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Chapter 5: Surprises in Initiation

Hours after everyone had gone to bed; the calming night sky had started to fade, turning from black to orange and then orange to blue. The sun had risen a good angle overtime where its light scattered through the window into every corner of the ballroom. The tints of heat already reached the faces and bodies of numerous sleeping freshmen, creating a small band of disgruntled moans, groans, and murmurs as the students were awakening.

With her sleeping bag located next to the corner window, Ruby was one of the first to feel the suns heat. The tints of warmth smothered her face causing her nose to scrunch up as awareness slowly started to return to her.

While bothersome the warmth was, she did not move as a small sense of familiarity reminded her of being cuddled by her mother in her adolescent youth. With her eyes still closed, Ruby envisioned her mother holding a smaller version of herself.

She was lovingly wrapped around the snow white cape that Summer Rose always wore. Its warm cotton material always acted like a soft blanket whenever she went underneath it. Ruby can recount many times in the past where she smothered herself in her mother's cape. It always soothed her whenever she had a nightmare, or when she was scared of the "Grimm under her bed" as her sister used to make her believe.

No matter what hardship she faced in her childhood, her mother was always there to provide loving warmth that always stopped any tears from falling. The cape provided security and protection, reminding Ruby whenever she was around the white cape that her mother was never far behind. The tender memories brought a faint smile onto Ruby's lips but then fell immediately.

'LIES!' a voice inside her screamed. It was without emotion and felt so cold that it could cause a shiver down a spine. 'Your mother is no longer here. She's gone and she's never coming back!'

Ruby curled herself into a little ball as she pulled her blanket closer to her face. The voice was chuckling almost sinisterly. It was true, her mother was gone and upon realizing it, the warmth that she felt now was nothing more than mimicry of what once made her smile.

A mimicry that can never bring the same happiness she felt, the happiness that she lost… forever. She turned away from the light and let out a faint murmur, her consciousness already trying to awaken her.

'No matter what you do, you can never run from the past! Accept your demons! Live your sin! Embrace what you could become!' the voice laughed wickedly.

Ruby groaned again and the sinister voice continued to laughed until it started to fade away as she emerged from slumber.

'Morning already?' she thought with her mind still a bit hazy. The voice that flooded her dreams was now gone with no traces of memory left. 'Damn it…five more minutes.'

Ruby let out a long groan and tried to allow slumber to return. But after a few minutes, it did not and it felt useless to try and continue to hope. The harsh remembrance of her mother had been enough to rob her of tiredness. However, instead of getting up, she stayed still, allowing her strength to build up. She tried to recall any faint or fragmented memories of a dream she may have had last night.

As to be expected, there were none. At least none that she can recall. For Ruby, dreams were considered a privilege to obtain. It was rare for her to ever dream so whenever she did, she would always make sure to make mental note of it and write it down in her dream notes. She had done this for years ever since the loss of her mother.

But unfortunately, she had only a dozen dreams written down since then.

With her consciousness now active Ruby had long gave up on the idea of sleeping, but her eyes refused to open. Although awake, her eyelids felt heavy, and the comfortable position she was in did not help in getting her up either. This was a usual routine for Ruby. She was not, and never will be, a morning person.

Even when she was out of school, away from early hours, homework, masses of annoying bullies, and with little responsibilities to worry about, her Uncle Qrow never permitted Ruby to sleep in.

No matter what day of the month, Ruby always woke up early because of her uncle. Even if the man didn't stick around to see her get up, Qrow always left her a glass of milk on the counter. A sign of his presence.

For months, it all seemed like a game to Ruby. Every morning, when Qrow wasn't on a mission, he would wake her and Ruby would have to be fast enough to see him before he vanished out of her room. Even if her mental state was always groggy in the morning, she knew his reasons were to keep her sharp. Danger could be at every corner in her life and it was important to be ready even in the most vulnerable state.

'One day I'll catch up to you Qrow. Just wait and see…. Mentor.' That was the promise that she made to him years ago.

'Those who always sleep in are more welcoming of death. If one cannot tackle the early morning first, then how can they tackle a great threat when the time comes?' He always said to her. Another lesson she hopes to master along the path of a warrior.

'But Qrow isn't here." Said a voice in her mind. 'He's not with you anymore and there are no lessons for you to learn from him now. 'Your mother is gone, Qrow is gone and you are all alone.'

Again the voice was right. Not only about Qrow and her mother but about her being alone. Her remaining family was elsewhere far away, but she was already used to that. 'Does it really matter at this point?' Ruby asked the voice. 'I enjoy being alone. So there is nothing new there.'

