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Chapter 16: Into the City, Part One

"I cannot believe this!" Weiss flailed her arms for what seemed like the hundredth time. "This is exactly why we need to be on time!" She said stomping her foot. Her team all nodded sluggishly, though Nora looked about ready to fall asleep, as their leader paced back and forth in front of them.

"Being on time is an important factor! How can we be an efficient team if we are always late for everything?!" She asked. "As team leader, I cannot accept having my team performing in such a sloppy manner! What if there's an important event taking place, or a meeting with the headmaster, or maybe even-"

"Geez Weiss, relax will ya!" Yang moaned dejectedly. She never got over losing to the gay guard. "Also cut the bull, we all know you wanted to be near hot stuff and my baby sis anyways." She grinned.

Weiss almost tripped over herself, "W-what?!" She turned to her blonde partner.

"Is that why you were staring at Ren the whole time?" Nora suddenly chided, her bored expression now fading. Though her question was asked through innocent curiosity, Weiss glared at Neo silently laughing at her.

She wasn't going to stand being mocked like this. Her cheeks reddened as she turned and snorted. "That's ridiculous!" She denied.

Yang's grin extended as she stood up and got right in front of the heiress. "Sure~, not like there's another reason why we hustled over here." She sang as she poked her breasts. "Right~?" She challenged, enjoying the heiress' expression.

Weiss' face grew redder. "T-there is!" She retorted weakly and backed away. She cleared her throat, then proceeded in that professional tone she always used to make a point. "Firstly, I am going to clarify that I was not staring at anyone! I saw the transport leaving and we needed to get moving if we wanted to undergo our errands for the dorm room! Secondly, it was mere coincidence that they were in the same direction we were heading, and finally stop harassing my chest you freak!" She cried covering herself.

Yang rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say, 'Ice Queen'. Still, it's not like it's the end of the world or anything. You really need to COOL off and take a CHILL~ pill." She smiled and couldn't control the bursts of laughter afterwards; not only from her but the cackling from Nora and the silent giggling from Neo.

Weiss' mouth gaped offendedly as her team laughed. "How dare you all! I do not need to "cool" down or take any form of pill or anything! What I need from us is to be on time! What do you think will happen if we are late to everything?! Especially classes or-"

"This again~?" Yang groaned. "Seriously Weiss calm down. Also, if you're talking about classes, I know for a fact it wouldn't be my fault! It'll probably be you!"

"Me!?" Weiss gasped.

"Yes you!" Yang replied. "You're a "princess"! You can't fool me, I know your type! Always taking forever to get ready! Always demanding your royal slumber, taking long showers, and never leaving any hot water for the rest of us!"

"That's ridiculous! What gave you that absurd idea?!" Weiss asked.

"…Manga …" Yang muttered awkwardly. Weiss stared at her with narrowed eyes. "Well, am I wrong?!"

Though Weiss wanted to scream yes, she hated to admit that there was some truth in that. She had met plenty of other wealthy girls who acted… snobbish but that remains silent. "You dunce… also I'm not a "princess", I'm an heiress, an heir-ess!"

Yang scoffed. "Same thing!"

"No it isn't!"

"Whatever! You'll still make us late!"

"Excuse me?!" Weiss barked. "I'm not the one that made us miss our flight AGAIN! Honestly missing it once is one thing, but missing it again because you dragged me into the restroom is just ridiculous!" Weiss said, no, practically shrieked at Yang.

"Well sorry if I didn't want my bladder exploding!" Yang cried.

After missing the first flight, team WYVN couldn't do anything but wait for the next transport. And after nearly fifthteen minutes of waiting they could finally see the ship, in the distance, on route to their dock. It should have been simple from there; stand in line, wait for the airship to land, board it, and then be off. But when Yang's bladder suddenly had other plans, everything changed.

Weiss didn't even have time to react when her partner suddenly grabbed her by the hand and dragged her off to the nearest bathroom. And by the time they returned, the shuttle was, "long gone" in Neo's writing.

"Had you not drank all that juice, then you wouldn't have needed to go in the first place! And for your information, there is a bathroom on the airship!"

"Oh…" Yang rubbed the back of her head sheepishly grinning, "well… thanks for still coming with me."

"You took me against my will!" Weiss growled. "And I still don't see why you dragged me with you to begin with!"

"It's the girl code Weiss!" Yang shouted. "The girl code!"

"What girl code?!"

"Girls always have to go to the bathroom in pairs! It's our thing!"

"That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" Weiss huffed then turned and walked away.

