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Chapter 2: The Journey's Beginning Voyage

It was early in the morning when the airship for Beacon arrived in the shipping docks and Ruby had been fairly impressed with just how wealthy Beacon truly was. Northern Vale's Skyport was the largest and most well used Skyport in all of Vale. It beat all other skylines except for the Shnee Haven Skyport located in Mistral. However what Mistral's Skyport lacked was a personal section exclusively for a hunter's academy. Unlike Vale.

Ruby looked around the room and couldn't help but admire the variety of expensive furniture filling one of Beacons private boarding rooms. Everything about the room screamed fancy in her eyes and although she wasn't one for such things, she liked how vintage the couches and tables were. The massive chandelier twinkled its white light all around which made the silver platinum walls gleam slightly.

A few hours ago, when the sun was barely rising, Ruby had arrived at the Skyport and found her designated docking port known as Section Delta. She found a spot by the corner window and waited for the Gate's doors to open. She quietly took a sip from the coffee they offered on the table as she held her beloved book in her other hand.

The chattering and laughter was already filling the room from a decent number of others, lounging, walking or, standing about minding their own business. Ruby was the first to arrive after leaving her home at the crack of dawn. Having no one to say good bye to on the day of departure due to no one being home, she left a note and left to begin her long walk back to Vale, this time without another Beowulf incident.

She began to reminiscent the events after her interrogation on that night a few days ago. Her talk with Professor Ozpin explained to her the fundamental steps for her to enter Beacon. He would already send an acceptance letter to her address after she had given him the necessary information. He also stated that she would still be taking an entrance exam in the city to estimate her levels of combat, intelligence, and strength for her classes. The exam took place two days after that night and when she had completed the test, the acceptance letter already arrived containing several items including her flight ticket for the first day of school.

After her arrival, things were quiet much to her approval, but as the hours went by more and more newly accepted students arrived which quickly filled the room. Majority of them already started conversing to which Ruby did not care as mingling wasn't her thing and she was far too lost in her book. She would leave the socializing to a certain blonde someone who was already good with that. She wouldn't acknowledge the other students either until there was a crash that got Ruby's attention. A male student had dropped his coffee on one of the couches seats and as he jumped up, he accidentally flipped over the coffee table in front of him. What bothered Ruby the most was how he simply shrugged and walked away.

She shook her head in disapproval as the boy went to loiter with some other people. She had always been a fan of vintage gothic décor, and aesthetics so it displeased her greatly to see someone treat such furniture with disrespect. Unfortunately, the boy wasn't alone as Ruby witnessed others sitting in unmannerly positions and creating small messes with their food and drinks. She rolled her eyes and went back to her book completely unaware that she wasn't the only one who disapproved of the actions of these people.

As five move minutes past Ruby heard the announcements turn on as a woman's voice spoke through the speaker.

"Attention Vale Skyport Passengers, flights; A-3, B-1, C-5, D-2, and E-4 to Beacon Academy will be now boarding in Docking Sections: Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, and Epsilon. Please make sure to take all personal belongings and make sure to keep your local Skyport clean. Thank you for using Vale City Skyport services."

Ruby nodded to herself as she gulped down the rest of her, now cool, coffee and tossed the cup into the trashcan nearby. She grabbed her black and red book-bag and patted it down before tossing it over her shoulder. She didn't take much with as her suitcases were already picked up and shipped to Beacon yesterday. She already stood by the gate and watched as others were getting their things organized. Among the various people, there was a glance of a certain hairstyle that caught her attention to be vaguely familiar. Realizing how ridiculous it was for her to recognize someone, Ruby shrugged it off and turned about face as the door unexpectedly popped open.

Standing in the now open doorframe was a lean man dressed in a black suit with four larger men behind him dressed in standard security outfits.

"Your attention please!" he called out in a deep British accent to the crowd, "Please form a single line in front of me and have your flight tickets out! You can call me the ticket agent and I will personally check each and every one of your tickets! Should I find that your ticket is invalid or a fake you will be asked to leave the premises! Is that clear?"

