Annabeth woke up to her alarm buzzing insistently in her ear. She rolled over and hit the 'Off' button, glaring at the tiny numbers that were forcing her to get up and start another day. Even though today was the first day of her second semester of senior year at Goode High School, she really didn't feel like getting up and going through her daily routine before school. The only reason she was able to make herself move was because it looked like it was going to snow and she had to walk to school because her car was getting an oil change. She got up and looked in the mirror and really wished that she hadn't. Her grey eyes were ringed with tiredness, and her curly blond hair was a mess. She sighed and went to take a shower.

She was sitting at the kitchen table with her father eating her bagel, waiting for the clock to hit 7:30, because that was what time she had to leave. She was not sitting here until the very last minute in the hopes of her father speaking to her. She looked at the clock and sighed when it read 7:15.

Dr. Frederick Chase, professor of Military History at NYU, was never the type of father to show that much emotion. With his salt-and-pepper hair, glasses on his nose, plaid button down shirt, and khaki pants, he looked every bit the college professor that he was. But he never seemed to have time for her. She always felt like an unwanted pest around him. When she was little she would come home from school with her report card -all A's of course- and proudly show it to him, he would respond with a "that's nice" or "good job" but never more than that. She wasn't exactly sure why her father didn't pay that much attention to her, but over the years she had taught herself not to care. She had become very good at hiding how she felt, and taking her emotions and pretending they didn't exist. Though this left her feeling emptier inside than she wanted to admit, it was better than constantly being reminded that her father didn't love her.

She stared at the light brown walls in silence, methodically chewing her bagel as she did every morning.

Why is it always like this? she thought to herself. Why can't he just even ask me about my grades like any normal father would?

She knew better than to think like this because it would only hurt her, but sometimes on days like today, she let herself wonder what ever happened to make him so cold and detached.

I mean for gods sake she couldn't even remember when he had hugged her last. She looked at the clock again and saw that it said 7:25. She got up, brushed the crumbs off herself, and started the twenty-minute walk to school. She banished all thoughts of her father from her mind as she walked. She was Annabeth Chase and she did not do self pity.

Closing the door to her locker, she gave a surprised squeak because her two best friends Piper and Hazel had snuck up on her without her noticing. They had all been friends since Pre-K when they picked the same picture to color on a random Tuesday. Piper had noticed and invited them to sit with her, and the rest was history.

"Hey Annabeth!" Piper said.

"Hey guys, how was your weekend?" she asked them. They had both been away visiting colleges that weekend.

"Mine was ok. I don't know if Dartmouth is the school for me though…" Hazel replied.

"Why not? I thought that was your like, 2nd pick," Annabeth said.

"Well, I don't know. I think i'm just going to stay closer to home. I have been thinking about applying to NYU."

Annabeth wasn't really surprised at her decision though. Hazel was very quiet and shy, but she was also very smart. Not to mention gorgeous. She had caramel skin, big brown eyes the color of cocoa, and hair that looked black until she got out in the sun. Then it looked more of a chocolate color.

"Really?" Piper asked. "How did you not tell us about this till now?"

"Because, I wanted to make sure that Dartmouth was just not for me first. I just don't see myself going there, you know?"

Annabeth could relate. She had looked at a lot of colleges before deciding that she wanted to go to NYU. But she was only going for the great architectural program they had there. Otherwise she would be out of this state and not look back.

"Ok that makes sense. Wanna hear about my visit?" Piper asked.

"Are you gonna make us answer that?" said Hazel.

"Naw. Anyway, it was amazing. FIT* has everything I want in a school. I mean Michael Kors went there! And it will be like 9 minutes from you guys! I'm so excited. We all just need to make sure we get into them now."

"Don't worry Piper. I'm sure we will all be okay. I mean we all have good grades and Annabeth is clearly going to be valedictorian so she won't have a problem."

"Thanks Hazel," she said.

Their conversation was interrupted by the bell and they all hurried off to their first class of the day.

She was walking into her Calculus class with her head down, when she crashed into something solid, but warm. She felt herself falling, but two hands reached down to catch her. Looking up she saw the most gorgeous boy that she had ever seen. He had startling, green eyes that were the exact color of the sea, messy black hair that Annabeth knew would never be tamed, and tan skin that looked like he spent all his days on the beach. He still had his arms wrapped around her from catching her and they were standing so close she could smell his ocean-y and pine scent.

"Oh, I'm so sorr-..." she started

"Are you alri-..." he said at the same time, removing his hands.

No, leave them there! she thought. Then she realized what she just thought and quickly took a (small) step back.

"I'm fine, i'm so sorry I wasn't looking are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry im new here. I just moved from Chicago. Whats your name?"

"Annabeth." She could not look away from his eyes.

"I'm Percy. It's nice to meet you. Sorry about crashing into you and all…"

"No, No... it's totally fine I wasn't watching where I was going." She felt like he could see right into her and all her closely guarded secrets.

"Ok, um well this is my class so…."

"Oh, right….me too."

They walked in together and took their seats. Annabeth's in the front, left corner by the window, and Percy took one in the middle of the room. She felt like those green eyes were watching her through the whole class.

*FIT stands for Fashion Institute of Technology

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