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Chapter 1: The Meeting

'Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man's brief existence to the void. However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man's passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named "Dust." Nature's wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow's absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone... darkness will return. So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called "free world," but take heed... for there will be no victory in strength.

'What an interesting concept to describe our origins.' Thought a girl cloaked in a red hood.

She placed the thick, brown book she had been reading back into its original shelf. It was a book of history titled, "From Darkness Came Dust". The girl had only read the introduction and already the book captured her interest. Though the words captivated her, she didn't need to continue any further reading. She was already well aware of mankind's origins. So she continued to browse the shelves and their literature and was about to pull another book until an announcement came on.

"Attention, would a miss Ruby Rose please come to the front desk please, your orders have just arrived. Again, would a miss Ruby Rose please come to the front desk, your orders have just arrived, thank you."

When the soft shopping music came back over the speakers, the girl sighed. She loved bookstores with a passion but was entirely uncomfortable with having her name announced for all to hear.

'Guess that's what I get for asking the clerk to call me when it arrived.' She thought.

She couldn't hold any ill-emotion for it. The store was impressively large with five floors, various people constantly entering, and more books than she could ever count. Of course it would make sense for announcements to be made.

In the end it didn't matter as the girl, known as Ruby Rose, walked past the number of people who were in her way. She raised her hood so no one could see her, nor did she want them too and within a few seconds of walking, Ruby automatically remembered why she had hated cities in the first place.

'Too many god damn people'

With not a lot of space to move freely, Ruby felt cornered, vulnerable, and small. She wasn't all that tall to begin with and being surrounded by so many people who surpassed her in height didn't help.

After a few accidental bumpings, blocked paths by loiters, and delayed mobility, Ruby finally reached the pair of elevators that were located near the front of the building. She sighed in relief as she pushed the button and waited for the said elevators to arrive. She mentally cursed herself for being on the third floor, and not only that but all the way in the back which made her walk that much longer.

At first it was a good idea. She arrived in Vale at around six in the morning and had stayed in the bookstore for over five hours. When she entered, it was just opening at around seven where it was peaceful and quiet. Barely any customers were inside much to her liking. It made her feel as if she were the owner of all the books and silently enjoyed her time.

Now five hours later, a few people turned into larger crowds as they entered by the hordes. It made sense though, "Remnant's Finest Literature" was a major literature corporation and famous for being one of the bestselling book companies in all of Remnant.

And as much as it displeased Ruby to enter a place that would be crowded, she couldn't resist the countless literature, it was one of her weaknesses, and also because she had ordered her books from the store and they needed to be picked up.

There was a ding that snapped Ruby out of her thoughts as the elevator door opened. She sighed once more and quickly walked in without realizing the person exiting and immediately bumped into their shoulder.

The impact recoiled Ruby just a bit as she looked at the person she bumped into. Though she was small and looked petite, she had intensively trained for years under her uncle's teachings and she still had yet to understand her full strength.

When she looked up she saw that it was a slim teenage male who seemed fine despite how hard she bumped into him. In fact, much like her, he too recoiled only a little and it seemed as if he didn't notice her as well.

His facial expression was vague and he seemed rather stoic. His magenta colored eyes stared into her own silver pupils as she noticed from his eyelids that he was of Asian descent. He was taller than Ruby by a foot and a half with long, messy, black hair wrapped, mid-back, in a tight ponytail. She noticed the magenta streak dyed into one of the right bangs of his hair which seemed to match his eyes. He looked young but still older than herself, she guessed probably by a year or two. His skin was pale but nowhere compared to her own complexion. She couldn't help but like the attire he was wearing as well: an all-black outfit consisted of a black, diagonally-buttoned tailcoat with black and green trimmings and magenta cuffs, a dark green shirt beneath it, black pants, and black knee high combat boots. She noticed the pair of black fingerless gloves with a magenta lotus flower imprinted on both forehands. She then spotted the strap around his back and then noted that he carrying a large black duffle.

'Must be a traveler.'

The two continued to stare at each other, both with no readable emotion on their faces, until Ruby then remembered why they were in this position in the first place.

"My apologies," she started in a low voice. "I did not see you and I hope I didn't hurt you."

The boy looked at her then shook his head as he gave her a small, polite smile.

"No, the apology is mine." He replied in a smooth tenor voice. "I did not see you in my direction as well… and I'm fine thank you. But… what of you?" he asked.

Ruby noted his verbal usage. He sounded so distant and yet still sympathetic. She shook her head and gave him an awkward smile. She was not used to smiling.

"No… I'm fine. It… takes more than that to knock me down."

The boy stared at Ruby for a few seconds then chuckled. "Dually noted milady. Well then… please take care."

He gave a small bow while holding Ruby's hand up and gently placed a kiss on her glove cover forehand. Without turning to see her reaction, he exited the elevator and headed into the store.

Ruby stiffened but entered the elevator with a raised eyebrow as she pressed the first floor button. The boy had already disappeared into the crowd.

She looked at the hand that was kissed. She knew it was not a sign of flirtation, that much was certain. His facial expression was almost emotionless despite his smile and Ruby could tell when a man was attempting to flirt. She witnessed it too much for her liking due to a certain 'someone.'