All nodded. Ruby looked at the man with a raised eyebrow.

'I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Some would try and fake their way in.'

With Ruby already first in line, she took out her ticket and held it firmly. The ticket agent gestured her forward to which she obeyed and handed it over. The man inspected it and then scanned it with a small device. It showed a green light from the screen and the man gestured Ruby in.

"Alright you're clear. Watch your step and welcome aboard."

Ruby nodded and walked into the large ship. The accommodation and facility were surprisingly simple, yet pleasant to Ruby. The entire room was a large viewing gallery with walls coated in emerald green and four rows of grounded lighting systems outlining the floor. Below the windows, and attached to the wall on each side, was a long cushioned emerald couch that stretched all along to the edges of the wall.

Ruby walked to a good spot by the corner all the way in the back next one of the large semicircular windows. She noticed a few more students entering after her as she sat down and quietly flipped through the pages of her book to do some more reading.

A good two minutes past and almost all of the students were on board. It was all going smoothly until a sudden shout was heard at the ships entrance. Ruby's curiosity had her looking from the corner of her eye.

"Let me pass!"

"Sorry son, I cannot allow that."

"'I'm telling you it's real!"

Ruby turned her full attention, as did others, and watched the conundrum. Although she was all the way in the back, Ruby's enhanced senses were extremely useful in times like these. She saw that the voice who was shouting belonged to the same boy who spilled coffee on the chair.

She can see that the boy's face was turning red as he glared at the ticket agent, standing his ground with crossed arms. There were trickles of sweat running down the boy's short black hair and Ruby noticed that his legs were shaking just a little.

"And I'm asking you if you think of me as a fool." The ticket agent responded with narrowed eyes. "Even without the scanner I can easily tell that this ticket is false. I've been doing this job for 13 years and I know a real Beacon ticket when I see one."

The boy gritted his teeth. "You must be getting old because it's not! How can you even tell if its fake?!"

The ticket agent sighed and shook his head. "Because I'm one of the few who actually designed the ticket."

The boy paled and said nothing else as he looked down at the ground with his hands balled up into fists.

"Security, please escort this young man out of here." The ticket agent said turning around. Two of the large security guards walked up to the boy and started gently pushing him away.

"Get your hands off me!" the boy hissed. "You will regret this!" he snarled to the ticket agent as he walked away. Fed up with the boy's resistance, the guards each grabbed an arm and started roughly dragging the boy away as he shouted and shook. "This isn't fair! Let me go you assholes! It isn't fair!"

And with that, the boy exited through the doors of D-2 and out of the boarding room.

The students all watched in silence then started whispering to each other after the event was over. Some were laughing, others didn't care, and a few were shaken up by the sudden actions they had just witnessed. The ticket agent sighed as he rubbed his temples and closed the ship's door. He turned and looked at the crowd of freshmen with crossed arms.

"Let that be a first lesson to all of you incoming freshmen." The man said in a bold tone. "Never try to cheat into Beacon." Without another word, he walked past the crowd, who cleared a path, and entered another door to inform the pilots to take off.

The students all remained quiet for a few more seconds until the sea of whispers soon flowed again. Before Ruby went back to her book, she caught sight of a blonde haired boy with a black sweater and blue pant staring at the door where the agent entered. He was paled with a fearful look in his blue eyes.

Ruby rolled her eyes as she brought her book up to her face and started reading again. She would never admit it but seeing the short black haired boy being dragged away brought some type of amusement to her day.

'Karma works fast.' A dark chuckle escaped Ruby as a very thin smile crept onto her face.

A minute later the ship started to rumble as the engines were powering up. A sudden announcement came from the ships speakers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking. I welcome each and every one of you on my ship and am proud to carry the next generation of warriors to our beloved school. As we ascend into the sky, you all ascend into the next chapter of your lives. So again, Ladies and Gentleman, I welcome you all aboard my ship. Next stop, Beacon Academy!"