Whatever the inner voice meant, it wouldn't matter. Ruby knew from the start that she was on her own and no sudden change in surroundings would change that. Rather than being lonely, it was more of a relief.

At least in a new environment, she could start over a new life. And upon thinking about it, nothing was truly different for her. Adjusting would be fast and adapting was one of her specialties.

Ruby smirked to herself and enjoyed the still peace and quiet. She began to recall everything that happened yesterday. The events on the airship, the incident at the square, the orientation, and even seeing some familiar faces.

She would admit, a lot has happened, both good and bad. And it all happened under one morning. 'That was more eventful than anything I did in a whole year.' Ruby thought.

However, that was yesterday. Today was a new day for her and she knew it was time to tackle it whether she wanted to or not. Even if there was no milk on the counter for her this time.

With minimal resistance, Ruby slowly opened her eyes, her blurry vision starting to return to normalcy. She turned to her right and the first thing she saw was the sleeping bag of Ren, empty.

'That's right. I was sleeping next to Ren… and Blake and Adam were below us.' She had forgotten that she wasn't on her own last night and slowly raised herself up. The rising motion dropped her blankets down to her lap causing Ruby to feel a brief frisk of cool air rush through her body.

It sent a shiver down her spine that felt refreshing and sprang up some minor energy within her. She yawned and rubbed her neck from its stiffness, hearing a satisfied crack as she felt her shoulders relaxing.

She glanced around the ballroom to see a good number of people still stirring while a few early risers were doing the same as she.

Some yawned, others were up and stretching, and a few whispered a classic phrase to themselves 'five more minutes'. Ruby shook her head at how stereotypical teens were when it came to waking up. However, as Ruby inspecting the room even further, she began to hear a few loud, and quiet, snores, kissing and giggling noises from those having perverted dreams and even seeing some cuddling their pillows with drool stains imprinted on most of the pillows faces.

Seeing how the noises were coming from both an equal number of boys and girls, Ruby could tell there will be a lot of 'release' among most of her classmates throughout the year. Release, that Ruby wanted no part in.

While sex may be considered a taboo to many, Ruby actually learned it through her sister, regrettably, when she was young. What made it regrettable was how 'thorough' Yang was with her teachings; adding in quick tips on how to please, learning what goes where, and how to make 'your man' beg for more.

Ruby cringed at the memories of sexual education from her sister. She was thankful that her naïve traits were beginning to fade at the time and she asked her Uncle Qrow later on, whose teachings involved less first person demonstrations and more lecture based.

Ruby turned to the exit leading into the halls and saw a good number of students up and about walking both to and from the ballroom. The hallways only lead to certain areas in their location. Students already up could either head towards one of the several bathrooms or head down to the dining hall to eat breakfast that was serving at around this time. All everywhere else were labeled restricted areas for Freshmen and guarded by some instructors or senior students that Ruby noticed when she arrived.

Stretching her legs, Ruby glanced up at a clock hanging overhead and saw that it was seven-thirty. From what she remembered in the handbook she received, breakfast was served at seven and the initiation was to take place at nine. There was no exact definition from what Ruby could see in the handbook. But it was clear this would be the final test to truly see who belonged in Beacon.

Ruby narrowed her eyes at the thought. For the past few days she had been taking several entrance exams to show where she was in academics, combat and intelligence. The memories brought a shudder that was followed by a hard look into her lap. Those memories were not because the tests were hard, but rather because it reminded her of the hard times she endured in one of her classrooms back at Signal.

During her seventh grade, every time in the same class, Ruby would get pinned to the teacher's desk by a group of students, have her arms spread, and take socks full of hard soap into her stomach. She could say that was perhaps why she was so petite, because she always lost her appetite after before lunch was served.

Ruby shook her head, she didn't want to think about that any further and instead remembered how awkward it was for her to walk into a classroom after being away from one for so long. It also didn't help when she had to sit around people who were all older than her.

The test was stressful enough and their stares did not help. Neither did the comments on her appearance and age. She shook her head and stopped thinking about it. She didn't have to concern herself with them any further. She passed those tests with flying colors despite being a drop out and younger. And it was all thanks to her uncle never giving her a break in her studies.

Ruby snapped out of her thoughts when she felt someone walk by and glanced at all the people passing her with groggy faces. The whole scene appeared more like an undead zombie herd moving together rather than the next generation of hunters. This brought some amusement to Ruby. Majority of them looked like they can belong with the dead because of their carelessness of acquiring a substantial length of sleep.

