Chapter 2: Separated

As they were getting comfortable in their hideout in the subway, Serena watched as Rowen went to take a look on the surface with Sage. She crossed her arms over her chest, letting out a sigh as Rei stood beside her. "Come on, Serena, you should at least eat something," she told her friend.

"I'm not even sure if I'm hungry," Serena admitted.

"That's the first," Mina quipped lightly, trying to lighten the mood.

"They'll be alright, if anything happens we'll know," Cye assured her, gripping her shoulder as she sat down.

She pulled her knees up to her chest. "We came here to get a break from the fighting," she muttered.

"Pouting won't make it go away," Rei answered.

Ryo elbowed his girlfriend slightly, giving her a pointed look. "So this isn't your first battle?" the little boy asked.

"Unfortunately no," Cye answered.

The woman made her way over, sitting beside the scared little boy. "We just saved Tokyo from the evil Queen Beryl from taking over, I'll have to tell you all about it," Kento said with a grin. Mina shook her head slowly with a slight grin.

"The Dynasty's power is tremendous, I'm afraid more than just the city is in jeopardy this time," the woman stated.

She looked over at the boy. "Don't worry though, I'm sure your mom and dad are just fine, Yulie," she assured him. Serena got up and sat beside the little boy as he lowered his head sadly.

"Do you think they're worried about me, Mia?" he asked.

"Of course they are," Serena answered, hugging the little boy.

"You'll see them soon, trust me. I swore to crush the Dynasty's master," Ryo stated.

"What do you say I give you a hand, we'll beat them back into the hole they crawled out of," Kento answered.

Ami grabbed a sandwich off the crate and sat between Cye's legs as his arms went around her. "Kento, you're always ready for a fight," she commented.

"You know it, Bubbles," he answered.

The boy rocked back and forth nervously. "Um…my name is Yulie," he stated.

"Nice to meet you, Yulie. You can call me 'Ryo'," Ryo answered smiling.

Rei gave him a soft smile. "I'm Rei," she stated.

"And I'm Kento, ever hear of the Ronin Warriors and Sailor Scouts, kid well that's us," Kento told them.

Mina shook her head slowly. "He's all tough, but he's really a big teddy bear too, I'm Mina," she told Yulie. The eight-year-old looked over at Cye and Ami.

"And you are?" he asked.

"My name's Cye, this is Ami. Don't worry, Yulie, everything's going to be okay," Cye answered.

Yulie looked up at Serena. "I'm Serena, it's nice to meet you, Yulie," she said smiling.

"I was just going to say there's never a hero around when you need one. Looks like we have the Ronin Warriors and Sailor Scouts as our own personal bodyguards," Mia commented smiling.

They looked up when Sage, Lita, and Rowen walked back over to them. "What's it like topside?" Ryo asked.

"It's pretty desolate up there," Rowen replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Looks like we'll be camping out down here for a while guys," Sage stated.

He looked over at Rowen who was glaring out of the corner of his eye. "Alright?" Sage asked him.

"Alright," Rowen muttered before he sat beside Serena.

"This is Rowen," Serena said smiling.

Lita walked over to Yulie. "I'm Lita, this is Sage," she put in.

"Wow, this is really neat. So you guys all work together?" Yulie asked curiously.

"We have been known to win some fights here and there," Rowen answered with a slight smirk.

Yulie looked at Lita's hand that was resting on the table to see the ring on it. Lita stood up, her arm behind her back as she cleared her throat. "You guys doing okay?" she asked as she stood next to Sage again. Sage moved his arm around her back when they could hear tanks rolling down the street.

"Here comes the cavalry," Cye commented.

The whole subway station began to rock with the sounds of the missiles and gunshots going off as the military tried to attack the Dynasty. Rowen moved his arm around Serena's shoulders, pulling her to him when they could hear the military losing the battle. Serena rested her head on his shoulder while her hand stayed on his chest. "Attacking the Dynasty like that is useless," Mia said in frustration.

"You seem to know a lot about the Dynasty. Who did you say you were again?" Ryo asked.