"If I'm correct on him being a traveler then perhaps that's how they gesture an apology or sign of respect wherever he comes from. If so then, despite being a stranger, he seems to have a decent code of morality.'

When she arrived on the first floor, Ruby stepped off of the elevator and walked up to the front desk where a woman, presumably the store clerk, was typing away on her computer. She waited a good minute and a half for the woman to attend her but was ignored. She then cleared her throat, which caught the clerk's attention as she let out a startled shriek when seeing Ruby.

"Oh I'm sorry miss you gave me a fright." She said with a hand on her chest. "Is there anything you need help with today?" She asked offering Ruby a smile. 'This kid scared the hell out of me with that outfit! Does she think she belongs to the dead or something, or is she cosplaying?'

Ruby resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She could tell a fake smile from a real one any day.

"Hello ma'am, I am Ruby Rose. I believe my orders are ready."

The woman blinked a few times by how emotionless the girl sounded, it was almost creepy.

'what's with this girl?' The clerk thought as she jumped into a bubbly attitude.

"Ah yes Miss Rose! A colleague of mine did mention a Miss Rose! Please wait one moment."

The woman started typing away as Ruby waited, she knew the clerk already made some type of judgment on her but paid know mind. She was used to it.

"There we are!" The clerk called out. "Your orders consisted of one… 'The Grimm Reaper Saga box-set' and one order of… 'The Haunted Hunters Trilogy'. Is this order correct to you miss?

Ruby nodded.

"Wonderful, I'll go get them for you right now then. Just wait one moment please." The woman gave another smile to Ruby then walked away.

As she left, Ruby couldn't help but sigh.

'I guess even in a city I'm still looked upon as eldritch.' She thought as she rubbed her forehead. 'This is going to be a long day.'

Ruby checked the time on the computer and saw that it was already one in the afternoon.

'I guess I can go get some lunch after this.' She thought.

Just then Ruby heard heels tapping on the blue tiled floor and saw the woman walking back with her orders in both arms. The young teen couldn't help but feel some internal excitement at the sight of them.

"There we go." The clerk said as she set the books on the desk. "Since the order shows that you've already paid for them online, I will just print out a receipt and you can be on your way."

Ruby nodded as the receipt printed and watched the clerk bag the box-sets up in a big bag.

"Enjoy your books ma'am and have a nice day!" The clerk said. Ruby bowed her head as she picked up her bag and walked away silently.

'Little freak.' Was the last thing the Clerk thought as she went back to typing.

As Ruby walked towards the store's doubled doors to head out, she looked through her bag in search of the receipt. She was so focused on finding it that she failed to notice someone in her way and accidentally bumped into that person which caused her to drop her bag where her box-sets fell out.

Ruby turned and was about to apologize and noticed that she bumped into a girl this time. She had long jet black hair that reached down to her mid-back with a black ribbon tied in the form of a bow on the top of her head. Her skin was a well-kept light olive complexion that Ruby admired. Her eyes were a breath taking amber color that looked identically similar to those of a black cat. Ruby noticed the girl's attire and, just like with the boy earlier, she liked the outfit she saw.

The first thing she looked at was a black buttoned vest over a dark silver, sleeveless undershirt with onyx short shorts over her charcoal colored leggings. The leggings were tucked into a pair of black ankle heeled boots. She liked the detached black sleeve over her left arm and the black ribbons wrapped around both of her wrists. The black choker around the girl's neck with the symbol of a silver crescent moon was something Ruby really liked and secretly wished she had one for herself.

When the girl turned, Ruby noticed that there was someone with her as well, looking at her.

It was a tall man whose eyes were covered by a pair of black sunglasses. His black hair was spiked up backwards in a side swept way and, just like Ruby's hair, dyed with crimson red streaks. There were two distinct horns that grew out from the top of his head moving back with his hair, hiding among a few strands. 'He's a Faunus' Ruby thought slightly intrigued. His skin was not pale white or olive like herself or his companion but it was somewhere in between the two. His attire consisted of a long-sleeved black trench coat with slit sleeves, Greek white symbols on his back and chest, and flame like designs on the coat's bottom edges. Ruby couldn't help but admire how fierce it made the male look. Underneath his coat, he wore a crimson buttoned undershirt with jet black pants and a pair of plain black shoes.

Both of them looked older than Ruby but not by a lot, like the boy earlier, she estimated two years at most.

The Faunus boy tucked his gloved covered hands into his pockets as he stared at Ruby. Again, she looked at his horns. She never had anything against the Faunus, quite the opposite, they actually intrigued her very much.

Ruby stopped looking at the horns and felt an incredible sense of Déjà vu suddenly hit her. The same situation she got herself into were showing the same results. Her staring at them and both of them staring back at her. Ruby, releasing an internal sigh, knowing it would not go anywhere if they simply stayed silent, just like when she bumped into the other boy in the elevator.

Quickly, Ruby bowed her head and spoke softly. "My apologies to the both of you. I was… not careful with where I was going and… I hope you two can forgive me."

The boy and girl looked at one another. The girl in red sounded almost emotionless but they said nothing of it.

When Ruby raised her head again, she saw the girl simply shrug. "It's alright, accidents happen right?"

Ruby nodded and bent down to gather her things.

'This girl… isn't what I expected.' Thought the girl in black.