All throughout the night were girls painting their toes, guys who wouldn't stop flirting, and both who were too busy on their scrolls either texting or browsing away for hours. Those who were effected were immediately trying to cover their drooling, brush their disheveled hair, and fix their immodest appearances. Others looked confused, probably forgetting so easy that they weren't in their rooms or homes anymore and now surrounded by new people.

A few boys, Ruby caught sight of, were already shirtless, forgetting that they were in public. But rather than feel embarrassed, some started flexing their muscles in front of a few waking girls who were blushing with a few even drooling. Ruby then thought of her sister again and knew Yang would already be purring at the sight of them and trying to get one of their attention by showing one of her bare legs.

She shook her head, feeling annoyed by what she knew her sister would do and thought it to be ridiculous and too early for perverted nonsense. She turned towards the window this time trying to get the image of Yang flirting out of her mind. She could see the clear blue sky with the sun already shining away happily doing its job to wake the world below it. It was going to be fairly sunny day, and Ruby disliked it.

The sun and her never got along in the past, nor did she and the heat. As far as Ruby would describe, they were her mortal enemies and that would never change. She would always be a child of the night.

Silently, Ruby thanked her mother for watching over her for another day and slowly got out of her sleeping bag. When she stood up, she realized that the spots taken up by Blake and Adam were already gone leaving nothing but two empty spaces.

'Well, good morning to you two… I suppose.' She shrugged and picked up her sleeping bag and book. She then made her out of the ballroom and headed down the hall, following a few dozen other students along the path.

The move was relatively calm with no noise other than the tapping of shoes, feet, and slippers hitting the floor. She actually started to enjoy the short walk until she heard a loud, familiar yell a little far ahead of her.

'Wait… please do not be who I think it is.'

Moving to the side, past a few students ahead of her, Ruby could only sigh as she slowed her pace. 'Damn it… why now?' Just a short distance ahead of her, Ruby instantly recognized the voice that belonged to none other than Weiss Schnee.

'For the Lunar Goddess' sake Schnee… this early? Why can you not bite your tongue?'

As Weiss' position drew near, Ruby looked ahead again, out of curiosity, to see why the heiress was yelling. From what she can make out, the ordeal involved a boy and herself.

Ruby glanced at the male student but, as to be expected, he was not anyone whom she recognized. He looked to be what some could describe as 'a sensitive type', with those innocent looking chubby cheeks, slim body and combed back hair. He looked relatively nervous, for good reason, and had his back, literally, against the wall with Weiss leaning in with eyes glaring so hard that they looked ready to bulge out. Her pale skin was already reddening from anger which, to Ruby, could be described as a usual sight by now.

What actually surprised Ruby more was the fact that Weiss' snow white hair, usually kept in a tight pony tail, was let loose covering most of her back and stopping right underneath her buttocks. As much as Ruby had to admit, she looked better with her hair down as it made her look much tougher, especially with that scar on her eye. Like mostly everyone else, the heiress was still in her pajamas. She wore a sky blue nightgown that went down to her knees with white outlines and a snowflake insignia near her right breast. The material looked to be made of silk from the best tailor around and probably more expensive than it needed to be. But when your family is as rich as the Schnee family, money troubles are never a problem.

While Ruby could admit that it does look to be well made, she only had one thought cross her mind.

'I hate bright colors.'

Ruby groaned. She had nothing against those who liked lighter colors or shades, but they never did sit well with her when her father and sister tried dozens, upon dozens, of times in the past to have her wear them.

With Ruby now approaching the hostile territory, Schnee's hands rested on her thighs as she still glared at the boy with unforgiving eyes. While confused, shocked, and mildly terrified, the boy looked half-awake with some crust still in his eyes, a half gaze towards Weiss, and standing groggily, barely able to keep himself up.

"Hey! Are you even listening?" asked Weiss, growing incredibly impatient. She tapped her foot waiting for a response. But the boy could only muster a groan as he tried to focus on Weiss. They couldn't which made things worse.

"Don't you dare groan at me!" Shrieked Weiss, highly insulted. "I am the one who should be annoyed with you! Were you even aware of what you did or are you just some smelly monkey with no sense of intelligence!"

"What…" replied the boy. "What are you-"

"Why don't you watch where you're going!" Weiss shouted. "Look at this!"

The heiress extended her left foot forward revealing her footwear. She had been wearing a pair of white Golden Toe brand sandals. Each sandal had a dark blue strap that was etched with details of swirling blue lines that represented waves.

The boy looked down at her foot and other than noticing her white painted toenails he didn't know what he was looking at.

"I don't-"

"You damaged my sandal and stepped on my foot!" Weiss shouted growing redder by the second. She was even starting to shake a little.

