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In the Land of Fire there exists the Hidden Village of the Leaf or Konoha, and this village is the home of the majority of the military power of the Land of Fire, ninja or shinobi and guardians or samurai. The shinobi use their physical energy, or chakra, to perform techniques, or jutsu, using the elements of earth, fire, lightning, wind, and water. Their discipline is broken down into three basic areas: taijutsu (physical combat techniques), genjutsu (illusionary or ocular techniques), and ninjutsu (ninja techniques that include elemental type attacks and other sub-disciplines). The shinobi are the more numerous of the two groups, not just in Konoha but across the world.

The other group, the guardians or samurai use their spiritual power or reietsu to fight, perform their techniques in one of three disciplines: kidoh (guardian techniques broken down into two categories: hakudoh (destructive techniques) and bakudoh (binding techniques)), kendo (sword combat using their zanpaktou (soul blade)), and taijutsu (hand to hand combat techniques).

Both groups act as one to defend the Land of Fire, often with samurai and shinobi assigned to the same teams under the leadership of either a samurai or shinobi.

The village of Konoha was more of a small city nestled against the base of a mountain range that stretched the breadth of the Land of Fire from north to south and guarded the eastern half of the village from approach while the western half of the village was guarded by a massive two hundred foot tall wall that was over six feet thick and formed a half circle connecting to the mountains at the northern and southern extremes of the village. The face of the cliff facing the village had a carved relief of the first three leaders of village and combined shinobi/samurai force, men who had been known by the title of Hokage.

Nestled in one part of Konoha was a large compound that resembled that of a feudal Japanese lord's with several houses and buildings of various uses arranged in what could almost be considered a miniature village and all of this encompassed by a ten foot high wall with a single gate that granted access to the clan's miniature village. Emblazoned on both halves of the main gate into the complex was a stylized dragon's head in silhouette with what looked like a three point star for its eye shaped like an inverted 'Y' and below the stylized leaf emblem that was the symbol of the village. This complex belonged to the Shihoin Clan, the strongest clan of samurai in the village. In the training room of the main house that sat in the center of the clan's complex, a man and a young boy were sparring in front of others from the branch families within the clan wearing only the bottoms of their shihakushos or combat uniforms.

Father vs. Son


The electric lights in the room were dimmed so that only the two in the center of the rectangular polished wood floor were visible and even then, their features cast in harsh, angular shadows. The father stood just four inches shy seven feet tall with a broad, powerful frame taut with lean, wolf-like, muscle in what could easily be described as a brawler's build crisscrossed with scars from past battles, shoulder length black hair just beginning to gray at the temples and was almost always kept up in spikes like a crown resting on the back of his head, thin eyebrows set above a pair of eyes that were a coal black, a hooked nose that was permanently set at a slight angle to one side after having been broken so many times, a sharp chin at the end of a strong jaw line, the right side of his face bisected by a scar that went from hairline to jaw line and a ready grin that was more often-than-not described as maniacal or sadistic. He couldn't help it, he loved the thrill of battle, of facing someone who was strong enough to fight him on even footing, like right now, facing an opponent whose worth he was testing in battle in its most basic form: hand-to-hand combat or taijutsu. His name was Kenpachi Shihoin and he was the current leader of the Shihoin Clan.

Kenpachi stood at one end of the training room in his taijutsu stance with his feet shoulder-width apart forming an 'L'-shaped stance with his knees bent and left foot forward, his left hand extended at an angle above his left knee in a loose, open-palm where the fingers could be closed to form a fist or opened to form a knife-hand and his right forearm and hand held parallel to the floor a little away from his body to protect his midsection. He stood there, perfectly still, his muscles loose and relaxed, and his eyes focused on his son and eldest child that stood at the opposite end of the room in the same stance with the boy's eyes a shade or two darker than his mother's midnight blue to be a midnight blue still held the light of innocence whereas Kenpachi's held the cold and calculating intelligence borne from the experience of countless battles.