"Hey! Where are you going!" Yang asked.

"Away from you!"

"Get back here! You need you to realize the importance of the girl code!"

"What I need is for you to stay at least twenty yards away from me until the ship comes!"

"But we're not done with this Weiss! Weiss?! Weiss, are you listening to me?!"

As the two continued their dispute, Nora and Neo turned to one another and sighed. Neo then shrugged as she sat down in a comfortable position. 'Least I won't get bored.' She thought with a smirk.

And she was right.

As team WYVN remained near the docks, for several more minutes, the whole time Yang and Weiss argued non-stop. With insults flying left and right, appointed blames, glares, and gritted teeth on both sides, it seemed like the conflict would never end. At least until Nora suddenly felt an uncomfortable urge that made her wince.

"Hey… girls," She called with a hesitated urgency. They didn't reply, or rather they didn't hear her.


Again, nothing. They kept going at each other's throats, acting like two cats hissing for dominance. Finally getting fed up, which was unorthodox for Nora, she inhaled a deep breath and yelled, "HEY!"

The blonde and heiress instantly stopped, their faces mere centimeters away from one another, as they turned to their orange haired teammate.

With a pained grin, Nora rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry but I really, really, REALLY, need to use the bathroom!"

Weiss stared at her as she placed her hands on her waist, "Are you kidding me? I just said there's a restroom on the airship."

"I know but I can't hold it that long!" squealed Nora as she gripped her skirt down. Her knees bent slightly as her legs shook furiously.

When seeing how serious she was, Weiss sighed. "But what about-"

"PLEASE~?" Nora begged as her cheeks puffed. "I'm about to burst!" Her voice pitched very high as her eyes watered. "Oh man… juice, why have you betrayed me?!"

The others could only watch as their teammate hopped around in a circle, trying desperately to keep it in.

Seeing this made Weiss conflicted, in her mind. Nora is partially to blame for this, if she hadn't drank all of that juice she wouldn't have had this problem. But on the other hand, she couldn't neglect when someone has to go.

However, she also didn't want a repeat of missing the shuttle, again.

She bit the tip of her thumb and exhaled a frustrated sigh. 'Why can't things work out the way I want them to?'

It was then that Neo quickly took a step away from her orange haired friend and jotted down in her notebook. She practically shoved it into Weiss' face.

"To Weiss: Let her go. You don't want her causing an accident here, do you? "

No she did not, and Weiss' eyes shut tight as she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Fine… go." She gestured. "Just make sure you-"

"THANK YOU!" Nora screamed and took off running in a dash so fast it was nearly blinding to see.

Weiss shook her head, her eyes still shut, as she turned to walk away. Despite being team leader, she needed some peace and quiet from all these "shenanigans" as she called it. But when a sudden hand grabbed her wrist her mind went full alert. Her reflex instantly had her reaching for her rapier as she turned to the would-be-assailant. But when her eyes met them she instantly stopped.

"Nora?" The heiress asked, as the girl still hopped around. "What are you-"

"Girl code Ice Queen! Girl code!"

Weiss didn't even have time to reply before suddenly being dragged by the Valkyrie girl. "H-hey, unhand me!" She shouted as Nora picked up the pace. The heiress' heels weren't even touching the ground. "Yang, assistance please!"

With the distance gaining farther and farther, she was barely able to make out the blonde's cheeky grin. "See ya, Ice Queen!"

Weiss gritted her teeth and pointed at her partner. "You are so in trouble when I get back!"

Whether Yang heard her or not, she did not know; the two were already a good distance away as the blonde merely waved at them.

Neo shook her head with an amused grin. She then quickly penned in her notebook a new sentence below the last and showed it to the blonde.

"To Yang: I'm going too. Stay here and keep an eye out for the next airship. And PLEASE make sure to call us if its near."

Yang barely finished reading the sentence before Neo took off after the others. They had a good head start but the blonde whistled as she watched the mute girl move, almost catching up to them.

"Geez, that girl can run," she muttered, "like a ninja or something. Silent but deadly." She chuckled, then shook her head, imagining Neo in the sort of state. "Not a chance."

Now all alone, Yang didn't have many options in terms of waiting. She did do as instructed and remained where her teammates left her. However that got boring all too quickly. She sighed and quietly strode towards the edge of the docks.

Gazing out into the large body of water, she enjoyed the feeling of the frisk autumn winds flowing through her hair. She closed her eyes, inhaled a deep breath of fresh sea air into her nostrils, then sighed it out.