The boy looked at the sandal after rubbing his eye a little to erase the crust. He then noticed after a very close observation that there was a small brown smudge on the left hand side of the sandal.

"That's just a-"

"Do you know how much this pedicure costs!?" Weiss cut him off again. "Honestly, as if it wasn't bad enough stepping on my sandal, you stepped on my big toe too! How stupid are you? You… you… you complete dunce! An idiotic dunce, I swear you are just-"

"Hello… princess."

Weiss stopped her yelling and stood still for second. She then closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The boy looked confused and looked behind Weiss to see a cute petite goth girl which brought a blush to his cheeks.

Weiss nodded to herself and turned to face Ruby. She stared into those silver eyes and Ruby stared into those icy blue ones.

"You have a lot of nerve showing your face to me again… Ruby Rose."

Ruby smirked a little as she crossed her arms. "So you learned my name. I'm flattered."

"Don't let that go to your head Rose. I keep tabs on all who I dislike."

Ruby scoffed as she brushed some hair away from her eyes. "You dislike me? Oh woe is me; I don't know how I will ever sleep well again." She said sarcastically.

"Oh please," Weiss said annoyed. "I know the feeling is mutual with you as well so you better understand this. I don't want you anywhere near my space or person."

Ruby raised an eyebrow with the smirk never leaving her face. "I planned that long before you decided princess. It will never be my intention to be near you. This just happens to be the way we have to walk to reach the lockers."

Weiss scoffed and swayed her hair to the side. "Do not call me princess, it's as bad as snow angel… anyways that doesn't explain why you're here talking to me when I clearly don't want anything to do with a dunce like you."

"All I am trying to do is keep you from murdering an innocent man here for something so childish as stepping on your poor little sandal." Replied Ruby.

"Childish?!" Weiss exclaimed. "I will have you know these are Golden Toe sandals!"

Ruby blinked. Weiss was bewildered.

"The largest company to ever produce such beautifully crafted open toed shoes in all of Remnant!" said the heiress, this time a little slower and with more emphasis.

Again Ruby blinked. At this point Weiss was beginning to get a little annoyed. "They are so popular that every shoe they make is only out for a limited time and they only make 10,000 of the same product!"


"Oh?! They are not oh you dunce! They are perfection!"

Ruby corked an eyebrow. Weiss was currently staring into space with dazzled eyes. She had cupped her hands up to her right cheek and was far too gone fantasizing all the different shoes there were for this brand. The smirk soon fell from Ruby's lips as she shook her head.

"You have a problem." She whispered and turned to the boy who was watching the whole thing with confusion. "You should probably get out of here."

"Huh… oh yeah… that's a good idea. Hey.. thanks and… if you want, maybe you and I could-"

"Never going to happen. Now go before I snap her out of her daze."

And with that, the boy spun and fled away.

Ruby turned back to Weiss. She was still in her little trance and it seemed like she would be like that for a while.

Shaking her head, Ruby turned and walked away, leaving Weiss too her fantasies.

'That was completely pointless.' Ruby thought. 'A simple measure would be to use a stain removal pen. Simple as that… or is she just that spoiled for a rich girl.'

Spotting her locker at the far right hand side of the hallway, Ruby dropped the topic all together and moved a little more quickly. When she was standing in front of the boring storage door, she entered her combination, opened it and put her sleeping things inside.

"Hello again partner." Ruby leaned into her locker and gently patted her Crescent rose. "I'm sorry I was away for so long. And unfortunately, I have to be away a little longer. But I will return soon."

She then bent down and pulled together her combat clothes. She double checked to make sure she had everything and nodded to herself.

A small smile quirked itself onto Ruby's lips as as she gently, and gracefully, kissed her weapon's cool metal surface causing a shiver to spring through her. She frowned at how cold her beloved weapon was, all lonely without her. The feeling was all too familiar and Ruby didn't like it.

"I'll return." She whispered and closed her locker door.

In her hands, Ruby carried her small bag with all of her normal clothes. She headed towards the nearest bathroom and was relieved to see only a few people inside when she entered. Some took showers, others were freshening up by the sink, and a few were styling their hair.

Ruby moved quickly past the other students to draw less attention and entered the last stall in the back. She sighed a breath of relief when no one turned to look at her. She guessed because they were still feeling a little groggy after waking up.

With the hard part out of the way, Ruby took her time changing at a good steady pace. She would be fully changed in about a minute and a half. It was as her Uncle instructed her when she was learning the basics of her training.

'If you change too fast, you would feel uncomfortable and make mistakes. But change to slow and you would waste time.'

'Your training is really paying off Qrow.' With the real initiation coming up, Ruby was feeling comfortable with already concurring the morning challenges. In order to be truly ready, preparations must be made in order to be at her best.