A loud cheer erupted throughout the gallery. Students cheered as loud as they could; hugging, jumping, and high fiving each other in celebration as the ship began lift off. For Ruby, she allowed a full smile to emerge on her face. Her first and largest dream was about to become real, and years ahead of her expectations. She pulled her book down and looked outside the window behind her. She noticed four other airships slowly start to ascend, each with its own cargo full of students who looked to be cheering as well. Ruby then squinted as a bit of sunlight entered her eyes. Her smile still remained as she gazed into the wild blue sky with the sun shining high.

She then turned back around and dug through the metallic pouch on her belt. She immediately pulled out what looked to be a photo of her as a child, roughly five years of age, with a smiling woman dressing very similar to Ruby's outfit, only the woman wore white rather than red. In the picture the older woman was holding Ruby tightly in her arms as she and five-year-old Ruby smiled towards the camera that took the picture. There was a sudden overwhelming pain that crept into Ruby's heart before it vanished. She let her thumb trace over the woman's face as she laid her saddened eyes on her.

'Is this the path you would have wanted me to walk mother?'

The smile Ruby wore became a sad one as she remembered her mother with fond memories. She was completely unaware, however, that another person was also sitting down, staring at a photo of their own with their dark magenta eyes glimmering with a saddened expression.

"I will do my best for you." They thought in unison.

It had been almost an hour since the ships departure and Ruby was currently staring out the window. The ship moved at a rather steady pace, not too fast and not too slow. There was no turbulence in the travel so walking or standing was comfortable.

She gazed out into the growing distant city of Vale as it started becoming nothing more than a silhouette. That city had offered Ruby so much that it stunned her. What started off as a simple day, granted her an opportunity to enter her desired school. Everything happened so fast that Ruby still couldn't believe that it was real, that something was actually working well for her.

'Destiny and fate really do work in mysterious ways.' Ruby thought.

She looked down to see how high they were. The ship gained a high altitude within the last 30 minutes of voyage and continued on that same route for the rest of the flight.

No one, not even her family, knew that Ruby secretly enjoyed flying. It was a sort of unusual bliss to be up so high. It was like all her problems were left behind so she could soar through the air. It had always been a, very secretive, fantasy for her to one-day grow wings and sore through the air like an owl that can reach the full moon. Of course it was just a fantasy. Even she can have some couldn't she?

Ruby checked the time, located above the exiting door and saw that it would be five minutes till 8:30. The ship was expected to arrive before nine as the entrance ceremony for the new students was to begin at 9:30. After that, Ruby couldn't say.

She looked all around the gallery, watching the students mingle and converse with eagerness and excitement.

There were many conversations springing up all around Ruby. Some talked about the environment that Beacon would provide. Others wondered how strict and hard the rules and classes would be. There were a good number of boys and girls who wondered how "hot" some of the teachers would be, much to Ruby's disinterest. There were a few students who were eagerly ready to start training and, in their words, "kick major ass".

A lot of students, from what Ruby heard, believed it will be a walk in the park. 'Fools'. She called them. Beacon was a trial of hardships and it would be a mistake to go in with feebleness minds. That was what she believed.

Ruby remembered a story from her uncle Qrow about when he and Ruby's parents attended Beacon. There were 500 students in his class and only 50 graduated and officially became hunters. Thankfully her uncle had given her a variety of tips and advice for her journey.

Thinking about Qrow brought some comfort to Ruby. He was her mentor, her best friend, and even dared to say he was like a father figure to her. When she told him the news he was very proud of her. He even treated her to her favorite dish for dinner. Ruby felt safe with Qrow's guidance and she was glad to have him in her life. He told her he knew her father would be proud as well; once he returns from wherever he took off too… again.

Ruby shook her head in order to erase the thought of her father. She did love him dearly but ever since the tragedy that took place, their relationship has been rocky. Since then, he would always be out on missions for extended periods of time or attend to what he called 'business". The last time he and Ruby spent time together was when they walked through the forest to talk. And that was six months ago and it was very awkward.