Now on her own at the moment, she had time to think. In hindsight she did feel slightly at fault for the team missing the airship. But was she truly at fault, she wondered? She really did have to go and she didn't want to have an accident. She felt frustrated, if only Weiss could understand that.

Now thinking about the heiress caused Yang to have mixed emotions. On one hand, she could see why the ice queen was angry; and she would have apologized, if it wasn't for Weiss' over inflated ego... Which brought her to the other hand.

'Why does she have to be such a bitch?' She thought and crossed her arms. 'Honestly, people won't like her if she keeps acting the way she does.' When thinking that, Yang's matter of reasoning demolished as her expression gloomed into depression. 'Like I have any room to talk.' She lightly kicked the ground below her and sighed heavily as her thoughts now delved into darker, more personal, regions.

"Man, all this administration business can go eat a dick!" Declared an annoyed Cardin Winchester. "I mean honestly, why the hell do I have to do their job if they're getting paid for this shit! Am I right fellas?"

Behind him, the other members of the newly formed team CRDL, Russel, Sky, and Dove all laughed and nodded along as they aimlessly followed their leader. Since leaving the auditorium, team CRDL had been wandering around the campus for quite some time.

With the administration papers not due till later in the day, Cardin saw it pointless to run around like a mad dog like the other first years. Whatever scare tactics the school tried, it won't submit him. He was sure of that. So instead of panicking, he took his time and examined his new surroundings.

The school itself was not as fancy, or big, as his home back in northern Sanus; being the sole heir to the Winchester Armor brand, he was used to the luxuries his father bestowed upon him. So, coming into a mediocre school with poor grounds and disgusting buildings felt nothing short of downgrading, especially if it was considered the best academy in Remnant. By far, his expectations were disappointing, and he couldn't believe his father wasted money in sending him here. Even if the tuition was practically nothing to them.

However, despite having a well-financed family, it was nowhere near the fortune the Schnees possessed. Cardin smiled at the image of billions of lien inside a vault. If he inherited that much money he couldn't imagine what he would do with it. All that money, the power, hell even women would drool at his feet. Forget the threesomes he would have back home, it would be an orgy every night. It was no wonder his father always tried to get in good with the Schnees, lots of companies did. In fact, many CEOs had a saying when it came to a Schnee: "If a Schnee was your friend your name grows powerful. But if you married one, then you become a god."

Cardin's smile slowly turned into a smirk, 'God huh.' When thinking about it further, he considered himself lucky because there just happened to be a Schnee within his age range and is coincidentally attending the same school he did. There was even a celebrity here too, that fine redhead Pyrrha Nikos. Not only her but those other beauties he saw earlier. If he can get them then he would become powerful, both in fame and wealth.

"Hey Cardin!" Russell called as he suddenly patted his leader on the shoulder. "Check it out man!"

The orange-browned haired boy snapped out of his thoughts, mildly annoyed by the interruption, and glanced down at his partner. He noticed Russell was pointing somewhere and his eyes followed in that direction. And when they stopped, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, well… what have we here."

Just a few yards away, standing near the docks, Cardin could make out a large mass of yellow hair. He instantly recognized it as the blonde girl with the big chest he saw earlier; the one partnered with the Schnee. He couldn't remember her name, but he could never forget a body like that.

'I was just thinking about you sexy.' He licked his lips, then his eyes widened. 'If that blonde chick is around, then so is Schnee. Time to have some fun.' He thought, seeing the opportunity given to him, and calmly strolled over to her.

His teammates, knowing full well of his intentions, silently laughed in excitement as Cardin gave them a knowing smug look and motioned for them to follow. "Who's up for a little bit of fun?"

Each of them grinned widely and nodded as they trailed behind him. As they walked, they rudely passed and shoved anyone who walked near them out of their way. And for any unlucky women they passed, they openly cat called or groped earning various complaints, gasps, and surprised yelps.

For Yang, she continued staring out into the water, now completely oblivious to her surroundings. She would glance up from time to time to see if the airship was in route. It wasn't, though in fairness she wasn't even focusing on its arrival too much. Not on anything really, at least not until something popped up in the corner of her left eye. She turned and noticed someone approaching. She turned and upon further inspection she instantly recognized him from the start of the exam.

When she noticed him, Cardin stopped within a few inches of Yang and offered a friendly smile, the same one he used to attract many females in the past. Then in a smooth, deep voice he always used to woo anyone said, "How are you beautiful?"

From the tone this man used, Yang instantly knew what was going on. She had been used to guys flirting with her since the day she hit puberty. She practically heard every type of pick up lines there is.