Kenpachi studied his son. The boy stood a little over five feet tall at the tender age of twelve with a body that already promised to get close to his father in height and breadth but would never match it because the boy's mother, Retsu, who was sitting to Kenpachi's left with their six year old daughter, Shukaku, in her lap in the place of honor and stood more than a foot shorter than Kenpachi with a petite frame, taut with lean muscle.

Kenpachi's reflections were cut short as a flicker of movement across the room and the barest sound as his son suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind and above Kenpachi, trying to gain an advantage in their fight. Kenpachi spun and blocked the axe kick aimed for the back of his neck with his left forearm, the impact of the kick sent a shockwave up his arm to his shoulder. Kenpachi smiled as he thought to himself as he looked up at his son, shunpo at age twelve. My, my I am going to have to start taking you seriously, my son


Retsu hid a smile as she watched her only child, Kenshin Shihoin, used flash step (shunpo) to get behind and above her husband to try to attack him from behind. Kenpachi responded nearly as fast, spinning on the ball of his left foot to both put space between him and Kenshin and to block the attack. A blast of air from the force of impact sent the clothing of all present ruffling and the candles that were burning in the candle holders in the corners of the room flickering. The two were locked in that position for a moment before the two disappeared and reappeared at opposite ends of the room again. The two of them used shunpo again to meet in the middle of the room as kicks, fists, knee and forearm strikes were being met with blocks, parries, and counters. She and the rest of those present watched the ebb and flow of the fight between her husband and only child as they used the Shihoin Clan's taijutsu and shunpo to engage, each trying to gain an advantage over the other, but neither being able to. Next to Retsu, Soi Fon fidgeted as they watched the two of them. Retsu could not blame her or the others for being restless, after all Retsu's husband and son had been battling for over an hour. She was about to call for an end to the sparring match when her husband and son used flash step at the same moment to end up facing each other with their left arms outstretched in a knife hand poised at the side of each other's throats, their chests heaving and sweat beading, a perfect draw.

Retsu was the first to start clapping softly but soon the rest of the clan members that were present joined in. At a signal from her, one of her servants was about to hand Kenshin a towel when Soi Fon intercepted the servant so that she could hand it to Kenshin as another one handed a second towel to Retsu who then handed it to her husband. Retsu felt her heart skip a beat as Kenpachi locked eyes with her and gave her his devilish half-smile that he saved just for her and said in his usual deep growling voice, "Thank you, Retsu-chan. So what do you think of our son?"

Retsu gave her husband the smile she saved just for him, "He's faster than I was at his age and will only get faster as he gets older. He's nearly as strong as you even now."

Kenpachi grunted, "Yeah, the dragon spirit of his zanpaktou is even more powerful than mine. He definitely is partnered with one of the Five. In time, his strength will eclipse mine and maybe even the old man's. We just need to make sure his zanpaktou training goes well."

Retsu nodded and was about to say something when one of the servants, a young girl named Nora approached and bowed, "Excuse me, milord and lady, dinner is prepared and ready. Also we have guests."…

The Next Morning



The next day, Kenshin arrived at his friend, Kakashi Hatake's apartment, which was located in one of the more centrally located neighborhoods in the village and was on the third floor of the apartment building, just as the sun was turning the eastern sky, still over an hour and a half before the last day of the academy would start. True, it was only a graduation test and receiving their Konoha hitai-ates, marking them as genin shinobi or samurai, but it never paid to be late and Kakashi had a knack for either showing up either just on time for class or even late if Kenshin didn't come wake him up on time. Kenshin knocked on his friend's door for the third time as he raised his voice, "Oi, Kakashi, let's go, time to get up."

Kenshin heard someone stirring inside. Kenshin moved over to the balcony at one end of the hallway and rested his elbows on the rails, watching as the sun rose over the mountains, backlighting the stone sculptures of the first three Hokages, the Third Hokage Sarutobi-sama, being the current Hokage and thought about his future. Today he would be receiving his head band with the Konoha stylized leaf on it. Today he would become a samurai, a guardian of the village.