However, during her change, the pleasant quietness was getting louder and louder within the course of a minute that when Ruby left her stall, she was both surprised and annoyed by the reasons why.

Right when she opened the door there were two girls laughing. One was in her pajamas while the other was half naked. Before Ruby could even say something, the two girls barged into the stall causing Ruby to be unintentionally shoved out. She was glad that she already had all of her possessions in hand but was not so happy with being pushed towards a small crowd of people forming some kind of line to the stalls.

'How in the world did this happen?' Thought a bewildered Ruby.

All around her was an abundance of both boys and girls who entered in one single mass. The nearly empty restroom was now flooded with groggy, smelly teens all anxious to get ready to start their day. Some were 'using' the stalls, others were showering, and a few were brushing their teeth or doing their hair.

Ruby shook her head at all the excitement and walked towards the mirror and sinks. She was forced to take several detours around people who didn't move. She couldn't believe how annoying it was to simply brush one's teeth and get out. But what annoyed her the most, was how noisy the bathroom had gotten.

"Hey! Anyone have a spare bar of soap?!"

"No we are not showering together I'm a guy and you're a girl!"

"Don't stare at my tits!"

"Dude let me borrow your toothpaste, mine sucks!"

"This water is cold!"

"Hey let me wash your back!"

"Get out of my shower you perverted woman! I don't need you washing my back!"

"I gotta pee, I gotta pee look out people!"

"Hey can I borrow your shampoo?! It smells good!"

"Stop staring at my boobs! They're not THAT big dude!"

'Damn it!' Ruby sighed as she spat out her mouthwash. 'For the love of all that is dark and creepy, please don't let this be a daily thing.'

She groaned and checked her reflection from all angles. She didn't look too bad. Her hair needed to be slightly brushed but that was about it. She didn't care for makeup, styling, and the sort like her sister or most women who were overly obsessed with their hair.

'No matter how much you care about your looks, its meaningless if you constantly worry about it.' Her Uncle had once said. 'In combat, your looks would change, for better or worse, and without your skills to back it up, your end will be faster than others. Look at me for example Ruby, I may drink a lot but it gives me an advantage. Let your negatives be your strength against your enemies. Blind them with it and then go for the throat.'

Ruby stared at the sink for a minute. She was only 12 when her uncle said that and now she was contemplating it even further as she twirled her hair brush in-between her fingers. 'Go for the throat huh.'


On instinct, Ruby dodged to the left, rolling into a kneeling positon with her hair brush extended upwards acting as a knife ready for striking. She looked all around to see no traces of danger and slowly started to ease.

As Ruby stood up she noticed that a soapy sponge had hit the mirror she was facing. The impact looked hard with the suds all bursting out from the yellow square and trailing down the mirror. Either someone had thrown it at her or accidentally launched it in her direction.

Either way there was a vein on Ruby's forehead as she slowly turned with narrowed eyes. She could see two girls half naked pointing at each other as they shook their heads furiously when Ruby's eyes made contact with them. The whole bathroom was silent except for the showerheads still spraying water onto the still naked bodies of students who poked their heads out to see what was happening.

Realizing all eyes were on her, Ruby relaxed herself a little with no real threat being detected and stared at the two girls who were slightly trembling. She did not want to be the center of attention.

However, despite her relaxing, the two girls continued to tremble. In fact, when Ruby looked around, most of the students backed away from her which confused her even more.

'What did I do?' she wondered and turned back to the mirror which answered her question. Upon a closer look, Ruby noticed that her eyes were pure black with no white at all to be seen.


Instantly Ruby blinked several times and her eyes reverted back to normal. She felt idiotic for letting her hidden ability show so easily. She immediately exhaled grabbed her bag and rushed out using her semblance to get away.

"Did you see that?"

"That's not normal."

"Is she a demon?"

"What a freak."

Ruby sighed as she could hear them behind the bathroom door. Insults were nothing new but she did not want to have them on her second day already.

She rubbed her eyes a little and frowned. While she did enjoy using her "Night Eyes" as she dubbed them, they had a history of getting her into trouble or causing fear from some people. They had cons but they also had pros. Using her night eyes enabled Ruby to see in the dark, and allowed her to be sensitive to all motion around her. They were similar to sonar effects in combination with night vision that only Faunus could possess.

Walking away from the bathroom door, Ruby raised her hood and took a few steps away before accidentally bumping into someone's shoulder causing herself and the other person to recoil slightly.

'Again? Why must I keep bumping into people?! Uncle Qrow would be very disappointed!' Ruby internally screamed.