And while she would normally shut anyone down, she couldn't help but find herself amused by the large man. So, she locked eyes with him and with a sly grin said, "Nothing much just standing here, being beautiful like you said." She could have responded in multiple ways to make it easy for the man, but there was no fun in that.

Cardin let out a husky laugh and said, "You certainly are." His eyes then leered with a smirk. "Hot even, maybe hotter than the sun itself."

Yang grinned in amusement, enjoying the attention she received. "You got that right, stud~." She said and gave him a small wink. She even decided to pose for the other boys behind him, just staring at her with dumbfound grins.

As Cardin and Yang continued their talk, the other members of CRDL made no hesitation in checking out the view. Their eyes travelled up and down her body several times until they memorized it to heart. The focused on everything from her figure to her outfit, but mostly found themselves staring at her most notable part, the chest.

This did not go unnoticed by Yang, with always having guys checking her out constantly before. However, like the other times, she did like the attention she was getting and decided to play along.

"Like what you see boys~?" She said and bent down a little forward to expose some cleavage. Without even thinking, Cardin, Russell, Sky, and Dove instinctively nodded, with wild, 'inappropriate' thoughts running through their mind.

'Yes I do, very much!' Cardin thought as he stopped staring. His smirk grew wider than before. 'Now to be play with the bait a little longer then reel her in!'

"By the way I haven't introduced myself," he said and held his hand out, "Cardin Winchester, leader of team CRDL. And you are…?" Yang glanced at his hand then smiled.

"Call me Yang, Big-shot!" She laughed firmly grasped his hand. Cardin winced a little. This girl had a fierce grip. "Wow you're really strong, I like that in a girl!" He said as they let go.

"Aww~! That's so sweet of you to say!" Yang replied and smiled wide. "Not many guys tell me this, even guys that I find stunning!" She laughed.

Hearing that rang the dinner bell for Cardin. 'Now for the last few pushes…'

"You know… since we're hitting it off so well maybe we can… get together sometime. Ya know… to get to each other better. What do you say?"

Yang said nothing as she thought about it for a moment. Cardin began feeling impatient for her answer as he never needed to wait this long before. However, he smirked when her expression brightened with a smile.

"That actually sounds fun!"

'YES! Cardin thought to himself and inwardly smiled evilly at his success.

"Oh, can I invite some others to join us too!"

'Wait, 'others?' His smile dropped and recalled her teammates. He inwardly groaned when he remembered their looks. Aside from the Schnee, he was not entirely attracted to the other two. However, he would never turn down more than one female companion. As his father always said: "pussy is pussy".

"Sure… why not. So, who are these 'others' anyway?" he asked with his classic sincere smile.

"Oh well, my partner Weiss for one," Cardin internally cheered. "And my other teammates if they wanna tag along. Oh! I can't forget my baby sister and her teammates!" She said excitedly.

Cardin's cheering stopped as he stared at her with confusion. Even if it was considered taboo, or weird, to get involved in intimacy with a sibling, it wasn't like he was the one doing it. Besides, he wouldn't mind some kinky stuff like that as long as he wasn't the one doing it.

"That sounds fine. So, who are your sister's teammates? What kind of ladies are they?" he asked.

"Ladies?" Yang blinked. "Oh right! My little sis' team isn't made up of all girls."

Cardin froze. "It isn't…?"

"Nope. It's her, that mysterious beauty and, those two delicious studs." Yang blushed a little when saying that."

"I see…" muttered the orangey-brown haired boy. He felt an incredible sense of disgust. How dare this blonde-haired girl had the nerve to call other men aside from him studs right in his face. "And what are their names?

Yang placed a finger on her cheek. "Well first there's Ren, or Hot-Stuff as I liked to call him!" She grinned. "He's such a cutie and is so sweet to me. Not to mention he has fabulous hair and between you and me, that's not the only thing I'd love to stroke." Yang laughed and nudged Cardin playfully. "Yeah, he's definitely the kind of guy girls would love to take home. In fact, don't tell anyone I told you this, but Weiss has been trying to get his attention since she first met him!"

"Really?" Cardin asked through gritted teeth and a tightened jaw as he saw her cheeks redden.

"Oh yeah! Then there's Adam but I call him Horny haha! He's the cool bad boy who's large and in charge which I find very attractive too! Oh, and fun fact I call him horny because he's a bull Faunus! But I bet because of that he has more testosterone than a breeding bull! And I do like me an assertive alpha male." Cardin noticed that Yang's blush grew bigger as she quickly shook her head and continued.