The sun had completely cleared the horizon by the time he heard the door to Kakashi's place open, close, and the lock clicking back into place as his friend locked his apartment back up. Kenshin turned and studied his friend. Kakashi was the same height as Kenshin with a shock of naturally light gray hair that stood up at all angles, handsome features that he kept under a navy blue mask that covered the lower half of his face, beetle black eyes, a slender frame taut with lean muscle. He was wearing his usual dark blue loose-fitting short sleeve t-shirt with broad white stripes that went from the collar, over his shoulders, and down to the end of his sleeves, a sleeveless undershirt that was connected to the mask that he wore, loose fitting navy blue cargo pants with large pockets, and the toeless boots that were the typical footwear of almost everyone in the village. Kenshin remembered that Kakashi's father had been known as the 'White Fang of Konoha' until he had been branded a traitor after leading a team on a mission the year before the two of them entered the academy because he had abandoned the mission in order to protect his team from an ambush, but because of this act, the mission failed but the team had lived, and Kakashi's father branded a traitor. Kakashi's father ended up taking his own life rather than live with the shame. This had made Kakashi take the laws of being a shinobi as his guiding principles, causing him to become cold and standoffish towards others in their class. It had also sharpened Kakashi's focus into a razor's edge. In fact, Kenshin was probably the only one in their class that Kakashi let his guard down around and that fact had not escaped Kenshin's notice. Well, not the only one; there was a girl in their class that always seemed to make Kakashi nervous, which was a source of constant amusement for Kenshin. Kenshin asked, "So are you ready to go?"…


Kakashi looked at his one true friend, Kenshin Shihoin. Kenshin always moved with an easy yet dangerous grace, he strongly resembled his father with the same mop of unruly black hair that he kept a little long and shaggy, his bangs partially hiding his midnight blue eyes and the back brushing the top of the collar of his kimono, whereas his father kept his long and spiked, strong and almost predatory features that could scare anyone, even his closest friends if he wore a certain grin that he had inherited from his father, and a broad, powerful frame that would fill out even more as the two of them grew up. Kakashi saw that Kenshin was wearing the traditional samurai shihakusho consisting of layered black over white kimonos tucked into the traditional wide legged black samurai pants gathered at the waist by the typical white obi, white socks, and straw sandals that went up the back of his ankles. On the left breast of the kimono was the stylized dragon with the three point star for its eye, the Shihoin crest, done in silver thread. Kakashi also saw that Kenshin was wearing his zanpaktou slid through his obi on his right hip, Kenshin being left handed. The sword featured an unadorned circular guard, black over black hilt, and a matte black sheathe. He also knew that Kenshin had several non-standard kunai (throwing knives) hidden up both sleeves and in a couple of easily reached spots on his person, Kenshin was never without a weapon.

Then there was the person standing next to Kenshin, his constant companion, training partner, and his bodyguard, Soi Fon, the last member of the Fon family, who had been a strong family of samurai in the village until the entire family had been killed, save for Soi Fon, who had been adopted into the Shihoin Clan. She was pixie like in size, standing a few inches shy of five feet tall with an hour glass frame to match her stature, lightly tanned skin, a beautiful round face that was almost fairy like in appearance with its small nose, thin lips, thin eye brows, and her raven black hair cut short save for two locks of hair that hung down to her narrow hips and were wrapped in white braided sleeves. Her eyes were coal black and held a deadly glimmer that caused most people to shy away from her to the point of moving to the opposite side of the street to walk to get out of her way. She wore a backless and sleeveless shihakusho with a white skin tight bodice underneath for decency, the typical white obi tied around her waist with her black over gold hilted kadochi-length zanpaktou slid through the back, the typical wide legged pants that were part of the shihakusho gathered at the middle of her shins by leggings that extended down over the traditional white socks, black slipper-like shoes, black arm sleeves that went from the middle of her biceps down to the backs of her hands and ending in loops that went around each of her middle fingers, she also had kunai sheathes hidden in easy to reach places on her person. All-in-all, Soi Fon looked the part of a bodyguard and they didn't even have their headbands yet.