The same could have been said for her older sister. Ever since she reached a certain age, her sister, Yang, was always out of the house either with her friends or doing odd jobs for clients. This had been going on ever since she developed her skills as a fighter. She never was one to be cooped up in one place for too long. She was the biggest social butterfly and a thrill seeker. The two were not as close as sisters would be claimed to be but Ruby never had any bad terms with Yang. However, Yang was just a bit too… Yang for her taste. The two were opposite and Yang would always try to get Ruby to socialize in ways she never wanted. The same could be said for when Yang would try to do something Ruby liked and it never worked well. It was always awkward, for Ruby at least, to live the life of Yang Xiao Long.

'And those ridiculous puns'. Ruby groaned slightly as she remembered them.

Currently, the last Ruby had heard of Yang, she was in the process of a job searching for someone her client desperately wanted to find. The job was going to take a long time, and the reward was supposedly too rich to ignore. She had been on that job for over two months and from what Ruby figured she wasn't any closer to finding her.

'Perhaps it is for the best.' Ruby sighed.

She remembers her sister always talking about attending Beacon. And it just so happened that she was planning to attend this year. However, if her job was going to take longer then Yang wouldn't be able to attend Beacon for the semester which would have been better for Ruby.

'Things would have gotten too awkward if we went to school together. And the teasing she would give me.' Ruby mentally groaned. 'Even if it would have been somewhat nice to know someone at a brand new school, it's still probably for the best. Oh well, in order to move on from the past, you must make a new future for yourself. At least I will have a whole semester before having to see her again. That should give me enough time to come up with some ways to deal with her antics … or as she calls it her "Yangtics".

Ruby rolled her eyes as she continued to stare out the window.

"Hey guys, you see that girl over there, the one with the red hood. Doesn't she look a little too young to be here?"

Ruby looked through the corner of her eye to see who said that. It was a boy, slightly tall and muscular with spiked up brown hair. He was standing next to three other people, a boy and two girls, assuming his friends, as he pointed at her. All eyes immediately turned to Ruby as she rolled her eyes again and continued to look out the window.

The only other male, a lean toned figure with short read hair, shrugged as he glanced at her. "Maybe she's just really short and looks young. She certainly doesn't show much development around the chest area if you catch my drift." he nudged his elbow into his friend as both males laughed with perverted grins on their faces.

One of the two females in the group, a tan skinned girl with long black hair, scoffed at the boy's perverted sense of humor. However, she did, secretly, find it funny when her eyes drifted down to Ruby's chest and couldn't help but feel a great sense of pride as she puffed out her own perfectly rounded D cups. "Well if that's the case then maybe she's a little girl who got lost on her way to her daycare." She said, making the two boys laughed even harder.

The second, and last girl, had the face of an angel, flawless skin and beautiful fluffy, long, blond hair, gazed at Ruby and made a disgusted face towards her wardrobe. She admitted that some of her accessories were "kind of" cute but ultimately, she only had one thought in her mind.

'This girl wears like WAY too much black and red, like come on, a little lighter colors won't kill you!'

The girl looked down at her own attire and admired it. She always wore the latest trends in all of Remnant's current fashion brands and she thought she was looking good. These would have cost at least an arm and leg for anyone to buy. However not for her "daddy" who always wanted to make his precious daughter happy. The girl looked up at her friends and quickly thought of something that made her lips perk up.

"Like come on guys don't be like that. Obviously she's like upset by her looks. I mean why do you think she wears all that black? She looks like one of those depressed emo kids so like let's leave her be." she said while restraining a laugh.

"Yeah you're right, let's not give her another reason to write some sad poetry and beg for attention." One of the boys said while the others laughed.

As the laughter grew louder, Ruby couldn't help but look at the small group. She stared at them with a raised eyebrow and thought of them being unoriginal for she had heard it all before. Many had already looked down on her for being short and younger than others. Many would make fun of her taste in fashion while others indeed made comments about her "petite" body figure.