"Uh huh…." Inside Cardin was now screaming in rage.

"And last, but not least, there's Blake who I call Feisty! She's the only girl aside from my sister on their team and trust me, she really is a feisty one. She's got this whole dark and mysterious beauty thing down hard! Like a dominatrix who I wouldn't mind calling mistress!" She laughed. "But ya know, all of them sort of have this… dark attractiveness to them. I'm sure you've seen them around. They're the only group I know that walks around in all black and are silent all the time. You know who I'm talking about?"

"Yeah… I think I've seen them before…"

As she asked, Cardin's tried his best to control his body from shaking with rage. He hoped his faced didn't look red because his blood boiled heavily. His hands balled tightly into fists on instinct that caused his fingernails to dig into his skin, slightly cutting his palms.

He couldn't believe it. Those two… demons already swooned their repulsive influences on three of his girls further. Everything he was working for was going to be shattered if those freaks keep interfering. Just imagining their faces cause a vein to pop from his forehead. Never in his life had he hated two people as much as these two.

How Yang never noticed the anger rising within Cardin is beyond a mystery. But for the boy's teammates, it was so noticeable it could be cut like a hot knife on butter. In fact, they too, were angry. Cardin had promised them some of his lesser important girls if they followed his lead to the letter. Now those busty and sexy beauties were slipping away before they even had a taste of them. All because of two inferior assholes who probably revelled in the attention they got. But out of all team CRDL, Cardin took it the hardest.

'Gods… you've gotta be fucking kidding me! Damn those 'degenerated fuckwads' again! They're ruining everything!' The anger continued to build up the more he thought about it.

He tried to calm down before Yang noticed too much and thankfully his face was returning to his original complexion as he controlled his breathing.

"Awesome, if you already know them it makes things easier! Let me get your number to set up-"

"YANG!" The sudden call of her name caused the blonde to jump, along with Team CRDL. All of them turned to the source to discover it was the Schnee girl approaching with two other girls who they believed were her teammates. Cardin had expected an heiress like Schnee to seem more pleasant and well-tempered in public. However, all they could see was anger in her eyes which caused Yang to flinch.

"Hey Weiss… how was the-"

"Zip it!" Ordered the white-haired girl. "We go to the washroom for a few minutes and come back only to find you flirting with random guys instead of looking out for the airship!" Weiss cried as she crossed her arms. Nora and Neo could only stare at them, knowing what was coming.

"I wasn't flirting!" Yang protested. Cardin immediately felt like he'd been punched in the stomach by that remark. "And I was looking, but it wasn't here yet so-" Weiss shushed her partner with her hand.

"Look to your right Yang. Tell me, what do you see over there?" she asked and pointed. Yang turned and her jaw dropped a little. The airship was already preparing its landing over the dock.


"Exactly my point!"

Yang turns back to her partner who now stared at her intensely. "I'm sorry ok! I was just caught up in talking to-"

"Neo asked you watch for the ship and to call for us if it was coming. Not to start flirting with random people and getting distracted!" Weiss said as she continued her lecture. "What would have happened if we had not arrived just now?!"

Yang remained silent.

"Exactly! We would have missed it because you didn't call, thus making us wait a THIRD time! And I will not allow that! We've already wasted precious time as it is, now come on!"

Weiss started off towards the airship, rubbing her temple. Nora and Neo both shrugged and followed along as Yang sighed and rubbed the back of her head.

"Alright just give me a second, I have to-"

"No!" She said as she grabbed Yang by her orange scarf and started dragging her away.

"But I-"

"No 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts', nothing! I don't want to hear it! I refuse to be late for anything anymore!" Weiss said with finality as she continued to drag Yang away from team CRDL, who were just left standing there staring at them, now long forgotten and ignored.

Never in Cardin's life had he ever felt so belittled than he did. He was Cardin Winchester, heir to the Winchester Armor cooperation, who should be respected and listened to. Yet the Schnee barely even glanced at him or acknowledged him. She must have known of his father's company and the influence they had. Yet she cast him aside like some… nobody. It was insulting, disrespectful, and just down right humiliating.

He then remembered something, something Yang mentioned. 'She said the Schnee was attracted to one of the boys on her sister's team.' His hands balled up again. Once again, those freaks, those demons were getting in his way. 'Enough is enough with these peasants. I am going to get rid of them and finally take what's mine. After all,' He smirked as he watched team WYVN's ship depart. 'A knight in shining armor always has to rescue his damsels.'