She found Ruby to be interesting. She looked like a character from a fairy tale she once read as a child. Especially with the red hood draped over her shoulders and head. However instead of a bubbly personality she was the opposite, like in a gothic version of the fairy tale, a Grim Tale.

'Interesting.' The girl thought as she watched Ruby pick up one of her box-sets. Bending down, the girl picked up the other and read the box's title cover.

'The Grim Reaper Saga, sounds interesting.' She thought as she rose with the box in hand and handing it over to Ruby.

"That box-set… it looks… promising." The girl said in a calm voice.

Ruby was caught off guard slightly but didn't allow it to show on her face. It wasn't often for someone to compliment one of her tastes. She let a very small smile creep onto her face as she looked at the girl.

"Thank you I… love the author." She replied. "I… highly recommend… checking him out."

The Faunus boy watched the whole scene in front of him in silence.

'She doesn't usually make conversation with anyone unless they catch her interest. I wonder what she finds interesting about this girl. I'll admit, she's definitely something new.'

As Ruby placed her two box-sets into the bag, she nodded to both of them. "I guess… this is goodbye then. Again, sorry for… bumping into you. I hope… you can forgive me."

The girl shook her head.

"Like I said, accidents happen so it's fine." She turned to the boy, "It is about time for us to go in."

Ruby nodded and turned to walk away.

"Hey, hold on."

She turned back and saw that the voice came from the Faunus boy. He approached Ruby as she looked at him with a small glint of curiosity. There was no sense of danger from him which allowed her to remain relaxed. She then noticed his gloved hand extend out of his pocket while holding a piece of thin, rectangular paper. Ruby instantly recognized it as her receipt and looked at the boy again.

"You might want this. It fell out with the books." He said in a deep voice.

Ruby slowly raised her hand and took the receipt as the boy tucked his hand back into the safety of his pocket.

"Thank you." said Ruby as the boy shrugged.

"It's no problem."

Ruby nodded and slipped the receipt into the silver metallic pocket of her belt.

"Also," he continued. "A good choice with the Haunted Hunter's Trilogy. It just became a manga last year."

Ruby smile slightly, trying not to let her love of manga show too much on her face. "Thank you for telling me. I'll have to… look into it after I… finish reading these."

The boy smirked and nodded as he walked back to the girl who was waiting patiently. When he reached her, the two waved goodbye to Ruby who bowed to them and walked out of the store.

She replayed all the events that just happened in the past half hour. Never in her wildest imagination had Ruby ever thought that she would meet three very strange and yet very interesting individuals.

'I guess this day is full of surprises'. Ruby thought as she walked out into the broad afternoon sunlight. She pulled her hood lower to her face to block out the sunlight as she went on her way to find something to eat now.

As the day went on, things were going smoothly for Ruby. After collecting her books, she had lunch in a diner not too far from the bookstore. Despite a few glances and stares that she received while eating, things were peaceful.

After her meal, Ruby decided to travel to a large forest like park that she knew of. When she entered, she walked past the trees and bushes and already felt at home. Sure there was no snow but it was still lovely. She noticed that there was a good amount of people in the park today. It made sense considering that September was still technically summer. Some were walking, others jogged, and Ruby spotted a few families having picnics by the decent sized lake near the center of the park. She couldn't help but sigh as she watched two parents flying a kite with their young daughter. Then there was a younger preteen girl with the family who sat away from them and was busy typing away on her scroll.

Ruby felt a sting of irritation flare up before getting over it.

'How foolish some people are to take advantage of what others don't have'.

She watched as the little girl jumped up and down as she finally got the kite to fly up into the air. Her parents were smiling and patting her head as the preteen looked up and simply shook her head before going back to her scroll. Ruby turned and sighed as she made her way past them.

'Cherish these moments young one. For they may not last forever.' She mentally said as the little girl continued to smile and cheer. 'And you elder one, realize the good that you still have so far. Because it could be taken away from you in a blink of an eye and change everything forever.'

After walking deeper into the forest, Ruby soon came across the perfect location to sit and read in seclusion. It was a small area with a large tree and multiple bushes grounded into the dirt. The tree had thick, varying branches that offered large amounts of shade, much to Ruby's satisfaction.

She approached and laid down with her back to the tree. She let out a relaxed sigh, enjoying the serenity of the small area with no one else around. She was comfortable enough to lower her hood. She then closed her eyes to feel the gentle gust of wind rush through her hair. Ruby then went into her bag to open one of her box-sets carefully and pulled out the first book of the series.

'Finally, no people, no noises, and no interruptions.' Ruby mentally said to as she began reading the first book of The Grim Reaper Saga. When her eyes reached the first page, she immediately blacked out everything around her.

As time passed and day started turning to night, Ruby had lost herself in the words of each page as she followed the protagonists and their journeys. The story shifted and flowed as the character's developments were on point, the plot was incredible and, the conflict was simply perfect. Ruby was glad that she bought the box-set because she felt that she would not be able to stop at just the first book.

While she still had much of the first book's story left, she looked up to the sun and judged that it was about to turn dark in less than an hour. The sky was already turning orange. Ruby smiled at her estimate, the night, her night, was returning to her. Although much to her disappointment, Ruby had to close her book as it was too dark to read now and she had to get going. She had a long way home.

