Please be my Boyfriend.

Hi this is my first time writing this so enjoy. Disclaimer:I. Don't own Star vs the forces of evil. Ok Enjoy.

It was a sunny day at the Diaz residence as both Marco and Star were already eating breakfast and watching tv.

As they were eating Star just asks a random question. "Marco will Boyfriend please" Marco just stops eating and looks at Star blushing really red. "Why exactly?" he said blushing bright pink. "Lately I have felt weird feelings or emotions around you and I thought maybe I'm feeling this way because I might like you" Once Star finished what she said Marco just stared at her like he didn't believed it. "Umm... Star I like you, but I like you in a friend way ok."

Star felt like she was going to die. "Oh... Sorry I didn't mean to make you feel awkward about this." she said feeling sad. She was about to leave the kitchen before Marco called her name. "Wait!... Don't go I don't want to see you sad."he said softly. " I thought at first you were just kidding and didn't believe it because you're my best friend" he continued. Star just looked at him in an annoyed way." I know you feel sad, but now I wanna make it up for you.." he said while blushing a bit.

"I guess I like you a bit more than I realized and...yes I'll be your boyfriend for as long as you want." he said happily.

Star just smiled real big and jumped on top of him and kissed him. Marco was shocked at this but continued the kiss.

"You know I think I might enjoy being your boyfriend" he said. "I think so too" Star said. After they were done they went back to watching tv and eating nachos. For them they were happy with each other loved each other.

The End...for now..


Hope you enjoyed this short story. If you didn't well you didn't but letting you know this is my first time writing hope you guys enjoyed it.