30 minutes earlier before team WYVN's departure to the city...

When team RBTR arrived in Vale they were the last to depart. The docks were empty for the most part with the occasional civilian and guard walking past the platforms proceeding with their usual duties. And other than a few other students and faculty members exiting the ship, it was just them.

For Ruby, she couldn't help but sigh a fresh breath of relief at the beautiful sight of emptiness. She would have wished for this to remain whenever they travel into the city. But that's all it was, wishful thinking. In about an hour these docks and platforms will be full of students coming and going. She shook her head at the thought, she'll deal with that later. For now, it was time for their objectives.

"Does everyone remember the plan?" She asked. Her team all nodded.

"Blake and I will head over to the east side of the city, towards the hardware district, to get the supplies for our renovations." Began Adam. "I know of one area that has affordable merchants and everything we need."

Ruby nodded as the team stopped just outside the bridge connecting towards the docks. "Good. Meanwhile, Ren and I will head to the west side of the city to get the necessary cosmetics and utility we need." She then turned to her long-haired partner. "It's also as good a place as any to start with familiarizing you with the area."

Ren smiled and bowed respectfully. "Thank you again for that."

Ruby shrugged. "Its no problem at all." She then turned to the siblings. "Alright, we all know our objectives. Let's split off now and meet back here within a few hours. Keep me updated on your progress."

"See you in a few hours." Adam nodded as he and Blake turned and headed off towards the east.

"Later." Ruby muttered as she turned and ventured west.

"So, where do we start?" asked Ren as he followed behind.

"Just a couple blocks ahead, there's a large plaza with one of the best fabric stores I know of. That's our start." Ruby answered and pulled out a small black notebook. "From there we have several other areas to travel if we want to get everything on our list."

Ren paused with quirked eyebrow. "Several?" He asked.

"That's right." Ruby replied not taking her eyes off the book. "I took the liberty of marking several areas scattered across the city. We should be done in a couple hours."

"I see…" Ren muttered as he rubbed his chin.

Ruby stopped and turned back to him. "I can see the hesitance on your face. Speak your mind."

Ren averted his eyes as he pondered. And after what felt like an eternity, he sighed. "I meant no offense Ruby. I just… well…. I apologize for asking but… is it necessary?"

The red hooded girl shrugged. "The way I see it, it kills two birds with one stone. We get what we need while simultaneously giving you a tour."

Ren sighed as he rubbed the back of his head. "I'm feeling I'm the reason why this will take long."

"Yes and no." Ruby admitted. "Aside from showing you around, these areas do have some of the best utilities we need. So it all works out for us." Declared Ruby. "Besides I already marked our route, so no modifications."

Ren sighed again. "I suppose it would be rude to second guess all that you've done."

"Quite right. Now let's resume."

Ren nodded and trailed behind his leader silently as he had one thing on his mind. 'How are Adam and Blake fairing?'

30 minutes after team RBTR's separation...

"Alright, what's next?" Blake asked as she exited a building with two full bags, one in each hand. After their immediate split up, the siblings wasted no time in pursuing their objectives. With a few stores down, Blake and Adam only had a couple more to go before informing Ruby of their completion.

"Let me check the list." Said Adam as he slowly dropped his own set of bags on the ground and pulled out his own dark red notebook. "The next stop is-"

"Hold on." Blake blurted as she turned to her left with narrowed eyes. Her bow twitched slightly.

"What is it?" Adam asked.

"Did you hear that?"

Adam shook his head as he remained silent. Blake nodded for him to follow and he did after picking up the bags. As he followed her, he now started hearing muffled movements. They followed the sound farther down the street before turning left into an alley where the sounds were getting louder and stronger.

"...op ...ple-"

The duo nodded to each other as they slowly set down their bags and walked further into the lane. With their backs now against the wall they slowly crept along until they reached the corner. They turned just enough to view the source of the sounds without exposing themselves. And when they did see, they could not believe what they were seeing.

It was a group of kids, ranging from ten to twelve, ganging up and pinning a smaller boy , no less than eight, against the wall. While bullying wasn't an uncommon sight, the sibling's blood ran cold when they saw two small horns on the boy's forehead.

"Come on kid, what kind of animal are you!"

"Yeah, speak your natural language for us!"

"Haha, what a loser!"

The little boy whimpered at the demands and tried to break free only to get shoved back into the cold stone wall again. "Please… just… just leave me alone!"

"Or what you gonna poke me to death with these faggoty antlers?!"

"They're not antlers! They're horns!" The boy shouted. But unfortunately, it resulted with a punch to his face.