After gathering her belongings, and raising her hood back up, Ruby quietly left the park as she witnessed the street lamps now starting to turn on. She noticed the extreme lack of people out and about much to her liking. It was comfortable now that the numbers were lessened.

She had been walking for an hour through the streets and was finally nearing the edge of the city. Just as she was about to keep going, she stopped and noticed a store across the street on her right. It was a small shop, roughly a self-made business titled, "From Dust Till Dawn".

Ruby stared at the sign for a moment and remembered the little 'event' that happened in the forest this morning left her low on dust and in need for a resupply. But as Ruby stared at the store there was something necking her.

'Probably just nothing.' Ruby thought with a shrug as she walked towards the small store.

When she entered, a little bell sounded off notifying her arrival. The store was indeed small but well kept. The walls were painted sage from the bottom and white near the top. On her left and right she spotted a variety of dust dispersal tubes along the walls ranging in a variety of different colors.

In the middle of the store she saw a large, glass, rectangular counter with brown, wooden outlines. Inside the counter housed many different colored crystals of all shapes and sizes. Standing behind the counter was a gentle looking elderly Asian man who was balding by the scalp yet still maintained long grey hair around his sides. He wore a grey collared t-shirt with light brown pants, and a maroon apron tied around him.

The back of the store had several small wooden aisles that held food, books and other inanimate objects for purchase. Ruby gave a short bow to the elder, showing him respect as he smiled and nodded to her.

"Hello young lady." The old man said in a gentle aging voice. "How may I help you this evening?"

Ruby went to her silver metallic pocket, rummaging through a few things before pulling out two small, black canisters with red rose symbols. "I would like to… resupply myself with two full loads of your finest red and, if possible, black dust please."

The elder nodded, slightly taken aback. It was rare for anyone to ask for black dust as it was very difficult to use, let alone control. He was also very surprised by how distant the girl sounded as well.

However, a customer was still a customer and he signaled her to follow him. He exited he counter and led Ruby to the far back of the store near the right corner. He presented Ruby with several dispersal tubes, including two that were filled with red and black dust.

"These are where we keep our finest of manufactured dust and as you can see, we have what you are looking for. However, the black dust is extremely limited and is a bit more expensive." He said while presenting the tubes. "Please feel free to take as much as you like and once you've finish you can see me in the front and we can weigh it to find the exact price range for each one."

Ruby nodded as she examined the tubes. "Thank you. I will also be acquiring the red and black crystals I saw in the front so… I will be sure to let you know which I choose."

The elder nodded and walked back to the front of the store leaving Ruby to tend to her business. She already attached her canisters to the red and black dust tubes watching the small, vertical meter started to glow red and black.

'Since I want them both up to full it's going to take a few minutes for that to happen. A little music should past the time.'

Ruby rummaged into her pocket and pulled out black headphones with red rose symbols on the cup of each ear piece with its wired string already attached to her scroll. She lowered her hood, put her head phones on, and immediately pulled it back up. She quietly browsed through her playlist until she found a song she felt in the mood for.

(Music Start: Breaking Benjamin; Sooner or Later)

I want a normal life,

Just like a newborn child.

I am a lover hater,

I am an instigator.

The little bell on top of the store's door rang indicating a new customer. The elder turned to the door and smiled. But his smile soon dropped as fear struck his heart.

Through his door, in came five male individuals. The one in the front was a tall man with slanted dark-green eyes, orange hair with long bangs covering his right eye. He had a black bowler hat with a red band on while wearing a lot of black eyeliner. He wore a red-collared white suit and a small gray scarf. He had black gloves with round sleeves, and black pants with black dress shoes. In his hand he held a long black cane while holding a large cigar in his mouth.

The other four were all dressed in matching attires. Each one was dressed in an all-black suit with a matching hat and shoes. Each of their eyes were covered by red sunglasses that matched their red ties.

The men walked in and went their separate ways as two of the leader's 'henchmen' walked to investigate the dispersal tubes. The last two remained behind the orange haired man on both his sides as they approached the counter.

The elder slowly backed away as the orange-haired leader crossed his arms and stared daggers at him. "Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a dust shop open this late?" The moment the man finished his sentence, a gun suddenly appeared in the hands of the henchman on the right. The weapon was so close to the old man that it was practically underneath his chin. The elder extended his hands into the air and retracted his head back a little as he shook with fear.

"P-please, just take my lien and leave!" The elder silently prayed for his life to be spared.

The henchmen's leader shook his head and shushed the old man as he smirked. "Calm down, we're not here for your money." The man then turned to his henchmen. "Grab the dust."

The men nodded and went to work. One pulled out a large black case and opened it to reveal ten canisters. Three of them each took two and started to extract the dust from the dispersal tubes. The last henchman stayed behind and pulled out another case, this time empty, and slid it towards the elder.

"Crystals." was the only thing he said.

The old man nodded and slowly started to place each crystal inside one by one. There was so much sorrow on his face as this store had belonged to his family for so long and it has never once been robbed.

Once one henchman finished draining one tube of its dust, he placed the filled canister inside its case while picking up another empty one and moved to the other side of the store. Just as he was about to insert it, his ears perked at the sound of rock music coming from the back of the store.

Sooner or later you're gonna hate it,

Go ahead and throw your life away.

Driving me under, leaving me out there,

Go ahead and throw your life away.

