Idina shakes back her long hair as she knocks on the door. Footsteps come from somewhere in the apartment, growing louder as they near the door. Idina's brows furl in concern. Something's wrong. But what? A slim girl opens the apartment door, welcoming Idina inside.
"Hey, Idina. What's up?" Idina takes in the girl's appearance. She looks...awful.
"Nothing much. I was just going to see if you and Kadin would want to babysit Jackie this weekend. Are you okay, Ev?" Evá drops her glance and runs a hand through her hair.
"Yeah. I'd love to spend some time with Jackie. Is James taking you out on a date? You're anniversary is coming up, right?" Idina's heart aches for the young woman in front of her, having been in her place too many times not to notice the signs. She's hurting, but covers it up to care for others.
"Yes...Evá, where's Kadin?" The question seems to break down a wall inside of Evá. The dark circles beneath her eyes stand out against pale skin. Her cheeks are sunken in slighty, her bones too prominent.
"She's...not here..." Idina remains silent, patiently waiting for an answer. Evá takes off her glasses and rubs her face, mentally preparing herself to answer Idina's question. "She moved out. She lives with her girlfriend now. I can give you her address if you want." She stands to go get the slip of paper and wavers on the spot. Idina grabs her elbow and tugs her back onto the couch, rubbing the girl's back as Evá sits with her head between her knees. At last she sits back up, looking if possible even more miserable than before.
"Leave the address. We can deal with that later. I'm worried about you, hon." Evá refuses to meet Idina's eyes.
"I'm fine, really. I won't keep you if you were looking for her."
"I came looking for the both of you, but right now I'm focused on you, Ev. When was the last time you slept, or ate for that matter?"
"I...don't really know...I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry, hon. You've done nothing wrong. When did Kadin leave?"
"Thirteen days ago. I came home from work and found her note. She cleared out all of her belongings." Evá blinks back tears at the memory. It had been days after that until she found where Kadin was. Long days of searching, sleepless nights of endless worry and fear for her best friend. The realization that Kadin wasn't coming back. Realizing she's alone again. Entirely alone.
"Do you know why she left?" Idina knows in her head that Kadin had been struggling too, but to see the brokenness in front of her, it's hard not to feel defensive and almost angry at the culprit. Evá shakes her head.
"She didn't say. I can only speculate. I think...I got too close. I cared too much. My love seemed to force her to be strong, and she didn't want to be strong anymore. She wanted to be thin and pitied. She wanted people to notice her for her brokenness, not for het strength. I loved her too much, so she left. I shouldn't have..." Idina cuts her off with a finger to her delicate lips, noticing how cracked and dry they've gotten since winter set in.
"Shh. No. You loved her. There's nothing more you could've done. She's young yet. She has life to experience, lessons to learn. This isn't your fault, Evá." Evá's silence seems to last forever.
"I didn't mean to skip meals. I honestly just...forgot." She sounds scared, remorseful, defensive, as if the same thing had happened before and she'd been hurt by someone who claimed to care for her.
"I know, Ev. It's okay." Idina tugs her over, wrapping her arms around the girl in a mother's hug. Who knows how long it's been since Evá's had a hug from her real mother. Idina admires how the girl has fought for her dreams, sacrificed for them. A person can only rely on themselves for so long, though. Evá's parents never approved of theatre. Now her best friend has left her. Idina continues to hold her as she feels silent tears soak her shirt. Evá's strong though. And nothing lasts forever. Times will change. Happy times will come again. As long as you have the strength to hold on.