Quite a smutty start. Be advised.


She had met Layla her freshmen year of college. Layla, who had been beautiful. Who had been a wonderfully impossible puzzle. Layla who had taken every leap first, assuring Quinn that when she herself jumped, she could land in Layla's arms.

Layla had been the first to do everything actually. The first to ask her out. The first to lean down and initiate the first of many earth shattering kisses. She had been the first to whisper 'I love you' in the back of a crowded movie theater, perhaps the least romantic place ever for such a thing, but to Quinn it was everything.

To Quinn, she was everything.

Layla had been the first to suggest, not that they have sex, but that they could wait until Quinn felt ready. And when Quinn was finally ready, 8 months into the relationship, Layla had been the first to remove all of her clothes and ease any fears Quinn was having.

So when it was finally time to part for summer, Quinn had decided she couldn't let Layla lead everything for fear that she would think she was in this alone. So Quinn had been the first to suggest that Layla meet her parents and spend a week at her place for the summer.

She was hesitant. Hell, they both were. Layla had heard stories of Quinn's strict upbringing but after numerous attempts to convince her, she had finally agreed. She would meet Quinn's parents as her girlfriend.

It had ended badly. She had expected that. She had expected him to be unhappy with her. Disgusted even. So when he forced her to leave, she said nothing. Just kissed her mother goodbye and left.

And it hadn't been difficult at all actually. She thought she would've been devastated but really what had they ever done for her anyway? The clothes on her back and the shoes on her feet and the food on the table in front of her were not a byproduct of their love and affection. It was the byproduct of a great deal of money.

So when she left, she neither expected nor anticipated to return because there was nothing worth returning to.

And she was perfectly okay with that. She had Layla, who was kind and sweet and supportive every step of the way and so she would be perfectly fine.

Until the call came at the beginning of sophomore year.

Yale cashiering. They had called to inform her that her bill would be due before the first day of the semester. She had tried to explain to them that she was on scholarship. She had her entire tuition covered for four years. She was a Yale full ride recipient so she didn't have to pay.

But the calls kept coming. Kept reminding her that she had a bill to pay. And finally, when the issue was resolved, it was explained to her by the Dean himself that she had been removed from the recipient list because she had not met academic requirements.

That's absurd, she shouted. That's not fair, she yelled.

She had made straight A's both semesters. All of her life, in fact! There was no way she could possibly lose the scholarship that she had earned.

Unless…someone with more power and more influence than she could thoroughly imagine had taken it from her.

Which he had. Russell Fabray, who had pulled strings so that Quinn could be accepted to Yale without an interview and receive a full ride, had pulled those same strings out from under her and taken her scholarship.

She knew better than to call him. She knew better than to think this was all some sort of accidental misunderstanding.

He had purposely done this to her and so she was purposely not going to acknowledge his childish and petty actions, knowing that's exactly what he would want.

He wants to see her beg for forgiveness. But she is not willing to subject herself to that. She will never.

But more than that, she has a greater concern. She has an outstanding balance of $29, 653.89.

And she has two weeks to come up with the money. But she won't. She knows that she won't.

She's literally packing her bags preparing to return home, knowing that Layla's family is not kind enough to let her stay after the semester has started, when Layla herself comes home.

Layla, always the more driven between the two of them, has managed to get Yale to accept Quinn on a conditional basis. They have agreed to put Quinn on a payment plan of $1,860 a week for 16 weeks to pay off her semester's tuition.

But Quinn cannot understand Layla's excitement because she is in no position to pay that sort of money. Not even if she got a job would she be able to pay it.

But Layla loves her and agrees to pay half of it for her. So Quinn stops moping and complaining and tries. She tries to get a job in the short span of two weeks. But nothing seems to work. And just as she is prepared to officially give up the fight, a boy from the lacrosse team approaches her one day at the coffee shop. She isn't really familiar with him, as she is a drama major, but she knows that he goes by Puck, even though she hopes that's not his actual name.

He tells her something she is already aware of, she's hot. He tells her what she already assumed, lots of guys would love the opportunity to go out with her. But then he tells her something she was not aware of, his friends would pay good money to spend a night with her.

At first, she is disgusted by him, but he simply laughs at her and asks her if she's ever seen Easy A or anything. He tells her that buying dates and time and company is a burgeoning business.

And so she tells him she will think about it. And she does. Not only does she think about it extensively, but she talks it over with Layla, who is far more understanding and trusting than she ever should be. And so she agrees that Quinn should do it. If it's not sex and it's not romantic on Quinn's part, then she can live with it.

So Quinn does it. For two months, she sets up date after date. Her price ranges from $100-$200 depending on what the guy is looking for. Most of the Yale guys are just looking for nice, polite girls to introduce to their parents at a family dinner or gala. That's mainly who Quinn caters to because she has that pure Christian look about her that parents seem to adore. Small dinners are $100, but galas or anything lasting over 4 hours is $150 and up.

And oddly enough, these men pay it. Eagerly. And she thought for sure they would hound her about sex or at least a blow job, but they're all kind hearted guys just looking for someone to show off for the night. And most importantly, all guys that Puck (who has become something like a friend to her) would vouch for as "good guys" who understand the deal.