The words would have hurt Ruby if she even cared. But she didn't. There was no point in worrying about making one's self impress others. Her uncle Qrow had taught her better than to let words affect her, especially in battle. Ruby simply looked back out the window and thought of them as nothing more than mere annoyances.

People who judge on looks would never earn respect from her and while she didn't really care, she did grow tired of people belittling before actually knowing her. Then, an idea hit her like a ton of bricks which caused her to smirk and turn to the group whose laughter still rang loudly through her ears.

'What the hell, I guess it won't hurt if I have a little "fun" with them'. She thought as she slowly walked towards the group.

The small group's laughter soon died down as they noticed Ruby staring and walking towards them. They lost their smiles and stayed quiet when they saw Ruby smirking and didn't know whether to move or say something.

"Like can we help you?!" the blonde girl finally asked with a tone full of confidence. The others nodded and waited for Ruby to reply. She didn't and still kept walking towards them.

When they looked into her silver eyes, all they could see was a deep black abyss. Almost as if they were staring into the blackest void of a black hole. The very image sent shivers down their spine and possibly into their souls. They stood frozen and watched with anticipation. The atmosphere felt unbelievably tense and the air tasted hot like it had just come out of the oven. Suddenly, Ruby stopped two feet in front of the group and slowly lowered her head letting her bangs and hood fall down, blocking the view of her upper face.

"I am proud to wear black." Ruby started with a tone so low that it sounded almost… demonic. "My life is back on track. I have discovered the inner me, for this is my true identity. Enveloped in a dark embrace, where I have found my eternal place. It seems the outsiders of society, have stolen my dark soul in its entirety. As I stare ever so carefully, the darkness stares right back at me. My world was shredded, torn apart, as so was my very heart. I have lost feeling and became so numb, blissfully ignorant of what is to come. The smile on my face is forced by me, so sorry to tell you that I want to be free. And well you see for me to be me, I will need a sacrifice for the eternity. So come with me and you shall see, that leaving your body will give you glee. It will only be a little pain you'd barely feel a thing; but then again… a scythe will give you more than just a sting."

Ruby raised her head just a little and was satisfied with the four terrified looks. Two of them were pale white like a ghost while another was panting heavily. From the last one, there was a leaking sound coming from the boy's pants as his legs started to shake tremendously.

'Now to bring it all home.' Ruby closed her eyes and raised her head so the group can see her full face. When she opened them up, gasps could be heard from a few of the members. Ruby's pupils were gone. Both replaced with full pitch black as she stared at them with a sickly grin. "Now then…" Ruby continued in her demonic voice. "With my "depressing" poem now complete, I ask but one thing and I will not repeat." Ruby reached behind her and out came her large red scythe as she let it rest on her right shoulder "Who's first?"

At first there was silence.

The four students looked at the scythe with bulging eyes like a fish and mouths gaping wide open forming perfect O's. They could see their reflection off the scythe's curving, silver blade. They looked back down at Ruby as the eldritch girl continued to stare at them with that grin of hers. Never in any of their lives have they ever seen such… madness.

In Ruby's mind she hadn't had this much fun in a long time. She knew this would probably traumatize the students and maybe even scar one or two of them but was it really her fault? She was just educating them after all. Maybe next time they will learn never to judge a book by its cover; because you never know what kind of tale lies behind the first page.

'Three… two… one.'

High pitched screams filled the gallery as the four students who mocked Ruby bolted away from her. Students nearby got out of the way while a few unlucky ones were pushed and shoved by. Ruby smirked in satisfaction as the group of kids took off too another part of the gallery, shouting and shoving more people out of their way.

A few students who were not part of the quarrel simply stared at the scene and at Ruby while slowly backing away from her so they wouldn't get involved.

Ruby noticed all of the terrified looks that she was getting and simply shrugged it off as she retracted her scythe back and closed her eyes. She opened them a few seconds later and revealed her usual silver pupils returning to normal. Ruby nodded to herself and was about to turn and walk back to her corner until she looked down at the carpet and noticed a thin yellow trail of liquid left behind in the spot where one of the boys was standing and actually laughed at the sight. She couldn't wait to tell her uncle Qrow, he would be so proud. Using black dust to manipulate her voice and eyes were one of the greatest discoveries that she had ever made and she enjoyed using it to intimidate her foes. Psychological warfare was certainly fun.