"Mia Koji, I'm an assistant and Shing Shang University. I teach Ancient Legends and Mythology. Stuff our mothers thought would help us make it in the real world," Mia quipped.

Rei just smirked a little when they heard White Blaze roar. White Blaze made his way over to them growling. "Everyone get ready, someone's coming," Artemis called out as he and Luna ran over to the group. They got up and surrounded Mia and Yulie when they could hear heavy footsteps making their way towards them.

"Better get ready girls," Sage answered.

"One step ahead of you, handsome," Lita stated, holding up her wand.

Suddenly, an object crashed through the ceiling and a hook embedded itself into the floor. "Who are you?!" Ryo called out. The Warlord standing at the top of the hole started laughing when he found them.

"Excellent, she's with them!" he said with a grin as he tore the floor up.

"Everyone down!" Cye called out, covering Ami's head when the stone nearly connected to their heads.

Mia gasped when she saw the stone going for Yulie. "YULIE!" she shouted, covering his head and it shattered against the pillar besides them.

"Hey, why attack them when you can have a real battle?" Ryo asked.

The Warlord cackled evilly as he continued to tear the subway apart to get them out of their hiding place. "Everyone watch it, girls you stay down here with Mia and Yulie," Sage instructed.

"You think I'm going to let you fight him without me?" Lita demanded.

Sage looked at her. "You need to keep them safe, don't worry about me," he answered.

"Form the circle!" Cye called out.

The girls backed up as their boyfriends ran around them. "What's the circle for?" Yulie asked.

"The circle, it protects us from all harm," Mia answered.

The guys stopped and crossed their arms. "CIRCLE OF LIGHT! DAO JIN!" Ryo shouted, "VIRTUE!"





The girls watched as their armors appeared in front of them before they held their arms up and a circle appeared around them. The girls watched as they tried to fight Anubis without their armor. "They're no match for him without their armor," Mina muttered as she watched as Sage was literally thrown over Anubis's head like a ragdoll. Rei let out a gasp as she watched as Anubis punched Ryo hard enough it literally threw him head first towards a building.

"Kento and Cye got him," Ami assured her.

"This is too easy!" Anubis said laughing before he threw his weapon at them.

The impact threw Cye and Ryo off their feet. "You're helpless without your mystical armor. There's no chance you'll win, so my friends remember me in the next world," Anubis told them. He leapt up into the air, swinging his chain around his head. "QUAKE WITH FEAR!" he shouted, throwing it into the ground.

"WATCH IT!" Ryo shouted as they tried to dodge the red lines shooting up from the ground.

"Oh God!" Rei gasped when they saw the lines turn into chains.

"They're going to be killed, we gotta do something!" Yulie insisted.

"They're using their power to shield us," Mia answered.

Lita grabbed her wand, holding it up. "JUPITER STAR POWER!" she shouted. The girls see what she was planning and pulled out their own wands.





Sailor Jupiter jumped from the circle, holding her arms out. "Ryo! Take your armor back!" she called out, "We can protect them from here!"

"I don't think we can call for the armor," Ryo gagged out.

"We have to do something or they're going to die," Sailor Venus insisted.

Before the girls could even think about what to do, a staff suddenly flew through the air and filled the entire subway with a gold light and it broke the circle. They watched as the armors disappeared. "What the hell was that?!" Sailor Moon exclaimed.

"It doesn't matter now, we need to form our circle," Sailor Mars answered.

The girls stood in a circle around Mia and Yulie. "RONIN WARRIORS TO ARMS!" they heard Ryo shout as they held their arms up.

"SAILOR PLANET POWER!" all five girls shouted.

The circle formed as they watched as the Ronin Warriors were able to fight Anubis in their armors. Anubis jumped up, trying to escape the group. "I'll bring him down!" Ryo called out as he chased Anubis.

"QUAKE WITH FEAR!" Anubis shouted, throwing his weapon into Ryo.

"No!" Sailor Mars gasped.

"Don't break the circle, Mars!" Jupiter called out, "No matter what!"