Except one. A lonely senior whose best friend is probably his computer and his right hand. Quinn feels utterly awful for him because he really is a sweet guy, opening doors and pulling out chairs for her. And so when he offers to double her pay for a simple handjob, she agrees. She doesn't feel good about it. In fact, she hates herself for how fast she accepts his offer. But it' Thursday and she doesn't have any more dates lined up as of then and she's still $500 short so she leans her hand across the armrest of the movie theater seat and strokes him off. He cums in less than a minute and she tells him she'll lick it off of her hand and swallow for an extra 50 bucks. He nods rapidly and almost cums again watching her make a show of licking his mess off of her.

When the night ends and he timidly hands her $450 cash, she thinks to herself that this wasn't so bad. That for two minutes of work and containing her gag reflex long enough to swallow a man's semen, she doubled her money.

And she considers that maybe she can do this again. Not often, but occasionally when she's running short and it's the end of the week.

But then she thinks of Layla. Sweet, trusting Layla who would be heartbroken if she ever found out about this.

And Quinn reasons that she's already fucked up. She's already cheated (because Layla thinks even thinking is cheating) and if she tells her, Layla will leave. So instead, she tells her nothing. And because she is who she is, Layla suspects nothing.

Quinn hates, for the first time ever, that she is such a wonderful actress.

What starts off as an "as needed" handjob, turns into something Quinn had never expected. A legitimate business. She has become the "Hitch" of campus. Running off of word of mouth alone and setting up so many profitable dates that she could pay her whole weeks tuition by herself. But that would tip Layla off and that's the last thing Quinn wants.

By the end of sophomore year, she has guys requesting her time every night of the week, but she knows she can't take them all on. Then she would never see her girlfriend. So she decides that she will take customers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only. This only increases her demand further and before she knows it, she has dates scheduled two months in advance.

Everyone knows the drill. The initial date is $100. Handjobs are an extra $100, but she offers two of them. Each blowjob is an extra $200. And if they want to cum anywhere on her body, that's an extra $200 as well.

Things are going quite smoothly and she gets quite a respectable reputation among the rich Yale scholars on campus, if you could call the business respectable at all. She finds sophomore year that her busiest, most profitable week is during study week and just after finals. Everyone is looking to relieve some stress and unwind and Quinn is all too happy to provide that.

But when one guy reaches down during a blowjob to stroke her pussy, she immediately pulls away.

"That wasn't part of the deal, Jamie."

"I know Quinn, I'm sorry. I got carried away. But I just…fuuuck. I wanna fuck you so bad."

He seems hesitant to say these things to her because he is a regular and he knows perfectly well how this works.

But he figures that at one point, Quinn was dinners only until someone convinced her to suck his dick. Maybe he'll be the one that convinces her to open up her pussy for business.

And though she wants to say no, his offer is one she can't refuse. An extra $500 on top of what he already owes.

Quinn wants to say that her body can't be bought. It's not for sale and neither is she.

But she loves this university. She loves the education and the opportunities she's getting.

And most of all, she loves Layla. Though she tries to separate business and pleasure, she reminds herself that the more money she makes in this side business, the more pleasure she can bring to her girlfriend. If she offers sex at $500 each time, she'll not only have enough for tuition, she'll have enough to buy Layla a ring. To settle down. To keep them comfortable until they get real jobs.

So she lays back and lets him slide his dick into her. It's not pleasurable at all. Not because of him, she's certain that if she were a straight girl who found him attractive, he'd be awesome. But she's not straight and she's not into him and so she just lays there waiting for him to finish. He spills himself into a condom and when he's done he slides off of her, kisses her cheek, and digs into his wallet.

He gently places the money onto the night stand and tells her he'll text her to set up another appointment.

She leans over and counts it. $800.

Her only thought is not of Layla and how awful she should feel for letting someone else have her.

Her only thought is that she knows her body is worth more than that.

And that's how it starts. For the men that she likes, that she knows won't take advantage, she offers the option of sex for $500. They usually agree pretty easily, even the ones with girlfriends. She wants to be disgusted, but then remembers she too is a lying, cheating asshole.

Of course the more time passes, the less guilty Quinn feels. In fact, she becomes more calculated. More careful. In order to have sex, the boys have to come with a health report within the last 14 days showing that they are free from any and all sexually transmitted diseases. She is still having sex with Layla and she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she caught something and gave it to her.

So they wear condoms and she takes the pill and all is well.

She even makes a game of it. The base price for sex is $500 but Quinn has found that when she's riding them in bed, or chocking on their dick, or eating some guy's ass (even though they swear they're not gay or anything) she can get them to agree to just about any price.

Sometimes she'll tell them, "You're fucking me too good. This is worth $700 now."

Ego boost to them. Pay raise for her.

But her absolute favorite is when she gets a new incoming freshman who hasn't had experienced sex like this before. He'll ask her nervously how much and she'll whisper in his ear while stroking his cock, "You tell me. When you come up with a number, just let me know."

