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3rd Person

Everyone hurried through the portal and then Stella noticed that everyone was in their night clothes. She quickly poofed everyone in casual clothing.

Aisha- a baggy purple shirt and ripped dark blue jeans

Tecna- a green collared shirt and a purple skirt a little above the knees

Flora- a pink flowery dress down to her knees

Stella- a green dress with pink bows to 5 inches under her thighs

Musa- a red shirt with purple caprees

Bloom- a sparkely baby blue dress down to the bottom of her thighs with some red sparkles

Daffony- a simple big gold dress that is baggy for the baby coming

The boys- shirts and pants.

When they made it through the made it through the man at the counter didn't even looked up and in a monotone voice asked "Hello, welcome to Dominoe Hospital how ma-"

"Shut It Buster! Ladies got a baby comin' so hurry and do what ya have to do!" Riven cut in. "Maybe for that remark we should let her have the baby in the waiting room" He said still not bothering to look up.

Right about then Thoren and Brandon were about to blow. "Prince of Dominoe here and u are to take us to a room right this second!" Brandon shouted.

The man the man looked up and then quickly stood up and said "Im so sorry your majesty, please this way! May I ask whose having the child?"

"My wife Eldest Princess of Dominoe! That's who!" Thoren angerly piped up. The man muttered some incoherent things and took them to a room.

On the way out Bloom put her arm out and stopped him. He sighed and looked up when he did he immediately smoothed down his practically baled and put on a lusty smile.

"Yes miss what can I do for u?" "Can I tell u something and promise me that u wont say no?" He husly answered "Anything for a beautiful girl like u." Bloom put on a fake smile and said in a cherry tone "Guess what, You're Fired Man!" He looked at her in disbelief.

"Hmm ohh… I get it. U want us to go and have a little hot fun somewhere hmmm…" At that Bloom almost puked. Sky immediately came out of the room and said "No Mister Fired Man. U are free of work."

The man grabbed Bloom's arm and said "U really don't think that I didn't fall for your need of want and satisfaction from me."

Sky got angry and put his arm protectively around Bloom and said "Princess Bloom Sparx Of Dominoe, would u mind showing this kind gentlemen here some proof?" "Of course Sky baby. She quickly leaned in pecked his lips then snapped her fingers.

In her hand was Sparx family photo of the children. The man grabbed it and yelled "U know what im gonna sue u!" I cant believe u have the nerve to show me this crappy piece of fake paper.

"Aw Mister I highly doubt that 'cause as u can see here this handsome fellow is my boyfriend Prince Sky of Eraklyon.

The man looked at him and laughed. "show me proof Prince Boy." He went in his pocket and pulled out the Eraklyon family crest.

The man looked dumbfounded. He grunted and threw his work pen and accessories on the ground. He was getting ready to storm out when he slipped and fell on his backside.

Bloom walked over to him and asked "do u mind picking up your mess?...Please?" He looked up and strictly snorted a no. She bent down and ""accidently"" showed him some cleavage.

He was mesmerized but when she got up he snapped out of it and saluted, "Yes Ma'am!" and he cleaned it all up.

Sky gave Bloom a 'You-just-had-to-that-didn't-u look'. Smiled innocently and made their way into the waiting room with the others while Thoren was in the room helping Daffony.

***Hospital Room Scene Change***

"U did it Daffony! Aren't they adorable!" Thoren asked a sweaty worn out Daffony. "They sure are now let's let Bloom, Brandon, and Sky in! They are our real family right?

"Sure baby." The nurse went out and called them, and a couple seconds later they came in. "AWW their so cute!" Bloom remarked.

"Bloom, Thoren and I would like to give u the honor of naming them." Bloom looked at the twins and decided to name the girl Daffodil, and the boy Thunder.

"u get it? Daffodil like Daffony and the beautiful flower, and Thunder like Thoren and and the fearless weather!

Sky then came up to Bloom and said "Baby, when we get older im making sure to let u choose our children's name." "SKY! You're so embarrassing! Gosh!" Bloom squeaked with a tomato face.

He looked at Bloom then chuckled and licked her neck then nuzzled her.

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