Before you say ANYTHING, I know you're probably sick of seeing these things, but I just had to make one. I LOVE these and felt the urge to do this. So, without further ado, my DR SYOC:

Danganronpa: Despair over Hope!

So, here are some simple rules:

1. Don't make your character related to a main character.

2. SHSL Lucksters are allowed, but only one will be accepted. If I have already chosen one, I will notify you. Same applies to SHSL ?'s.

3. No Mary Sue/Gary Stu. You know very well what qualifies as a Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

4. Please send me your OC form by PM. I will only accept reviews if you don't have an account.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the form for you to fill out!

See rule #2.
Everyone else says this, but please make it detailed.
Just a few things to help me understand your character better.
Do they argue? Do they accuse? Do they present evidence?
Doesn't have to be tragic or anything.
Survivor, victim, or blackened?:
I need some people who are willing to let their character die.
This is required, even if your character isn't blackened.
I need a protag and a mastermind.
Any other information?

1. Rin Miyama (SHSL Video Game Designer)
2. Miki Hinamori (SHSL Pianist)
3. Kuro Sato (SHSL Mystery Novelist)
4. Kazuo Maro (SHSL Guitarist)
5. Eto Fukui (SHSL Nun)
6. Reiko Miura (SHSL Actress)
7. Masayoshi Amaya (SHSL Basketball Star)
8. Tora Kumonosu (SHSL Entomologist)
9. Kaede Fujiko (SHSL Fashion Designer)
10. Akemi Koibito (SHSL Matchmaker)
11. Haru Takahashi (SHSL Gardener)
12. Oji Hanato (SHSL Lucky Student)
13. Kurzama Jin (SHSL Investigator)
14. Haru Ishimaku (SHSL Thief)
15. Risami Nagai (SHSL ?)
16. Chio Nonaka (SHSL Translator)

Game Start

PS. I have a poll for everyone: Should the story be in regular story form or in script form? I've been considering script form to make it a bit more like the game, but I'm already planning to do regular story form. Which do you think I should do? -SoManyOCs