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Dean stared for a long moment at the door. He had no idea how to react to the news that he had just received. How do you handle the fact that the woman who you were just forced to marry, you not only have to have sex with, but she was a virgin too? This was straight out of some fan fiction.

Dean turned around to look at Tara. She had her back to him, her shoulders and back stiff. He approached her slowly, doing his best to pace his steps.

Tara couldn't bring herself to face Dean. She knew he was in shock. She knew he was reeling. She knew that he would have questions, but she just couldn't face him.

Dean cleared his throat slightly and moved to the bedside table where a bottle of wine and two glasses sat. He poured himself a glass as well as one for Tara. He was trying to give her a moment to compose herself as well as time for him to get his own thoughts together. And there was probably a good possibility that the wine would help them both to relax. After pouring both glasses, he went and sat in the chair on the opposite side of the room.

Tara had managed compose herself enough to take her eyes off of the floor boards and glance over to where Dean sat.

"I've got you some wine. Drink it and then we'll talk." Dean extended his hand out with the second glass of wine. Tara slowly crossed the room and took the glass from Dean, then quickly backed away and sat on the edge of the bed across from him. She took a huge gulp of her wine, downing nearly half the glass before finally bringing her eyes up to meet Dean's.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, sipping their wine and avoiding eye contact. Neither attempted to talk. Tension built to such a point that any noise made them both jump.

"So…" Dean began. "You're a virgin?" He looked at her face as it turned bright red.

"Yeah. I am." Tara slammed back the rest of her wine.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Tara looked hard at Dean for a minute. "Why didn't I tell you? Well I don't know Dean, maybe because it had nothing to do with our job or ever seemed relevant to any conversation we've had ever." Her voice rose in pitch and volume. Dean had sense enough to look ashamed for asking that question.

"Dean, I never said anything because I didn't think it mattered."

"But… how?"

"How am I still a virgin at 26?" Tara laughed sarcastically. "Well… let's see: I grew up living with three men, all of which were over protective, then there is the fact that once I was on my own, I seemed to intimidate every other guy around me. Not to mention that I don't really have all that much that would attract a guy to me in the first place." Tara sighed, letting her voice drop and averting her eyes to the fabric of her dress.

Dean couldn't quite believe his ears. Yes he could believe the fact that she had been watched like a hawk by her family when she was younger and hell he was intimidated by how much of a badass she was at times, but she how could she believe that she wasn't attractive? She had amazing bright blue eyes, an incredible smile, legs that went on for days, and those were just a few of her physical traits. She was also compassionate, a fighter, smart as hell and amazingly loyal. No it didn't make sense. She was the most attractive and beautiful woman he had ever seen. How could she not see that?

Dean set his glass down on the floor next to the chair that he had been sitting in, then stood where he was directly in front of her, then taking the wine glass from her and set in on the bedside table. Tara continued to stare down at the fabric of her skirt. Dean stood in front of her waiting for her to lift her eyes, but she didn't. He hesitantly placed his hand under her chin to lift her gaze to his.

What he saw in her eyes broke his heart. She truly didn't now how beautiful and amazing she was. He could see it by the way tears gathered and slipped silently down her face.

He used his thumb to gently wipe away the salty streaks on her face before taking her by the hands and pulling her up off the bed. For a moment he didn't say a word to her, but simply held her hands in his. There were no words that could express how much she meant to him or how beautiful she was inside and out. He would just have to show her. He may not get another chance to.

Tara felt completely defeated. Dean was seeing how little she really thought of herself. She couldn't understand how he could touch her and comfort her like she was the most precious thing in the world to him.

Dean slowly removed his hands from hers and began to slide them up the side of her arms until he reached her shoulders, then continued until he cupped her face. He pulled her head up and slowly leaned down and placed a light kiss on her forehead. It was a simple gesture, but it made Tara shudder. The contact of Dean's lips on her skin was something she had only dreamed of, and now, somehow, it was a reality.

Dean felt her shudder and pulled back to look down at her. What he found was hesitancy but eagerness as well. He wasn't prepared for the wave of lust that washed through him. He bent his head down, carefully watching her face, and placed a light kiss on her lips. Just like earlier that day, both Dean and Tara lost all sense of thought. They became overwhelmed with the feeling of each other. Dean threaded his fingers into Tara's hair and ran his tongue over her lips, waiting for her to open up to him. It didn't take her more than a second to get the hint.

Tara felt his tongue seek hers inside her mouth and it set fire running through her veins. She threw her arms up around Dean's neck pulling her closer to him. Dean quickly got the hint and pulled her flush against him. Tara felt how hard he was through his pants and moaned at the feeling.

Slowly Dean moved his hands from Tara and pulled off his jacket and tie. Then he quickly returned his hands back to cup her face. Tara continued to kiss Dean trying to convey how much she wanted him. Dean understood her message clearly. He slipped his hands down her back to grip her ass. Man did she have a great ass.

Tara had begun to try and unbutton Dean's shirt, but her hands were shaking too badly. Dean noticed her struggle and pulled away from her to take off his shirt. Tara stared with hungry eyes as Dean finally stood shirtless in front of her. She had seen him without a shirt before, but she had always averted her eyes, reasoning that it wasn't appropriate. But now she let her eyes wander over his chiseled chest and abs. He was so toned and tan. She wondered how he stayed that tan since, as far as she knew he was never outside without a shirt on.