For a while, all she hears from them are a litany of swears and curses.

"Fuck that's good."

"Deeper baby."

"Suck it. Take it all."

"Yesss, I'm fucking-fuck!"

And then right as they're cumming, just as they're at the height of their passion, she'll pull off of them completely and squeeze the base of their dick so that there's no way they can come and she'll ask again.

"How much is it worth to you, baby?" And they'll scream out the most absurd numbers.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, a thousand! A thousand dollars, just let me fucking cum!"

"Shit Quinn, come on! I mean, fuuuuuuck," she licks the tip to inspire him to think harder. "Fuck fifteen hundred!"

On one occasion, she is too late and he cums before she can stop him. But as she clenches her pussy around him and he thrusts up into her spilling his seed into the condom, he whispers,

"This is some $5,000 pussy."

And he delivers every cent and then some, tipping her for….she doesn't even know or care what the extra hundred is for. It just goes into the savings like the rest of it.

And that's how she gets along for the remainder of her time at Yale and by the time she is finishing up the last few weeks of her senior year, she had not only paid her $177,000 in tuition (some of which was covered by scholarships she had garnered), but she had managed to buy Layla a ring and put some away in savings.

She was going to propose right after graduation while at dinner with Layla and her family.

She was going to spend her life with Layla and leave all of this behind.

But then there's this party on Thursday the week of finals. Most people are done with finals by now except Layla who has a Friday exam, which is her last. She insists that Quinn go without her and so she does. Hours later, a few shots in her system Quinn is approached by Puck and a few friends asking for the one thing she swore she would never do.

A gangbang.

$1,000 for each of them. There are twelve of them. She doesn't think she can handle it really, but she knows she could use $12,000 so an inebriated Quinn agrees. The whole time she thinks of the beautiful wedding she and Layla will be able to afford with $12,000.

Maybe one of the condoms breaks. Maybe they were never wearing any. Maybe she had missed a pill or two. She can't remember really. All she knows is that two weeks later she is violently ill and pregnant.

She has proposed to Layla and Layla has said yes and has been on cloud 9 ever since and Quinn is not willing to lose that. So she goes to the clinic and pays to get rid of it before she can begin to get attached.

And yes, it hurts every fucking day but not as much as losing Layla, she reasons.

For some reason, the students on campus are much better at keeping the fact that they're fucking her a secret but the moment she has an abortion it seems like the news spreads like wildfire.

And when people dispute it, mainly the girls, asserting that Quinn is a nice sweet girl dating Layla the architectural major, a video surfaces.

Of Quinn and twelve guys fucking her in every possible hole. They slap her in the face with their dicks. They spank her. They cum inside of her and force her to squeeze it out. They stick two dicks in her pussy and ream her ass. They are not gentle and Quinn is not asking for them to be.

And suddenly Quinn looks like a slut. The same sweet gentlemen who swore to keep her secret are now spreading lies that this sort of thing happens all the time. And when Puck speaks up and says it isn't true, no one believes him. Because everyone has seen it for themselves.

Even Layla. And that kills her more than the entire campus knowing. She would rather all of the United States and all of its territories know…but not Layla.

"You lied to me. You looked me in the eyes and lied to me. All of those nights when I would reach out and touch you and you would pull away—oh god. What if you had contracted something and given it to me?! Quinn how could you do this?!"

She tries to approach Layla, not looking to explain because of course this is exactly what it looks like so there is nothing to explain, but she wants to hold her anyway. Just one last time.

But Layla just pulls away.

"It was just work for me. You know I needed the money. It never meant anything."

Surprisingly enough, Layla nods as if she understands. As if she isn't angry.

"But the worst part is that you…you got rid of it Quinn. You…we…we could've at least talked through it."

Quinn couldn't believe what she was hearing. But then again, why should she be surprised? Layla was one of the most understanding people. She was hurt by the cheating, but she understood. What she couldn't understand was Quinn having an abortion.

"Talked through what?! Keeping some random guys baby?!"

Layla flinches and Quinn knows she has no right to yell.

"It was a life Quinn. A life and you treated it like nothing."

Quinn has nothing to say to that because she's been wrestling with that as well.

When Layla leaves she doesn't try to stop her. What's the point? Layla would probably never see her as anything other than a lying, cheating, baby killer anyway. So she lets her go. And she even lets Layla take her heart with her, knowing she won't be needing it ever again.

And after Layla walks away, what else is there to live for? What else is there to be careful about?

So Puck sets her up with a filmmaker friend and she gets into the amateur porn business.

She does that for a year after college. So long in fact that sex no longer means anything. It can be sweet and passionate or rough and deliciously painful but she doesn't care. It's just sex. It's just acting.

But eventually she finds herself needing a change. A change of pace. A change of scenery. A change from herself, even. She tells Puck that she's going to take a break from the old Quinn. She wants to be whole again. Made new. And she doubts she'll find that in the porn industry.

So he wishes her luck and sends her on her way and that's how she winds up here.

In a new apartment. With a new haircut. In New York.

Where everyone goes to become someone new.


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