Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! My first crossover ! A "Slam Dunk-Tomb Raider" one ! Hrrr... It'll be a yaoi, so... If the "guys and guys kissing and other things" idea bother you, DON'T READ IT !

And before I forget... "Slam Dunk" and "Tomb Raider" are Takehiko Inoue and I-don't-know-who propriety... I don't own the guys -sigh- or only in my dreams...



"I want an answer ! "

"I can't, I..."

"Now ! "

The man turned pale to the view to the two Berettas the beautiful but furious woman aimed at him...

"Mmm... Lara..."

"Shut up, Chase ! I want him to explain to me all this mess ! "

"Please, miss Croft..."

"Quick ! I'm really upset, you now... I'll lost my calm and when I do it..."

"La... Lara ! "


"Hrr... OK..."

"So, YOU ! What's that for ? My father had this locket for YEARS ! Why did your men -dead men should I say- try to steal it ? And say there is no reason ! I hate when anybody touch to my family memories -and I say it for you too, Chase ! - so WHY ? "

"My boss will kill me if I.."

"I ! Will kill you if you say nothing !"

"It's... The Sakura Jewel... The key of mysteries..."

" ? "

"Lara ? Is there anything you understand in it ? Is that just me or... This man... Lost his mind in the fight ? "

"Shut up. What does that mean ? "

"We need... We only need this locket... It's the key... A magic key... We need it first and... The Sakura priest... Our boss decided to kidnap him after... He is the only one who has the power to use it... But I don't know how ! And I don't know what exactly the "Sakura Jewel"'s power is... I obey to my boss, that's all..."

"Really ? And if this locket was so precious, why was it in my father's possession ? "

"The...The previous priest... Priestess, in fact, give the locket to your father... But please, miss Croft, Please..."

"Who is this priest ? And where does he live ? "

"Japan... Japan... He's Japanese. It's your brother, that's why..."

"What !? "

"What !? Lara, you never said me that you had a brother ! You said you have no family ! And, naive as I am, I thank you forgave me ! That you believed in me ! I am not your boyfriend !? I shoulda know, you..."

"Shut up ! That's a lie..."

"What ? Hey ! I am your boyfriend ! You..."

"Chase, you're -unfortunately for me- a temporary partner, that's all ! And... I'VE NO BROTHER ! "

"But he said..."

"Miss Croft, there is..."

"Enough ! I want the true ! WHO IS THAT PRIEST ! "

"He is... your father's mistress's son... Miss... Miss Croft, please... Believe me ! You... Miss Croft, remember, 16 years ago, your parents almost divorced... During that time, your father had... Well... He lived with a Japanese woman... But your parents were separated ! I swear, I say the truth ! Later, they reconciled with each other but... The woman... She was pregnant ! That's why she gave it to your father: she had not a very good health, so she gave the locket to him to be sure this locket was... In a safe place ! And to be sure he can know about her health, with the Sakura Jewel's power help... And take care of the child if she died..."

"You said... 'The previous priestess'... So why..."

"Your father died first in this plane explosion, that's why he... You don't know about your brother because he never had the possibility to speak you about him, neither he had the possibility to return the locket to ... Your step-brother ! Who probably know nothing about this locket or about his "Sakura Priest" destiny... I... Miss Croft... Believe me, please..."

"How... What a story... Lara..."

"His name ? "

"Hue ? "

"What's this... So-called 'step-brother' name ? "

"Sakuragi... Hanamichi Sakuragi..."

End of prologue

Whaa ! The prologue's end ! Any comment ? Excuse my grammar and, but English is not my language ! I know, we didn't ear a lot about the "Slam Dunk" guys but...It's a crossove r! And it's not my fault if those men decided to attack Lara first... (the fools ! )

Hey ! I repeat, it'll be a yaoi story (for the "Slam Dunk" part), don't bother about it... And a RuHana... So be patient ! That's all I ask for !