'Hello Ruby."

The red hooded girl stopped her internal uproar and looked up to see the familiar face of Ren standing there stoically with his sleeping bag and book cradled in his arms. He was already dressed in his combat attire.

"Apologies Ren." Ruby said bowing her head. "I don't mean to always bump into you, I was merely rushing out of the restroom because the commotion inside was-"

"Loud and irritating?" Ren interrupted.

Ruby nodded and sighed. "Yes. Very irritating."

Ren nodded in understanding. "I had a feeling commotions would start around this time. That is why I got up extra early to enjoy the peace and quiet."

Ruby rubbed her temples. "I wish you had woken me up too." She muttered.

Ren smiled apologetically. "Apologies, but I did not know whether that would have been rude or not. Also Blake and Adam were up earlier than I. Their belongings were gone when I awoke."

Ruby nodded and cracked her neck that was becoming stiff. "You do not have to apologize Ren. Your logic was valid. So it is fine." She said.

Ren nodded and shuffled his bag to get a better grip on it. "To be honest, I am by no means a morning person."

"The feeling is mutual." Replied Ruby.

"Well then. Would you like to accompany me to my locker and then set off to the dining hall for breakfast?"

"That would be fine." Ruby said without really thinking about it. She stood to the side and even grabbed Ren's book so he had a better grip on his sleeping bag.

"Thank you Ruby." He said with a small smile.

Ruby smiled back and nodded. "Lead the way."

The walk was comfortable and silent, much like their previous encounters. They passed several students fiddling with their lockers and even a few instructors making sure all were obeying the rules.

As they walked, Ruby started to notice a similarity in both their routes to their lockers.

"Ren." Ruby called out.

"Yes Ruby?" replied Ren.

"What is your locker number?"

"I own locker number 1227. Why do you ask?"

Ruby nodded and slowly looked away. "Curiosity mostly. Mine is 1225." She muttered.

Ren raised an eyebrow then lowered it. "You are two lockers down from me."

"What are the odds?" Ruby asked with a shrug. "Better that than being next to strangers all the time."

"Indeed. I feel quite relieved to have a familiar face near as well."

Ruby couldn't help but chuckle a little as Ren smiled.

When the two reached locker 1227, Ruby turned away as Ren entered his combination. She valued privacy to the letter for herself and for others. However, when she heard the door pop open, her curiosity couldn't resist.

Her eyes immediately wandered inside and stared at the pair of green weapons metallically emplaced onto the locker's back wall. Their structure was crafted with parts to make them miniature automatic submachine guns and what intrigued Ruby the most was the long blades attached under each weapon's barrel. The green paint job worked well with the highlights of dark black along the sides. Engraved on each of the weapon's grip lay a small pink symbol that represented, what Ruby guessed, a lotus flower. Next to the weapons were Ren's black fingerless gloves with the same pink lotus symbols on each forehand.

'So these are his weapons.' Ruby thought. It was the first time she had actually seen them and in honesty, she was curious since she learned of him attending Beacon. 'From the design and features… these automatics can change to semi with a flip of the switch. And these blades look sharp both on the tips and the edges. They can stab and slice at the same time… incredible. Did he build these? They're so well crafted, nearly perfect.'


Ruby's ears perked at the sound of her name and snapped out of her thoughts. She turned to Ren with a raised eyebrow who was currently staring at her.

"Yes?" she replied.

"Apologies but… you are blocking my locker."

Ruby turned back and realized that she was indeed leaning into his locker. Her entire head was inside face to face with the weapons. Internally embarrassed, Ruby quickly pulled her head back and bowed to him awkwardly as she took a step backwards.

"Apologies… I was just…. admiring your weapons and I… sorry."

Ren was silent for a second. Ruby didn't know what he was thinking with his blank expression. Then Ren shrugged as he as grabbed one of his gloves. "Do not worry about it Ruby. So you have a fascination with weapons?"

Ruby sighed quietly and nodded. "Yes… I have an… admiration for weapons."

"A strong one at that." Ren replied as he grabbed and put his other glove on.

Ruby slightly blushed. Once again, her fascination with weapons had taken over completely and disregarded everything around her. "Again apologies… I've never seen those kind weapons before. Did you make them?"

Ren smiled a little and shook his head. Ruby handed him back his book and he put it on the top shelf. He then picked up his weapons one at a time to let Ruby get a closer look. She did without hesitation and admired the craftsmanship once again.