Ryo held his arms up above his head. "Flare up now…FLARE UP NOW!" he shouted as his attack almost overpowered Anubis's. The chains surrounded Ryo, forcing him to drop one of his katanas before he fell to the top of a building.

The girls watched as the others joined Anubis and Ryo on the roof of a skyscraper, but then they realized something the wind was beginning to pick up. Having no choice they broke the circle, running out of the subway with Mia and Yulie behind them. "Look at that!" Yulie called out. A tornado had appeared in the middle of the city and one by one each Ronin Warrior was taken right up inside of it.

"No…" Mercury gasped.

"Ronin Warriors! This is your last stand, together," Talpa said laughing.

All five Sailor Scouts watched in horror as all five Ronin Warriors were thrown out of the tornados like bullets, all heading in other directions. "ROWEN!" Sailor Moon shouted, "GIVE THEM BACK!" Jupiter's face was pale and tears were showing in her eyes as Sailor Moon collapsed to her knees sobbing.

"This can't be happening!" Sailor Venus exclaimed.

"What's the matter girls, can't live without your little boys?" Sailor Saturn sneered as she stood beside Anubis.

Sailor Mars glared at her. "MARS FIRE…" she started to say when Sailor Saturn swung her glaive and it knocked her off her feet.

"Give them back!" Sailor Jupiter ordered.

"Five gone, five alive…I think we should fix that," Saturn commented.

"Anubis, Sailor Saturn, return now," Anubis ordered.

"We have them where we want them, my lord!" Saturn insisted.

"It's done, come back now," Talpa ordered.

Anubis wrapped his arm around Saturn as they disappeared back to the Dynasty. Sailor Jupiter jumped up onto the ledge of the building where White Blaze stood. "They're alive," she told the girls.

"How do you know?" Sailor Mars asked.

"Because I haven't felt a piece of me die," Sailor Jupiter replied, "And you girls should feel that too."

Sailor Mercury helped Sailor Moon stand up as they stared at the now only cloudy sky. "They're gone," she whispered.

"We'll get them back," Sailor Venus answered.

That night, there was nothing else the girls could do that night so they made camp. Mia and Ami found some blankets and made a little encampment. Yulie watched as Serena cried herself to sleep, wrapping her arms around herself. "You said you didn't feel part of you die," Yulie told Lita.

"That's right," Lita answered.

Yulie stared up at her. "What did that mean?" Mia asked. Lita looked at her as she sat across from her.

"The ten of us, we're connected. Each of us paired off, we have that bond, it existed over a thousand years ago. I'm sure you know the stories of the Moon Kingdom," Lita told Mia.

"Of course, but those are just mythological stories," Mia answered.

"Not so much," Lita told her.

She looked at all of her sleeping friends. "I was Princess Jupiter of the planet, Jupiter, over a thousand years ago. Sage, a thousand years ago he was Seiji of armor Halo. He was born in an aristocratic family when the Ancient One took him and trained him with the others to becoming a Ronin Warrior. He and his friends were sent to the Moon Kingdom to help us protect the Moon Princess," Lita explained.

"You fell in love," Mia answered.

Lita nodded her head, sitting back against the side of a truck, playing with her engagement ring. "What happened then?" Yulie asked. Lita looked over at the little boy.

"The evil Queen Beryl and her Mistress, Queen Meratia, attacked our kingdom. We weren't ready for such an attack, we sacrificed ourselves to protect the Princess," Ami answered as she sat up on her arm.

"Only for the Princess to die in Touma of Strata's lifeless arms after he sacrificed his life for her only moments before" Mina stated sadly.

"The Queen of the Moon gave us all of a second chance, sent us to the future to be reborn and to find each other again," Rei put in.

"And to defeat any evil that tries to take over our world," Lita finished.

Mia stared at the five girls. "We are all connected, if one of us dies the other part of us feels it," Ami stated.

"We're soul mates, that's why," Mina answered, "We physically can't live without the other."

Rei looked out into the distance, lowering her head as the girls fell into a restless sleep, for the first time without the protective feelings of their loves' arms around them.