"Don't talk back to your master you little bitch!"

"Yeah, you animal! Say something else I dare you!"

"Awe, I think the little freak is crying!"

"S-shut up!" the boy choked as he tried his hardest to fight back the tears. He did not want to give his abusers the satisfaction they wanted.

"Make me you filthy horned beast!"

Adam's eyes suddenly widen underneath his sunglasses as those words replayed in his mind, recalling a memory from long ago.

"Leave me alone!"

"Make me, you filthy horned beast!"

His hand gripped the side of the building with such force, several cracks lightly erupted off the stone corner.

"Why are you even here kid?! Wild animals should not be in a civilized city!"

"Yeah! You're not welcomed here!"

"Go back to the wilderness, savage!"

"Shut up! You're the savages!" The boy argued. This time he was kneed in the stomach. He grunted loudly as he collapsed while gripping his sides.

The group of kids all laughed at his whimpering as the leader stomped his food down on the boy's head.

"Stupid animal, you don't talk like that to those superior to you! Don't you get it yet? Humans are better than you stupid Faunus!"

One of the other kids suddenly kicked the boy over as he cried out in pain. They all laughed as the tears now poured from the boy's eyes and onto the ground. The ring leader silenced them as he stared at the boy. "My daddy taught me that wild animals need to learn their place." He took a step back and picked up a large rock by several trash cans. "Can you see those?!" he asked pointing to the trash bin. "That is what you are freak! Trash trying to steal our money, our women, and our jobs! My daddy told me so and I believe him, you good for nothing bastard! Because that's all you sons of bitches are!" He cried.

"Now then." He snapped his fingers and his group suddenly grabbed each of the little boy's limbs holding them down as he remained face up defenseless. As hard as he tried to pull away, it was all fruitless when they put all their weight on him.

"This is where you filthy animals differ from humans!" the leader said. His stare now turned into a glare. "You think your civilized just cause you wear clothes and speak our language? Ha! No matter what you do… you will always be animals! And as such, it is humanity's duty to put you in your place!" He screamed and raised the rock high over the boy's face.

The Faunus boy quivered as he struggled to get free. "Please… don't!"

"Say your apology in hell!" With all his might the leader threw the rock down. The boys all cheered until a sudden burst erupted as the rock now flew away from the group.

The boys all jerked back freaking out over what just happened as the ring leader flailed around looking left to right.

"W- what the hell was that?!"


At the sound of a new voice. It was dark, eerie, demonic even as the group all turned to see a tall red-haired guy in all black facing them and holding a pebble. They all backed away with scared and angered expressions as they noticed that part of his clothing and hair were glowing.

"Who... who the hell are you?!" the leader screamed as his legs shook violently.

"Me? I'm just a filthy horned beast." Adam replied pointing at his horns, "Who just wants to play."

The air around him was now sparkling tiny red jolts of electricity that caused some gasps and yelps from some the older boy's group.

"Do… do you know who I am bastard! I am the son of-"

"Did I ask who you were?!" Adam roars as he showed his canines. The boy flinched as he fell over and crawled back.

"Listen here boy." He said and pointed the group's leader. "If you ever pick on another Faunus again, I will slit your throat while you sleep. Are we clear?!" Adam barked as he leered them down.

Some nodded vigorously, others stood frozen while another peed himself. As for the ring leader his teeth chattered uncontrollably as Adam displayed a sickly grin. "Good. Now get out of my sight!"

He threw the pebbled over the boy, but the velocity was so fast, so great, that it ripped small chunks of his hair of the top of his head. That power left them speechless and frozen to the point they were shaking uncontrollably, sweating everywhere, with teeth chattering loudly. The looks on their faces was pure terror. And when the leader reached up slowly with his shaky hand to feel a bald spot, that was the final straw. With panic and desperation, the leader clawed to his feet and sprinted away with his group, running closely behind screaming and crying all the way down the lane, never looking back.

When the group of bullies retreated, Adam slowly focused his power and aura down to normal as he sighed. He then turned his attention to the small boy and walked towards him, who watched the scene happening before him with shock, awe, and slight fear.

"It's alright, I'm not going to hurt you." Said Adam as his voice returned to normal. Not knowing what to say, the boy could only stare and look at the person that just saved him. Adam kneeled in front of him and extended his hand towards him "You ok?"

The boy blinked before nodding slowly. He took the hand and was instantly pulled up into a standing position. The boy then noticed that he had horns on his head, blending in with his hair. "T-thank you… Mister…"

"Don't mention it kid."

