Another Shift 4 Turbo

Set just before Turbo's 1st episode, Shift into Turbo Part One. Meaning it takes place following the movie but before the season actually began. Justin has taken up the role of the Blue Turbo Ranger powers along side his friends Tommy Oliver, The Red Turbo Ranger, Adam Park, The Green Turbo Ranger, Tanya Sloan, the Yellow Turbo Ranger, and Katherine Hillard, the Pink Turbo Ranger.

Kim and Jason's return to see their friends, wasn't the only reason they'd returned to Angel Grove, Kim had learned her mother was remarrying and wanted to meet her soon to be step father, she'd returned from Paris to be with him, and for her mother to give up her life in Paris and come back to Angel Grove Kim thought this guy had to be something special, and she wanted to know why her mother would come back for him and his son, but not stay for her.

As it turned out he'd been her boyfriend in high-school, but she'd gotten together with her father, and then got pregnant with her, and he'd gone off and married a woman who was killed in a monster attack years earlier, she'd known all of this as she stood in the power chamber before telling everyone that she'd catch up with them all later.

Kim and Jason then found themselves at the Residence of her mother's soon to be fiance and were greeted with warm welcomes by her mother, and there after her soon to be step father.

"It's so great to finally meet you both, my names Doug, Doug Stewart" he said introducing himself to the to of them, as Justin walked through the door.

"Dad, I'm home" he yelled as he turned down the hallway, and found himself in-front of the four.

His thoughts began racing, "Why are they here? are they still evil? what's going on?" he thought to himself

Both Kim and Jason noticed the look of fear in Justin's eyes, he was scared. It was clear he thought they were both still evil and this was a trap.

"I'll be back" Justin said taking off towards the stairs, they heard a door slam shut.

"Zordon, Alpha, anyone come in" Justin said into his communicator.

"Justin what's going on?" Adam's voice came through.

Justin quickly went on to explain that Jason and Kim were in his house, with him and his parents, waiting for him when he walked through the door.

In the power chamber ...

"There what?" Tommy said panic forming in his voice.

"I thought the scans said they were okay?" Kat asked.

"Rangers their scans show no signs of a spell, if Kat and Jason are there they aren't there to harm them.


"Then what's going on?" Justin asked into his communicator.

"Justin you in there it's Jason" Jason said from the other side of the door.

"Yea one sec" he told him, before whispering into his communicator, "I gotta go"

He openned the door and Jason was standing there.

"Justin, listen I know you were surprised by us being here, but that woman Susan, your dad's marrying, that's Kim's mother"

"What?" Justin asked dumbfounded!

"I'n not joking you and Kim are going to be siblings, I need to use the can little bro, i'll meet you down stairs" he said as he went into the washroom, closing the door behind him.


Meanwhile in the outskirts of the galaxy, Dark Spector had received word that the Gold Zeo Ranger was spotted on Earth during the ranger's battle with the Machine Empire.

"Astronima I want you to disguise yourself, and lure the rangers into a trap, have Zedd and Rita loan you some of their putties to throw the rangers off and use this dagger"

the Monarch told her as a Black Dagger with a white ruby in it's center appeared before her, Astromina's hair turned blond and fell down her back, before taking the dagger in hand.

"This dagger has been proven to sever a link to the morphing grid"

"Why am I just seeing this now, I could have destroyed those two rangers aeons ago with this my lord!"

"Because this blade was forged by the people of KO-35, they are impervious to it, however Zordon's precious rangers aren't! I want you to use this blade on one of them so we can create are own evil ranger"

"I see" She said with a smirk as she vanished in a cloud of purple smoke.

"You know Darkonda your getting better at shielding your energy"

"That's good to know Grand Monarch, I have what your requested" He said gesturing to the unconscious body at his feet.

"Oh what perfect timing, our young princess is acquiring the other half of our plan as we speak"

To Be Continued ...

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Author's Notes: I want to give you, the readers a part in this story, every so often, I will allow you, the readers to chose the direction of the story ...

I have three different plot lines for the dagger and who it will be used on ... the question is now who will it be used on Tanya, Katherine, or Adam?