Dean let her take him in for a moment before reaching out and kissing her once again. He let her get accustomed to him for a few minutes before he removed his shoes, and pants. He was trying to take his time and not freak her out. This was a dicey process and not something he had ever done before.

Finally Dean began to remove Tara's dress. He had unzipped it and slowly pealed her out of the soft fabric. Dean held his breath as he beheld Tara in her half dress form. She was stunning. Ever curve, every expanse of skin, sent a bolt of electricity straight through him. How could she truly believe that she was undesirable?

Tara kept her eyes averted from Dean's. She knew he was looking, but she couldn't face the pity she would see in his eyes. She knew this was only happening because they were stuck. They had no other choice. So she kept her eyes down and waited for him to continue. But he didn't. She finally had no choice but to look up at him to see why he had stopped but when she looked into his mossy eyes, she saw something she didn't expect. He didn't look like he pitied her. He didn't look like she disgusted him. He looked like she was the most important thing in the world to him.

Dean reached a hand out to cup her face once more. "You're beautiful," he said in a soft husky voice. Then he proceeded to kiss her before lifting her and laying her down on the bed.

Dean didn't waste time getting rid of Tara's bra and panties. He wanted to look at her fully and he couldn't do that if she had them on. The sight of her made him ache to be inside her. She was nothing be gorgeous, even if she didn't believe it. Dean lowered his mouth to Tara's neck and began to kiss his way down her body. She moaned and squirmed under his touch. But it wasn't until Dean reached the v of her thighs that she showed any outward physical resistance to him.

She tried to squirm away from Dean, but he placed his hands on her thighs to hold her in place.

"Don't try to get away."

Tara looked down at him as he sat between her legs. "I just… you don't have to do that." Her voice came out in a whisper.

Dean saw the embarrassment and fear on her face. He pulled himself up so that he was face to face with her again. He made her look directly into his eyes and said, "I know that it isn't going to be fun for you this first tie, but I want you to be relaxed and at least enjoy some of it. So please, just let me do this for you."

Tara wasn't sure if it was what Dean said or the way he said it, but she nodded and watched as Dean slipped back down her body.

Dean watched her as he pulled her legs apart to allow him access to her. He had to make sure she was okay.

Once he saw that she was alright, he lowered his head and began to place soft kisses on her. He heard her gasp, then sigh in pleasure. Good, he thought. It didn't take long for him to bring her through her first orgasm. But man, it took some control for him not to jump her at the sight of her climaxing.

When Tara had finally come down from her orgasm, she found that Dean was lying beside her, gently kissing her face and neck. When he noticed that she had finally regained some reason and thought, he looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Glad you enjoyed yourself."

Tara laughed softly and smiled.

Dean watched her for a moment before continuing. "I think you are physically ready, but what about in here?" he tapped her forehead softly.

Tara sighed and averted her eyes once again. "Yeah… as ready as I am gonna be." She looked back to seen a concerned look on Dean's face.

"I have never done this before, but I'll do my best to make it as easy as possible. But you have to tell me if I'm hurting you or you need me to stop. Okay?"

Tara nodded. Even though she was nervous, she knew Dean would take care of her.

Dean leaned away for a moment to remove his boxer briefs, then leaned close and kissed her cheek. Then he climbed slowly on top of her, always keeping eye contact to make sure she was okay.

Tara felt her nervousness kick into over drive and knew she had to do something to calm down. "Kiss me Dean. I need a distraction." And he did exactly that. He distracted her to the point that she forgot why they were even there. That was until she felt him press against her entrance.

Dean pulled back as he felt her tense at his touch. She just nodded for him to keep going. He knew this was going to hurt her, and thought that making it quick would be best. So he leaned down and kissed her hard as he plunged himself in her quickly. He felt her whole body tense and heard her muffled moan in his mouth. He continued to kiss her and caress her while he let her adjust. After a few minutes she began to move her hips a little indicating that she was ready for him to continue.

They began to slowly rock together, pausing occasionally to kiss and let Tara relax a little. Eventually they picked up the pace and both were panting at their efforts. Tara felt a tension building inside her and knew she would last much longer.

"Dean… I…" gasped out. "I don't think I can last much longer."

Dean nodded. "Me either baby. But I want you to come for me first." He reached down and began to rub circles on her clit. She gasped and then moaned as the tension built higher and higher. She knew she was about to come. Suddenly sparks flew behind her eyes and she heard herself screaming.

Dean was shocked at how hard she climaxed. He had never seen her wild or beautiful. He felt himself fall over the edge of his own orgasm and grunted and moaned loudly.

Once he came to himself, he pulled out of Tara and lay beside her on the bed. He looked over at her to make sure she was okay, noting how good she looked after sex. He pulled her into his arms and pulled the comforter over their bodies.

It wasn't until he was on the edge of sleep that he finally thought about what Tara screamed as she came. He never expected to hear them, and he knew he should like them, but he did. How could he not? He knew this whole situation was very dangerous but he just couldn't bring himself to care at the moment.

"I love you Dean."