So… you're … a Faunus too... right?"

Adam nodded. Looking at the boy reminded Adam of himself when he was younger. Then his parent's faces flash in his mind for a moment.

"Everything will be ok, Adam…" An image of his mother hugging him, sad and worried for her son, a bandage wrapped around his head. An image of his father comes next, kneeling in front of him, and patting his shoulder, then his head. "No matter what happens, never be ashamed of who you are. Someday, you'll grow very strong and knowledgeable, proving to others that they were wrong about you, our kind, and those that were deemed weak. Always remember this son."

"Um… mister?" Adam shook out of his thoughts and memories.


The boy was shifting nervously, but Adam waited patiently until he spoke.

"Umm… why'd you help me out earlier? Was it because I was too weak to fight those guys?" He then brought his head down in shame, embarrassed.

Adam stared at him and thought for a moment on what he had to say. He didn't want to offend him, so he chose his words carefully. Slowly placing a hand on the small boy's left shoulder, he looked up, and said in a soft yet firm tone, "No, that wasn't why I helped you."

The Faunus boy raised an eyebrow. "Then why… sir?" Adam face grew stern causing the boy to flinch. But when he heard Adam sigh he glanced back up to see him crouching down to eye level.

"Tell me, what do you see me as?"

The boy raised an eyebrow. "Umm… I..."

"What do you see me as?" Adam repeated, this time letting go of the boy's shoulder.

The boy, though still confused, glanced down at his shoes, thought long and hard for a moment. He hummed for a few seconds then, with brightened eyes, he answered. "A warrior! No wait… a hero who's tough enough to beat all the bad guys up and show them who's boss!"

Though Adam masked his expression well, his heart couldn't. He found some warmth when hearing that. But the warmth soon fled from his heart and once again the familiar icy chills of regret and sorrow returned.

"Very flattering." Adam muttered and the boy's smiled dropped slowly. For a second he could have sworn he heard… pain in his hero's tone. "Listen kid because I am only going to say this once."

The boy nodded quickly and leaned closer, his eyes grew a little wider.

"A hero is not someone who is physically stronger than the rest. A hero does not fight just to fight; or take another's life because they want to show everyone they're strong. Believe me kid, I used to think the same thing for a long time… a very long time." Adam frowned, the memories quickly tried to swell in his head before he continued. "No one has a right to take another's life. In fact, a wise man once told me that a long time ago. And his philosophy of heroes and warriors makes more sense now that I think about it."

"What did he say?!" The boy asked, his curiosity certainly growing. Adam couldn't help but smile, though sadly.

"Heroes, warriors, saviors, etc. All who truly represent their title, do not fight for glory or revenge. They do not seek out to challenge the strong or bask in their victories. Those who do are only fighting with their muscles and ignorance. A true hero fights with their heart; they fight to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. Whether in death, anguish, or torture, their task is to be protectors, and guardians. To protect the defenseless, the elderly, and those who cannot provide for themselves. But above all else, they protect the most important key to our survival."

"What's that?!" the boy whispered. Adam slowly removed his sunglasses revealing his crimson eyes to the young boy. He placed a hand back on the young one's shoulder again and locked eyes with him.

"The children, the future of humanity and Faunus-kind." The boy's eyes sparkled, and his smile opened wide causing Adam to now smile wholesome himself. "Take care kid, remember what I said. And do not worry about being strong. Just worry about what this," Adam pointed to his heart, "makes you into."

"Well, I hope I can be like you one day then mister!" The boy grinned. Adam shook his head with a dry chuckle.

"Trust me kid… you don't want that." He muttered.

"Why not?!"

Adam stood up and ruffled the young one's hair one last time. "Because… I want you to be better than me. Just follow your heart kid. And never, NEVER stray from the light."

The boy nodded.

"Well then… take care." With that Adam started off.

The boy stood silent as he watched him off but then he cupped his hands together and shouted. "I hope we cross paths again in the future!"

Adam did not reply. Instead, he raised a hand not looking back which caused the boy to smile with hope in his eyes. And despite their meeting coming to an end, he was not the only one smiling out of the two.

After the little boy run off in the opposite direction happy, Adam turns the corner back over to Blake, who was smirking.

"When did you learn to be so… empathetic?"

Adam chuckled dryly as he picked up his bags. "Take a wild guess." He said and stared at his sister with a smile. "Come on, we still have things to do."

"Yeah, sure." Blake said as she stared at her brother with a warmth wrapping in her heart. "Right behind you."

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