neither I see their body. But it doesn't mean I know nothing about them. I'm sure their body are beautiful. I know they're tall, taller than the other Japanese. They're as tall as I'm myself. Of course, there is probably a little difference between us. But I know they're as tall as myself. I can feel it when they come and I feel their body pressed against mine... They're slim. Both of them. And I love their muscled body... I love when they're on top of me, the feeling of those hard muscles against me... Their skin... So smooth... Their scent, so exhilarating. How to describe it ? Spicy but sweet... A male perfume...

Of course, Their body are not the same...

One... My tender smiling lover is, I think, the tallest of us. Just a little taller... And, I think, a little older. Or he has more maturity... He has short hair. His face is... How to describe it... I just feel it when they kiss me, but it seems he has fine, regular features. And his mouth... His lips... Soft, tender lips, always curved in a so sensual smile... I can't help to shiver in delight every times I feel it on my skin. He has a large chest, a wonderful body, full of strength and health and vitality. Long, long legs... He is always so self-assured... In his movements, his caress... It's something... All his body express. Something I envy him. he's not the timid kind of men. Definitively not.

The second one... My possessive silent lover... He is... His hair are a little longer, I can feel it when he kiss me. With a fringe with caress my skin so sensuously... But all about him is sensual. The way he touch me, he kiss me... He seems to move gracefully, like a panther. There is something almost feline about him... I love to imagine him as a black panther. He is a little thinner than me. And his face... He has thin, tender lips, as soft as silk... Large cheekbones... His nose... His eyes... He has large eyes with long eyelashes... I wonder which color are his eyes ? I ask him, one time. He says nothing and just... Stops to kiss me to look at me. Like if he was surprise. And, the next night, there was a poem on my desk. With a snowdrop. A poem which speak about a young man with beautiful blue eyes who was in love with a boy but never dare to confess him. This one loved an other one... It was so sad. And... Those feelings... I never heard about that poem before. There was no author's name on the paper. I wonder... I wonder if he is the one who wrote the poem. If it's his feelings. I hope so. If it's his feelings... I have a chance.

Blue eyes. Japanese normally have brown eyes. It was a stupid question. But I couldn't help to ask him. And after all... Who had ever met a Japanese with redhair? I mean, with NATURAL redhair. There is me. My mother. My family... And I know Japanese with blue eyes. The kitsune... When I find the poem on my desk, I though about him. Is he the one... Is he... Strangely, the idea didn't repulse me. But he is my enemy. Isn't he ? But if he is the one... If he's not, he's a baka kitsune whose I hate and wanna hate for the rest of my life. If... If he is... If he is my beautiful, sensual silent lover... I think... I ALREADY love him. And I wanna love him 'for the rest of my life'. He is the only one I know who remind me of... HIM. He is... The same. Silent, mysterious...

Now, I can't help to look at him during practice. Okay, I was looking at him before but... Now... I look at him... But no more with eyes filled of hate or anger. I... Want to know. I want to know. But I can't ask them. I... Ask them WHO they were so many times... But they say nothing. They're always... As silent as ever. I can't help to ask them every night who they are... Even if I know they never... There will never be any reply. And I can't ask the kitsune if he is the one who come every night and... Fuck me ! I can't ! I can't... Neither I can ask... HIM if he is my... If he is the kitsune. 'Cause if he's not... I don't want him to think... To know... But I want to know !

And as the kitsune is the only one who remind me of... One of THEM.

Because I'm sure I know them. I'm sure they know me. How... Could they know... How could they know I love snowdrops... How could they know snowdrops are my favorite flowers... And that I love Sakura flowers... And red roses...

They... Know me. Even the first time, I knew they knew me. I felt it. They know me. They know my tastes. They know... So many things about me ! Sometimes it amaze me. How can they... 'Cause I never speak about the flowers I like. I never speak about the poets I like. Baudelaire, Verlaine... Who in Shohoku could ever guess I'm fond of Romantics french poems ? Some almost think I'm... Illiterate. Somewhere, it's funny...