The henchman raised an eyebrow as he noticed a kid in a large, red hood. He can tell that it was a girl from her petite figure and smirked at the thought of an easy picking. He put the canister away and unsheathed a large curving blade from its case on his left waist.

"Alright kid put your hands where I can see them!" he demanded in a commanding voice.

He waited for her reaction but there was none. She still had her back to him.

Growing incredibly irritated, the man started walking up to her.

"Hey I said hands in the air! You got a death wish or something?!" The henchman finally reached the girl and placed a firm hand on her shoulder. He twirled her around to reveal that she had also been reading a book.

When Ruby saw the man her first initial reaction was to strike his face for his interruption. She already noticed him holding a large blade and let curiosity get the best of her as she decided to play along. Another good advice her uncle had given her.

'When your opponent underestimates you, use that to your advantage. Play the weak character and let their confidence get the best of them. Once their high off their own smug, go for the throat.'

"Y-yes mister?" she asked with a tone of fear in her voice. The henchman smirked and leaned closer.

"I said put your hands in the air now!" he replied with a vain popping up his forehead. Ruby shivered slightly as she backed away. She quickly put her book away in her bag and laid it against the wall.

She looked behind him to see three others dressed like him with another man in orange hair leaning on the glass table listlessly looking at a crystal in his hand.

It was clear what was going on and she turned back to the man slowly walking towards her. "M-mister… are… are you robbing this store?" Ruby asked as she shivered harder.

"That's right kid!" The man replied while chuckling. He grabbed her arm and pulled her in closer. Ruby had tears in her eyes as she looked up towards the man.

"I don't think the boss would mind if I get a little 'bonus' from this mission." He said as he licked his lips.

Ruby looked visibly shocked as he leaned closer to her face. "S-sir… please wait… if you're going to do this… then… there's something you should know."

"Oh and what is it baby?" He asked with a grin.

Ruby's fear consumed face dropped as her usual emotionless expression returned.

"I. Play. Rough."

The next few seconds were a blur for the henchman as all he saw was a flash of red before feeling a sharp pain in his abdominals. His body flew back with great speed from a heavy impact and crashed into the wall just below the front window of the store.

The henchman's leader was busy examining a red crystal when he heard one of his grunts let out a sharp pain before flying past him and colliding with the wall. He lazily turned to another henchman who was in front of him and nodded him towards the direction where the henchman flew from.

The henchman nodded and rushed to the back of the store to find a girl standing there with her arms crossed and looking at him. The grunt raised his gun and pointed it at her head, demanding her to freeze.

Ruby looked at the new foe and rolled her eyes as she lunged towards him with blinding speed. She rushed and kicked the man hard in his forehead, sending him crashing out the window and into the street. Ruby cursed as she created property damage and decided to move this fight outside before doing anything else.

She immediately jumped out the window and landed a few feet into the street where her hand went to her lower back and pulled out a black and red mechanical device. She pressed a button on the side which transformed it into her large red and black scythe. She twirled the weapon around and slammed its pointed edge down into the road which penetrated the concrete easily. Ruby then heard her music still playing and quickly shut it off.

Go ahead and throw my life awa-

(Music End)

The henchmen inside all scattered towards the window and stared, mostly at the giant scythe that she carried. The henchmen's leader looked at her with narrowed eyes as she looked back at him with the same expression.

He raised his cigar up to his lips and took a puff of smoke before exhaling it with a sigh. "Okay…get her."

Without hesitation, the henchmen rushed out the door and towards the girl with their blades in hand. Ruby waited for the closest henchman to reach her and then jumped, as he swung his blade down, timing it perfectly and side kicked the man squarely in his right cheek. The impact literally knocked the henchman's hat and sunglasses off, sending him flying back through the window of the store.

When Ruby landed, she noticed the remaining two trying to flank her from the rear. She pulled the trigger, using the recoil to twirl her around sending the head of her weapon straight up into the chin of the closest henchmen. Ruby then slammed her scythe down on the last one who attempted to slice her.

From the corner of her eye, she saw the last one finally recover from her original blow and started firing his automatic rifle towards her. Using her speed and precision, Ruby dodged and moved in a square pattern to get around him. When she saw her opening, she slid through the road and launched the henchman up into the air with her following closely. Around mid-way in the air she fired her gun which sent her scythe into the back of the henchman where he slammed hard into the pavement in front of his leader.

When Ruby landed she cocked her gun again and stared at the orange haired man. He stared back at her and sighed as he pulled his cigar from his lips and looked down at the fallen grunt.

"Oh yea you were worth every cent, truly you were." He said sarcastically as he stared back at Ruby. "Well… Red, I think we can all say it's been an eventful evening." He tossed his cigar on the ground and crushed it with his cane. "And as much as I would love still around." He raised his cane at Ruby and a target scope popped off the base of the cane and exposed a gun's muzzle. "I'm afraid this is where we part ways."

He fired a thick, colorful blast which came fast and only gave Ruby enough time to deflect it with the blade of her gun. The impact knocked her a few feet back as she slightly shook her head.

She saw that the man was gone and quickly looked around to fine him climbing up a ladder of a four story building.

'Coward.' She mentally said as the store owner rushed out to see the damage.

"Elder you stay here and call for police officials. I will try and capture him."

The old man nodded frantically as Rub took off in pursuit of the criminal.

