The next day Annabeth was walking to school again, since she didn't have time to go and pick up her car the night before, due to homework. She shivered and pulled her jacket tighter around her body. Suddenly a silver prius pulled up to the curb where she was walking, and the driver rolled down the window.

"Need a ride?" said a familiar voice. Percy was looking at her through the open window with a smile on his face.

"Oh, hi Percy," she said. "I-I think i'm okay…" she didn't sound very convincing while her teeth were chattering though.

"Jeez Annabeth, its freezing out. Come on, get in the car, it's not a big deal. We are going to the same place right?" he says laughing.

Not a big deal to you...she thought.

"" Smooth Chase….real smooth.

She clambered over the snow that had piled up the night before to get in, and Percy turned the heat up for her.

"So, do you have a car?" he asked.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. But, I had to get the oil changed in it and I couldn't pick it up last night because Mr. Brunner gave us all that Latin homework." She was holding her frozen hands in front of the vents trying to get some feeling back into them.

"Oh yeah, that took me a while to get through...I'm just lucky that Mrs. Dodds didn't give us anything for Calc because then I would've been up all night."

Annabeth laughed then stopped herself startled. When was the last time somebody had made her laugh? She couldn't remember.

"So, do you have any brothers or sisters? Percy asked.

She felt herself go on alert and put her mental walls up.

"No, its just my dad and I at home."

Percy nodded, but kept his eyes on the road.

"I don't have any either, but my mom just got remarried to this guy Paul Blofis."

"Do you like him?" she asked.

"Paul? Oh yeah he's great. This is actually his car. But since he hasn't started his new job yet he is letting me use it to get to and from school."

"Oh, nice of him." She tried to imagine her father remarrying but she didn't think it was possible. He was too cold and calculating to have somebody fall for him.

"Okay we're here, let me drop you at the door."

"Oh no, you don't have to I can walk." she said.

"No, you're still shivering with the heat on high, and we have been in the car for at least 7 minutes. I'm dropping you at the door."

"Okay." she said defeated. "Thanks for the ride Percy."

"Welcome. See you in calc!" he said waving.

She felt a little thrill run up her spine when he said that, and it had nothing to do with the cold.

"I'm telling you he likes you." Piper said.

Annabeth, Hazel and Piper were sitting in their usual cafeteria spot eating lunch and Annabeth was filling them in on her ride to school with Percy that morning.

"He does not. He is just a nice person." Annabeth defended.

"Someone's in denial." Hazel said.

"I am not! And besides I just met him! Like not even 24 hours ago!"

Annabeth didn't want to allow herself to think that Percy could have feelings for her. She knew better than to get her hopes up. She hated hope. She knew she shouldn't set herself up for disappointment like that, but that one little traitorous part of her still hoped. Against her will.

Oh well what am I gonna do about it. she thought.

She ate the rest of her lunch in silence listening to her friends tell her how cute of a couple they would be.

She walked into Calc a few minutes early and plopped down in her seat trying to pretend she wasn't there. Of course it didn't work.

"Hey, Annabeth."

She looked up to see Drew Tanaka standing over her.

"Hi. Can I help you?"

Drew was the richest girl in town and resident bitch at Goode. And for some reason, unknown to Annabeth, she loved to make her life hell.

"I was just wondering where you got your shirt?"

Annabeth looked down at her shirt. It was a On-the-clearance-rack buy from Target. She was too tired to think of why Drew would want to know where she had gotten her shirt. For gods sake the girl wore lipstick from Dior and had Prada yoga pants. Annabeth didn't see the reason to spend 35 dollars on lipstick, but to each his own right?

"Target," she said rolling her eyes.

Drew burst out laughing and walked away with her posses following her like lost puppies.

What the hell was that about? she wondered

Actually when she thought about it Drew was like a classic popular high school girl from the movies. She even had the voice for it. Everything about her just screamed "I'm a major bitch and you're not gonna do anything about it." She just wanted to get through this class, go home and do her homework and curl up with a new book she was reading.

Unfortunately she had to listen to Mrs. Dodds drone on about Vector Fields for an hour before she could do that. She looked behind her to see Percy sitting in his seat with his eyes glazed over as he listened to her lecture. Something about his facial expression was seriously amusing to her and she had to turn around and stifle a laugh. The lesson wasn't so bad after that.

Annabeth was closing her locker while telling Hazel and Piper about Drew's pointless interaction with her before Calc when Percy strode up to her. Hazel and Piper shot each other knowing looks and walked away whispering. Annabeth rolled her eyes at them and turned to Percy.

"Hi Annabeth, I was just wondering if you uh, had the homework for calc tonight? I was kinda spaced out when she told us…." he said.

She thought it was cute how his face got all red and he rubbed that back of his neck like he was worried she would laugh at him or something. Then she chastised herself for think it was cute.

"Oh yeah, um can I text it to you? I have to go pick up my car and I'm running a little late."

"Sure, uh lemme get your number…"

They exchanged phone numbers and as she was leaving he ran to catch up with her.

"Do you need a ride or anything? To the car place? Because I can totally take you if you want."

She kind of wished that she hadn't already asked Piper for a ride.

"No thanks I'm-uh, I'm getting a ride with Piper," she told him.

He looked crestfallen for a moment before his face picked up in his usual smile.

"Oh okay, well then I will text to you later. Don't um, text and drive or anything!" he says waving at her while walking towards his car.

She couldn't help but smile and wave back before climbing into Pipers car.

After she got home from the repair shop, she went up to her room to start her homework. She checked her phone and saw she had a new text. From Percy.

'Hey Annabeth when you get home can you text me the calc stuff? thx...'

She smiled and sent him the info. Not even a minute later he replied-

"Shit thats alot. why do all the teachers assign us so much for every class?"

Smiling she responded.

"Because they forget we have other classes too I guess."

"Well, how moronic of them"

This time she couldn't stop the laugh that burst from her mouth if she wanted to. Percy was like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. She couldn't remember when the last time she had felt this at ease talking to a person. Especially somebody she had just met.

" you have a skype?" he asked.

"yeah why?"

"Would it be totally weird if I asked you for help with this? I kinda don't have a clue as to how to do this shit…..and well….you're smart"

She flushed at the compliment even though he couldn't see her.

"no that's not weird. call up.'

She sent him her username and he called a few minutes later.

She was happy to say that they spent the better part of the night just talking about nothing and doing calc.


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