He shrugged at Kenshin, "Sure, let's go."…


The three of them made their way through the slowly awakening village on their way towards the academy. As they walked, the two of them talked about a lot of different things from how Kenshin's family was doing to which of the jounin in the village they would like to be grouped with, Soi Fon ever present to keep an eye out for any danger to Kenshin. Kakashi said as they were walking down a street that was flanked by shops that were just beginning to open for the day, "I think we'll get put with someone like the Yellow Flash, you know, Minato Namikaze-sama. With our ski-"

Kakashi was cut off as they heard someone running to catch up with them and a familiar girl's voice, "Kakashi-kun! Wait up!"

Kenshin hid a smile as his best friend rolled his eyes as they turned towards the source of the voice. When they saw who it was, it was all Kenshin could do to keep for laughing at Kakashi because all of a sudden what he could see of his friend's face went beet red because the girl was a girl that Kakashi had had a crush on since they entered the academy, Rin Nohara. She stood a few inches shorter than Kakashi and Kenshin with a slender, hour glass frame that was beginning to fill out in an alluring way, shoulder length brown hair that was allowed to fall freely, a beautiful round face with purple marks on her cheeks, brown eyes, and a ready smile.

Kenshin smiled, "Hello Rin-chan, how are you this morning?"

She returned his smile, "I'm doing well Kenshin, how about you?"

Kenshin responded, "A little sore, but otherwise great."

Before he could continue, Soi Fon cut in while literally stepping between Kenshin and Rin, "Kenshin sparred with his father for over an hour last night."

Rin didn't respond to what either of them said as she only had eyes for Kakashi, "And how are you this morning, Kakashi-kun?"

Kakashi stammered for a moment before he answered, "Uh…uh… fine, Rin-chan. Thanks for asking."

Kenshin looked at his friend, noticing that the usually cool Kakashi was unsettled around the beautiful Rin. Kenshin decided to save his friend from more discomfort, "Well shall we go?"

Kakashi nodded his agreement and his thanks to Kenshin and the four of them set off again. A short while later the four of them arrived in front of the Konoha Academy, the only school in Konoha that taught the children of the village the basics of being either a shinobi or samurai from the age of six to the age of twelve, at which point, the children that graduate are assigned to mentors who are senior jounin or captains, the highest rank a shinobi or samurai can achieve respectively without being named to the rank of Hokage.

The academy itself was a large school with several walled off yards that were used for various things from kunai and shuriken throwing practice at targets to sparring practice fields to exercise yards. The three friends entered the school and made their way to their classroom. Once they reached the classroom and slid open the door, they were greeted by the noise of the other students' conversations going on in the classroom. As they walked in, Kenshin surveyed the room.

The classroom was arranged in an auditorium-like set up with the teacher being down on the bottom floor with his desk tucked into one corner and a set of blackboards that stretched the width of the classroom, the students' desks were arranged in three rows front to back with two walkways between the rows and could seat a total of thirty-six hyperactive and easily distracted kids. Kenshin, Soi Fon, Rin, and Kakashi took their seats as their teacher Hiashi Hyuuga who was also the leader of the Hyuuga Clan of shinobi entered the room. He stood a good three inches over six feet with a slender frame taut with lean muscle, long raven hair that fell to his waist, strong features, and the tell-tale almost white eyes of the Hyuuga Clan walked into the classroom wearing the typical shinobi uniform of navy blue long sleeve shirt with the red swirl mark of friendship on each shoulder under a green pocketed and armored vest, navy blue loose fitting pants, and dark blue toeless boots that everyone in the village seemed to wear as well as the hitai-ate with the Konoha stylized leaf engraved in the metal plate in the center of the navy blue head band. Kenshin had to hide a smile as Hiashi-sensei looked up at him and the rest of the class and said, "Good morning class. As you know, today is the last day of your time at the academy. From today, all of you will be genin shinobi or unranked samurai. Tomorrow you will meet the shinobi or samurai who will be your mentors for the next several years."…