She jumped onto the side of the building and used her gun to accelerate her speed up the wall.

"That's far enough!" Ruby shouted as she landed on the roof.

The orange-haired man stopped and turned towards Ruby after her demand was shouted. He muttered the word persistent as Ruby prepared herself for combat but didn't expect for a large dropship to rise from behind the building. It was VTOL airship codenamed "Bullhead" and it was hovering dangerously close to the roof sending powerful gusts of wind all over the place.

The wind was so strong that Ruby stared at the ship with squinted eyes. She spotted the orange haired man entering the ship as it was attempting to take off.

'No you don't!'

Ruby took off after him in pursuit but was already too late as the man was on board. He turned and smiled at Ruby as she continued running after him.

"End of the line red!" he shouted as he tossed the red crystal he had been holding back in the store.

The crystal dropped a few inches in front of Ruby as she glanced at it then to the criminal and went wide eyed. The man fired his cane at the crystal and once it hits, the explosion will no doubt kill her. She had no time to move and felt that her life was about to be over in an instant. She closed her eyes and sighed, waiting for the explosion to erupt. Once it did, everything became white.

When the explosion erupted, the orange-haired man cheered and laughed as he looked to see what remained of the girl. But to his surprise, and anger, it wasn't what he wanted to see.

When Ruby realized that she wasn't dead, she was shocked, and a bit relieved. She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a new comer standing in front of her with her hand extended out, shielding both herself and Ruby with a large, purple glyph.

It was a middle aged woman with very light-blonde hair tied back in a bun with a curl hanging down the right side of her face. Her eyes were bright green and were covered by thin ovular glasses. Her outfit consisted of a white long-sleeve suit that exposes part of her chest and puffy ruffled sleeves. A black skirt with buttons running in a vertical line up the front of it and lighter black-brown stockings. She wore black boots with brown heels and wore a tattered cape that was purple inside and black on the outside, decorated by a row of diamond-shaped brown beads going horizontally across her cape. In her hands the woman held a crop whip that must have ignited the large purple glyph in front of herself and Ruby.

Ruby stared at the newcomer and realized by the power and look, that this was a huntress, and a damn good one. Her thoughts were cut short as she remembered what was happening and quickly focused back on the action taking place.

It was at this moment the huntress sent several purple beams towards the bullhead and successfully struck it from all angles. Ruby observed and was internally impressed by such power in one attack.

She watched as the ship rattled and rocked uncontrollably along with the orange haired man who was losing his balance in the back of the ship. The sight of it gave Ruby some amusement and slight humor as she saw his face growing red with anger.

Inside the ship, the man, shakily, made his way into the cockpit where he saw a long black haired woman with glowing yellow-orange eyes and dark red painted fingernails. She was wearing a dark-red of-the-shoulders v-neck mini-dress with yellow designs. The dress ended in an upside-down triangular tail in the back which ended just above her knees. Underneath the dress she wore black short shorts and brown high heels with ankle bracelets on each leg.

"Hey we got a huntress!" the man shouted. The woman instantly stood up and moved to the back of the ship.

The man rushed over and took over the pilot seat and started fidgeting with the control pad as it refused to cooperate.

Back on the roof, the huntress charged up another attack and sent it right above the airship where large dark clouds formed and rained large, sharp blue icicles down all over the roof of the ship.

The pelting was so fierce and continuous that one of the icicles actually broke through the window of the cockpit and almost sliced the man's head off if he had not ducked out of the way in time.

The huntress narrowed her eyes when she noticed a new foe in the back of the ship. It was a female but her face was unreadable due to the shadows of the ship.

The new foe went on the offensive and sent large flames straight towards the huntress and Ruby. The blast nearly collided if the huntress had not dodged backwards. Ruby herself dodged as well and continued to watch the battle taking place in front of her.

Using her crop again, the huntress countered as she used the shattered remains of the roof as ammunition and sent the debris flying towards the ship. The mysterious woman retaliated by blasting flames mid-way to destroy any of the debris before it reached the vehicle. The huntress saw this coming and reformed the debris again and sent it straight for the cockpit.

The man, who was still struggling to pilot the ship, watched as a large load of glyph enforced debris flew towards him. Letting out an annoyed grunt, he used his quick thinking to maneuver the ship diagonally down as the debris bounced off of the ship's metallic roof.

The huntress still continued to use the debris, ferociously hitting the ship, trying to knock it down. It was working well until the mystery woman started getting annoyed and unleashed a massive blast which destroyed the debris permanently.

Realizing that the ship was getting out of range, Ruby quickly joined the fray again and fired several shots at the woman but unfortunately, all were blocked. She retaliated with her final blast towards the two girls.

The blast hit underneath their feet which started to crack and rumble; it was clear the roof's flooring was weakening underneath them. Realizing the trouble, the huntress used her glyph to push Ruby and herself forward just as the roof behind them collapsed.

Ruby automatically stood up just in time to watch the plane turn and fly off. She fired a few more shots but failed as it flew out of her range and then out of site. They got away.

She sighed as she turned to the huntress that had appeared in the midst of her short battle with the orange haired criminal. The woman standing in front of her was a real life hunter; or a female hunter known as a huntress. A glint of admiration showed in Ruby's eyes.

"You're a huntress." She said.