I remember the first time they took me. It was... Late in the evening. I stayed a little... Well, more than a little in fact... Longer at school. I wanted to train. I wanted to train to become the best. Better than Rukawa, at least... 'The number one rookies'. And I was tired. So tired. It's certainly the reason why I didn't notice anything. Why I didn't notice those shadow in my back, until it was too late. I just had the time to open the door. And they were here. Two arms encircling me from behind, a scarf on my eyes. THE scarf. It seems that it's the same every time...

First, I thought they were guys from a gang, coming to beat the crap on me. But I quickly understood they were not. They didn't act like guys from a gang. They didn't try to hurt me. It was... So strange. They were silent... So silent... Beside, with basket-ball, I stopped to be involve in fights. Not totally, but... There was no more any guy from a gang or an other who could have wanted to come in the night to trap me. To trap me IN MY OWN PLACE !...

I didn't realize immediately that they were undressing me. I mean, I was doing my best to try to get free. And I couldn't imagine what they really wanted from me. It was... Like if I lost my clothes in the battle. I began to realize when one of them... My more mysterious lover, I think, slid his hand in my underwear, when it fall on the floor. I was... Totally naked in front of them. They'd used my own shirt to tie my arms in my back. And I understood what they planned to do when they pushed me and I fell on my bed. I don't ever know how the hell I ended in my room... I just... Was here. With them. Totally naked. Apparently furious but in fact... Terrorized.

Now, I think they knew what I really felt. Even if I was doing my best to hide it. My heart was beating fast, so fast... Of course, it could have been the anger. But it was not. I know it was not. And they probably know it too.

They leaned on my body without touching it, silently observing me. I could feel their shadows on my skin. They just... Look at me. And I couldn't help to shiver under their gazes. Then... I think they glanced at each other and the kitsune... If he's really one of them... Bent over to kiss me lightly on the lips. That was a sweet, tender kiss. And I feel one of his hands on my right thigh. Then I felt his lips again, on my cheek, my jaw, my neck. Like a rain of kisses... And for the first time I felt the tender curve of my smiling lover's mouth on my lips. He was smiling and that was amazing me 'cause I felt it was not an arrogant mocking smile but something infinitely more sweet. Something I wanted. Something I craved for without even knowing it. That was the sweetest thing in the world. But not only. And it confused me...

It was my first kiss. My first real kiss. I'd been dreaming about it so many times... Dreaming to share it with Haruko... But I couldn't even remind me her existence. There was nothing in my world but the hand on my thigh, the presences by my side and the feeling of those lips on my skin, those lips kissing, licking mine and I parted them with a sigh. Then his tongue entered in my mouth and I forgot the rest as I eagerly responded to the kiss...

What could I say about this first night ? It amaze me. It amaze me to think that I totally... That in the instant they touched me, I was THEIR. Totally and utterly THEIR. Did I... Recognize them ? I'm almost certain than one of them is the kitsune. And the other... I think I know who he is, too.

But it amaze me. Did it means that, even unconsciously, I already was in love with them ? It's not important. Or, should I say, it's not the more important. Not actually. Or perhaps it is ? Perhaps it's the most important thing in the whole story, the only one important enough to be noticed ? I don't know. I really don't know.

The only thing I know is what I felt that night. Even if all was so confused... I knew they were worried about me and that perturbed me. After all... It was a rape, wasn't it ? So what did they care about me ? Why did they try to calm me, to please me ? Why did they try to reassure me like if I was a child they had to protect ? Why were they so... Tender with me ? And finally, I couldn't help to do what they wanted. I couldn't help to be willing to do what they wanted. It felt so good... Even if I was still afraid.

How strange... When I didn't try to think, all seemed so easy. I was enjoying what they were doing to me, and nothing more. Heaven... But it didn't last and suddenly I was remembering what they were really doing to me, that they were both male, male as I am myself, by God's sake, that I never wanted them to be here, than I didn't even know them and I felt confused... More confused than I've ever been in my life, more confused every time... And more aroused.

And when they left... There was almost nothing to remind me of their coming. My exhausted body. My confused mind. The state of my bed, sheets and blanket. And the snowdrop they let in my hand. The flowers on the table, red roses and Sakura branches.

And now... Now I wait for them to come. Now I want them to come. Now, I'm waiting. Waiting for them to come. Waiting for them to chose to... Remove the scarf from my eyes. So I could see their faces and, perhaps...

I'm waiting.

End of Chapter I

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