The Next Day

Team Assignments


The next day, all of Kenshin and Kakashi's class were again in the classroom, but this time instead of waiting for classes to begin they were waiting for their teacher to come in and announce who would be grouped together in teams. They didn't have long to wait as Hiashi-sensei came into the room and said, "Good morning everyone, today is the last day that you will be in this classroom unless you come back here as instructors. So now I will announce the teams that you will be in and who your jounin mentors will be… Now, team three will comprise of Tier Harribel, Isane Kotetsu, Shizune Senju and your mentor will be Retsu Shihoin."

Kenshin frowned at the announcement, partially because he felt something he wasn't used to: a twinge of disappointment that a certain female samurai was not going to be on his team. His disappointment only lasted a moment however as he heard his name being called by Hiashi-sensei,"… team seven will comprise of Kenshin Shihoin, Kakashi Hatake, Rin Nohara, and Obito Uchiha. Your mentor will be Minato Namikaze."

Kenshin and Kakashi looked at each other, Kenshin trying to suppress a smile at the fact that the two of them, arguably the best fighters in the class, had been grouped together in the same team. Kenshin asked Kakashi as Hiashi-sensei continued to announce the teams, "Do you know the other two on our team?"

Kakashi nodded, "Yeah. Well you already know that Rin is a medical-nin who has been studying at the hospital with Lady Tsunade. Obito is sitting directly behind her with the goggles and is from a branch family of the Uchiha Clan. He didn't really impress in the taijutsu training and hasn't awakened the Sharingan yet. He is one of the weakest fighters in the class," he paused for a second before continuing, "Why did we get stuck with him? Rin, I can understand because she's our friend and a medic, but him…" Kakashi shook his head, "will be nothing but a burden."

Kenshin shrugged, "You never know Kakashi, he might turn out to be the strongest of the four of us with the right impetus," Kenshin's eyes narrowed as he studied Obito, "The way he stares at her is a little unsettling for someone who is supposed to be an Uchiha. He definitely has a crush on her."

Just then Hiashi-sensei said another name that got Kenshin's interest, "…Soi Fon, Rangiku Matsumoto, Gai Might, and Asuma Sarutobi. Your mentor will be Inoichi Yamanaka and you shall be known as Team Eight."

Next to Kenshin Soi Fon rolled her eyes, "Great, I'm stuck with a Kenshin Shihoin fan girl who is promised to another and the loudest, worst, and most obnoxious shinobi in our class. At least Asuma is strong."…


Tier frowned behind the nose-high collar of her white zip-up half jacket that cut off just above her midrift, revealing the mesh armor shirt that she wore under her half jacket and low-hanging white hakama pants, which were also held up by a black obi tied at the waist. She was also wearing a black version of the samurai socks that all the other samurai in the class were wearing and the same white sandals as everyone else. She was thrilled that she was going to be teamed with her only friend in their class, Isane, but she was also disappointed because she wasn't on his team. Her aqua eyes glided over to where he was sitting between his ever-present and frankly over-protective bodyguard, Soi Fon, and his best friend, Kakashi Hatake. Ever since their first day in the academy where he had stepped in to protect her from bullies in their class, Tier had been fascinated by the Shihoin heir. He had always put others before himself, never taking credit for things that he had done well, but anytime when someone in their class had done something to get the whole class in trouble, she had watched as Kenshin would always stand up and take the blame to protect their classmates. Something about that resonated deeply within her and had actually elicited the beginnings of the strange feelings that she felt right now. Feelings that would have her constantly glancing in his direction and wondering what it would be like to see him smile a genuine smile, not the fake smile that graced his features for the briefest of moments at times or the psychotic smiles that he wore during kenjutsu lessons that would scare everyone in the class, save for Tier, who found them oddly exciting.

