Hi, guys! I decided to give NCIS a try for a fanfic-this isn't my first fanfic ever, but it's the first one I've wrote for our favorite team and our favorite duo. This is kind of a sneak peak of my next one, which will have this conversation as an intro.

Anyway, this is a depiction of Tony and Ziva's coffee and pizza meeting in Kill Ari, Part 1; and includes snippets of Kate in it. That's really it.


"Toda." He smiles at her thanks. Playing the language game, are we?

"Prego," he replies, and though his voice is sincere, he is anything but. Kate died. Another woman is here. Does she really matter?

Her sister Tali died. She was the best of them. Them, he thinks. Mossad. Maybe it should intimidate me, Kate.

She became like Gibbs. Her eyes say everything to him. She is telling the truth. Why are you even thinkingof trusting her, Tony?

I don't know, Kate. Maybe she's just like us. Human.

Yeah, an Israeli Mossad assassin is totally in your league of panties, spring break, and beer, DiNozzo. She's behind him with her dark hair and her Catholic school girl clothes, and he can picture her...and more.

What, you don't think I can charm her? The DiNozzo genetic line is all about charm and handsome faces, Kate!

"Laila tov."

"Buonanotte," he exits, and he can hear her laughing behind him, following him after the observation between him and the Israeli. Obviously, they didn't pass down to you.

Did too.

Did not.

Did too.

Sorry, really short. There's more to come soon, though, in another story I'm working on for Tiva. Thanks for reading!