"I have never forged these types of weapons before. Allow me to introduce 'Storm Flower'." Ruby repeating the name in her mind until she wouldn't forget it. "These weapons have history. They originally belonged to my father back in his days as a Hunter. He was the one who forged them." Ruby noted everything Ren was telling her and she noticed, from the side of her eye, a very minor saddened expression on Ren's face for a brief second before disappearing. "In a sense you could call these a hand-me-down. Also, these gloves I have on now could considered weapons."

Ren looked down at the lotus symbol on one of his glove and smiled. "These gloves are roughly the same age as Storm Flower. They belonged to my mother during her time as a hunter as well and she dubbed them 'Goddess' Hands.' These gloves allow me to generate aura through my hands in order to strengthen a blow or create a protection sphere when needed."

Ruby stared at the gloves with fascination. "I see. So they are capable of creating force fields. Does this mean that the protection is only as strong and durable as the user's aura supply?"

Ren nodded.

"That is correct. Very good observation. These gloves are adaptive to anyone who uses them. However, as you said, not all have the same quantity of aura. The user has to rely on their own reserves if they want to use them. In fact, I just so happened to be born with an abnormally large amount of aura. The same situation my mother had. It is because of that, that I had to train intensively in order to withhold it. In fact, thanks to my aura control, I am able to strengthen my endurance, speed, strength, and power." Ren stated.

"Incredible." Ruby replied. "I admire your parent's creativity. They must have been… amazing hunters." she said in a low voice.

"They were. At least… I know they were." Ren replied in a heavy tone.

Ruby observed Ren's facial expression. She was very observant by the way Ren spoke of his parents in past tense. It was without doubt that his parents were no longer with him. Either way, dead, missing, or simply gone, Ruby could related very much to what he is feeling.

"Well… I look forward to seeing them in battle." Ruby said and, awkwardly, place a hand on Ren's shoulder.

Ren smiled and nodded to her. "Thank you Ruby." He then closed his locker and before moving back he stared at Ruby.

"Um… Ruby… you know you don't have to keep holding my shoulder."

Ruby's eyebrow corked up. She was confused until Ren pointed to her hand that was indeed resting on his shoulder.

'Oh…' Ruby immediately retracted her hands and looked away with an annoyed blush on her face. "Sorry… that's the last time I try to do the 'pat on the shoulder'." She muttered the second part more to herself.

Unfortunately, Ren heard it and actually let out a short laugh. "It was not a bad thing Ruby. Actually thank you."

Ruby looked confused. "Thank you for what?"

Ren shook his head and smiled. "For making me laugh."

"Are you making fun of me again?"

Ren rolled his eyes. "No I never made fun of you."

"Then why did you roll your eyes?" Ruby folded her arms.

"Just because."

"That is not an answer."

"That is debatable, now come on Ruby. Let's go."

Ren started to walk in the direction of the dining hall until Ruby stopped him.

"Don't you think you should put those away?" she asked, pointing to his weapons. "We aren't allowed to have our weapons out until initiation."

Ren nodded and felt silly for forgetting. "One second."

He then raised his hands into the air. Ruby's eyes went wide when she witnessed him tossing his weapons into the air where the twin guns immediately collapsed into each of his sleeves.

"I forgot to mention that they are collapsible." He said, noticing Ruby's obvious staring, and shrugged. "Now, let's go," he said and walked down the hall.

Ruby stood in place for a few seconds and then moved to catch up with him. 'Ok, that was honestly incredible.'

For Ruby, breakfast was surprisingly decent. Both Ren and herself were able to find a table next to the corner window after grabbing their meals. Ruby had fixed herself a standard portion of scrambled eggs, rice, a slice of buttered toast, an apple, and a glass of milk.

She had all the necessary food groups she needed and was pleased with her meal's turnabout. For Ren, he chose a simple short stack of pancakes with strawberry syrup and a cup of tea. When questioned on this, Ren explained to Ruby that they were his favorite food and he wasn't all that picky. Ruby couldn't really argue against that and the two enjoyed their meals in comfortable silence.

As they ate, they made small talk on their food and other topics. Most of which involved the whereabouts of Blake and Adam. It wasn't anything to worry about but more of a curiosity and the topic soon dropped.

All around, more and more students were entering the dining hall after getting dressed and using the restrooms. With more people coming in, the chattering grew louder where it echoed off of the walls, making twice as much noise prior.

By the time Ruby and Ren finished, they immediately left the dining hall and walked back to their lockers.

"The food was quite good no?" Ren asked as he opened his locker.

Ruby who was turning to the last digit of her combination, popped the locker door opened and nodded in agreement. "Yes, although I wish the apple was more fresh."

Ren shook his head as he placed his organized his things on the top shelf of his locker. "I did tell you to get to select one from the bottom."

Ruby sighed. "I'll remember that for next time."