Her frown turned into the smallest of smiles behind the collar of her jacket as she watched as Kenshin chuckled while continuing to tease his protector with brotherly affection, "So critical of fan girls, yet aren't you a bit of a fan girl yourself?"

She watched as Soi Fon gave Kenshin a hard look and answered in an equally hard tone, "No."

Tier saw that Kenshin's eyes held a glimmer of amusement, "Oh really? Is that why you keep trying to sneak glances of me while I am in the shower or asleep in bed and generally carrying on as a fan girl would?"

She watched as Soi Fon responded sheepishly as her face began to turn red, "I don't look at you like that. I am only trying to make sure you are safe."

Tier heard Kenshin chuckle again, "How is you sneaking into the family bath to watch me take a bath making sure that I am safe?"

At that comment, Tier felt instant hatred towards Soi Fon. She didn't know why or where those emotions came from, but suddenly Soi Fon was her least favorite person in their class because of her close proximity to Kenshin. She watched as Soi Fon elbowed him in the ribs for that, muttering the whole time about how she wanted to kill him when it was obvious to Tier and the other three that she was thinking about something else entirely. It was all Tier could do to keep from joining Kenshin, Kakashi, and Rin while they were laughing out loud, the three of them almost falling out of their seats with mirth, which caused Soi Fon's eye to start twitching as her face took on an exasperated look.

Soon enough their mirth subsided and the four of them began discussing their mentors to pass the time. As she continued to watch the four friends, Tier felt a jolt run through her as she suddenly found her aqua eyes locked with a pair of eyes that were of the darkest blue she had ever seen. She felt her breath catch and her heart stop for a moment before beginning to hammer the inside of her rib cage as she read the look in those eyes, a look that said that he wished he could just escape from everything and just be himself. It was the saddest look that she had ever seen and it nearly broke her heart to see it…


As the hours had passed, the other jounin had come and picked up their teams, Inoichi coming to pick up Soi Fon's team as well as his own mother coming to pick up her team which included a certain female samurai with unruly blonde hair and a pair of intense aqua eyes, but team seven's captain hadn't shown himself. The time had given Kenshin plenty of time to study their other two teammates. Obito was a bundle of energy, first bouncing in his seat, then getting up and walking around the room several times before sitting down next to Rin and trying to talk to her. He was maybe an inch shorter than Kenshin and Kakashi with a medium build and the familiar Uchiha features of an angular nose, prominent cheek bones, and black eyes in a round face that still glowed with innocence, and black hair. He was wearing a gray long sleeved t-shirt under a blue open jacket that had a black collar and the Uchiha Clan crest on the back of his jacket, a fan that resembled a ping-pong paddle with the upper area red and the lower area of the fan and handle white, a set of white goggles that had orange-tinted lenses, black pants with bandages wrapped around his ankles and right thigh where his kunai holster would be, and black toeless boots. He was also wearing his Konoha headband in its traditional place on his forehead. Kenshin noticed that his movements were awkward and slow, not what he was accustomed to from the Uchiha Clan.

Kenshin then turned his attention to the female on their team, Rin Nohara. She was wearing a shirt of mesh armor under a purple shirt that matched the purple marks on her cheeks, more mesh armor under a short gray skirt that was split up the sides to allow her freedom of movement, bandages wrapped around her ankles and shins, and black toeless boots. Kenshin watched as she moved. He had always thought that everything she did was graceful, from bringing her left hand up to tuck her hair behind her ear so that she could shoot furtive glances over at Kakashi to the way that she shifted in her seat to turn her back to them when she was embarrassed or didn't want them to see how excited she was to be teamed with the guy that she and every other kunoichi in their class, save one, had a crush on, Kakashi Hatake.

