They didn't see it.

How could they see it?

After all they only saw what he allowed.

A jerk.

A Shank.

A Slinthead.

All names he heard to often.

He wanted to be their leader,

he thought that he knew best.

He knew he could protect them all,

so that he would never have to,

cross another name off the wall.

But they didn't see,

the dedication,

the loyalty,

or the fear,

that dwelt deep within.

None of them ever tried,

to get past his hardened skin.

Thomas brought along change,

he plunged them all into the unknown.

How was Gally to protect his friends,

when the world was filled with chaos?

So while they called him Shank,

while they hated him,

all ever tried to do,

was protect every one of them.