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This story takes place before the beginning of the series.


Kill la Kill fanfic:

"Four Star General"

by Avi

Part 1: "Jacket Required"

High atop Honnouji Academy, within the Student Council room, Satsuki Kiryuin sat upon her chair like a throne, as the Elite Four stood before her. In front of them, stood Shiro Iori, with a clipboard in his hands.

"Iori. Report," commanded Lady Satsuki.

"Yes, milady. As per your request, we have begun production of the prototype four-star Goku uniform. As we speak, the Sewing Club is weaving fabric composed of 40% Life Fibers."

"Excellent. Now there is just the matter of who will be first to wear a four-star uniform."

"Surely you're the one most worthy to wear four stars, Lady Satsuki," said Jakuzure.

"I am content with wielding just my sword, Jakuzure; it's more than a match for any opponent. No, the honour shall fall to one of you, my four generals... My Elite Four."

At this, the Elite Four bowed deeply.

"Milady, I volunteer myself to wear the first four-star uniform," said Gamagori. "As your Shield, I will use it to protect you with my life."

"You?" Sanageyama snorted. "I deserve to wear four-stars more than you, Gamagori!" He turned to Lady Satsuki. "Milady, I will cut down any one that opposes you, if you give me this honour."

"Now, now boys, don't fight... You're both pretty," mocked Jakuzure. "Besides, we all know that Lady Satsuki should pick me to wear the first four-star uniform."

"What makes you better than the rest of us?" snapped Sanageyama.

"I just am, all right? I have far more breeding than the rest of you bozos combined. Not to mention that I've known Lady Satsuki for the longest."

"Those reasons are crap and you know it!" Sanageyama retorted.

Before Jakuzure and Sanageyama could begin a full blown argument, Iori raised a hand.

"Might I interject, milady?"

"Speak." The rest of the Elite Four immediately fell silent.

Iori bowed his head. "In my professional opinion, I recommend that Inumuta be the first to try on the four-star uniform."

"Inumuta?" chorused three voices in unison. The rest of the Elite Four turned to look at their fourth member, who merely looked up; any expression he might have concealed by his high collar.

"Explain yourself, Iori."

"Yes, milady. Inumuta has displayed a far greater affinity to Life Fibers than any of the other students in Honnouji Academy so far, as demonstrated by how his uniform reacts to him as he speaks. I feel that this should give him greater control over the uniform, should it try to overwhelm him."

"Very well. I will take that into consideration." Lady Satsuki's gaze lingered on each member of the Elite Four, until it rested upon one.

"Inumuta. You shall be the first to don the four-star uniform."

Inumuta bowed. "As you wish, milady." He could feel the jealous gazes of the rest of the Elite Four boring into him, which he pointedly ignored.

If he was to be perfectly honest with himself, this was an honour Inumuta could've done without... But even he was not one to refuse a direct order from Lady Satsuki.

At the very least, it should provide some fascinating hands on data, thought Inumuta to himself. He frowned behind his collar. So, why do I have a bad feeling about this...?


It took a few days before the first prototype four-star uniform was completed, but as soon as it was, the Elite Four found themselves all summoned to the Sewing Club room.

"Ah good, I'm glad you all made it," said Iori, as the Elite Four stood before him.

"Why did you call all of us over here, anyways?" demanded Jakuzure. "I thought only dog-boy over here gets to have a shiny new uniform."

"It's only a precautionary measure," replied Iori. "Should anything go wrong with this fitting, I thought all available three-stars should be present to handle the situation."

All the Elite Four looked somewhat disturbed by these words, though it was hard to tell what Inumuta's reaction was, due to his collar.

Behind Iori, a pair of hazmat-suited Sewing Club members were wheeling in a dress form. Iori beckoned them forward.

"Ah, here it is." Iori swept a hand. "Behold, the first four-star Goku uniform!"

The Sewing Club members stepped aside, to reveal a uniform coat hanging upon the dress form. The Elite Four stared at it curiously.

It looked quite similar to Inumuta's current uniform, except of course, there were sets of four stars upon it, rather than three; the number of spikes on it had also increased to match, and were much longer and sharper-looking than before. Finally, the cuffs were now trimmed with fur, matching the fur on the collar.

"Just a jacket?" asked Gamagori. "Why not a full uniform?"

"Since this is just a prototype, I felt that this would be sufficient for initial testing," replied Iori. "It should sync up with the rest of Inumuta's uniform, though; I made certain of that."

"Well, then." Sanageyama punched Inumuta in the shoulder. "I guess you're up, champ."

"Don't embarrass youself too badly," sneered Jakuzure.

Inumuta pushed up his glasses. "Hmph." He removed his uniform jacket, revealing a black v-necked shirt underneath. Handing the jacket over to Iori, Inumuta then approached the four-star uniform.