Kenshin returned his attention to the Uchiha on their team, the puzzle, the wild card as he saw it, after all, he knew what Kakashi could do, the two of them had been training together since their first sparring match the first day of their first year in the academy, and he had a pretty good idea of what Rin would be able to do as a medical nin. The Uchiha Clan was one of the most powerful clans of shinobi in the village, their sharingan feared across the world. Sharingan was a technique known as kekki genkai, blood limit technique, which meant that it was passed down from generation to generation in a family. When a member of the Uchiha Clan activated Sharingan, it turned their eyes ruby red with either one, two, or three black tomoe shapes spaced equidistant around the pupil of the eye and connected by a black ring; the number of tomoe symbols depended on how much of their sharingan they had awakened. This ocular technique gave the user the ability to see through an opponent's techniques and attacks whether it was taijutsu, genjutsu, or ninjutsu, and would even allow them to copy the technique. It also granted the user access to several higher level genjutsus that were very effective at disabling or even eliminating opponents as well as giving almost every Uchiha an unrivaled control of katon or fire element ninjutsu techniques. A formidable blood limit technique, but it wasn't the only reason that the Uchiha were feared. Every member of the Uchiha Clan seemed to have amazingly deep chakra reserves that were only rivaled by that of the Hyuuga Clan and a nearly unrivaled control over katon, fire element techniques.

Kenshin watched as Obito grabbed a chair and one of the erasers from the chalk board, went over to the door of the classroom, climbed up on the chair, slid the door open just enough to wedge the eraser between the door and frame, then returned the chair to behind the teacher's desk, and with a self-satisfied grin, went and sat down next to Rin who asked, "Obito, what do you think you are doing?"

Obito gave her a winning smile, "It's our mentor's fault for being late. He deserves what he gets."

A moment later, the door slid open revealing a tall, slender man that was in his mid-twenties with golden-blonde hair that stood up at every angle with long sideburns that almost reached his chin, a handsome face with strong features, eyes the color of the sky on a clear day, and a ready smile. He was wearing the same standard issue shinobi outfit as Hiashi-sensei right down to the color of the cloth on his headband. This man was Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash of Konoha, so named for the teleportation jutsu that he had learned from the second hokage, improved it, and made it even more famous: Hiraishin No Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique). Kenshin watched in disbelief as the now-freed eraser dropped straight onto their mentor's head and impacted with a cloud of chalk dust exploding forth…


Minato was intentionally late picking up his students; after all, he spent almost the entire morning with his girlfriend, well fiancée now, Kushina Uzumaki. As he approached the door to the classroom, he saw that the door had been propped open by a chalkboard eraser and decided to give his students a little show. He slid the door open and let the eraser drop and hit him in the head. He smiled inwardly as he remembered a similar prank that had been pulled by another impatient youth on a certain shinobi mentor all those years ago. After he made a show of dusting himself off, Minato surveyed his team: Obito Uchiha was easy to identify because of his energy and almost uniform Uchiha appearance, Rin Nohara, who he had seen at the hospital often enough learning the basics of shinobi combat medicine from Lady Tsunade herself, Kakashi Hatake, easily the most talented and promising young shinobi that had come along in a while, and the lone samurai in the team, Kenshin Shihoin with his black shihakusho and matching unkempt hair, his clan crest proudly displayed on the left breast of his kimono.

