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Lara smirked. Interesting...

Gesturing toward Chase, she began to walk away, preparing herself to... The next events. Poor guys... She almost pitied them.

"Yes... Yes... Yes sir. " The man said in the talkie-walkie.

Eyeing the little group to the corner of his eyes, he nodded, not really realizing that his interlocutor couldn't see him, too lost in his thoughts to notice it.

This woman... Was she really so dangerous ? She seemed so... Frail. No... Not 'frail'. She was not frail, she was too healthy. But... She was a woman, for God's sake ! How a simple woman like that, a so beautiful woman, like an actress or a Top Model... How could she be so dangerous ?

He frowned. Then paled, hearing the voice in the earphone...

"Oh, yes sir ! I mean, NO, SIR ! I'm sorry, I listened you, sir, I... I... "

He straight up, very anxious.

"Yes, sir ! No... No... She met the boy, sir ! Hm... Yes, sir ! "

He looked at his men, frowning. Then, pointing to one of them -his best man, for sure ! Never asking anything, obedient...- he nodded. It was time to act...

"Yes. Yes, , she gave him nothing. Hmm... No, sir ! She stay with him 5 minutes maximum. Yes... Yes. Yes, sir ! "

The talkie-walkie stopped with a click. The man sighed with relief. His position has its advantages, but not always. Hopefully, his boss didn't put him on the black list for his... Little lack of attention, he would see the next morning...

Straightening up, he looked at his men, a hard light in his eyes.

"Now. " He said. A single world...

The world around him was calm. So calm. Too calm...

Chase turned his head, opening his mouth to say something when the world suddenly broke around him. He had not even the time to think that he was already pushed on the floor by Lara as bullets whistled at his ears. He saw, like in a dream, Lara rolling on the floor as she took out her trusting berettas from under her clothes and opened fire, a grin on her face.

"Ahah ! And it seems they dun want to kill us, Oh man... It's too easy for us ! "

He couldn't help but smile, seeing her expression. She was so beautiful... Even in the heat of battle... Or should he say, especially in the heat of battle !

"Chase ! What are you doing ! Stop dreaming and act for a change ! "

"You really want me to act ? " He couldn't help but ask, grinning maliciously.

"Chase, you moron ! " Lara shouted, her foot connected with his back as she turned to face an other opponent.

Chase grinned. Whatever happened, he couldn't help but tease her a little... Not that it was only a game for him, he really wanted her, he loved her with all his mind and wanted them to be a real couple. In all the senses of the word.

But it was not the moment to think of it...

Taking profit of Lara's shove, he threw his fist in the face of one of the black hooded guy, savoring the sound of the his fist crashing on it then turned, using the body as a shell as he grab his own gun.

He knew why Lara loved so much those situations, for the exact reasons he enjoyed them himself: for this special feeling of being alive and the rush of adrenaline running in his veins...

As he was fighting he saw, from the corner of his eyes, a guy carefully aiming something with a rifle, a dark shadow in his back. Probably their boss... Suddenly realizing WHAT exactly they were aiming at - his Lara - , he growled, letting himself fall on the floor as he emptied his clips on them...

He fired until he realized that he had no more cartridge then get up in silence, in this oh-so typical calm characteristic of the end of battles...

"You take your time before killing them. "

"Uh ? "

"What were you waiting, for them to kill me ? "

"I... "

What could he say ? He didn't saw them sooner, he should have, he was Lara's partner after all... And his - would-be - lover... He had to protect her... He almost failed to protect her... He...

"I... "

He stopped, interrupting himself as he saw the smile on her face. This beautiful, trustful smile...

"Lara ?... "

"But it's okay. As I'm in a very good mood today, I will do as nothing... "

He nodded, smiling happily. That was her way to thank him...

He was about to turn, to heading for the place where they let the car when he felt something on his shoulder. Lara's hand... Surprised, he turn his head, facing Lara, and can do nothing but widen his eyes in shock as she put a light kiss on his cheek.

She squeeze his shoulder affectionally before letting him, walking to the car. Then she turned her head, smiling like if nothing happened, her usual self back as she ordered:

"Come on, we've things to do... "

Grinning stupidly, he nodded again, fallowing her dreamily.

The man put his binoculars on the balcony and raise his hand, stroking his beard pensively.

"So, this is the Sakura priest's sister... "

"We should have intervene in it... " Another man say, frowning darkly.

"No, I dun think. It's... Better like that. "

"Should we let them know about us or not ? " A third man asked.

"No. Not yet. It's not the time. "

The men nodded as they continue to look at the pairing in silence.

End of Chapter 04

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