The said huntress turned and nodded at the young girl as she eyed her up and down. "Yes, I am." She replied in an elegant, intellectual tone.

Ruby stared at her for a moment, taking in her image by memory, and felt satisfaction to seeing a real life hunter in action and much more to actually fight side by side with one.

She turned and was about to leave until the huntress stopped her. "And just where do you think you're going?"

Ruby stopped and turned with a raised an eyebrow. The huntress' tone sounded demanding and authoritative much to Ruby's dislike.

"I was planning to apologize to the store owner for not being able to stop all the men who attempted to rob him. After that… I was planning on going back to where I belong. It is rather late after all."

The huntress seemed taken aback by how emotionless the girl sounded, let alone how stoic she looked.

"I can understand the first part but as for the second, I'm afraid you are unable to do so as of yet. You are to come with me." She demanded and glared at the little goth girl.

Ruby turned fully around as she locked eyes with the veteran huntress. "For what particular reason must I come with you?" she asked quietly.

The huntress placed a hand on her hip, not daring to take her eyes off of the silver eyed girl. The huntress was a bit nerved when she couldn't see anything inside of the girl's eyes. All she could see was emptiness but kept it to herself.

"A girl your age shouldn't just be going about fighting dangerous criminals on the streets! You are to come with me for questioning nothing more!" She replied with a hint of frustration in her voice.

Realizing she wouldn't get anywhere with this as Ruby kept in place silently staring at her, she took in a deep breath. "We simply wish to know all the details of what happened tonight." She added in a softer tone.

Ruby thought about it for a moment and couldn't help but sigh again.

"I see the logic behind your point." She said. "Alright, I will come with you for questioning… but let me talk to the store owner first."

The huntress nodded and the two moved off of the roof and walked towards the store which now had several policemen on the scene. As Ruby crossed the street she noticed that the henchmen of the orange haired man were all huddled together and knocked out. She observed their bodies carefully and replayed the scene when fighting them in her head. She knew she didn't hurt them to the point of unconsciousness so to see them all huddled up and knocked out was strange to her.

'What happened here when I was gone? Maybe-'

"Something wrong?" The huntress asked as she crossed her arms underneath her bosom. Ruby snapped out of her thoughts and shook her head as she continued walking.

"It's nothing." She muttered and went into the store. The huntress glanced at the unconscious criminals and then back to Ruby before silently following close behind.

Inside, Ruby watched several policemen moving around the store. She then spotted the elder talking with a policeman who looked to be higher ranked than the others. She walked up as the policeman walked away and bowed very low to the elder who noticed her.

"I'm sorry store owner. I wasn't able to capture the leader of this group. I hope you can forgive me." She said quietly.

The elder smiled and shook his head.

"It's alright young one, the police managed to apprehend the other four vandals and I didn't lose much. I can't thank you enough for your courage. Oh that's right!" The old man pulled out Ruby's two canisters of dust that she had been collecting.

"Here is your dust, and before you say anything, it is free of charge. Also take these." he handed her two large red and black crystals. "You said you wanted crystals and you can consider this your reward for defending my shop."

He also handed Ruby her bag which contained her precious books. She inspected it thoroughly and was relieved to see no damage come to it. Ruby then looked at the gifts and bowed deeply again.

"Thank you elder. Please take care of yourself."

As Ruby was thanking the store owner, the huntress observed all of Ruby's actions carefully. 'Interesting'

After Ruby finished speaking with the store owner she went along with the huntress as promised who introduced herself as Glynda Goodwitch.

Ruby had heard of her name before but never knew what she was like in person. In honesty she didn't expect Goodwitch to be very uptight. Though her skills are respectable.

The huntress led her into a police building where Goodwitch showed an I.D. to the guards in front who promptly let them pass. They walked through small corridors and entered a small grey room that was set up with a single light overhead with a long, steel table underneath and one chair available. There was one window that was tinted black on one side of the room, allowing it to only be seen from the other side. In any sense it was like a classic interrogation room described in books or seen in movies.

Taking the obvious hint, Ruby went towards the lone chair across the table and sat quietly with a blank look on her face. Goodwitch started to pace back and forth with a look of displeasure on her face.

"I hope you realized that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly young lady. You put yourself and others in great dangers." She suddenly said causing Ruby to raise an eyebrow.

"What others?"

"Excuse me?" Goodwitch questioned as she stopped adjacent to Ruby.

"Define what others were placed in danger by my actions? From my perspective, the only ones who were in any sort of danger were myself and you. Yes, the store owner was already in danger but through my actions, the vandals focused their attention on me instead of him. Also, the streets were empty besides the lead criminal's henchmen and myself. And on the rooftop, the building itself was just nearing completion from its construction meaning there was no one but the leader and myself. That is until you came, but that's only because you joined the fray in which you placed yourself in danger by freewill. So I ask again, who else was placed in any sort of danger by my actions?"

Goodwitch sputtered for a moment, trying to think of an adequate response but to no avail. Her pride would have been hurt if she continued that topic any longer so she moved right along, ignoring Ruby's question.

"Don't get smart with me young lady! If it were up to me, you'd be sent home… with a pat on the back… and a slap on the wrist." The kind tone of Goodwitch started out with, turned harsher after her pause as she slapped her riding crop on the table. Though the weapon slapped down very close to Ruby's hand, she showed no reaction to it. Goodwitch seemed upset at the lack of recoil but said nothing as she continued speaking. "However… there is someone here that… would like to meet you."