As Ruby walked back to her corner she heard all kinds of whispers. Mostly the words "freak", "psycho", and "weirdo" flew around her ears. She shrugged as the words didn't faze how good justice was served and hoped that those four would learn to never mock another soul again.

When she reached her corner, the crowd of people migrated more to the front which left the back area mostly empty. Ruby actually liked it; it meant more room for her. When she finally made it to her corner, her instincts kicked hesitation Ruby turned and looked all around her for any signs of a threat. She always trusted her instincts as it saved her multiple times in the past. She looked around thoroughly and noticed nothing dangerous or unusual until something caught her attention from the corner of her eye. There was someone looking at her, a male.

Ruby quickly examined his face and was slightly taken back by who she was looking at. On the adjacent side of the gallery, literally in the other corner of the ship was a boy whom she had met a few days ago in the elevator of the bookstore. His hair was still in its usually messy bed head style with that magenta dyed bang and the familiar long pony tail. His magenta colored eyes were still deep and distant. His facial expression was in the same bland look as it was when she met him. Ruby noticed that his attire was still the same all black outfit he wore, and it still suited him in many ways. It made him look like a Gothic Asian warrior. The black duffle that he carried was now gone and now it all made sense to her.

'He was traveling to Vale to enroll into Beacon.' And now, she too was enrolled and seeing him again. 'Destiny and fate really do work in mysterious ways.' She thought.

Ruby noticed that the boy had been staring at her with a very faint amused look on his face. He stood up straight and gracefully bowed to her with one arm across his chest and the other down at his side.

'This man is really respectful. I am glad for that.' Ruby thought.

The boy rose up and Ruby nodded and bowed to him as well, only it was much shorter than the boy's. Ruby's father, being of Asian descent himself, had taught her a lot about Asian culture and mannerism so of course it came as second nature to bow back in respect.

The boy nodded and turned to his right and looked like he was sighing. Ruby couldn't tell what he was looking at but it was enough to cause him to stand up again. He looked back at Ruby and gave her a very small smile and a thumbs up before walking away where he was now among the crowds of people moving about.

Ruby raised an eyebrow wondering why he gave her a thumbs up rather than a wave. Then it hit her. He had an amused look on his face before and the thumbs up made it all clear.

'He must have seen the whole thing.' She thought to herself. He had witnessed her little "fun" with those students.

She was both surprised and confused. When most people would see what Ruby just did any normal reaction would be to stay away from her. However, instead he smiled. To Ruby, he didn't look like the type to enjoy seeing people scared out of their minds. If he truly had been watching from the start, then he would know why she did it. And if he had good hearing or could read lips like she did then she could only think of one answer.

'Maybe… maybe we aren't so different after all.' She thought then shook her head immediately. She barely knew the boy and she already had assumptions about him facing the troubles that she faced. Whether she was wrong or right it didn't matter now as an announcement came on.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now arriving towards our destination and will be landing in five minutes. Please remember to gather your things and please watch your step as you exit the airship. I would like to thank you, again, for riding airship D-2 and I welcome all of you to Beacon Academy!"

A roar of excited cheers exclaimed. The crowds of people all rushed the door and eagerly waited for their landing. Ruby herself stayed back and decided it would be easier to be the last one off the ship. For good reason too.

It was time. She was finally about to walk on the steps of Beacon and although her face was blank again, she was ready to walk out into a new chapter of her life with confidence and excitement.

'Please watch over me mother. And watch as I make the same first steps as you did long ago.'

With Ruby fully concentrated on her thoughts, she was completely unaware of an anonymous pair of eyes who watched her the entire time during her little scare tactic to the group who was bothering her.

'She's definitely interesting. This will be fun' thought the person as they put their scroll away which captured everything that happened on video.

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