Before Ren could reply a loud bell started ringing from out the large clock tower in the center of Beacon. Ruby turned and spotted a nearby clock that read 8:00 am.

'One more hour until initiation.' Ruby thought.

Ren closed his locker and walked towards Ruby while staring at the clock as well.

"Almost time." He said. His tone was now more serious than it was previous. Ruby nodded as her eyes narrowed.

"Initiation is almost upon us."

The initiation no joke for the light hearted. Any mistake could lead to leaving Beacon either as a failure or in a body bag. That was what Ruby's uncle had told her.

Only the best could stay and succeed. Something both Ruby and Ren felt strongly towards. They would do everything they can to pass the initiation. It would be their way of showing Beacon that they belonged.

It was then that Goodwitch's voice came forward through the speaker's announcements which surprised the duo.

"Attention freshmen students. The time is now 8:00 a.m. Initiation will begin in one hour. Allow me to remind you all that Beacon is the premier academy for huntsmen and huntresses. Only those who are the most determined will stay in our academy. The worst have already been sorted out. Now, however, we must further weed out any remaining students unable to last in a live combat situation. Further details on this shall be given at the start of the test. Now then, we will begin by first sending each and every one of you coordinates to your designated testing section. You will also be receiving a list of names of whom will be in the same section as you. You will receive these coordinates via your scroll. Be ready, be there by 9:00 AM sharp, and do not be late. Good luck to all of you."

As the announcements came to an end Ruby took mental note of everything Goodwitch said. She tensed momentarily at hearing the familiar ringtone she set for her scroll.

'The woman works fast.' She thought and opened her messages.

She read the coordinates carefully and was surprised to see that her spot was in the Alpha section of the Emerald Forest, specifically on top of the Cliffside. The Emerald forest, while enormous as it was, must have had plenty of areas more suitable for a location than a Cliffside.

'Why would they place us there?' Ruby thought.

From what she had learned, a section is the exact size of two soccer fields. And since reading the manual. The overall forest was labeled down into twenty sections. That is forty soccer fields worth of forest crawling with dangers.

While the width and dangers did not concern Ruby in the slightest, she did feel internally pleased to be placed in Alpha. While the name held no specific meaning at all, it did seem nice to know that she was in the first section of the forest. A minor subconscious victory for her.

Putting that aside, she continued down to and clicked to open the list of names. The first thing she saw was a roster with the title ALPHA SECTION in big bold letters. Below that, it read '25 per Section', meaning there would be twenty-four others with her.

Ruby felt a bit anxious about the thought of being around strangers. She took a deep breath and hoped for the best as she read the names once by one. She relieved some stress to see her name in the fifth slot. So far no name she recognized and continued down. Ruby then cringed as she read the eighth name.

"Weiss Shnee" she mumbled with a heavy sigh. 'Why must we be in the same group?' she groaned internally. 'Whatever she's not important right now. Let's see who's next, Cardin Winchester, Artemis Evergreen, Amber Rhodes, Jaune Arc-'

As Ruby kept listing off the names, she felt some anxiety returning as she didn't recognize anyone, other than Weiss, so far. She had hoped to have at least Ren, Blake, or Adam. Someone she could actually tolerate. It was then when she read the 15th name that she felt slightly more at ease.

'Adam Taurus' she thought relieved.

Ruby then spotted two other names next to each other just a little lower and a small smile actually grew on her lips.

'Lie Ren and Blake Belladonna.'

"It seems we are in the same group." Ren suddenly called out to his hood wearing friend.

Ruby had been so focused on the list that she actually forgot that she was standing next to Ren. She nodded to Ren and tried to hide the relief in her voice.

"I saw, and it looks like Blake and Adam are also in the same group as us." Ruby said. Ren actually smiled and nodded.

"This should be interesting." He said.

Ruby nodded, looking back down at her scroll. 'I guess fate is being generous to me after all.' She thought and continued to read the last of the names.

Knowing there were people she could tolerate made things less stressful for Ruby.

However, when Ruby reached the final name, her eyes fully widened. Calmness was gone and a huge shift had ripped through her emotions as she let out a loud gasp.

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Ruby exclaimed as her voice echoed through the empty hallway.

Ren slightly jumped and quickly turned to Ruby.

"What is it?!" he asked, completely alert. It was then that he saw Ruby going paler than usual as her eyes narrowed with a troubled look on her face. He could see her pupils shaking slightly as she gripped her scroll tightly in her hands.

Ruby then slowly turned to Ren, who didn't know what he was about to hear. And then, what felt like centuries of waiting, Ruby muttered only three words.

"Yang Xiao-long."

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