Up close, Inumuta couldn't help but find something menacing about this new uniform... Something about the extra fur and the sharpened spikes gave the impression of a wolf baring its fangs. Mentally, he shook off the image; he wasn't about to let mere clothing psych him out, and certainly not in front of the rest of the Elite Four.

Without any further ado, Inumuta pulled the four-star jacket off the dress form, and put it on.

As Inumuta zipped up the jacket all the way, everyone else watched him expectantly.

"Well?" asked Gamagori.

"It's rather tight," replied Inumuta, who then grimaced. "Too tight..." It felt like the jacket was constricting around his chest.

"Tight? But it shouldn't be tight," said Iori, frowning. "I used the exact same measurements as your three-star uniform. Inumuta, take it off so I can look at it."

Inumuta tugged at the zipper, but it didn't budge.

"The zipper is stuck," Inumuta gasped. It was getting harder for him to breathe.

"Let me see!" Iori's brow furrowed as he tried to unzip Inumuta from the jacket, but to no avail.

"But... It was working fine earlier!" The others could hear the panic in Iori's voice.

"Here, let me do it!" Sanageyama pushed the smaller boy away somewhat rudely, then pulled down on the zipper as hard as he could.

The four-star jacket flew open. Inumuta gasped for air.

"Oh, thank God..." Even Jakuzure couldn't hide her relief.

"Here, let me take this off of you," said Iori, as he pulled the jacket off Inumuta... Or at least, tried to.

"What is this?" Iori frowned. "I can't get the sleeves off!"

"Lemme help," said Sanageyama, grabbing the other sleeve. He then started to frown as well.

"What the hell is up with this uniform?" he exclaimed. "It's like trying to pull off a pair of wet jeans!"

"Just get it off me already!" snapped Inumuta, dropping any pretense of calm.

In the end, it took the combined efforts of all of them to try remove the jacket off of Inumuta; Sanageyama grabbed one sleeve, as Iori and Jakuzure grabbed the other, while Gamagori grabbed Inumuta by the waist and pulled.

With a snap, Inumuta was finally freed from the four-star uniform. The glasses-boy fell on top of Gamagori in a heap, while the other three fell backwards, still holding the uniform jacket. In unspoken agreement, they all dropped it like a hot coal, and backed away.

"I'm not sure I want a four-star uniform anymore," muttered Sanageyama.

"I knew the nerd wouldn't be able to handle it." Though she sounded smug, Jakuzure clearly looked unnerved.

"If you think you can do better, why don't you try it on, you viper?" retorted Inumuta, as he got to his feet. His voice sounded sharper than usual.

Jakuzure stared at the coat lying on the floor. She'd never admit it, but after what just happened, she wouldn't want that thing anywhere near her body either.

"No way! Like I'd ever wear anything as tacky as your uniform," said Jakuzure airily, managing to keep her voice steady.

"Iori designed your uniform, as well as mine. Therefore, that would make your taste in clothing just as tacky, as it were."

Meanwhile, Iori had just gingerly picked up the four-star jacket, which was now as limp as normal clothing should be. He carefully hung it back on the dress form.

"I'm sorry, Inumuta," began Iori. "I was so certain the uniform would fit you properly..."

"I don't think the fit was the problem..." muttered Gamagori.

Meanwhile, Inumuta had picked up his three-star jacket, which had fallen on the floor during all the excitement.

"Don't worry, Iori," replied Inumuta, as he put his usual jacket back on (though not without a moment of hesitation). "I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to do this."

"I'll run some tests on the four-star uniform," said Iori. "I'm certain I can isolate the problems with it."

"You should be careful around that thing," warned Gamagori.

"I concur," said Inumuta. "It's far more dangerous than we initially calculated."

"I'll make sure to keep it pinned down properly." Iori turned to Inumuta. "And you should keep away from it, Inumuta; the uniform clearly wanted to bond with you, in some way. I can handle the analysis on my own."

Inumuta nodded. Despite his natural love for data, he couldn't help but agree; besides, he wanted to get as far away from the four-star uniform as possible. Inumuta would never say this out loud, but the difference between wearing the three-star and four-star uniforms was like comparing an affectionate puppy to a rabid wolf.

Meanwhile, Iori had called over a couple of Sewing Club members armed with tranquilizing rifles; the Elite Four watched as the Sewing Club members pinned down the four-star jacket with tranquilizing darts.

Content that the uniform was now subdued, the Elite Four went their separate ways, while Iori wheeled the dress form holding the uniform into his office. The Sewing Club president then turned off the light, and locked the door.

In the dim light of the office, gold and red threads glistened across the black stars across the chest of the jacket, like barely slitted eyes...