As she moved out of the way from the doorway, there was an approaching silhouette of a man who gradually grew clearer from the light. His hair was a premature gray that was swept to the right. He wore a pair of frameless, circular spectacles hanging on his nose. His suit, a dark green color with a lighter colored scarf around his neck, was clean and spotless.

As he reached the table, he set down a plate of cookies, keeping a tight grip on the mug of coffee in his other hand. Normally, Ruby doesn't eat sweets, but her hunger got the best of her as she reached for one cookie and nibbled on it.

"Ruby Rose" the man started in a very smooth voice. "You… have silver eyes."

Ruby couldn't help but roll said eyes at the obvious statement.

"So, where did you learn to do this?" the man asked, nodding towards a screen that Goodwitch pulled out. It showed clips of Ruby's fight with the group of robbers.

Ruby looked at both of them then sighed.

"At first I was taught by my Uncle Qrow. He taught me the ways of scythemenship and then I learned more combat tactics at Signal Academy. However, I do not go there anymore. Since my leave, I trained on my own these recent years, honing my own skill sets to become a warrior."

The man nodded as he listened carefully. He noticed the lack of emotion Ruby showed but ignored it. "I had suspected Qrow, he is the only one I know who still lives with the ability to use such a weapon so fluidly. I am quite surprised, however, that he was willing to teach you- a young girl- how to use such a dangerous weapon. So tell me, Miss Rose, why is an adorable young girl such as yourself trying to become a warrior?"

Ruby stayed silent for a moment, slightly upset that she was still looked down upon because of her age.

'If you only knew why, then you wouldn't be asking that question.'

Ruby stared into the man's eyes and replied. "I want to be a huntress."

"You want to slay monsters?" the man asked skeptically.

"More like to protect and serve but yes. Like I said, I was originally studying at Signal academy until I left. Since then I wanted to find my own way of getting into the legendary school of Beacon academy." Ruby replied while she was in deep thought about something in her past.

The man noticed this and frowned. "Why did you leave Signal? If you want to apply to a place like Beacon, then you would need every advantage you could get to increase your portfolio for the entrance exams. The file that we have on you currently shows that you are still 16, one year away from officially meeting Beacon's requirement age to apply. So why did you leave school early? It could have greatly boosted your resume for-"

"I didn't choose to leave…." she quietly interrupted. "Although… it was for the best because… I despised that place." This caused both the man and Glynda to look at one another before looking back at Ruby. "Ever since I was young, I have been tormented by the people there. The ill-judgments that they gave me, the daily harsh treatments… it did not feel like a school… it was more like a prison. I had to look after myself as I did not trust anyone other than my Uncle Qrow, who was a teacher there. He was the only one around. The rest of my family traveled often which left me alone most of the time because of school. My uncle knew of my troubles and taught me how to defend myself. Then one day… I was attacked by several classmates. At that point I snapped and fought back, mercilessly. They screamed and begged me to stop… but I didn't. Not until my anger ran out. In the end, I left two of them severely injured. One of their careers as a hunter in training was over. Others were left with scars and cuts… when the school found out, I was the only one punished. They expelled me without trial. So I vowed to never go another school unless it was Beacon."

The man nodded as Glynda stayed silent, taking in everything she had just heard with some sorrow for the girl. The man was troubled by how unaffected Ruby looked by retelling a story that she went through.

"Why Beacon though?" The man asked. "You say you don't want to go to any except Beacon, why?"

Ruby opened her eyes and gave the man a hard look. "Because of a very personal reason." She said. "And because it would make someone happy to know that I went to Beacon…in her honor." Ruby muttered the last part to herself but the man heard it all.

He said nothing for a while as he stared at her as she did him. Finally, he leaned in closer to Ruby. "Do you know who I am?"

Ruby raised an eyebrow and nodded. "Of course I do. You are Professor Ozpin, the headmaster of Beacon."

Ozpin smiled and nodded to her. "Hello."

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Ruby bowed as Ozpin crossed his arms.

"You wish to come to my school?"

Ruby nodded.

"It is one of the few things I want in this world." Ozpin frowned. He glanced at Glynda Goodwitch who stared at him as he turned back to Ruby. 'This girl is certainly something interesting.' He thought

"Well… okay." He said with a smile.

Goodwitch's jaw dropped as she was about to object but kept quiet as she simply 'hmphed' in disbelief. She never questioned Ozpin's choices before so she wasn't starting now.

Ozpin extended his hand out to Ruby, who was in slight shock as she was still not sure if she heard him correctly.

His next words cleared up all her confusion. "Welcome to Beacon Academy, Miss Rose."

Ruby's eyes widened greatly, it was the most emotion she had showed throughout the conversation.

'This is really happening.' she thought as she extended her hand out with slight hesitance and shook Ozpin's hand.

"Thank you sir…" Ruby replied in a quiet tone. "I promise you won't regret it."

From her facial expression, she had her blank look, even with the small smile on her face. But inside, Ruby was beaming and felt a spark of happiness ignite within her. A spark she had not felt in a long, long time.

'This truly was an eventful day. Mother… I hope you will watch as I continue my journey.'

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