Minato took a moment and recalled what he knew about Kenshin's clan. The Shihoin Clan was easily the strongest clan of samurai in the village and that was largely due to their own kekki genkai, Tengan or Heavenly Sight. Tengan in principal was similar to the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan in that it changed the appearance of the user's eyes, molten silver with a black three point star within instead of the Sharingan's ruby red with black tomoe symbols and ring, and changed the way the user saw the world, but worked very differently. Tengan allowed the user to read the intentions of their opponents at the moment that they decided to act during combat, seeing the enemy's intentions as ghost-like shapes of their opponent diverging from the opponent and executing the move or attack or jutsu before the opponent even moved one muscle, a true combat precognition. It was also said that those who used Tengan couldn't be affected by genjutsu skills, gave them unmatched sensory ability, and also gained an unrivaled clarity on the battlefield. Also unlike the Sharingan which used chakra, the Tengan used reietsu, or spiritual energy, which was the power source for all samurai. The other thing that made the Shihoin Clan powerful was their pact with the Tenryuu, Heavenly Dragons, allowing the Tenryuu to inhabit the spirit of each new generation of Shihoin as the spirit of their zanpaktou. From what Minato understood about Kenshin's zanpaktou after speaking to Kenpachi and Retsu was that they believed that their son had been partnered with one of the Five Tenryuu Daimyos, Lords of the Heavenly Dragons, which meant that he would have almost limitless reietsu reserves.

Minato broke off his musings and looked at his four students and said, "My name is Minato Namikaze and I am going to be your mentor for the next few years. Why don't we go somewhere that's not so stuffy? Follow me please."…



A little while later, the five of them were arranged in a circle sitting Indian style in the grass of one of the parks that were scattered around the village. Minato looked at his team and said, "Why don't you introduce yourselves a little so that I can get to know you a little better? Who wants to go first?"

Kenshin stirred with his sword resting across his lap, his voice already beginning to deepen, "My name is Kenshin Shihoin. Things that I like to do are meditating, training, hanging out with my best friend, spending time with my little sister Shukaku, and teasing my friend-slash-bodyguard Soi Fon mercilessly. My dream is to become the first samurai to become the leader of the elite ANBU force. For me there is no greater honor than the sacrifice of service: to my village, to my clan, to my team."

Kakashi spoke next, his voice sounding almost lazy, as if he found what they were doing boring, "My name is Kakashi Hatake. My dream is to restore the honor of my family name by being the greatest shinobi I can be. My best friend is Kenshin Shihoin. Those who betray the shinobi laws are scum in my opinion."

Minato thought to himself, harsh Kakashi, but I can hardly blame you for that view given your family history. We will have to try to break you out of that robot personality.

The next to go was Rin, "Rin Nohara. I like to read, write, and do other fun stuff. My dream is to become as great of a medical-nin as Lady Tsunade and to find and marry a good man."

Minato noticed that her eyes locked on to Kakashi as she said the last part.

Then it was Obito's turn, his voice loud and somehow bringing forth all of the energy that he had, "Obito Uchiha. My dream is to become a great shinobi for the village. I like a lot of different things, too many to list."

Minato also noticed that Obito's eyes were locked onto Rin as he gave his little introduction. He made a mental note to keep an eye on that situation as time went on. He then returned his attention to all four of them, "Alright, now I have a little more of an understanding of who each of you are, I guess it is my turn. My name is Minato Namikaze. My dream is to be as great a shinobi as I can be for my village and to protect all of those who are precious to me from harm. I am engaged to Kushina Uzumaki as of eight o'clock this morning. My favorite food is yakuniku (Japanese Barbeque) Rest and relax for the rest of the day because we have a training mission tomorrow. We will meet at Training Ground Seven tomorrow morning at zero-eight-hundred. Make sure that you bring all of your shinobi or samurai equipment that you will normally take on a mission and don't eat any breakfast. Any questions?"

Obito's hand shot in the air, "Sensei, why don't you want us to eat breakfast?"

Minato gave him a warm smile, "You'll see. Anything else," when no one else had any questions he said, "Alright, dismissed."

He watched as the four of them got up and left, Kakashi and Kenshin walking off together, already discussing what they wanted to do with the rest of the day, Rin chasing after them wanting to be involved, and Obito walking off in the direction of the Uchiha compound with a sad look on his face.

Minato then made his way through the village on the way to the house that he shared with his fiancée, thinking about how to proceed with training his team, both as a cohesive unit and individuals. He knew that he would have to ask Kenpachi about who would be a good teacher for Kenshin with his zanpaktou, but that could wait until after tomorrow's training session.

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