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Hidden Reality


Clasping her pillow in her arms, she laughed loudly. Oh God ! That had been so good ! Remembering the scene, she hide her face in her pillow, her fists hitting repetily the mattress. She was killing herself laughing... She hadn't had a laugh like that from a long time. But it was so good... She tried to calm herself... But it was impossible !

"Kitty-cat ? " Ken's voice. "What's with you ? "

"She guffaw like a crazy hyena..."

"Kira, that's enough..."

"Yeah, Laric-nee-san is right ! "she cried through the door. "Shut up, Kira ! "

"Wow ! The little cat has sharp claws ! " The same, irritating voice...

"It shoulda be a good idea to run away", the other added.

"Hmmph..." An amusing sound... Even Alaric was in, now !

"A... Alaric ! Traitor ! And I thought you were the perfect loving bro... You're like those two idiots ! "

"WHAT ! " Outraged tone.

"WHO is an idiot ! " Akira's furious voice.

"Can speak about him, but me..."

"Ken ! You fucking man... How dare you ! "

Sound of a fist hurting a body. Some seconds after, a crash -a head against the wall-... And curses, threat, yells and the usual sounds of a good fight... Nothing unusual in the family, in fact... And the neighborhood were used to it (everybody knew when there was new people in the district, 'cause they always called the police, thinking there was murderers in the house...). Hearing her brothers, the girl smiled, her anger forgotten. That was so fun... Hmm ? That sound... Yeah ! The special family head-butted technique... Who got it ? Eh, eh... Remembering the events of the day, she smiled. Hilarious ! She burns in laugher (again).

"Hey ! " Akira froze, his hand still grabbing Kendrick's shirt and it fist at only a few inches from this one's face...

"She laughed ? " Indignant voice. Kendrick's hand was still in Akira's hair as 'cause he was trying a very important experiment some seconds ago (If you hit your brother's head against the wall, what break first, the wall or the head ? ).

"She laughed..." A calm Alaric, leaning on the wall (not the one Kendrick use for his experiment, the opposite one...) confirmed.

"The little bitch ! " Akira blurted.

"She will pay..." Maniach gleam in Kendrick's eyes...

"Oh yes..." Akira grin.

"Mmm..." Calm smile.

She was still laughing as she heard the sound of a door open violently. Turning her head, she took sight of her brothers and froze, seeing their expression...


She was still trying to find a way to escape when they (in fact, the two younger of them) grabbed her and pinned her on the bed. Then the torture -the most horrifying of all- begun.

"So you want to laugh..."

"Ah ! Ki... Kirahahah ! "

"Then you will laugh..."

"Ken, I... Ahah ! Stop... Ahahahahahah ! "

"Say: I'm sorry to say and think and everything bad things about my brothers, the most wonderful brothers in the world..."

"What !? Ahah..."

"The cutest, the sexiest, the cleverest, the smartest..."

"In... Ahah... Your dreams ! Ahahahah..."

"The best brothers of all the brothers of the world..."

"You... Ahah... Never, Kirahahah ! "

"Say it ! "

"NO ! "

"Say: I'm a poor little girl who's lucky to have her bro to take care of her ! "

"I... No ! Ahahah..."

"You've no choice ! "

"It's not fair ! "

"Life is not... "

"Baka ! "

"So, say it ! "

"I... Ahah... I'm a poor little girl..."

"You see..."

"Who has three stupid-annoying-disgusting-irritating-exasperating-irritant stupids brothers..."

"What ! "

"You little devil..."

"Who are not even able to confront me alone and prefer to act like cowards..."

"What ! "

"How dare you..."

"Kitty-cat ! "

" 'Cause a one-to-one, okay but three to one it's only for cowards ! "


"And that only prove than women are better, clever and smarter than men ! "

"So why do you dress like that ? "

"Ahah... Only 'cause it's more comfortable..."


"Yeah, we believe you..." Akira's ironic voice.

"And I can steal your clothes...

"It's not a reason ! "

" 'cause if you'd been the good idea to born like girls, I probably chose to dress like a girl..."

"Now it's our fault..."

"It's always ! You're males..."

"Good argument..."

"But you can crossdressing, so I will look like as a girl when I steal your clothes."

"WHAT !? "

"Now, get away from me ! "

"I dunno..."

"Ken ! "

"I prefer TICKLE YOU ! "

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh ! StopStopStop ! Laric-nee-san ! HHHEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPP !

"Why ? "

"Onee-san !"

"It's your fault..."

"Whah... Ahahahah ! Why dyou say it ? "

"If you weren't born ticklish, we'd never had taken that habit..."

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhahah ! Not fair ! "

"I know..."

"Grrr... Ahah ! I will..."

Her brothers only scoffed at her threats... They were about to enter in a new verbal argument when they heard a voice. THE voice. One they loved. The only voice able to fear them. The voice they always obeyed to, whatever it said. A sweet, calm voice. A feminine voice.

"Dinner is ready ! "

No need to be fear today... Needless to say, they obeyed immediately (In the family, people had a stomach... Well... We could say that they're living stomach with legs... Or that it is not easy to fill the cavern they called their stomach...).

"And stop bothering your sister ! "

Three tall young guys froze suddenly and glanced at each other, their 'little sister' (only 1m89...) grinning in their back.

"We were just playing, mum..."

"Don't worry, mum..."

"We only teased her a little, mum, nothing import... Mmmph..."

Two hands on Akira's too big mouth... His brothers sweatdropped, hoping their mother didn't heard what the cadet of them had just said... The one they all spoke about let her smile widening (if it was possible...)

"WHAT... DID... I... HEARD ?! " A very cold, furious voice...

The same three tall feared-terrorized guys grimaced. Oups... Their little sister, the object of the maternal favor, was enjoying the situation. Revenge was so sweet... It had really been a good day... Suddenly, she remembered Tetsuo's expression... Oh yeah... A very good day ! Chuckling softly, she fallowed her brothers.

*something fun in the past, something fun in the future... Yeap, it's perfect...*

End of Prologue

So, you know who the fic is about ? Who is the main character ? Yep, it's a girl. There's not many in "Slam Dunk". Not enough, I think. So... I decided to change it...

What do you think about her family ? She has three big bothers... In all the sense of the term ! Alaric, Akira and Kendrick... They're fantastic ! And I LOVE her mother... THAT's a woman...

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